Hide (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

“team credits”
(Lee Bo Young)
(Lee Moo Saeng)
(Lee Chung Ah)
(Lee Min Jae)
(Park Ji Il / Nam Gi Ae / Kim Sang Ho / Kim Gook Hee)
(Episode 1)
(Year 1998)
(Promissory Notes)
What are you doing? There's no time. Let's go.
We can pick him up later.
Let go of this.
- Let's go.br- Bo Bae
Moon Yeong.
It's you. I looked for you everywhere.
You remember me, right? You know, your dad's friend.
You know, your dad and I are supposed to meet today.
Could you tell me where he is?
Hey, I could only count on friends.
You should've explained your situation to me.
- Drink.br- Thank you.
Geez, seriously.
Just drink up. I'll pour you another glass.
Moon Yeong.
I need to die
for you to survive.
(Year 2023)
I like your lipstick today.
- Really?br- Yes, it goes well with your outfit.
"Look upside down through your legs. You'll see me then."
You're making me nervous. A mom shouldn't be this pretty. Should she?
I haven't had fun in two years. I can't go out in my sweatpants.
Are you going there for fun?
I thought you were wining and dining Prosecutor Joo Shin Hwa, who's starting today.
Hey, Cha Seong Jae.
Yes, you should comfort her.
She must be lonely after moving to Haejeon City so suddenly.
Try to get info on what's going on at the Prosecutors' Office, too.
Thinking now, our law firm's future depends on you, Moon Yeong.
Geez, you know how to schmooze.
You want to stay home? I'd love that.
Should we complete the four seasons by having Bom, Yeo Reum, Ga Eul, and Gyeo Wool?br(Four seasons in Korean, also names of kids)
Gosh, don't scare me like that.
What? You still have some time.
Bom, Mom will be right back.
Bom, I made fried rice. Eat it later, okay?
Dad didn't make it?
Mom's is good, too.
You think I'll starve her? Just don't drink too much, CEO Na.
I can't anymore, even if I wanted to, CEO Cha.
I'll be right back.
Okay. See you.
See you.
Na Moon Yeong, Class 48, still got it.
I missed you, alcohol.
Here, have some.
- Let's go. Cheers.br- Let's see the end.
Having alcohol in my blood makes me feel alive.
Wow, the mighty Na Moon Yeong has been suppressing herself a lot.
I should've gotten you a room, Ms. Prosecutor.
What kind of celebration is this?
What are you saying? What do you mean, "Ms. Prosecutor"?
My husband told me I need to wine and dine you properly.
You two have always been on the same page.
You want to make your divorcée friend who got demoted jealous? How annoying.
You're just a CEO on paper. Quit your sales pitch.
I need to do sales, at least, to save my face.
I quit my job as a prosecutor to be a mom and came all the way down here.
But Bom is still all about her dad.
I always study cooking, but why don't I get better?
It's because you try to study it.
Forget it. Give up quickly if you can't.
Let whoever is good at it do it all.
Should I?
Two o'clock direction.
Don't look too obvious.
Those two are obviously having an affair.
How do you know that?
CCTV blind spot.
They got a table in a dark spot with no lighting.
I have a good reason to be suspicious.
Look at those suitcases.
Their spouses must think they're on business trips.
Gosh, Prosecutor. Calm down and have a drink, please.
Don't blame the innocent people who are here to drink.
Seriously, I get the hunch.
I learned from my experience.
Just look at his face. Look.
He's making the same face as Yoo Jeong
Why did I say his name? It's just like my ex, Mr. Yoo's.
Anyway, I'm legally single now. You'd better get me someone.
Someone way better than my ex-husband bastard.
Should I?
What the heck? You got wasted before me?
Come on, I'm not wasted.
Gosh, what's wrong with me?
- Hello.br- Hello.
Do you mind if we join you?
- Wherebr- There's a room back there.
Come and join us if you'd like.
Sounds good. Okay.
Na Moon Yeong, let's go.
- Fruit.br- No.
Vegetable, then.
Vegetable. You can eat this.
What are you eating, then?
Eat while you do it.
It's protein. Here.
Who do you resemble?
I can't argue with that.
- Eat just two more.br- No.
How about this? Ms. Yeon Joo made this.
- Say ah.br- Ah.
I'll pick you up when you're done. Come out immediately, okay?
Did you get hurt?
I cut myself while peeling fruit.
How did I get home last night, by the way?
Geez, hot.
I need to get to my trial.
- Put this in your mouth.br- I don't want to.
- Please clean that up.br- Okay.
Wait for me!
- It's uncomfortable, isn't it?br- Yes.
Eat something for your hangover.
You need to get a car wash.
Gosh, okay, I will.
I'll be back.
Ms. Na.
Yeon Joo.
What are you planning to do today?
I wanted to make a strawberry tart since the strawberries are nice.
Gosh, sounds good.
I brought pumpkin, too. Bom likes pumpkin puree.
Should I make some and bring it over later?
Thank you.
(To Shin Hwa)brI can't remember how I got home last night at all.
I didn't make any mistakes, right?
(Calls - Paralegal Go Choon Hee)
- Yes, Ms. Go.br- Why isn't CEO Cha coming to work?
He should be meeting the witness at the court. He won't pick up the phone, either. Where is he?
He went to work?
No, it's not a TV show taping. We're too busy for that these days.
I'm going crazy here.
If you don't know, who'd know?
He got off work in a hurry yesterday.
Are you sure nothing happened at home?
No, nothing happened.
- Leave now.br- I'll look into it and-
Run over.
Pardon? Me?
CEO Cha is missing, and Advisor Cha is on a business trip.
Is there another attorney, but you left?
Be on your way now. Check the trial records on your way.
Ms. Go, the thing is
Right now, I
You know Geumshin Corporation, right?
The company CEO Cha worked for in Seoul.
They're developing a resort in a coastal town.
A local resident who refused to sell his property got hit by a car and died.
- The suspect is a female employee from that company.br- Hey
A female employee? Who's the victim?
A man in his 50s.
It was difficult to prove her innocence,
but a witness who saw the victim dashing into the car appeared.
A witness?
Today is the first day of witness questioning.
It's the only chance to turn things around.
I sent In Gyu. Let him explain the rest.
He never misses important things.
(Liberty / Equality / Justice)
Here she is. This is Attorney Na Moon Yeong, whom I told you about.
She's the other partner at the firm. She worked as a prosecutor for 12 years.
This is Geumshin Corporation's Chief Ma Gang.
This is our client, Ms. Kim Yoon Seon.
Hello. I'm Na Moon Yeong, a partner at Chawoong Law Firm.
Where's Attorney Cha?
Can he not come today?
No, there's a bit of a situation.
Oh, my goodness. Don't worry-
What kind of situation would let an attorney abandon his trial?
Our apologies.
We'll make sure it won't affect the trial.
In Gyu, where's the witness?
There he comes.
It's Mr. Do Jin Woo.
Mr. Do, this is Attorney Na Moon Yeong.
Attorney Cha couldn't make it today.
Why not?
I'll make sure the trial won't be affected.
By the way, will you be on the witness stand in that outfit?
It's important for the witness to appear trustworthy in court.
Switch outfits with him, In Gyu.
Okay. Pardon?
You want me to go in looking like this?
Doesn't look too bad.
Hey, why isn't Deputy Kim coming out of the restroom?
I'll check.
She's gone.
(Defendant)brare you saying the defendant is absent?
You submitted the explanation for
Defendant Kim Yoon Seon's absence 10 minutes before the trial.
We got a new defense attorney, too.
Yes. I'd like to clarify that the replacement of the defense attorney and
request to postpone the hearing isn't because we're trying to delay the trial.
The defendant's condition suddenly deteriorated while waiting outside the court-
I don't need to know the defendant's personal reason for being absent.
Will she be able to attend after a month?
Yes. I'll make sure nothing goes wrong.
Your Honor.
The rescheduled hearing date will be on the 17th of next month.
The final trial will be on the 24th of next month.
Make sure to submit any additional claim or evidence in time.
We'll move on to the next trial, then.
(Seong Jae)
The call is not going through. You'll be
Why isn't he answering? Is he out of his mind?
I should at least be able to reach him.
The hearing ended in five minutes.
The client ran away while we were worrying about the witness.
Thankfully, the judge was generous about it.
I know.
Maybe Attorney Cha ditched the case.
He didn't want this case.
Attorney Cha didn't want this case?
He did express his dislike a bit, but
What was the reason?
I'm not so sure, either
C-CEO Na, you should look ahead while driving.
What's wrong, CEO Na?
Wait. It's red! It's red! It's red!
This is crazy. Why are you doing this, seriously?
3398239, In Gyu.
(Seong Jae)
(Written Opinion of the Legal Councel)
Where's Attorney Cha?
Can he not come today?
Their wall is 30 cm into our property.
I have already told Attorney Cha many times,
but this is theft. Theft.
(Clean Dry Cleaning, Haecheon. 15% off everything until tomorrow)
I explained everything to the male attorney last time.
Do I have to explain again?
How could he bring that young thing into my house behind my back?
I'll lock her up for trespassing.
Any word from CEO Cha?
We haven't heard from him.
Everything must be okay, right?
We checked with the police and 911 just in case,
but they didn't find anything.
I wonder if he's getting fresh air somewhere.
He's having an affair, more like.
Like running away in the middle of the night.
Attorney Cha would never do that.
Maybe you'd do that.
I've never been in a relationship.
Gosh, seriously
Geumshin's Mr. Ma keeps calling. He wants us to find Attorney Cha.
Were you able to reach Ms. Kim Yoon Seon?
She can't be reached, either.
What's with today? What's wrong with everyone?
Ask her if she was notified of the trial reschedule
and tell her it'd be to her disadvantage if she misses the next trial.
Attorney Choi, it's been a while.
Have you seen Seong Jae today, by chance?
He has a bar association training. I thought he might've gone there.
I'm getting a call. Thank you.
- Hey, Bom.brMom, where are you?
Dad isn't answering his phone.
My gosh, are you finished with your class?
Wait a moment. I'll be there right now, okay?
No, the thing is
I brought Bom home.
You should've told me if you were busy.
What if something happened while she was alone at school?
I'm sorry. I suddenly can't reach Seong Jae.
I heard he's been very busy lately.
I'm sure something urgent came up.
But he still wouldn't miss an important trial.
Moon Yeong, your conclusive attitude is the problem.
If you're having a hard time since this is happening
while your father's in Seoul,
I understand.
He definitely promised to pick up Bom.
The fact that he didn't call Bom, either-
It's not like he's a child.
You guys didn't have a fight, right?
He'll come back, then.
Take this to Bom.
She's in her room.
(Chief Ma Gang)
- Yes, Chief.br- Show up in front of me in an hour.
I'll kill you otherwise.
Got it? You hear me?
Bring Attorney Cha, then.
How could I have a trial without him?
What are you trying to do?
You want to survive on your own?
Call me immediately!
Kim Yoon Seon and Cha Seong Jae.
Are they both high or something?
They're making the easy task annoying.
You haven't found Attorney Cha yet?
Not yet.
I thought he understood me.
I wonder what he's thinking.
Wow, it's so pretty. Isn't it?
Mom, when is Dad coming home?
I know. He's taking a bit long.
Should we try calling him?
Yes. Let's.
(Shin Hwa)
Shin Hwa, why is it so hard to reach you?
Man? What man?
You don't remember at all?
How those men picked us up?
We weren't picked up. All I did was drink.
- Hello.br- Hello.
Do you mind if we join you?
Did we join them?
I don't know if you can call it that.
We were about to go wild, but your husband came and ruined everything.
Seong Jae came last night?
What? How much are you blanking out?
Did you call him?
You're out of your mind.
What? Didn't you call him?
I didn't.
What? How did he know we were there, then?
Do you guys track each other's locations?
No, we don't.
Maybe we should've done that.
What? What's wrong? Is something going on?
He's gone.
My husband is gone. He disappeared.
He missed an important trial and won't pick up his phone, either.
Shin Hwa,
do you think he thought I-
I know what you're thinking,
but you behaved yourself last night. Don't worry.
He couldn't have disappeared because of that.
(To Seong Jae)Where are you?
Why is it so hard to reach you?
By chance, last night You're mistaken.
Let's talk in person.
Come home quickly.
Ms. Kim Yoon Seon?
What brings you here so late?
I needed to speak to Attorney Cha.
He's not answering his phone.
Are you not able to reach him yet, by chance?
It's late now. I'll tell him to call you tomorrow.
Not me, Mr. Ma-
Yes. He'll call Mr. Ma Gang.
Try to call instead from now on.
The unprecedented price drop of petroleum products isn't the biggest change.
The government is set to check the weather conditions
and supply-demand trend to stabilize market prices.
They stated they would respond promptly if necessary.
Starting tomorrow, for a month, the police
I stopped by because I was worried.
Through the test, the National Police Agency will analyze the crimes and
I'm sorry. Did he contact you by chance-
Have you heard from Seong Jae at all?
From a series of collisions in a tunnel caused by a dump truck crossing centerline,
a man in his 30s died and two people were seriously injured.
There was an accident by the shore, too.
A vehicle fell into the ocean while backing at a naval dock.
The driver was rescued by the coastal guard, but
he died in 12 hours after being sent to the hospital.
(Seong Jae)
The call is not going through. You'll be connected
- Hello?br- Attorney Na Moon Yeong.
This is Ma Gang of Guemshin Corporation.
Did Attorney Cha come home?
No, not yet.
By the way, Attorney Na,
you need to find him quickly.
We're in a very difficult situation right now.
Of course. I understand completely.
I'll take care of that case-
It sounds like you don't understand.
This isn't the only case he's been working on with us.
I see.
Are you able to reach Ms. Kim Yoon Seon by chance?
I think I saw her in front of my house last night but can't reach her.
Deputy Kim was in front of your house?
Look for Attorney Cha first.
Looks like Kim Yoon Seon changed her mind.
I'll look into it.
(Paralegal Go Choon Hee)
Ms. Go, are you at the office?
Did you check the license number I told you-
Oh, my God. What do we do?
Yeah, right.
I'll call the police first.
Yes, Attorney Na. Come quickly.
My gosh
In Gyu, call. Call.
Yes, let's call the police.
Gosh, there's no end to this. This is crazy.
Lieutenant, this was caught on CCTV.
Oh, okay.
In Gyu-
Hello, Prosecutor Na.
No, you're an attorney now.
Long time no see, Prosecutor Na. Aigoo!
She's an attorney. Seriously.
I'm not used to it.
Long time no see, Lieutenant Baek.
Wow, what a small world. Right?
We aren't the only former prosecutors and police officers in the country.
How do we run into each other in this countryside?
I'll talk to another detective if you think you were punished because of me.
It'd be uncomfortable for both of us.
Gosh, not at all.
I'm not an amateur. I'll investigate professionally.
Okay, then
The men who were caught on CCTV.
Do you know them by chance?
I don't know them.
The office is a mess,
but nothing is missing?
Got it. I'll go to the station,
identify the suspects, and contact you.
There's something missing.
My husband is missing.
It's been over 24 hours.
Was there an accident with an unidentified person yesterday?
We can't do much when an adult leaves home voluntarily.
Shouldn't you be investigating it?
Is there evidence that this case is related to your husband's missing?
I know when a normal adult disappears, you assume it was voluntary.
But as soon as he disappeared, our office was broken in overnight.
Why wouldn't you investigate this?
Did you two have a fight, by chance?
Have you noticed anything weird about him or-
- Not at all.br- Perhaps he was depressed or
hinted at committing suicide
No, he didn't.
My husband never invested in stocks or gambled.
He never had an accident, a criminal record, a notable medical record, or suicidal tendencies at all.
He has no reason to run away.
Please find out if it could've been an accident.
(Branch Manager of Wooil Bank)
She makes things worse by being a stickler, as usual.
Yes, Branch Manager.
Loan payment?
(Attorney Cha Jeong Jae)
The vehicle you mentioned has nothing to do with CEO Cha
Is CEO Cha's credentials on his laptop?
He probably kept it in a USB drive.
Do you know which one?
Of course, not.
You just need to plug them in one at a time. Do you know his password?
I'll have to guess.
The seal is
Well, CEO Na.
He carried the driver's license with him.
I think he left his residence ID card here.
Are there extra copies of the front and the back of his ID?
Why don't you ask him when he comes back?
We might go bankrupt.
I'm supposed to be a partner, but only on paper. What have I been doing?
I heard he took out a big loan last time. But I didn't know it was so serious.
Did you not know, either?
(Loan amount: 3 billion won. Outstanding loan amount: 3 billion 75 million won)
He's quite behind on various expenses and rental payments.
He hasn't paid the employees yet, either.
Since when?
It's been three months.
You should've told me.
What did CEO Cha say?
He asked me to wait a bit, saying he'd get money soon. What can I say?
He told me not to tell you because you'd be worried.
Does Father know?
It'd be a disaster if he found out. He trusted his son on everything.
He's only the advisor because of Chawoong Law Firm's reputation.
He's only been helping us get cases.
It's been a while since he hasn't been involved in management.
He had great hopes for his son.
I'm sure CEO Cha got scared as he was in charge of accounting.
I can understand that.
I'm sorry, Ms. Go.
I'll take care of your wages as soon as possible.
(Contacts - Shin Hwa)
I was just about to call you. Is Seong Jae back?
Shin Hwa, let me take advantage of your connections.
Please track the locations of his phone and car.
I'm already sad that I was demoted to the countryside.
Will you get me fired now?
I'm not asking for a search party.
I'll find him if you just track him down.
That's illegal, girl!
You said the police accepted the missing persons report, too.
They treat me like a wife looking for her cheating husband.
I mean
he must've been stressed out lately.
It's not easy to run a well-known law firm.
He could go recluse for a few days if he's overworked.
Aren't you overreacting, Moon Yeong?
You're not considering he might've disappeared voluntarily?
Na Moon Yeong!
Does she think I have no marriage experience?
She's a friend of yours, right?
The Cinderella of Chawoong Foundation.
Cinderella who?
Is that what you guys call her?
Well, no. It's not exactly ill-intended.
She's famous, you know.
They've been dating since they were young and got married.
I admit that Cha Seong Jae is a prince,
but Na Moon Yeong, that warrior, Wolverine, is Cinderella?
Whoa, my classmates would lose it if they heard it.
By the way, is something going on?
It's nothing. She suddenly can't reach her husband.
She worries too much since she's getting older.
The thing is
- Yes, Mother.br- What's with missing report for Seong Jae?
Well, this morning, the office was-
It's not like he'd do anything weird somewhere.
He'll be back in a few days. Why make things worse?
You're creating rumors for no reason.
It's even weirder because he wouldn't do anything strange.
I'll make sure to find him.
Don't worry. Okay.
(Bom gets off school)
(Call - Mother)
Well, Yeon Joo.
I'm sorry, but by chance
I think I'll be on time if I leave now.
Don't worry. Okay.
So annoying.
Ms. Ha.
- Did you get a call from Mom?br- Yes.
It sounds like she's swamped today.
I'll make you cookies. Do you want to come with me?
(Profits and loss - Chawoong Law Firm)
(Bom)brI'm going home in Ms. Ha's car.
(Client Kim Yoon Seon)
Ms. Kim?
I'm Attorney Na Moon Yeong.
Ms. Kim.
After you disappeared from the court yesterday,
you came to my house last night, right?
Why did you come and just leave?
Is it because of CEO Cha? Were you able to reach him?
Did you and CEO Cha, by chance
We should just talk in person.
Attorney Cha hasn't come back yet?
No. So we should talk in person right now-
Attorney, please save me.
Meet me under the Haejeon Bridge.
There's something you need to know.
You need to come alone. Otherwise,
I won't be able to trust you.
You came to my house last night, didn't you?
What do you mean, save you?
You really didn't hear from Attorney Cha?
He never contacted me. I wanted to ask you that, too-
He ran away, then.
Traitor. He wants to survive on his own?
He just wants me to die alone, huh?
Ms. Kim, what do you mean-
It wasn't me.
The one who killed. I didn't do it.
I took all the blame, trusting what Attorney Cha said.
Who could I trust and go through the trial if he doesn't show up without a word?
I made it clear that it wasn't me and I didn't want to do it.
Ms. Kim, what do you mean-
All I did was follow Chief Ma.
When Attorney Cha said I just need to do as I was told,
I shouldn't have believed him.
CEO Cha made you do that?
He told you to take the blame for the case?
How about the witness, then-
Do Jin Woo.
I should've known when they brought him in as the witness.
He's a completely disposable person.
What? I thought you came alone.
- Pardon? I-br - Why did that bastard come here?
Did you call him?
- Wait, listen-br - You just need me to die, huh?
Ms. Kim.
Please save me.
Why did that bastard come here?
You just need me to die, huh?
Mr. Do Jin Woo?
Who were you following?
Me? Or Kim Yoon Seon?
Mr. Do, you were going to commit perjury, huh?
Don't you know that perjury is a crime?
Do you find this situation funny?
You don't know anything, but you're fearless.
Yes, I don't know anything.
So please tell me.
You should
ask your husband, Cha Seong Jae, about it.
I'm Officer Lee Pil Seung of Haejeon Police Station.
You're Mr. Cha Seong Jae's wife, correct?
Yes, that's correct.
You reported Mr. Cha missing, right?
Yes, did you find him?
Well, we found an ID at an accident site.
I think you should come and check.
Did you get hurt?
I cut myself while peeling fruit.
It goes well with your outfit.
I'll be back.
There's no way it was suicide. He wouldn't do that.
I'll find out what happened to my husband.
Seong Joon considered filing bankruptcy for his firm.
The problem is, the law firm's debt isn't everything.
Does it mean Seong Jae was deeply involved in something bad?
Did you kill him, Mr. Do?
You were going to commit perjury for money.
It probably wasn't impossible for you to kill.
Did Chief Ma Gang tell you to?
Look into it. Once you start digging the dirt on Attorney Cha Seong Jae,
you'll want to break his neck with your own hands.
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