Hidden: Firstborn (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

- It was too late.
- They were still alive.
They breathe.
The heart beats.
But their brains burn out.
- But why?
- Because we need the adrenaline.
In order to live.
You need it, too.
But there are other ways.
We don't have to attack people.
The Communion helps us with that.
The Communion?
Those who wanted to kill me?
They thought you killed a child.
Never had a beer before?
Do you know who these people are?
It was their child who was found
murdered, burned out.
Kids can't survive the strain.
I know it wasn't you.
Not the Outcomers, either.
Kids don't have much adrenaline.
- Do you know who Ninni Ek is?
- No.
- The child's grandmother.
- I have nothing to do with the child.
- But someone's trying to frame you.
- Who?
I was hoping you could tell me.
I don't know anything.
All I have is this.
This was implanted in my head
when I was two.
It's the same symbol.
I think they're doing medical
experiments on humans.
- Gunnar
- Do you know him?
These aren't humans.
They're experimenting on the Hidden.
"Chinese apple." Naranga is
the oldest known name for it.
From India.
Naranga is Sanskrit,
which became naranj in Arabic.
It spread through Europe
as the word auranja and orange.
But we Northerners went down
a different route.
"Apples from China."
- Ignorant or independent?
- Maybe both.
Maybe. But you're neither.
- I don't understand.
- Neither ignorant or independent.
I serve the Communion.
Ninni Ek. That's her.
Everything leads to her.
The child, Bifrost, Gunnar, you
- I've never seen her before.
- Well, she knows who you are.
You die if you go down there.
What do you suggest we do?
Someone had the sight
and a pure bloodline,
since they got through.
- Do you have the sight?
- Yeah apparently.
Maybe you should talk to
My son has the sight,
but he would never betray me.
So few are sighted,
so the thief should be easy to find.
Start digging and do an inventory
before we move everything.
I need to know what we've lost.
- What did you see in there?
- A shimmering door.
That you could open?
What does it mean?
The thing you saw
is called a weave.
There are those
who can manipulate matter.
Weave disguises and rooms
out of pure energy,
to hide something, or change it.
Nobody knows how many Weavers
there are. Not many.
Then there are those who can see
and penetrate the weave.
There aren't many of them either.
But you appear to be one of them.
Come on.
There are laws and justice
in our world, too.
We have our own punishment.
But no death penalty.
You don't kill another Hidden.
Especially not a child.
- Cozy
- Yeah. What are you doing here?
"I'm fine, thanks. And you?"
- How's it going?
- How's what going?
Did you talk to Kjellberg?
Seriously, Schiller.
She's missing.
- Missing? What do you mean?
- We're working on it.
What does Abrahamsson say?
- You have to talk to her.
- Come on
She put out an APB right away.
No arguments. That's all I can say.
If you want to know more,
you have to talk to Abrahamsson.
It's not your investigation.
You should be happy
you still have a job.
I just wanted to say hi.
Yes, hello.
This is Detective Schiller
Excuse me?
She walked right past me.
Didn't even say hello.
- I'm sorry. We'll have to stop there.
- And the application?
Maybe a position
at the Registry for now.
- You have one minute.
- I need five.
I think they're Evasives.
Gunnar was one of mine.
This proves nothing.
I think Ninni Ek is behind the murder
of her own grandchild.
And that she's trying
to frame Hellemyr for it.
I don't take orders from her.
I take orders from the Council.
He's been experimented on, too.
That's your link.
What makes you so sure?
Did he tell you that?
Do you know where he is?
Circumstantial evidence isn't enough
to bring down a council member.
That's from her basement.
- Protected, hidden away.
- How will you prove it?
Because there's more.
She's emptying her house.
You're out of your mind.
Search her house
before everything is gone.
As you wish.
It's Borg. Eldh is here.
Hurry up if you want to catch her.
Everything you taught me,
everything we've done
Doesn't it mean anything?
Your time is up.
What did he say?
We don't need him,
we need evidence.
I thought this was evidence.
Ninni has enemies on the council,
but it's not enough.
We need to find a witness.
What about Gunnar? Is he alive?
He breathes, his heart beats.
Gunnar? I need your help.
I don't know what happened to you,
but I know you've suffered.
I want to find
whoever did this to you.
I know there were several
like you, Gunnar.
Do you remember?
You don't remember
It's all gone.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Can you hear me, Gunnar?
What is it? Is it your hat?
Is it something in here?
Help me!
"Hotel Smeden."
- What are we looking for?
- Signs. Symbols.
- What's this?
- A warning.
This iron stamp is from
Gunnar's village, Unnsjömyren.
All of them came from his village.
And they were all experimented on.
But why?
What's so special about
I don't know.
Are they?
Or burned out. Like Gunnar.
Wennerbom. I have to find him.
- He burned himself out.
- Josef was no junkie.
Wait there.
- Have you seen Wennerbom?
- No.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Good, I think.
- You're doing a good job.
- Thanks.
Keep it up.
Demir, wait! Look at this.
This is Rebecka Kjellberg's.
She was working on it
the night we took her in.
- Where did you get this?
- Come on.
I just got it from her boyfriend.
We saw this symbol at Valls's.
- On the letter Tage showed us.
- The one about Hellemyr.
Precisely. The Bifrost Foundation.
This is their logo.
- You might be on to something.
- I need to see the letter again.
Where is Rebecka Kjellberg?
You tell me to watch her,
then to let her go.
Now she's missing.
What difference does it make,
in the scheme of things?
I'm done, understand?
- I can't take it anymore.
- Sure you can.
- How do you suggest I handle this?
- Like a regular missing person.
People disappear all the time.
- No one is safe these days.
- Borg. Borg!
I have to answer to my colleagues!
- Is that all?
- It should be plenty.
I gave you one task:
Find Hellemyr and hold him.
Why did you let him go?
He wasn't ready yet.
We couldn't stop him.
Do you want us to follow him?
You're used to this.
- To what?
- Surveillance.
- I'm not a cop. Not since
- The '70s.
We Hidden live twice as long
as humans.
Some of us much longer than that.
So you're in your prime?
Fine. If you're not a cop,
what are you?
My job is to keep the Hidden hidden.
To keep the Outcomers
out of the city
and the Evasives in check.
And to take care of will-o'-the-wisps
like you, before you expose us all.
"Take care of"?
Don't you mean "burn out"?
No, the opposite.
Integrate you into our world.
Teach you about your abilities,
how it all works, how we stay hidden.
Why? I don't understand
why we have to hide.
- If we're much stronger than humans.
- Because we're not strong.
We're a deviant human species.
With special talents.
But we're loners.
Humans run in packs.
That's how they've managed
to eradicate all other human species.
Except those who remain hidden.
Like our little enclave
that survived up here in the North.
We've lived among humans
for thousands of years.
Helped them build their world
with our talents.
Our scientific geniuses, our artists.
Our workers and leaders
We have made the North rich.
And in turn, we've lived off humans
like parasites.
Taken their adrenaline,
which is vital for us.
Borg, come with us.
If they knew who we were,
they'd exterminate us
without hesitation.
- You said we didn't need
- To attack humans.
There are other ways.
Once a year, at Candlemass,
we get a dose that sustains us.
From the Communion.
We are the Communion.
It's our way of trying
to stay together. To survive.
You wonder why I called a council
meeting in this unorthodox manner.
The Communion is under attack.
Outcomers broke into
my private vault tonight.
Hellemyr, the child-murderer,
was among them.
We must use extreme caution.
- Borg can confirm it.
- Yes.
The Communion needs
clear leadership.
I move for an immediate vote.
Borg can officiate.
Any objections?
Who are the candidates?
The Lilja family proposes
Ehrencrantz thanks you,
but chooses to abstain
in favor of Ek.
Ek thanks you
and is at your disposal.
Ek has been nominated.
There are no opposing candidates.
All in favor?
The council has made its decision.
The Communion has a new leader.
My first decision will be to order
that Wittsätra passes
from Lilja to Ehrencrantz.
And that Lilja is given
administrative duties.
- You can't
- The council gave you two tasks:
To burn out the child killer
and to protect the archives.
You failed both tasks.
My father will never accept this.
The Communion is not a dictatorship!
Let's vote. All in favor?
Moving on
to a much more serious matter:
I recommend a new registration
of the Communion's citizens,
so that we can determine
who may attend Candlemass.
Is that really necessary?
That's a huge undertaking.
I therefore suggest that we ask Borg
to start immediately.
We must identify our enemies.
Identify who is with us,
and who is against us.
I knew that Wennerbom and Gunnar
volunteered together in WWI.
But not that they came
from the same village.
He must know something.
Why else would he stay away?
His dealers are here.
He's banned from all liquor stores.
And if he doesn't show?
He can sleep anywhere,
but not without booze in his body.
And while we're waiting,
Ninni Ek can burn all the evidence.
You can't break into Ek's house.
Not again.
And it's illegal.
I'm not sure I believe in your laws.
Don't scare him, whatever you do.
- What do you want? Let go!
- Damn!
Let go!
Now, let's see here
Hi, there.
Is this the list from Valls's?
Yes, it is.
- It's a letter.
- Okay.
Here it is. Let's see
A letter.
What's this? No, wait a second.
Hey, it's Tage.
Do you know if something was
taken out of Valls's evidence box?
No. Nothing's been signed out.
The letter was gone,
but that was the only thing missing.
- Abrahamsson.
- Let's stick to what we know.
I checked the Bifrost Foundation.
It's a privately funded
healthcare program,
with focus on endocrinology.
That's the study
of the body's hormones.
- What kind of a name is "Bifrost"?
- "The shimmering path."
The path between earth and heaven
in Norse mythology.
The bridge between Midgard
and Asgard.
The bridge was tricolored and was
usually depicted as a rainbow.
The bridge between the human
and the divine.
They're fucking morons.
They know it was us.
- How the hell do they know that?
- Ninni Ek isn't stupid.
So, what do we do now?
We lie low.
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