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Episode 5

(Lee Bo Young)
(Lee Moo Saeng)
(Lee Chung Ah)
(Lee Min Jae)
(Park Ji Il / Nam Gi Ae / Kim Sang Ho / Kim Gook Hee)
(Episode 5)
What is all this?
There's something you need to do for me.
It was supposed to be your husband's job,
but he's pretending he committed suicide right now.
Pretending? Yeon Joo
I mean, Ms. Ha, I don't appreciate pranks like this.
You still pretend you don't know.
You had his funeral saying he died, but if his body is found again,
that'd be quite the spectacle.
Who would you say it is this time?
Right, this isn't a detention center.
Can you just hide the body, then?
Detention center?
Did you kill Ma Gang?
You mean Chief Ma?
Looks like you knew him.
Maybe a little.
Who are you?
Ms. Ha Yeon Joo.
I don't know what you want, but
I'll testify what I saw and heard today when the investigation on Ma Gang starts.
You have no interest in saving your husband.
Stop threatening me.
We need to finish our conversation.
Bom isn't coming home for a while.
You'd better not touch her.
You think I would
I'm not like Ma Gang.
Do I look pathetic enough to hurt a child?
You know what I think?
Bom misses her dad a lot.
The right thing to do is to bring him back.
That's what I think.
But if
you reject my proposal and tell people
Cha Seong Jae
will actually die.
Can't you make a decision?
There can't be other options.
Okay. Give it a thought and be in touch.
By the way,
I can't wait for long.
Mom, are we going somewhere?
Mother, Seong-
Have you heard from him?
No, he won't answer my calls, either.
I'll head over there right now.
No, no. It's nothing.
I'd rather not discuss it over the phone.
Yes. Okay.
Hey, Shin Hwa.
I No, I'll meet you there.
No, not right now. After I drop Bom off.
I asked where we were going now!
Shin Hwa, I'll call you right back.
This is all my stuff.
Aren't we going home? Why?
Bom, the thing is
I thought we were getting tasty food after school.
You said you needed to tell me something, too.
I've been so out of it.
Let's get tasty food tomorrow.
Let's go get it tomorrow, okay?
There's nothing.
Is your head okay?
Your life is very colorful, too.
One day, you got shot,
and you got hit in the head and passed out.
Let's say Mr. Hwang shot you.
Who hit your head, then?
That's why I want you to catch him. I'm curious, too.
Nothing. Nothing.
There they are. See? It was them.
The license plate number
This man is Hwang Tae Soo?
(02 So 0263)
Why are you just staring? Look it up now.
I'm about to, man.
(Cheongwon District Prosecutors' Office - Haejeon Branch)
A piece of glass pierced Ma Gang's artery.
The direction and the angle of the cut
shows it was self-inflicted, according to KCSI.
They found his fingerprints, too.
Ma Gang wouldn't have committed suicide.
You mean, a man was murdered in detention center?
You were like this about your husband, too.
What's your reasoning this time?
He worked hands-on for Geumshin Corporation.
He must've known a lot.
I'm sure. But so what?
There's someone who appears to have gotten him killed.
She's threatening us now.
What nonsense Hey, how many times have we been threatened because of trials?
It wasn't just a simple threat.
What kind of threat was it?
Is it her? The one who threatened you?
She's using the name "Ha Yeon Joo," but it might not be her real name.
She lives next door to me but wasn't even registered as a resident.
Next door?
KS Miracle owns her house.
It was apparently Geumshin's subsidiary. Please look into them.
I'm sure she's linked to Geumshin.
You're treating me like a private investigator again.
Thank you in advance.
Please look into the people who visited Ma Gang and his cellmates, too.
By the way, the witness for Kim Yoon Seon's trial.
Do Jin Woo?
I checked Ma Gang's visitor list.
Most of them looked like Geumshin's minions, but Do Jin Woo was there, too.
I heard the visiting room had a chilling atmosphere.
The day before yesterday.
The day before Ma Gang died.
Is he also involved with
this woman?
(KS Miracle)brThis probably isn't enough to prove a connection.
Probably not.
What's going on?
Who's the woman named Ha Yeon Joo?
I'll tell you later. I'm sorry, Ms. Go.
Did CEO Kim, the man I mentioned before, get released from jail?
- Is he still a private investigator?br- Yes, probably.
Why? Do you need his help, too?
Would it be possible?
I need to find someone urgently.
I don't care how much it costs. Tell him it's very urgent.
CEO Na, but still
I beg you, Ms. Go.
It's not my phone.
In Gyu, answer your phone-
It's not something I could fax. I need to go to the court and make a copy.
Call me once you decide.
The photo is my gift to you.
You came sooner than I thought.
What is it you want? Money?
I know what situation you're in. How could I?
I told you.
You need to do what your husband used to do.
Be more specific.
Let's start with a simple errand for now.
The list of recipients and the amount of money is in that bag.
Start with that for now.
Do it yourself if it's that simple.
It's up to you to decide.
But let me tell you this one thing.
A father who's pretending to be dead because he couldn't handle the crime he committed.
And his wife who's playing ignorant about it.
What would happen if their secret gets exposed?
Of course, they'll get arrested.
Bom will be separated from her parents for years, too.
Poor thing.
I'll give you the real task once you finish the errand.
Your husband will be returned safely once you finish the task.
Why should I believe you and listen to you?
I want you to prove you're willing.
That way, we could trust you with a big task, too.
Our Attorney Na who is as straight as an arrow.
You're going through a lot.
If it weren't for Cha Seong Jae, you would've had a perfect life.
Don't talk about my husband like that.
That's why I'm telling you to
decide whether he'll live or not.
I need to check if he's safe first.
Is someone here? Look over there.
- Who are you looking at?br- Isn't it funny?
Here they come. Here they come.
The car's here. They're here.
Jaewon construction site. Six people to sort out rebar.
- Me! Me!br- Present your IDs.
Lady. Get in.
Come out. Come out.
Come out right now.
Make more room.
Okay, get in.
Okay. I'm closing the door.
Have you carried rebar before?
Wow, you have such a nice complexion.
Seven people for the Jaewon construction site. Get off.
- Hurry up.br- See you, doll.
Let's go.
What are you doing here?
What happened?
What's with that Ha Yeon Joo woman?
Is she connected to Ma Gang and Geumshin Corporation?
Did you know Bom's cooking teacher was like that?
- A woman like that was living next door. Why-br- Don't do it.
You came all this way to work for her.
- What you used to do was-br- I'm telling you not to do it.
Just run away instead.
Wait just a bit.
See you at home.
Keep your promise.
The video call was enough to prove that he was alive.
Why are you taking it this far
Because it's fun.
A tear-jerking family reunion.
Okay, it's all there.
Is that it?
I received what I needed, and the amount is correct.
You're going through a lot in your husband's place.
Call me any time.
You and I are in the same boat.
You're supposed to help each other out in this field.
(Assemblyman Kim Seong Man)
I did all the dirty work you made me do.
Well done.
You need to pay me now, then.
She wants you to wait at home.
(The police will start tracking. Ma Gang told me everything.)
Ma Gang?
You finally called.
Mr. Do Jin Woo?
Attorney Na?
What did you hear from Ma Gang?
Why do you have Cha Seong Jae's burner phone?
Are you with him right now?
Let's meet up.
(Prosecutor Yoo Jeong Ho)
What are you doing here?
Don't be like that.
I'm here to see my ex-husband since I'm on a business trip in Seoul.
It's so boring to be stuck in a town on the southern end.
They're telling you to quit.
Don't you know?
The cheater is still working. Why should I quit?
I can't do that.
Because you grabbed her by the hair, I-
Shut up.
You know I prefer the retro methods.
Let me just get to the point.
Give me any file on Geumshin you have.
What about Geumshin?
Find information like that on your own.
It'd just take a few clicks.
Do you think I drove for four hours to find stuff I could find with a few clicks?
You were in that team when they did search and seizure.
- No.br - Yes.
- No, I said.br - Yes, I said.
There's something I haven't brought up yet.
Two years ago, during the Incheon Port smuggling case,
you hid the informant of the chief prosecutor, I mean,
the district attorney of the Eastern District Prosecutors' Office, right?
(Geumshin Corporation)
Take it and get lost.
Wow, really? You'll let me take it?
Finish it during the lunch hour, okay?
Okay, then. I'll make a few copies and leave.
I've tolerated you a lot.
Let's keep it simple, Jeong Ho.
I thought you were with Cha Seong Jae.
So, what did you hear from Ma Gang?
Visit him and ask him in person.
He's dead.
Ma Gang?
The prosecution says it was a suicide.
Why did you visit him in jail?
I told him Cha Seong Jae was alive.
And he told me something very interesting.
You know Director Joo, right?
No, I don't.
Where's Cha Seong Jae?
(Cha Seong Jae's burner phone)
He must've given you his phone because the police are tracking him.
I can try to get you money somehow.
You should quit now. Stop searching for him, too.
Did Cha Seong Jae tell you I'm doing this for money?
Go tell him this.
I don't need money or anything else.
So he'd better keep his promise.
Did he promise you something other than money?
Ask him yourself, I said.
I'm asking you because I can't ask him.
My husband was kidnapped.
Are you sure you don't know?
You've been searching for my husband.
That's enough.
Your husband isn't someone who'd get kidnapped and die.
- Mr. Do-br- And
I have nothing more to say since Cha Seong Jae isn't here.
You've been to my house, haven't you?
Haven't you?
How am I supposed to trust you?
Why did you come to my house?
You're one of Geumshin's minions, aren't you?
How many times did I say no?
I said I just wanted to find Cha Seong Jae.
- I'm asking you why.br- Because Cha Seong Jae
said he'd find my daughter.
You can't believe me?
That someone like me is looking for his child?
know that I'm a total loser, but
I just want to see my daughter, whom I didn't even know was born.
Cha Seong Jae is the only one who knows where she is.
And I did everything he told me to do because of that.
By chance
By chance, if he was playing me,
I'll find him and expose him myself.
Cha Seong Jae's true color.
July 26th, Haean Village's arson suspect, Lee Bang Cheol's trial.
The defense lawyer, Na Moon Yeong.
(Request for Appointment of Attorney)
(Request for Appointment of Attorney - I request Na Moon Yeong as the attorney for this case.)
What's this?
I'm telling you to finish what you've been poking at.
Getting Lee Bang Cheol, the arsonist, acquitted.
That's what you need to do on behalf of your husband.
You'll obviously keep making demands like this. Why should I listen to you?
There's no guarantee my husband will return alive.
This is the last one.
Your husband will return home if it goes well.
Have faith in me.
You can't do anything other than trust me right now anyway.
Bom, you should go to bed now.
Are we going home?
Sleep at Grandma's tonight.
I don't think you should be home for a while.
You know that because your daddy and I are lawyers,
people who've been wronged or are angry come to our house.
I think there will be angry people from this trial, too.
So, you should stay here with Grandma for now.
Dad would've yelled at them if he were around.
How would you feel
if Dad actually came back?
Why would you think about such a thing?
Just because.
I miss him a lot, too.
You're an adult. You should know how to endure things.
Adults aren't always perfect, either.
Sometimes, I can't endure, either.
So I make mistakes, too.
Are Mom and Dad like that, too?
But what's important is to acknowledge your faults and fix things.
Mom and Dad made a lot of mistakes,
but we'll turn everything back to normal.
Lee Bang Cheol. Born in August, 1989.
Unemployed. He has no family, either.
The victim is a nine-year-old girl, and she's receiving burn treatment.
These are the six arson cases in Haean Village that he presumably committed.
(Serial arsonist? Four arsons in a month. Haean Village is in danger)
Cases dropped due to lack of evidence?
All of them?
There was circumstantial evidence but no physical evidence.
You know, he's been escaping like an eel, but
he got caught this time.
Nothing was caught on CCTV?
No. The town is about to be demolished.
There are a lot of blind spots, and it's totally empty.
They're trying to make the residents who are opposed to the development leave.
Any other evidence?
Lee Bang Cheol's fingerprints were found on a lighter found near the victim's house.
There's a testimony from a witness, too.
There's a witness and evidence. How could we win?
Why did CEO Na accept a case like this?
(Cheongwon District Prosecutors'' Office, Prosecutor: Joo Shin Hwa)
Do you smoke?
I think you should.
Pick it up.
I think you're the one who smokes.
(List of Evidence)
You're the one who smokes.
Let me ask you again.
Do you smoke?
Can't you see my hand is shaking?
(Liberty / Equality / Justice)
Come out, Attorney Na.
Let's hear why you're representing Lee Bang Cheol.
Did this person tell you to represent the arsonist?
My ex-husband, Prosecutor Yoo, did a search and seizure on Geumshin. Remember?
Did you see Jeong Ho?
Yes. I got everything out of him while I was in Seoul yesterday.
She turns out to be a legendary figure.
She's called "Director Joo," apparently.
Director Joo?
He told me something very interesting.
You know Director Joo, right?
She wasn't registered as an executive, but you know
people like that are more influential because they deal with slush funds.
They think she directly works for Chairman Choi Moo Won.
She puts pipes in wherever she needs them. She's known as the queen of lobbying.
Multiple prosecutors were after her, but this is all they found out.
Her company always changes.
And looks like she works for KS Miracle or whatever.
Do you know who the judge for this case is?
The judge from the Kim Yoon Seon case.
Can't you see the whole picture?
All sorts of accidents regarding Haean Village development,
Ma Gang, your husband, and Geumshin.
Now, they're using someone like Lee Bang Cheol to get rid of the annoying residents.
I know.
You do?
Look at this, then.
You'll still represent him after seeing this? He's a piece of trash.
My job involves representing murderers, too.
So, let's hear the reason, at least.
Looks like you're doing this because of Ha Yeon Joo's threat. You should protect yourself first.
Everything is bound to get sorted out later.
There's no "later," Shin Hwa.
What do you mean?
I can't tell you yet.
You'd be breaking the law if I did.
I'm so thankful I'm about to cry.
Do your job as a prosecutor.
I'll do mine as an attorney.
You do your job, and I'll do mine.
I'll make sure to lock him in. See you in court.
I'll cut his hand off if I have to, so he can't start another fire.
It should be on this street.
It's right here.
I think it was a gas explosion.
I can't tell if it was an arson or an accident.
- It's this one, right?br- Yes, that one.
(We're against the resort development that disregards the residents)
(Residential area for people against the development?)
(Haean-dong, Haejeon City, Gyeongsangnam-do, Arson area)
(Haean Village)
And this house, too.
- This one, too?br- Yes, the one right next to it.
(Haean Village)
(Chawoong Foundation's Second Housing Project)
Beneficiaries of Chawoong Foundation's housing project
started fires at the locals' houses?
- Grandma.br- Yes?
I want to go to the restroom.
Okay, go ahead.
Hello? Is this Seong Jae?
Why won't you answer your phone? I was worried.
Is this Moon Yeong?
Why do you have Seong Jae's phone?
I'll come by your house this evening. Let's talk then.
What are you talking about?
Where's Seong Jae? Moon Yeong!
I'm here to investigate a case involving Hwang Tae Soo.
Attorney Na is a witness of the case.
She's in there, right?
What's this now?
Just one moment.
What's this about?
Do Jin Woo's shooting suspect.
His name is Hwang Tae Soo.
He has a phone under his name. So we've been tracking it.
T-That's great.
But unless it was a suicide or a murder,
they rarely approve GPS tracking.
But we can track through the cell towers.
But the thing is
the results we got were very interesting.
His routes strangely overlapped with yours a lot.
Your house, law firm,
court, and your in-laws' house.
Are you saying the culprit is following me?
It doesn't look like it.
Looks like you're getting a call. Answer it.
- Yes, Father.br- Moon Yeong,
where's Seong Jae right now?
Are you out of your mind?
Why does it matter? Seong Jae is alive.
- Family comes first. Who cares about-br- Yes, family!
If everyone finds out about what he did,
Chawoong Foundation and law firm are doomed.
We won't be able to keep our heads up in Haejeon City.
How could you
How insane do you have to be?
How could you hide that from me?
I wish he were actually dead.
Before people see him walking around-
He was kidnapped.
Seong Jae might actually die.
Seong Jae!
Seong Jae!
What did you say they want?
They want the arsonist to get acquitted.
You mean the arson case in Haean Village?
What will you do?
I need to save him first.
I'll report them later-
What if they don't release Seong Jae after the acquittal?
Honey, you're close to the police chief.
Ask him for help first-
The election is about to happen. You want the entire city to know?
Is the mayor position more important than your son's life?
Seong Jae's kidnapping
Are you sure it has to do with Geumshin Corporation?
I got it.
Is there something else?
Beneficiaries of Chawoong Foundation's housing project
started fires at the locals' houses?
It's nothing.
Long time no see, Sunbaenim.
You promised me that you wouldn't hurt my family.
You said money makes a successful public servant, not luck.
You promised me you'd fund my campaign.
Is this what I get for protecting the
homeless and criminals by sacrificing my wife and child?
You're leaving me with no choice.
I didn't do this just because you gave me your word.
I'm counting on you, Attorney.
Shut up.
The connection between the defendant's lighter and arson can't be proven.
The defendant has been smoking for the past 20 years
and he went through many lighters in Haean Village.
I request a Haean Village resident as a witness to prove that he's a smoker.
All of a sudden?
Your Honor!
Let's listen to them since they're already here.
Defense, go on.
(Witness Stand)brYes.
I sat with Bang Cheol and smoked together nearby.
Therefore, as there's no evidence to prove the crime
according the latter half of Article 325 of the Criminal Procedure Code,
the defendant is deemed not guilty.
Defendant Lee Bang Cheol is not guilty.
Defendant, you may leave the court.
Hey, Na Moon Yeong!
Is this it?
Is this what you want to do as a lawyer?
The arsonist suddenly picked up smoking
and the judge disregarded all of that evidence.
Shin Hwa.
How are you different from Cha Seong Jae?
I don't know.
Let's not see each other for a while.
I can't guarantee I won't swear at your face.
Swear at me.
You can swear at me. Just don't say you don't want to see me.
I couldn't have come this far without you.
Congratulations on winning the case.
You created a witness out of thin air.
And you made Lee Bang Cheol a heavy smoker and scattered lighters in Haean Village.
I really loved that.
Just keep your promise.
Of course.
The present you've been waiting for will arrive at your house tonight.
You changed the passcode.
I'm sorry.
You should feel guilty toward me.
I've been suffering alone
without knowing anything.
Do you know what I've done to save you?
Where's Bom?
She's waiting at Father's house.
I'm too ashamed to see Bom.
Don't worry.
I explained things to her. She'll understand.
You need to tell her that you didn't abandon her.
You should take a shower.
Shall we go?
It's Dad.
remember what I told you last time?
What's really important is to acknowledge your faults and fix things.
Mom and Dad made a lot of mistakes,
but we'll turn everything back to normal.
I also said your dad would never leave you, right?
Dad is here.
(Video Analysis Report)
(Result: The two are the same person after comparing the outfit and the video footage)
Look at them
Why is Cha Seong Jae showing up here?
(Death Certificate)
Cha Seong Jae.
(Detective Baek Min Yeob)
Cha Seong Jae was alive?
Cha Seong Jae, that bastard played me?
Does Director Joo know, too?
Director Joo?
Even you figured it out.
There's no way she wouldn't know.
You all tricked me from the beginning?
3784. Be quiet.
Who's Director Joo?
The one who introduced Cha Seong Jae to me.
You said you wanted to catch Cha Seong Jae, right?
And you want to catch this Director Joo?
Now we're talking.
Yes, it's so nice to be reunited like this.
Yes, yes
I'm sorry, Mom.
Moon Yeong saved you.
She did something so dangerous.
Since Seong Jae is back,
you'd have no issue getting nominated, right?
Didn't you say you didn't care about the election earlier?
Come on, Honey.
(Ha Yeon Joo)
You hold grudges.
You know how I hold grudges.
So, Hwang Tae Soo died before he got to the hospital?
Check his medical records.
How could I kill someone, Moon Yeong?
It was too difficult to take Hwang Tae Soo to the ER alone.
You weren't home then.
So, I asked Mom to babysit Bom.
But she didn't believe me when she saw the mess I was in.
All she did was do what I told her to do.
What are you doing?
What are you doing over there? Come here.
Mom, come here. This is tasty.
(Ha Yeon Joo)
(Ha Yeon Joo)
Ms. Na Moon Yeong,
how does it feel to be the murderer's wife?
♫ I can't take another lonely night ♫
♫ You know that I need to know ♫
♫ You know that I need to know ♫
♫ I'm not giving in without a fight ♫
♫ I'm ready to crush and roll ♫
♫ Tumbling down the door ♫
♫ I'll never deny ♫
Bom! I'll sleep with Bom.
Your husband killed someone.
I'm curious to see what choice you'd make.
You think the police are a joke.
Where's Mr. Cha Seong Jae right now?
What did Seong Jae say he'll do? Turn himself in?
How dare you accuse me of murder without evidence?
You killed Tae Soo.
I won't just watch my husband, either.
Please trust me and wait a bit longer.
Mr. Cha Seong Jae.
You're under arrest for the murder, disposal, and abandonment of the body of Hwang Tae Soo.
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