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Episode 2

(Lee Bo Young)
(Lee Moo Saeng)
(Lee Chung Ah)
(Lee Min Jae)
(Park Ji Il / Nam Gi Ae / Kim Sang Ho / Kim Gook Hee)
(Episode 2)
Hey. KCSI, where's your team leader?
Moon Yeong.
Seong Jae!
No! No!
Ms. Go.
Ms. Go.
Ms. Go.
What is it?
(From Cha Seong Jae)
(To Chawoong Law Firm)
Mr. Cha's DNA found in the toothbrush his mother brought
and the DNA from the body match.
After examining, it's assumed he died within the last 18 hours.
The direct cause of death was a skull fracture.
He died immediately as he fell.
He probably didn't feel pain from the fire.br(Death from the fall, suicide)
You can retrieve the body immediately,
but it appears we need an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.
But I'm sure Attorney Na knows all of this.
- To request an autopsy-br- We can't.
We can't.
We cannot damage my son's body much further.
don't let them touch Seong Jae's body.
It's our son's body
- Okay.br- How could we
We can't do that.
Since we checked the autopsy report,
we prefer not to damage the body further-
I request an autopsy.
I'd like to know the exact cause of death.
It couldn't be suicide. He wouldn't do that.
Moon Yeong, I got a call from Ms. Go.
Seong Jae
sent a suicide note, apparently.
Please authenticate the suicide note, too.
I asked you for one thing when I reported him missing.
If only you tracked his phone or vehicle,
we could've prevented this.
You can reach that conclusion,
but the police have their principles and procedures, too.
We couldn't track a personal device when we hadn't decided to investigate yet.
You said this once.
"There can't be an exception in principle."
Are you insisting this is an exception now?
I'm truly sorry this happened,
but I'd like to tell you there was nothing we could've done.
You did nothing.
If the family agrees to transfer the body,
the case will be concluded as a suicide according to the process.
Do you agree?
It's still possible it was an accident.
Examining the body alone can't determine the body's condition. We need an autopsy-
Shut your mouth.
He's my son.
No one better
put a blade on my son's body.
He was my husband, too.
I can't let go of Bom's dad like this.
Look at him with your own eyes, then.
See what happened to him.
Imagine how much it must've hurt.
He died so painfully, but you want to kill him twice?
If you want to insist on it,
don't avoid it and look at him directly.
Honey, that's enough.
Moon Yeong, come here.
You're Na Moon Yeong, right?
Is this your father?
Na Moon Yeong.
Moon Yeong.
I thought you were dying, too.
What happened?
What do you mean?
I heard you just passed out.
Do you know how long you've been lying here?
Where did everyone go?
(Cha Seong Jae)
Stop! Stop!
- Stop, I said!br- Hey-
You can't have a funeral without discussing it with his wife!
Moon Yeong, we can't wait any longer-
You can't criminate him. We still don't know what happened!
Stop! Stop, I said!
That's enough.
We're saying goodbye to Seong Jae.
I can't let go of him like this.
How much pain he must've been in
until he ended up like this?
Without being able to
tell his mother or you
He couldn't say anything at all.
I'm a coward.
I'm trying to run away.
I couldn't keep my promise.
At what point could I have gone back to correct this?
No matter how much I think back,br(Notice of Legal Action)
there was no way to turn things back.
Moon Yeong,
you will be very disappointed.
Although it's cowardly, but please
believe that this was the outcome after doing my best.
I'm sorry I couldn't tell you sooner.
I won't ask for your forgiveness.
I'm sure you'll do fine without me.
Because you're Na Moon Yeong.
I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise, Moon Yeong.
Please protect Bom.
Is Dad really dead?
Did he abandon us?
your dad would never do such a thing. You know that.
Dad never abandoned you.
He wasn't that kind of a person.
(My loving family)
Bom's tonkatsu is in here.
The side dishes are made without artificial seasoning and less salty.
Bom, this is a very famous lunch box.
You can't even get it delivered. I waited 30 minutes to get it.
Looks good, doesn't it?
Have some.
Thank you, Shin Hwa.
Pick up your spoon, too, then.
You need to have the energy to cheer Bom up, too.
Yum, it's tasty. So tasty. So tasty.
It's tasty, Bom. Try some.
Isn't it good?
It's so good.
It's tasty, Bom. Try it.
Isn't it good?
I don't understand.
He was stressed out working for Geumshin, but
after we moved to Haejeon and started working for Father's law firm,
he looked happier and more relaxed. But why-
Moon Yeong,
I know it's hard to accept, but-
I've seen him over 20 years since I moved to this neighborhood as a kid.
How could I possibly not know him?
They say you can never know what a person is really thinking.
Maybe it was difficult to run the law firm.
Get some rest at home for today and-
I need to go to work.
I'll go to work.
I need to fix everything.
And I'll find out
what happened to my husband.
Why are you here already? You should've rested more.
Let's take care of the law firm's debt first.
(Loan payment reminder)
(Notice of Legal Action)
Ms. Kim Yoon Seon's trial has ended.
She apparently died in a car accident.
The hearing was dismissed.
Traitor. He wants to survive on his own?
He just wants me to die alone, huh?
Guemshin Corporation apparently took care of the accident.
The people we saw at the court?
What's Ms. Kim's address?
I heard it was a simple collision.
There'd be no point in investigating.
Everything is suspicious if you look at it that way.
Gosh, I'm here. Yes.
I'm in front of Ms. Kim's apartment right now.
Looks like no one's inside.
So, what am I supposed to check?
The window is open.
Why is it open?
Hold on, Ms. Go.
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
Geez, I know it was Mr. Do.
Mr. Do!
Mr. Do was in front of Ms. Kim's apartment.
I don't know what he's guilty about, but he ran away when he saw me.
Got it. Thank you.
(Geumshin Corporation)
Geumshin Corporation's Haejeon branch, huh?
(Chief of Business Development Team)
Wait outside.
I'm sorry. I knocked, but
What brings you here?
I called you several times, but you didn't answer.
Since CEO Cha left us so irresponsibly,
I've been a bit busy.
This is why I asked you to find him fast because we're in trouble.
I won't be able to pay my condolences.
The tasks he never finished
We'll discuss the damages he caused later.
No, I'm here about Ms. Kim's accident.
I've been preoccupied, anyway. It's a relief.
A person died, but it's a relief?
Yes, it is.
It's a shame she died like that,
but the company has one less thing to worry about.
That was Seong Jae's last case.
And it's my case now.
Seong Jae's death and Ms. Kim's accident-
As a courtesy, the company will compensate the victim's family
Strictly as a courtesy,
we decided to compensate them and be done with it.
Just keep that in mind and leave.
Are you certain that Ms. Kim killed the victim?
Do you know where Mr. Do Jin Woo is?
Why are you asking me that?
I can't get a hold of him, either.
He seemed close with you when I saw you at the court-
Stop bothering me here and clean up the shit CEO Cha left behind.
There must be a lot of shady stuff.
I think it smells rotten here, too.
Tell me.
What did you make my husband do, exactly?
What if I told you?
You couldn't even keep your husband in check.
What do you think you could fix, and how?
How dare you try to mess with me?
This is all the shit your husband left behind.
You're screwed, too, you bitch.
You did do something to my husband, didn't you?
Two people died in this case.
I can't walk away like this.
I'll find out if you won't tell me.
We'll determine who's more rotten then-
Go ahead and find out.
Once you start digging the dirt on the noble Attorney Cha Seong Jae,
you'll want to break his neck with your own hands.
The door is opening.
The door is closing.
Yes, Director.
I'm going after the people around Cha Seong Jae one by one.
I can take care of this.
I'm sorry.
I'll make sure to turn things back to normal.
How and why was Seong Jae involved with
someone like that?
(Geumshin Corporation)
(Geumshin Corporation)
Will she be able to attend after a month?
(Kim Yoon Seon - Deceased)
Once you start digging the dirt on the noble Attorney Cha Seong Jae,
you'll want to break his neck with your own hands.
(Do Jin Woo - Perjury)
(The generous judge - Bribed?)
The defendant who died after Seong Jae disappeared.
- Kim Yoon Seon.br- I took all the blame, trusting what Attorney Cha said.
Who could I trust and go through the trial if he doesn't show up without a word?
They changed the culprit and
accepted a fake witness.
Do Jin Woo, who was supposedly the only witness.
Ask your husband, Cha Seong Jae, about it.
(Cha Seong Jae)
Are you sure you saw Do Jin Woo in front of Kim Yoon Jin's apartment?
Here you go.
(Quick 24 Haejeon)
- Is he answering?br- He's not.
CEO Na, where are you going?
(Quick 24 Haejeon)
Excuse me.
(Jeil Sarang Hospital)
The day you followed Ms. Kim,
she died in an accident.
It turns out
you reported her accident.
I just happened to witness it. That's why I reported it.
I heard you visited her place, too.
Was that a coincidence, too?
Or are you lying just like when you were going to commit perjury?
What happened to Ms. Kim?
Did you kill her?
You were going to commit perjury for money.
It probably wasn't impossible for you to kill.
Did Chief Ma Gang tell you to?
Think however you'd like.
Why did you follow Attorney Cha around, then?
By chance, did you also do that to Attorney Cha-
Excuse me, Attorney.
As you said, my life is already ruined
and it's true that I do anything for money,
but I don't kill people.
Because I've done it once already.
I know full well how fed up it is.
- Why did you run away earlier, then-br- I didn't run away.
I was just on my way looking for someone.
You just followed me for no good reason.
So, you mean Kim Yoon Seon's death wasn't an accident
and Cha Seong Jae didn't commit suicide?
Geumshin Corporation is the suspicious connection between them
and that fake witness you chased after also works for them?
Geumshin Corporation probably couldn't afford to lose this case.
Whether it was a murder or an accident,
there were plenty of reasons to get rid of Kim Yoon Seon.
That's possible, but
why does that matter now?
Seong Jae
is dead now.
I know.
I'm not sure if you're doing the right thing, Moon Yeong.
The day we went out for a drink,
he saw me dressed up for the first time in a while
and even suggested having another baby.
Would someone like that suddenly commit suicide?
Would you understand that?
I'm sure it's hard to understand.
But sometimes, you have to accept it even so.
Is this why you called me over?
Seong Jae considered filing bankruptcy for his firm.
(Chawoong Law Firm - 2022 Accounting Report)
He frequented bankruptcy courtrooms even when he didn't have trials.
My investigator said he saw him.
The problem is that the firm's debt isn't everything.
Other than the three billion won the firm owed to the bank,
he personally owed 1.9 billion in total to non-banking lenders.
If he had that much debt to financial lenders, he must have private loans.
No way. Seong Jae wouldn't have
There are many ways to lose money, whether it's crypto or stock. Let's skip that part.
What's important is
that the countless loans he took out are yours to pay now.
The fact that Seong Jae and the defendant died back to back? Yes, it's weird.
But what would you find out if you looked into it?
The fact that he broke laws and stole from the firm?
What would you get out of digging into all that?
How about his reputation?
How about your father-in-law, who's respected as a human rights lawyer?
How about you, who'd close the firm with nothing but debt?
Do you understand why I told you to process what happened first?
How's Mother?
She's still the same.
She won't come out of the room.
She's been staying in bed.
I'm sorry for asking you to look after Bom, too.
We should help each other as a family.
We're all struggling right now.
Get going now.
Okay, Father.
Say bye.
- Take care, Grandpa.br- Okay, bye.
(15, 8-gil, Sanghyeon-ro)
(To: Na Moon Yeong)
(Customer: Cha Seong Jae / For: Na Moon Yeong)
Thank you for everything.
Let's have a fresh start in these shoes.
P.S. Please clean up the shoe storage for me.
(Proof of Insurance Policy)
(Proof of Insurance Policy)
(Beneficiary: Na Moon Yeong)
(Death Benefit Amount: 800 million won)
There must be a reason you've been poking around Cha Seong Jae.
But you don't want to tell me why, right?
Where's Seong Jae?
Did you kill him, Chief?
What the hell are you talking about now?
You're the one who hung around him all the time, bastard.
Where's the money?
You must've spent the money together!
(Proof of Insurance Policy)
Did you know about this?
Did he leave anything else?
What a pathetic fool.
Is this how he tried to make up for it?
How did he run the business, exactly?
Let's take care of this quickly before rumors spread.
Go ahead and give up on the inheritance first.
The insurance company will probably contact you soon.
I don't think we should
let go of his death like this.
Are you still talking about that?
Don't you see that he prepared all this before he killed himself?
I'm not interested in the insurance payment.
I just don't want to dismiss his death as a financial problem.
What else, then?
Something shameful other than money.
Something he wasn't supposed to do.
There must've been another reason he did that
as your son, my husband, and Bom's father.
You mean he was deeply involved in something bad the Geumshin Corporation was doing?
Something considered criminal?
That's very likely.
Moon Yeong,
it's not always right to pursue the truth.
- Father.br- Seong Jae is already dead.
What would change now even if we found out the truth?
(Next Door Neighbor Yeon Joo)
Excuse me, Father.
Yes, Ms. Ha.
Please make a way!
- Doctor.br- Bom.
What happened? Did you get hurt?
She got scared a bit.
But she isn't hurt. Don't worry.
Thank you so much, Ms. Ha.
If something bad happened to her, I would've been-
Not at all. I could've just taken her home.
I made you worry for no reason.
What happened? Did you misread the traffic light?
I told you to check if a car's coming or not, even if the light changed.
Why were you there when you were supposed to be at the academy?
The thing is
Ms. Na, just a moment.
Why don't you talk to me for a second?
She suddenly dashed into the road.
I'm glad I happened to see her and stopped her.
What if you weren't there?
Thank you so much.
I had no idea. I was sure she was at the academy.
I guess she misses her dad a lot.
She asked where dad was going and kept talking to herself.
Losing her dad at her age must be such a great shock.
Don't scold her too much.
I'm sorry I didn't care for you when you were struggling.
It's because I've been struggling, too.
I was afraid to live without Dad, too.
That's why I haven't been caring for you enough.
I won't do that anymore.
I'll stop being afraid and
cheer up so I can take good care of you.
So please wait just a bit.
saw Dad.
I mean, I think I did.
I wanted to go and check.
I was going to check before he disappeared.
I was trying to cross the street quickly. That's why
Yes, I understand that could happen.
I've mistaken someone who looks like Dad as him, too.
It's because you miss him.
I'm like that, too.
I also
still can't believe that he's gone.
But Bom, he did go to heaven.
So, even if you see someone who resembles him,
don't do that anymore, okay?
My daughter, you must miss him a lot.
Me, too.
What ended up happening to the Haean Village case?
You signed the case closure report yourself.
Might as well go to a sauna if you're bored.
When I retire, I need to rent out a resort while living there
and whatchamacallit, live the YOLO lifestyle.
I can't get in trouble now.
I need to work hard.
They haven't even sold the land yet. When will that resort be finished?
Geez. Stop being negative.
Just eat, you bastard.
Wake me up if someone calls.
There's a record of Geumshin Corporation suing Kim Yoon Seon for embezzlement and canceling it.
She's been stealing the company's money little by little.
That must be why she admitted to something she didn't do.
And you must've seen Do Jin Woo's criminal records.
Lying for money must be nothing for someone like him.
Yes, let's say you're right about everything. No, you are.
Even so, what could we do?
Don't forget that Cha Seong Jae is one of those bad guys.
It was a lot of debt to handle.
There must've been temptations he couldn't resist.
So, you should consider Bom first.
She's been hurt enough that her dad committed suicide.
You must know better than anyone.
Yes, let's move on
for Bom's sake.
(Construction contract agreement)
(Deadly Assault: Do Jin Woo)
(Client: Do Jin Woo / Attorney: Cha Seong Jae)
Seong Jae was the attorney for Do Jin Woo's case?
(2014 Chawoong Welfare Foundation's Scholarship Awarding Ceremony)
Kim Yoon Seon?
Have you seen someone who looks like this?
Have you?
I don't know. I'm not sure.
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
Geez, you scared me! Ms. Go!
Please care for my privacy, would you?
No need to hide that you're looking for another job in our situation.
Well, I'm not
Of course not. But still, you could've made some noise
- Hello.br- You came.
Did you know, Ms. Go?
About what?
The witness who was supposed to be the only one to turn the trial around.
Do Jin Woo was on Seong Jae's side. Did you know?
So, you didn't know the defendant, Kim Yoon Seon, worked at the Chawoong Foundation, either?
The call is not going through. You'll be connected to the voicemail after the beep
and there will be a charge.
This is Na Moon Yeong.
Mr. Do, you said you'd do anything for money, right?
I'll give you the money.
There's something I want to ask you.
I must hear the answer,
but two of the people who could provide the answer are already dead.
If you're on Seong Jae's side
If you came this far while helping him,
please tell me
everything you know.
(Attorney Na Moon Yeong)
46, 4-gil, Haean-ro.
See you there.
♫ I can't take another lonely night ♫
♫ You know that I need to know ♫
♫ You know that I need to know ♫
The suicide note was found, but you're insisting he didn't.
Is it because of the life insurance-
Your husband isn't dead.
I definitely saw him here, okay?
Why would my dead husband come back to life and shoot you?
Don't think you know everything about him.
Don't just hear what you want to hear.
They tried to kill you to cover that up?
What's happening around you, Attorney Na?
Cha Seong Jae, that bastard.
He must've done all the illegal things an attorney could commit.
Do you realize that you've been betrayed by him now?
You were pretty naive, Attorney Na.
You would've been better off dead.
You should've just died.
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