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Episode 4

(Lee Bo Young)
(Lee Moo Saeng)
(Lee Chung Ah)
(Lee Min Jae)
(Park Ji Il / Nam Gi Ae / Kim Sang Ho / Kim Gook Hee)
(Episode 4)
You were alive.
Moon Yeong.
How could you
How could you do this to Bom and me?
She's still looking for you.
She looks for her dad every night.
How could you How could you
How could you do this, you bastard?
How could you
If you're here,
what was the body I saw?
Did you kill someone? Hwang Tae Soo?
If I'm not convinced, I'll take you to the police station immediately.
(Chief Ma Gang)
Tae Soo, are you okay?
Hang in there, Tae Soo.
Tae Soo.
Tae Soo, are you okay?
Wake up. Tae Soo!
Tae Soo!
So, Hwang Tae Soo
died before he got to the hospital?
It was alcohol poisoning.
He has had respiratory paralysis occasionally.
Check his medical records.
His doctor warned him a long time ago, but he refused to be treated.
I tried to force him to go to the hospital that day-
How could I kill someone, Moon Yeong?
You did need a body to replace you.
- You're still insisting you're innocent?br - Moon Yeong.
You hid and destroyed a corpse
Is that why you tried to kill Mr. Do, too?
So, you don't get caught for what you did to Hwang Tae Soo?
Moon Yeong, you've known me for over 20 years. You think I'd do that?
Why did you shoot him then?
Moon Yeong, listen to me.
I'm certain Mr. Do got shot. I heard the gunshot, too.
Don't trust Jin Woo.
Do Jin Woo was blackmailing me.
Careful. Careful.
What would he have done without you?
Thank you. You can go now.
In the courtroom tomorrow, I just need to say I saw it, right?
Is it okay to lie in front of the judge?
You won't be lying. You'll be helping an innocent person like you.
I'm counting on you.
How about the money? It's guaranteed, right?
I'll send it right away.
I promised to pay him 200 million for committing perjury, but I didn't get to pay him the rest.
Then, he ended up learning I was alive, and he used that to demand more money.
He was the one who showed up with a gun when I said no.
He pointed the gun at me and shot me.
That makes no sense.
Mr. Do is the one who got shot.
I attacked him because I would've gotten killed otherwise.
And he got shot by accident while we were wrestling.
I took his gun and fired a warning shot. Then, he ran away.
I had nothing to lose then, too.
It was to defend myself, not to shoot him.
And when I heard your voice, I ran away.
That's all that happened that night.
I didn't know he'd go that far, either.
But did that asshole come to you, too?
He didn't even mention your name while being investigated.
That's the only way he could get paid.
He needed to threaten me to get money.
Why would he tell the police that I'm alive?
Let's say you're right. But
you suborned perjury, switched victims, laundered money,
and even disposed of a corpse.
Are you the Cha Seong Jae I know?
Are you Bom's dad?
You were all I had.
You were my only ally, and if you die like that-
That's why I died. That's why.
The Cha Seong Jae you've known is gone.
By the time I realized,
I had turned into someone who deserved to die.
I didn't plan this from the start.
Why run a charity that's in deficit?
Look at Haean Village, where we spent all the government funding.
It's like pouring water in a broken pot.
And the law firm will go out of business if we keep spending its profit on the foundation.
How did you run the business for you to say that?
The problem is the unreasonable management of the foundation.
When I was in charge, the law firm had no issues while running the foundation.
Things have changed since then.
Don't make excuses.
Tell me now if you're not confident. I'll take it back from you.
It's not that I'm not confident
I had to deal with the urgent issue first.
I couldn't let the law firm go bankrupt.
Thank you.
Cheer up, CEO Cha.
- I thoughtbr - Don't worry.
I just needed to do Chief Ma a small favor once, but
I'm sorry.
- I didn't know this would happen. I'm sorry.br- Ma Gang
would never let it go once he had something on you until one of us died.
That's why I didn't pay off the law firm's debt.
Because if I did, I'd get caught having taken Ma Gang's money.
All of the 6.5 billion is untouched, minus the 5 million I gave you.
You would've been in greater danger if I gave you the entire 7 billion.
What about the insurance?
What about the life insurance payments
Oh, yeah, that
If something went wrong, Ma Gang was going to make it
look like an accident to get the insurance payout. So, he forced me to sign up.
you sent the suicide note so he doesn't get the insurance payout?
I didn't want to be controlled by him anymore.
Did you think everything would be fine if you just died?
(Ma Gang's Second Phone)brEvery day is hell for me. No
not just for me but for Bom and Father, too.
But not Mother.
Because she was in on it with you.
How did Mother get involved?
It was too difficult to take Hwang Tae Soo to the ER alone.
You weren't home then.
So, I asked Mom to babysit Bom.
I told her it was a minor accident, but she didn't believe me when she saw the mess I was in.
All she did was do what I told her to do.
Don't worry, Moon Yeong.
I'll make sure to protect my family.
You faked your suicide and hid. How?
What's next? Will you kill Ma Gang now?
It's not necessary to pay him back.
There's no evidence that he entrusted me with 7 billion.
Since he touched the company money any way he wanted,
he can't even tell the company or the police.
He's the one who will go down first if he tries to do something.
Even if he embezzled that money from the company,
what gives you the right to take it?
Do you think
all of this would end if I paid Ma Gang back?
You asked me why I suborned perjury, switched victims, and laundered money, right?
Do you think I wanted to?
Yes. I've committed small crimes thinking it'd be okay and turned a blind eye,
but things got worse and worse because of that, and I got blackmailed.
I won't be free from Ma Gang even if I pay him back.
Seven billion will become 10 billion, and 10 billion will become 20 billion overnight.
That's why he keeps clinging to us and ordering us around.
We can't be free from him because of what the Chawoong Law Firm has done.
What will you do now, then?
Will you fake your death for the rest of your life?
I prefer to fake my death than forcing you and Bom out on the streets.
You know what would happen if we keep getting dragged around like this.
You're not the Cha Seong Jae I know.
You have no interest in taking a step closer to me.
That's why I didn't know your secret as your wife, which even Mother knew about.
Hold on, Moon Yeong. Listen to me.
- Let go, you son of a bitch!br- Listen to me first!
- Let go! Let go!br- Please.
You drink every day and make loud noises.
Now you bring in a woman and fight?
Let us live, too. Let us live, please?
Why is he ignoring me? I'm talking
Why didn't you do anything? You should've yelled.
You want to believe me, too.
That's why I'm about to go crazy. That's why.
This will be the weapon to protect you and Bom from Ma Gang.
I had that in my hands, but I couldn't use it.
I'm sorry, Moon Yeong.
I'll live as Hwang Tae Soo.
I'll be dead to protect you and Bom.
So, you never saw me, okay?
I need to die
Because I'm dead.
for you to survive.
(Log in)
(Checking Current Account)
(Do Jin Woo - 30 million won)
He actually sent it.
(1 Unread Message)
You did a good job preparing. Good job.
Well done.
I should've let you take charge from the beginning.
our law firm was jeopardized because of the foundation.
Too much money is being spent on the foundation.
How do you think the Chawoong Law Firm established itself in a rural area like this?
Without the support from the foundation, which solely focused on charity work,
it would've been impossible.
But still-
Do you think I started the foundation and ran the law firm just to make money?
Reputation doesn't get built in a day.
I think survival is more important than reputation right now.
Haean Village Project is being criticized for only benefitting the corporation.
I'm being awarded by the Ministry of Health and Welfare next month.
Don't you know what that represents?
No one has ever been awarded by a minister in a place like Haejeon City.
But if the public hears about the law firm's debt,
not only would it hurt the foundation's reputation,
even the award might get rescinded, too.
Is it because of Haejeon's mayoral election next year?
Some of the funds must've been used to secure the nomination.
- Moon Yeong.br- My husband died.
While you're being awarded and protecting your reputation,
Seong Jae had to endure pain.
I'll separate the law firm and the foundation.
It's my foundation and law firm.
You cannot do as you please.
I'm the CEO of the law firm.
I'm not interested in sacrificing our law firm to get you
nominated as Haejeon's mayor.
(Do Jin Woo)
The call is not going through. You'll be connected to
What? Na Moon Yeong gave up on the insurance payout?
No, man. It's 100% an insurance fraud.
Meet the insurance investigator, make a deal with him, and ask aggressively.
I'm sure you'll get something out of him.
Man, you've only got three years on you. How dare you dismiss my 30 years of experience?
Hey, man, if only my wife were still alive, I would've
It's Do Jin Woo.
Wow. Hey, hang up now.
Wow. I couldn't find him when I was looking for him.
I'm glad I ran into you, Detective.
I'll testify.
I remembered who shot me.
- Pardon?br - Hwang Tae Soo.
It was a man named Hwang Tae Soo.
The one who shot me.
It was him. Hwang Tae Soo.
You must've been very close.
You know his ID number, too.
You said you couldn't identify him.
I didn't realize it because it was dark,
but thinking about it now, I realized it was Tae Soo.
Hwang Tae Soo.
You reported him as a runaway recently, too.
You were close enough to report him missing. Why do you think Mr. Hwang shot you?
I don't know.
I'm asking you to find him to figure that out.
Tell me again in detail.
About what happened during the incident and who Hwang Tae Soo is.
It is Hwang Tae Soo's address.
He was a beneficiary of the Chawoong Foundation's housing project.
The place is usually empty because it's temporary housing for people like him.
People are upset about Geumshin's resort development.
How about Mr. Hwang's phone number that Mr. Do provided?
It's powered off.
Okay. Keep calling.
Yes, sir.
Geez, what a rough neighborhood.
There's no sign of electricity usage this month.
It says the tenant is missing.
But the utility bills have been paid on time.
Isn't it weird?
As if someone's managing it.
What's going on now?
Geez, they were fighting a lot.
Did something happen?
Someone was fighting?
The man who lives here was freaking out with a woman.
A woman?
When did they have a fight?
Was it yesterday or the day before?
I thought he left because he's been quiet lately. But he's flipping out again.
The neighborhood never can be in peace.
Sounds like there have been a lot of issues.
It hasn't always been like that.
It started once these people moved in.
What are you doing right now?
I mean, she was crying a lot.
Why are you crying, Bom? What did he say to you?
Will you leave me behind and go somewhere, too?
Some man just told me you'll be gone after four days.
Are you abandoning me and going somewhere like Dad?
Is that true?
What do you mean
I'm sorry.
I'm not going anywhere. Go inside.
That will never happen. So go inside.
I'm not going anywhere.
Why did you ignore my calls?
Cha Seong Jae.
You met him, right?
No, I didn't.
I told the police.
That Hwang Tae Soo was the one who shot me.
You'll find out soon.
See if the police find Cha Seong Jae or Hwang Tae Soo.
- Mr. Do.br - Be careful.
I think you might cross paths with the Detective often now.
Chief Ma Gang's hunting buddies
Seong Jae wasn't the only one.
I said Cha Seong Jae used to go hunting.
I never said he was the only one.
The gun that shot you.
Was it yours?
Do you need my answer?
If I did answer,
would you even believe me?
(Ma Gang's Second Phone)
(See you tomorrow. I'll meet you in front of the school.)
Aigoo, I can't believe you called me.
I said you'll pay for it if you mess with my daughter again.
You're the one who'll pay.
Any luck getting the money ready?
You have four days left now.
I never agreed to-
Shut up.
I'll ask you nicely only for a few more days.
You know what will happen next, right?
See you in four days.
I'll have the answer you want to hear, then.
I'll pretend Seong Jae is dead for now.
I'm glad you're doing this. We should've sued Ma Gang sooner.
What will you sue him for?
Blackmailing, trespassing, theft, and stalking.
(I definitely warned you)
This bastard.
Is Bom okay?
I won't send her to school or the academy for now.
Gosh, those thugs.
Are these all the texts he sent?
He must've used a burner phone.
I'm sure he'll deny sending them.
He entered your house using the passcode?
How did he find out the passcode?
I don't know. Maybe he installed a hidden camera in front of the house.
Most of it is a petty crime. The best we have is theft.
It's good that he was filmed leaving with a shoe box.
But if you say there was cash inside,
you'll have to prove the source of the fund. Would it be okay?
I won't bring up the money. Just make him a pervert who stole my shoes.
It's hard to prove there was money in the box.
He'd be put on probation even if we collected the rest of the evidence.
So, I'll file a civil lawsuit.
It will be a small criminal case already. But a civil case?
You'll charge him for damages or something?
- Yeah.br- How much?
Seven billion won.
You'll demand Ma Gang 7 billion for damages?
Na Moon Yeong,
I understand you're in a difficult position, but why risk it?
You won't get much out of winning a civil case, either.
That asshole will obviously flip out after the trial.
Let's find a more realistic solution.
I'll file a complaint in three days.
Why in three days?
That's the day he expects 7 billion from me.
(Memorandum of Surrendering Body Parts)
I'm here to pay you back.
(Written Complaint)
I told you to pay 7 billion back, but you brought me a complaint demanding 7 million.
It's a copy.
You'll receive the official copy later.
Stop wasting time. Let's talk about the 7 billion instead.
I'm talking about the 7 billion right now.
Looks like you're not interested in paying me back.
I'm trying to pay you back.
We'll be even if I win, and you owe me 7 billion.
(Memorandum of Surrendering Body Parts)
Read through.
Will you take my finger the old-fashioned way?
Either I'll die
or you'll die.
If you don't pay back the 7 billion,
I won't get to live, either.
Did your higher-up demand your neck or something?
Why don't you ask him, then?
Ask him if he wants everyone to know about what you did.
Will you hold a press conference or something?
Your husband's dirty work will be exposed, too.
Who cares? He's already dead.
You lost your mind while cleaning up his mess.
I already submitted the complaint.
If something happens to me,
you'll get arrested before your damage lawsuit happens.
How could a lawyer be so naive?
Don't you know what will happen when the trial ends?
You got nothing.
I'll take all of your money and pay you back since I got nothing.
Seven billion in damages?
I don't care if I don't get all of it.
Whether it's 100 won or 200 won,
I'll take it from you to the last penny until I pay you back.
So look forward to it.
Chief, the legal department wants to see you.
It's a malignant complaint to damage your reputation.
It's better not to let her provoke you.
You're ordered not to be in touch with the plaintiff in any way before the trial
and don't do anything to stand out.
This and this were all taken in front of the house.
- Yes, that's right.br- This, too.
This one. If you take a look at this
Could I proceed under the Chawoong Foundation?
I'd like to know if it was the same person.
(Son of a bitch)
(Thank you for everything. Let's have a fresh start in these shoes. - Seong Jae)
After my nine-year-old daughter was told by an unidentified man
that she won't be able to see me in four days,
she's been showing signs of anxiety and sociophobia.
And Ma Gang broke into my house and stole my favorite shoes.
He's been stalking me in a perverted manner.
Thus, for the treatment fee and psychological damage,
I demand a total of 7 billion won through this lawsuit.
Plaintiff, are you indeed demanding 7 billion?
Considering the actual treatment fee,
the profit from the cases I couldn't take because of the defendant's threats,
compensation for my daughter's lost opportunity to learn,
the fact that I've been anxious and had difficulty working
since the defendant has been stalking and blackmailing me,
and other immeasurable damages, I decided to choose that amount.
(List of Evidence)
Plaintiff, you submitted three documents for evidence.
Evidence No. 1.
The texts contain threats from the defendant.
The defendant sent a total of 121 text messages containing threats to my phone.
He sent a total of 27 photos of me and my family
by following us near my workplace and house.
This is Evidence No. 2.
It's a CCTV recording from near my house.
What's this?
Everyone, be quiet.
Defendant, sit down.
Your Honor, this is a different video than the one she submitted.
Just one moment.
Is this a different video than the one you submitted?
It's a video related to the CCTV footage submitted as Evidence No. 2.
It needs to be examined as evidence.
It's a dashcam recording that shows the real culprit of the murder of Park Jae Moon,
a resident of Haean Village that happened on March 20th.
This has no relation to the case.
They, in fact, are related. The defendant-
But it was not included in the submitted evidence list, correct?
But the defendant's constant blackmailing and
two deaths that didn't get publicized started from this incident.
So please allow me to submit Evidence No. 4 and 5
including the dashcam footage that I didn't get to submit in advance
to this court and allow it to be examined as evidence.
Are they crucial pieces of evidence?
Yes, they need to be examined for a speedy trial.
Go ahead and submit.
You bastard.
(The day Mr. Park died)
Hey, let's go.
You bastard.
You bastard! Get off!
Hey, you!
You fing asshole!
Get off!
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
What do we do, Chief?
I think he's dead.
Call the police.
Not now. A little later.
He's not dead yet.
He dashed into the car when it took off.
Don't try to argue and do as I say.
You can end up like him, too.
Hey, Attorney Cha.
Something came up.
Did you call the police?
If you agree to be tried,
Geumshin will rescind the embezzlement lawsuit against you.
They'll conclude it as an accounting mistake instead of you stealing.
And of course, you don't owe them.
Okay. You started the car,
but he dashed into the car and caused the accident.
And you called 911 immediately.
Chief Ma will say that to the court, too.
We'll find a witness to prove you two right, too.
You understand what I'm saying, right?
My job as a lawyer will be on the line, Yoon Seon.
I'll make sure you'll get acquitted. Just trust me.
CEO Cha.
Did the conversation go well?
Yes, she'll do as I said.
There was an accident nearby.
But your trucked happened to be right there.
Could you let me check the memory card?
This will be the weapon to protect you and Bom from Ma Gang.
This isn't much. I'd like to compensate you.
I've had this, but I couldn't use it.
Why are you so stubborn?
What are you trying to do, exactly?br(Three days before suing Ma Gang)
Let's lock up Ma Gang. For murder.
There's no clear footage of the driver's seat or the moment of the incident.
The moment when he hit him wasn't captured.
Backing out and driving forward was captured.
Mr. Park ran away, too.
It's hard to identify the driver.
They might say Ma Gang got in the driver's seat,
but someone else drove when the car backed out, so
- Video Analysis Center.br- Video Analysis Center.
Evidence No. 4.
We received the result from the Video Analysis Center.
It's hard to see the driver's seat from the dashcam footage,
but according to their analysis,
the driver was identified as a male adult.
(The driver is presumed to be around 180 cm tall)
Let's identify the driver and reveal him in court.
We'll put the shield up with the civil suit.
He won't be able to bother Bom and me for a while.
By the way, where did you get this footage?
I guess Seong Jae sent it before he died.
I guess he had some conscience.
According to the accident record, there was a record of reporting of the accident.
I remember clearly since a company's employee was prosecuted.
According to what the plaintiff said,
someone who killed the victim and tried to hide the fact called 911 themselves
or agreed to call 911. Is that correct?
The defendant can't be accused purely based on analysis and assumption.
Let me explain in response.
Evidence No. 5.
Please check the voice recording and call record of
Ms. Kim Yoon Seon's call to 911.
The first report was received at 15:23.
But there is no record of that call.
Ms. Kim did not receive a confirmation call from 911,
so she called 22 minutes later at
15:45 again and
reported the car accident.
According to the dashcam footage, the time defendant's car left abruptly
was just one minute before Ms. Kim first called 911.
And the second call was made after
his attorney arrived. Considering that fact,
we can conclude that the victim was neglected for at least 22 minutes.
What were the people at the scene doing?
When Mr. Park of Haean Village passed away,
Ms. Kim Yoon Seon, who was forced to become a fake suspect
died from a mysterious car accident the day after the trial.
The indictment of the case was dismissed due to the defendant's death.
And the attorney who allowed the switching of the defendant
and cleaned up after the case
did not attend the trial due to the guilt and
ended up committing suicide. He was my husband, Cha Seong Jae.
The defendant, who blamed someone else for his crime,
kept creating more innocent victims.
One of the victims was my husband, and now
he's creating more victims by blackmailing me and my daughter.
The footage you just saw was found while I was investigating my husband's death.
It explains why the defendant is displaying violence to my family.
Therefore, I'm submitting it in this trial.
I hope you consider this so the defendant's
endless violence and lies could end, Your Honor.
Plaintiff, are you saying the defendant committed murder right now?
(Arrest Warrant)
Hey! You sons of bitches
Hey, what are you doing? Stop them.
Let go. Let go! Let go, I said!
Chief Ma! Chief Ma.
Geumshin Corporation's Mr. Ma was arrested as a prime suspect for the murder of
Mr. Park in Haean Village from last month.
Mr. Ma is accused of causing the accident on purpose since Mr. Park was against the development
and caused his death by stopping his colleague from calling 911.
- Please say something.br- And in the process, Mr. Ma
made daring moves by making his colleague,
Ms. Kim, the suspect and threatening the defense attorney.
Ms. Kim, who was tried as a defendant
died from a car accident after missing the first trial.
And the defense attorney of the case also committed suicide on the day of the trial
to add to the shocking case.
In addition to that, Lee was arrested for arson in Haean Village recently.
The local residents are demanding tighter security in Haean Village.
A peaceful village was destroyed because of the Geumshin Corporation bastards.
There's fire and gun violence all the time
Come back to where you belong now.
I know it's not easy to turn yourself in.
But we can fix things and take responsiblities together.
When we got married, we promised to defend each other
even if the whole world criticizes us. You haven't forgotten it, right?
I realized my life without you is hellish.
No matter how I end up,
I'll always choose you.
Bom, you might be late for class.
Okay, I'll be downstairs.
Think of Bom, who still misses you, and take courage.
- Shall we go?br- I'll be waiting.
- Ms. Ha.br- Ms. Ha.
Hi, Bom.
I saw the news.
I don't know what to say.
It's all in the past now.
Thank you for your help.
I didn't do anything.
Today's tea party is at 11, right?
Yes, it is.
Let's eat something tasty like we used to.
Come by later, then.
Mom, I'll be right back.
Bom, stay in front of the gate when you get out of school.
I'll pick you up in time.
You pick me up every day.
We'll go and get some tasty food today.
I have something to tell you.
It's something very important.
Something important?
Have fun at school.
Okay, I'll be right back.
The card is being read.
Please choose the transaction you want.
The cash is being counted.
Please wait a moment.
Please take the card.
Thank you for using our service.
Cha Seong Jae.
What did you do to Tae Soo?
What did you do to Tae Soo, you bastard?
Jin Woo, I'll explain everything.
Tell me right now!
Let go of this, and we'll talk.
Tell me. Tell me right now!
Am I in the shot, too?
- Looks so tasty.br- It's so good.
Let me take one of you.
Are you talking about something complicated again?
Here's the tea.
I'm glad you came today.
It's tasty.
It smells so good.
So pretty.
I want this.
- What's this?br- Dacquoise?
You're right.
Here you go.
Ms. Ha's skills are improving every day.
I follow the instructions exactly, too,
but I don't know why mine isn't as good.
I never get sick of hearing your compliments.
That's why I'm giving you this.
- Gosh.br- My goodness.
What's this? It's so pretty.
Gosh, what's this?
- Gosh. I knew it.br- For Attorney Na,
I prepared something special.
Is she getting special treatment for living next door?
I'm about to feel sad.
I prepared more cookies over there.
Feel free to take them for the kids.
- Really?br- Really? Thank you. Thank you.
I'm so excited.
- Should we try some?br- Can't believe Ms. Ha did this.
I know.
Ms. Ha is the best.
(Shin Hwa)
Answer it.
I think she'll deliver good news.
(Shin Hwa)
What's going on?
Moon Yeong, Ma Gang is dead, apparently.
He was found dead in the holding cell.
Where are you right now? Let's talk in person.
Moon Yeong. Hey, Na Moon Yeong!
Did your
meeting with your husband go well?
Mr. Cha isn't looking so good.
I mean
should I call him Mr. Hwang Tae Soo?
There's something you need to do, Ms. Na.
It was supposed to be your husband's job, but
I need to check if Seong Jae is okay first.
Your husband will be returned in perfect condition if the task is completed.
What happened?
What's with that woman, Ha Yeon Joo?
How could she have been living next door
Don't eavesdrop like a rat and come out.
The suspect who shot Mr. Do Jin Woo.
- Found him.br- His name is Hwang Tae Soo.
His routes strangely overlapped with yours a lot.
Why are you taking it so far?
Because it's fun.
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