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Episode 3

(Lee Bo Young)
(Lee Moo Saeng)
(Lee Chung Ah)
(Lee Min Jae)
(Park Ji Il / Nam Gi Ae / Kim Sang Ho / Kim Gook Hee)
(Episode 3)
I called the police on you!
Whoever it is, you'd better behave yourself.
Mr. Do, are you there?
Where are you, Mr. Do?
Mr. Do.
Who was it?
Who did this to you?
You want to know who?
Your husband.
Cha Seong Jae.
Mr. Do. Mr. Do?
Mr. Do, please wake up.
Mr. Do.
Mr. Do, you can't pass out. Wake up right now.br(Hide)
It's gun violence this time?
Is it because you were a prosecutor? Cases follow you around constantly.
Even in this quiet town.
Attorney Na?
- Attorney Na.br - Yes.
I submitted the dash cam memory card to the officer who came first.
Did you see the culprit's face yourself?
The thing is
You want to know who?
Your husband, Cha Seong Jae.
Yes, Bom.
Can't sleep?
Do you want to sleep with me?
I'm at the hospital.
To work.
Why, asshole? To get an additional statement from the gun violence victim.
Yes, bastard! I'm here to work, I said.
Hang up, man.
Excuse me.
(Do Jin Woo)
Mr. Do Jin Woo did?
No, we haven't talked since yesterday, Lieutenant Baek.
All right.
(46, Haean-ro 4 gil)
46, Haean-ro 4 gil.
Let's meet here.
(Happy Haejeon. Chawoong Welfare Foundation will be there.)
(Development Planned Area)
You know, the Haean Village
Our foundation and Geumshin Corporation made a deal
to provide housing to people in need.
Geumshin Corporation?
Yes, we provide temporary housing to the homeless or
elderly people who live alone until the development is finished.
It's Mr. Hwang Tae Soo, who lives at the address.
(Housing for Economically Disadvantaged Program Beneficiary)
Do you know Mr. Hwang by chance?
I do. He was enrolled with CEO Cha's recommendation.
CEO Cha's recommendation?
Yes, there were a few like that.
Same with Mr. Oh Yeong Shik.
Is there another issue, by chance?
What do you mean by another issue?
Well, you know Mr. Oh
He lent his name for an account, but it was used as a burner account.
The police looked for him, and it was a disaster.
A lot of things tend to happen in Haean Village.
Yes, In Gyu.
That's not true. It says in the front.
Did they finish analyzing the bullet?
Yes, it's a bullet from a rifle.
Since it's a hunting season now,
we're focusing on the boar hunters in the area.
But the license plate number won't come up.
Is it a burner license plate?
Both the witness and victim said they didn't see the culprit's face.
The witness lost her husband a few days ago,
and the victim was a witness in a trial her husband was defending.
Is this regarding insurance?
Lieutenant Baek, Chawoong Law Firm reported illegal debt collection.
You take care of it yourself, bastard. How dare you order me around?
Where was it again?
Geez, seriously.
You You can't go in there!
Excuse me! You can't go in there!
Where's the CEO here? Where are they?
Debt collection using violence and threats is illegal.
Who do you think you are? Call the police right now!
I already did.
You need to go to the police station and
get locked up to learn your lesson.
- You bastards-br - Excuse me. Excuse me.
You'll get in trouble for demanding payment like this.
This is illegal.
Who the hell are you?
I'm a police officer.
You'll get in big trouble if you do this.
You got robbed last time, and you got ambushed by debt collectors this time.
You'll need new office supplies.
So, can you catch the thief?
Why does solving a case like that take forever in this small town?
I know.
It's because there are so many sensational cases in this small town.
There's a witness the late CEO Cha worked with
and his name is Do Jin Woo. I wonder if you know him.
What about Mr. Do?
Is he the one who robbed our office, by chance?
Why do you always go back to that?
Yes, Advisor Cha.
Yes, yes, yes.
What happened? Where are the debt collectors?
He's famous for a reason. He got rid of them instantly.
The last few days must've been difficult for you, Moon Yeong.
Not at all.
Have a seat.
We need to take care of what's urgent first.
These are the cases we need to finish this month.
And these are the smaller cases.
We can give them to the local bar association.
Got it.
I'm sorry. I should've taken care of them.
How about the debt collectors, by the way?
I agreed to be a guarantor.
I asked the police chief to tighten the security.
So, it'd be quiet for a while.
I'm so grateful you two decided to stay with us.
Not at all. I've always been planning to stay here forever.
Ms. Go, please sort out the rest.
Yes, I will.
Let's talk for a second.
It looks like collecting Seong Jae's life insurance won't be easy.
Collecting the insurance money isn't my priority.
It's not just to collect money.
I want us to pay off the debt as soon as possible and go back to normal.
There's no way Seong Jae didn't know.
The insurance plans he signed up for in the last few months
He must've known they don't cover suicide.
If he was really planning to leave us insurance money,
he would've at least disguised it as an accident.
But he left a suicide note on purpose.
Instead of sending it to me, he sent it to the office as if he wanted everyone to know.
What are you trying to say?
I think he must've had a different goal.
Although I'm not sure what that is.
What do you mean
A different goal?
Moon Yeong, don't poke around for no reason and-
I need to do this.
Why did he sign up for so many insurance plans
and what did he really want?
I'll find out myself.
Mom, the pillow smells like Dad.
You know my dad is a lawyer.
I can help you. So
don't die.
You're not alone.
I won't let you be.
I'll stay with you, no matter what happens.
Are you curious?
What's happening to this neighborhood lately?
I'll be doing three shifts, including night patrolling. I'm screwed.
Nothing was captured on the CCTVs at the entrance of the townhouse.
No cameras face the building due to privacy concerns.
Check the dash cams of the vehicles parked nearby, too.
Yes, sir.
Is there anything missing in the house?
I'm not so sure.
I mean
I don't think so.
When you called us after the law firm got broken into,
you said nothing was missing then, too.
Trespassing with no intention to steal? And it happened twice, too?
And you also happened to witness a shooting with your husband's old witness.
The debt collectors who barged into the office. Maybe it was them.
Bom, go upstairs.
It wasn't the debt collectors.
The smart Attorney Na Moon Yeong was unaware of the firm's financial situation.
The Attorney Na I know
would've avoided bankruptcy no matter what. You know?
I would've if I had known.
- For now, my father-br- I heard.
He promised to pay off the debt as the law firm's founder.
Do you have hidden money somewhere?
Insurance payout, for example.
I mean
the suicide note was found, but you're insisting he didn't.
I wonder if it was because of the life insurance
you can only collect it in its entirety if it was an accident.
There were only the two of you at the scene during the shooting.
By chance, with Do Jin Woo once again.
If it was a crime of passion,
it had to be an accident rather than suicide to alleviate guilt-
Are you okay?
(See Everything CCTV)brIf you leave the house often
or have a child, you need to check your home in real time.
You can check on the laptop or other devices, too.
Kim Yoon Seon.
Do Jin Woo.
Hwang Tae Soo.
(112)br(Phone number for the Korean police)
Mr. Do Jin Woo?
Give me the key for my motorcycle.
Where's the key?
Why did you have to run away from the hospital?
The one who shot you
If it really was my husband, why didn't you tell Detective Baek?
Her husband died. Her law firm got broken into.
Her house got broken into. She witnessed a shooting.
What's happening around Attorney Na, anyway?
Where did Do Jin Woo go after getting shot?
Huh? This person
Do you know him?
It's not that.
He caused a scene a few days ago demanding us to look for a homeless person.
He asked us to look for Hwang Tae Soo.
Hwang Tae Soo?
(Haejeon Police Station)
How could my dead husband have shot you?
It was dark at night and
it's possible that you were mistaken.
I'm not saying I refuse to believe you.
I wouldn't have run to meet you that night, either.
And I wouldn't have gone to the address you gave me.
You went there?
Hwang Tae Soo, who supposedly lives there, wasn't there.
Do you really think Kim Yoon Seon died in an accident?
I'll only tell you what I saw.
The accident had already happened when I followed her.
So, why did you follow her?
Because I was worried.
It looked like Chief Ma was going to do something.
Ms. Kim came to me before she died
and told me Chief Ma was the real culprit of the Haean Village murder.
My husband tried to cover up that murder, and you tried to assist it. Why?
I don't know why, either.
Because Cha Seong Jae asked me, I-
So, that means Chief Ma is linked to my husband's death.
I don't know about complicated stuff like that!
You're not interested in listening to me at all.
Cha Seong Jae.
Your husband isn't dead.
I definitely saw him here.
But why?
Why would my dead husband come back to life and shoot you?
Hwang Tae Soo.
Hwang Tae Soo?
I've been looking for Tae Soo.
Geez, he got drunk again.
- Hyung, do you need help?br- Gosh!
Hey, couldn't you make some noise and let me know you were there?
I can't believe he still wears this.
The foundation is determining who'd stay longer at the housing, but I couldn't reach him.
So I stopped by and found him like this again.
How much did he have to drink, anyway?
By the way, where were you trying to take him?
They won't approve him in this state.
I should give him a shot to get him to sober up.
Yes. But at this hour?
Aigoo! Should I just leave him alone, then?
He's in a worse state than usual today.
Careful. Careful.
What would he have done without you?
Thank you. You can go now.
See you tomorrow, okay?
Hyung, are you in there?
Tae Soo!
Open the door if you're in there!
Hwang Tae Soo. I'm not seeing that name.
When did he get discharged?
He was never checked into our hospital.
(Daraeul Hospital)
There's no record of someone with that name.
When was the last time you saw him?
On the 18th.
Hwang Tae Soo.
He didn't really have an address before.
Are you sure he didn't leave out of anger?
He wouldn't do that.
wouldn't disappear without telling me.
I'll let you report him as a runaway for now.
Come back if you still can't reach him.
You can leave now.
A person is missing, I said.
I know.
Try to reach him and come back if you can't.
A person is missing, I said.
Sir, you can't do this at the police station.
What the hell are you doing?
Get him out of here.
He didn't run away. He's missing.
He could be dead, okay?
- Let's go.br- Let go of me.
Let go!
- What are you doing? Get him out of here.br- He's missing, I said.
- That's enough. Leave now.br- He's missing!
Cha Seong Jae and Hwang Tae Soo switched.
And I'm aware of it.
to cover that up
he tried to kill you?
Cha Seong Jae did? My dead husband?
If you can't believe me, look for Hwang Tae Soo.
See if you end up finding him or Cha Seong Jae.
You'll finally believe me then.
Whenever Seong Jae saw a puppy on the street, he stopped and stared at it.
He's not a terrible person like that. Not to mention how he treated Bom.
There's no way. He'd never shoot anyone-
Did you know
Cha Seong Jae used to go hunting with Chief Ma?
Don't think you know everything about him.
Don't just hear what you want to hear.
Are you crazy? Are you crazy? Are you serious right now?
I'm totally serious right now.
That Cha Seong Jae might not have been the real Cha Seong Jae.
Wake up, Na Moon Yeong.
What did you always used to say as a prosecutor?
"Scientific investigation and DNA don't lie."
You said that yourself. Remember?
I didn't send his toothbrush as a DNA sample. It was Mother.
Yes, your mother-in-law.
Cha Seong Jae's mother. Why would she-
I know. Why would she?
Let's check just once more.
I'll send the one Seong Jae used to use again.
The DNA sample KCIS collected from the scene-
What? Why did you stop talking?
What is it?
Shin Hwa,
I'll call you back in half an hour.
Please call me if I don't.
And call the police if I don't answer.
You're trespassing right now.
Get out of here immediately.
This won't cut it. I need 6.5 billion.
Your husband took 7 billion from me.
I got 5 million back. So there's 6.5 billion left.
What do you mean
The money I gave CEO Cha because I trusted him
is all gone.
What did he lose all that money to?
A mistress?
He must've been afraid, too.
Because he knew what kind of money that was better than anyone.
I don't know anything about it.
Is it no longer true if you don't know?
It's 7 billion.
He took 7 billion, but there's only 5 million?
This is all he left for his family?
You were pretty naive, Attorney Na.
I'll give you a week.
Pay me back the money your husband squandered.
Excuse me, Chief Ma. You're blackmailing me right now.
Your daughter should be home soon.
You don't have to worry.
We took care of her since you looked so busy.
I'll make sure you all pay for this.
No need to thank me.
We're willing to escort her anytime.
I hope we can meet with a smile in a week.
Unless you want to find out what true blackmailing is.
Are you okay?
Ms. Na.
Are you okay?
Hello, sir.
Bom's kids' cooking class later-
I'm sorry. She'll have to take a break from all classes for now.
I'm sorry. There's a bit of a situation at home.
No need to apologize. It's okay.
After you get things sorted out, we'll later
Come to the tea party if you can, then.
Bom, I'll bring you the cookies later.
Thank you.
Bom, we need to go somewhere.
Just get in first.
- Put the seatbelt on.br- Okay.
Ms. Na.
Feel free to let me know if you need my help.
Thank you.
Thank you, Ms. Ha.
Her daughter is really cute.
Her laughter is so lively
and very pure.
Should I invite her to our house?
No, you don't have to force her.
I'm sure you'll like it if she comes over.
Feels nice early in the morning, right?
- Would you like to try this?br- So, what did you prepare?
- I prepared tennis shoes.br- Well, I
- What did you prepare, boss?br- Me? As for me
Hello, I'm Freddie!
- We're taking a ship this time.br- Yes.
England is an island nation.
England is located to the north-west of mainland Europe.
In England
We'll sue him immediately.
Trespassing, robbery, blackmailing, and even kidnapping?
How dare he blackmails a former prosecutor?
How much is 7 billion exactly?
Illegal fund and money laundering.
He must've done all the illegal things an attorney could commit.
Cha Seong Jae, that bastard.
You need to get it together now.
Don't say your dead husband is alive or something nonsensical like that.
Let's put away that psycho Chief Ma first.
How about what I asked you?
Shin Hwa.
Do you really have to?
A DNA test in this situation?
The DNA sample
won't be hard to get since the case was concluded as suicide.
I'll request it for now. Let's wait.
Thank you.
Thank you, Shin Hwa.
Please take care of Bom for me.
You're the only one I could ask.
I'm sincerely sorry about CEO Cha.
You must be very upset.
No, I'm sorry to disturb you regarding my personal matter.
It's possible to extend the loan then, correct?
Yes. The executive director of Chawoong came to be the guarantor.
By chance,
did CEO Cha create the accounts for the homeless sponsored by the Chawoong Foundation here?
Well, yes.
He said he wanted to give them the foundation's fund support.
But why do you ask that?
I heard one of the accounts was used as a burner account once.
I'm not sure. There are countless accounts like that.
It happens occasionally.
In Gyu, did you look into it?
Yes, out of the people who received the foundation's fund,
13 of them were being managed by CEO Cha.
Send me the list.
(Jo In Gyu)
(Hwang Tae Soo / Choi Beom Joon / Kim Woo Shik)
Choi Beom Joon and Kim Woo Shik?
Choi Beom Joon.br(Construction Subcontractor Agreement)
Kim Woo Shik?
(KK International CEO Kim Woo Shik)
The contract fee was 7 billion.
Your husband took 7 billion from me.
I got 5 million back. So there's 6.5 billion left.
How can I help you? Chief Ma is in a meeting right now.
Should I talk to you out here?
I wonder if everyone knows.
Please leave.
Thank you.
- Please leave.br- For the independence of the people who struggle financially,
you signed such a major contract.
I'm here to thank you on behalf of the Chawoong Foundation.
Let's postpone the meeting.
I have a guest, as you can see.
Are you crazy?
Do you realize that you've been betrayed by Cha Seong Jae now?
Wake up, ma'am.
Where's the money?
Do you think I'm here as Cha Seong Jae's wife right now?
No, I was a prosecutor for 13 years.
I've dealt with too many people like you.
The 7 billion my husband supposedly took.
It wasn't even your money.
It was a mysterious ghost company, not Ma Gang,
who the 7 billion belongs to.
I'm not sure what you mean.
A ghost company sent a ridiculous amount of
7 billion construction fees to a fake homeless person's account.
That's a classic money laundering tactic.
I see.
If you didn't know, should I thank someone above you?
I suppose a corporation like Geumshin Corporation wouldn't launder their money so clumsily.
You're an entertaining lady.
It's none of your concern what kind of money that is.
I'm telling you to give it back since your husband took it.
- Is there evidence?br- What?
You should've given it to him under your name.
Why would you trust Cha Seong Jae with such a large sum of money?
Because he was cheap.
Your husband charged the least amount of fee.
He was resourceful since he had the foundation, too.
You must know well since you used to be a prosecutor.
That he had plenty of experience.
Make it public if you want to.
I have nothing to do with it.
Cha Seong Jae represented Deputy Kim Yoon Seon, who embezzled money and died.
Go ahead and expose it.
Those two teamed up and took the money.
And I'm just trying to clean up the mess.
You're so transparent.
Tongues may lie,
but bodies don't.
You're scared, aren't you?
Looks like you know the higher-ups won't believe what you just said.
If there's evidence my husband took your money, bring it.
I'll be responsible if I have to.
If you threaten me using my daughter again,
you'll pay for it.
Mr. Do, we need to talk.
Using the support fund as an excuse,
I think CEO Cha used Mr. Hwang Tae Soo and a few others.
And the burner accounts
Perhaps he used their bank accounts to launder Chief Ma's money.
Like an obvious plot from a movie.
Did you want to see me to tell me that?
Excuse me.
I don't care if you people launder money or flip out.
Cha Seong Jae, whom you believe to be dead
I'm just looking for him right now.
I see that you're looking for Mr. Hwang Tae Soo
trying to catch dead Cha Seong Jae.
This is Mr. Hwang's transaction history.
After Seong Jae died,
Mr. Hwang took out cash from just one branch.
Let's do an exchange.
Tell me why you believe Cha Seong Jae is alive.
There's a business that deals with people who can't activate phones.
I introduced them to Tae Soo, too.
Seong Jae said he needed a way to reach Tae Soo.
Seong Jae apparently went there recently
and purchased a new number under Tae Soo's name.
That number is still active.
The call is not going through. You'll be connected to the voicemail after the beep
The call is not going through. You'll be connected to the voicemail after the beep
(DNA Test Report)
You should've been dead.
You should've just died, Cha Seong Jae.
(DNA Test Report)
(Result: 0.0000001% a match)brShould I tell Father?
Thankfully, the DNA sample from the body was kept as evidence.
They compared it with the DNA from his toothbrush at home.
I must've taken the wrong toothbrush.
It's possible you were mistaken,
but the DNA from that toothbrush can't just
match the DNA from a stranger's body, Mother.
Are you doubting me right now?
I heard you've been meeting up with Do Jin Woo lately.
Did he tell you that?
Since the Chawoong Foundation used to sponsor him,
I heard he was very close to you and Father.
You must know that he got shot recently, too, then.
I don't know if it's a good thing or not,
but he said he saw who shot him.
There's no way it was Seong Jae. He would never do-
Why are you telling me that?
How could he have shot Mr. Do if he was dead?
If he's alive, what's with that body?
That's murder.
If not, it's a body disposal, at least.
Trying to kill Mr. Do is attempted murder.
How much do you want me to find out?
Let me meet Seong Jae before things get worse.
What kind of nonsense are you saying
I know you're having a hard time, but
Stop saying stuff like that and leave.
This is Mr. Hwang Tae Soo's call history.
This is your number.
Where's Cha Seong Jae right now?
I'll discuss this with Father, then.
Moon Yeong. Moon Yeong.
D-Don't be like that. Let's go out and
I'll get going now.
Oh, okay. Get home safely.
See you at the office tomorrow.
I'll let you rest, then.
(We're against the building of the resort that mocks the locals)
(46, Haean-ro 4 gil)
You were actually alive.
♫ I can't take another lonely night ♫
♫ You know that I need to know ♫
♫ You know that I need to know ♫
♫ I'm not giving in without a fight ♫
Did you kill Hwang Tae Soo?
Let go, you son of a bitch!
I've been threatened by Do Jin Woo.
I told the police that Hwang Tae Soo was the one who shot me.
We'll find out if the police will find Hwang Tae Soo or Cha Seong Jae soon.
Any luck getting the money ready?
I'll ask you nicely only for a few more days.
You'll demand Ma Gang 7 billion for damages?
Yes. I hope you look forward to it.
♫ Shining brighter than the city ♫
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