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Episode 6

(Lee Bo Young)
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(Lee Min Jae)
(Park Ji Il / Nam Gi Ae / Kim Sang Ho / Kim Gook Hee)
(Episode 6)
(Ha Yeon Joo)
(Ha Yeon Joo)
Ms. Na Moon Yeong,
how does it feel to be the murderer's wife?
Mom, what's wrong?
- Mom.br- Be careful. Be careful.
Hey, you'll cut your hand.
Bom has had difficulty digesting at night lately.
Sorry, I must've scared you.
I-I think we should go home.
You decided to stay here for a while.
Well, Bom needs to go to school tomorrow, too.
- Bom, get your stuff right now.br- I don't want to.
It's dangerous at home, Moon Yeong.
Yes, Moon Yeong.
You should just rest here tonight.
But still
I can take care of Bom.
- If you really have to go, go without her-br- No!
I'll sleep with Bom.
You know, my dad-
What's wrong?
It's nothing. It's my duty to keep it a secret.
What are you talking about?
Do you want to go get ice cream after school?
Yes, sounds good.
You can never leave school on your own.
Even with Grandma or Dad.
You remember what I said last night, right?
My mom is coming. Sorry.
Cha Bom, you're kind of weird today.
Why did you send a video like this?
Your husband killed someone.
Yet you're more curious as to why I sent it?
You sent me this because you're not interested in reporting it to the police.
You want to threaten me again with this?
You must be nervous.
If you're worried about this so much
Do whatever you want with the one you have.
What are you trying to do right now?
It means I won't be using that anymore.
You're the only one who has that video now.
Don't try to be clever.
You are the ones who are trying to be clever.
Your husband killed someone.
And only you have the evidence for it.
I'm curious
what kind of decision you'll make.
(Detective Baek from Haejeon City)
You'll have to come to the station.
Seok Goo.
Do you know Wolverine?
He's from a movie.
His blades pop out whenever he gets angry
and he cuts everyone with them. He's a mutant.
Yes, I know him.
When Na Moon Yeong was a prosecutor, her nickname was Wolverine.
Let's see who she swings
her blades at.
(Haejeon Police Station)
I saw you yesterday.
You were with Cha Seong Jae.
I'll tell the detective what I actually saw and heard now.
Cha Seong Jae, who was supposed to be dead, is with you now
and the one who shot me was Cha Seong Jae, disguised as Hwang Tae Soo.
would you like to tell him yourself, or should I?
Taeil Community Church's baby dropoff box.
That's where your daughter was left.
It was in 2016, right?
When her mother left her.
(Video Analysis Report)brIs this why you insisted your husband didn't commit suicide?
Because he wasn't actually dead?
If a dead man is alive, it means an alive man has died.
Who's the one who got cremated and turned into ash?
It's the police's job to identify bodies.
You're the one who refused to investigate my husband's death.
So, that means you knew he was alive, right?
I couldn't believe he died, to be exact.
Because I knew he wouldn't commit suicide.
Do you still think so?
Mr. Do.
This is Hwang Tae Soo you desperately begged me to find.
Okay? Look.
Is it this man?
I don't know.
I just need to find the one who shot me.
I get that she could play ignorant to protect her husband.
But why is Do Jin Woo doing this?
Am I the weirdo here? Huh?
You think the police are a pile of crap.
Excuse me, Mr. Do and Ms. Na.
I witnessed the car accident at the seashore cliff,
recovering of the body, the site inspection,
victim's belongings collection, DNA comparison with a toothbrush,
and the funeral that happened at the speed of light and everything.
And all of that was apparently fake, according to this document.
Where's Mr. Cha Seong Jae right now?
I won't just watch my husband, either.
Please trust me and wait.
I'll find your daughter for you.
I'll give you a day.
Bring me the address and phone number of the person who took her by this time tomorrow.
I'll testify immediately if you're even an hour late.
Ms. Park is looking for Bom everywhere. Why didn't you answer your phone?
I picked up Bom.
I sent you an email, Ms. Go. Please check.
As soon as possible.
Bom, sit straight. I'll close the window.
I'll sleep with Dad tonight, too.
Are you happy that he's back?
Yes, aren't you?
He's a good dad to you.
But I don't think he's a good husband to me.
Why? Did he do something wrong?
What should I do?
Just tell him not to do it anymore if he made a mistake.
That's what you said before.
(Appellate Brief on Lee Bang Cheol Case)
(Charges against Defendant Lee Bang Cheol are stated below)
My ex-husband and friend destroyed my ego.
You're dead now.
Could you let Bom sleep over tonight?
Crazy bitch.
Bom is in danger.
Mom, aren't we going?
Mom. Mom
Shin Hwa.
Did you think I was joking when I said I didn't want to see you?
It will be just for tonight.
Hey, Na Moon Yeong!
Mom, can we go to Grandpa's?
want to go.
I told you.
Grandma is tired. Stay with Aunt Shin Hwa just for tonight.
No, I want to go home.
She says she wants to go home.
What are you doing?
You got a message. Check.
What's this?
Cha Seong Jae is alive.
You stay here, then, Mom.
I'll go to Grandpa's.
I said you can't. Why don't you listen to me?
Come on, Mom.
Sit here for a moment.
He killed someone.
He made the body look like his.
Mother was an accomplice.
Why would you trust me with the evidence for murder?
You're the only one I can trust in Haejeon.
The people I've known aren't who I thought they were.
And I can't let Bom stay with Mother, either.
It's awful to just think about it.
What did Seong Jae say he'll do? Turn himself in?
He asked me to wait.
But I'm not sure.
It's only a matter of time that he's arrested.
He must know better. He's a lawyer, too.
You won't just let this slide, right?
Are you worried about Bom?
I still want Bom to have a dad.
Na Moon Yeong.
So I'll do it myself.
I'm the only one who could fix everything.
Whether he gets reported or turns himself in.
You already planned everything, didn't you?
The police also know Seong Jae is alive.
He needs to turn himself in first.
Turn himself in?
How will we handle the shame?
First, we should-
Moon Yeong, where are you going?
Moon Yeong.
I called him.
What is this
They're already investigating the shooting of Mr. Do, which involves Seong Jae.
- So, we should talk-br - Don't listen to Jin Woo.
Be quiet.
What do you mean, a shooting?
You mean Seong Jae shot you or something?
How do we know if Seong Jae inflicted that wound or not?
You know what kind of life Jin Woo lived.
See? I told you. They won't listen.
Do Jin Woo.
Hey, where's my daughter?
You lied when you said you'd find my daughter, didn't you?
Yes. Why would I look for your daughter?
It's better than being with a murderer father, no matter where she is.
Why would I look for your daughter?
Apologize to Mr. Do.
You did the wrong thing.
Who's apologizing to whom?
He killed someone when he was 19.
Yes, you're right.
But I don't know what to tell you.
Cha Seong Jae is just like me now.
Hey, you crazy bastard.
Am I wrong?
Both you and I are fathers who killed someone. We're murderers.
You killed Tae Soo.
How dare you call him a murderer without evidence?
There is!
That's you and Mother.
Did you take this video?
I asked if you took this.
Did you take this, you bastard?
- Crazy bastard.br - Ha Yeon Joo did!
Ha Yeon Joo is the one who sent me this video.
She kidnapped, threatened, and sent this video, too.
She's holding us by our throats.
You mean that woman took this video?
I don't know who took it.
So, he needs to turn himself in before things get worse.
Murder of Hwang Tae Soo, allowing the culprit to escape,
and attempting to murder Mr. Do, too.
Is that true?
You piece of trash.
I told you to just play ignorant.
I wanted to stay as a dead man, Moon Yeong.
Cha Seong Jae!
It's dangerous.
Calm down, Attorney Na.
What can you do by chasing him right now?
Do you want to die?
So, she swung her knife in that direction.
She sure is a butcher.
You sent that video, huh?
Did you?
Yeon Joo.
I'm sorry you had to see such an ugly scene.
What's the date today?
Did I make this mess?
I made a mistake while cooking.
I'm sorry, Yeon Joo.
I'm sorry.
Have some.
You're looking for your daughter so desperately.
So, how did you end up
Killing someone?
I was trying to protect someone.
- What's with this?br- Where are the cigarettes?
I mean
since when did you get food for us?
Just keep doing what you've been doing. Is that hard?
Aren't you going to answer? Answer.
I'll eat this if you don't want it.
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
You bastard.
Hey, what are you doing? Go back inside!
You're lucky today.
I was hungry. This is great.
Those jerks.
Are you okay?
Hyung, I told you to wash your clothes.
Gosh, you got dirty.
Don't get involved in stuff like this. You'll get hurt.
Your girlfriend.
Oh, yes. I'll get going, Hyung. See you later.
Hey, don't get involved in stuff like this.
Well, it's because I like Hyung.
Okay, okay. Let's get something tasty after school, then.
What are we getting?
Well, tteokbokki?
- I like it.br- Not bad, right? Tteokbokki?
I heard you and your boyfriend are really tight.
Why can't I have fun, too? Huh?
Hurry. This way.
- Here.br- Hey!
Son of a bitch!
Shit, are you okay? Are you okay?
My life was already ruined. I didn't think I'd care when I died.
Jin Woo.
Have some.
Take it.
Hye Rin had a baby when you were in prison.
I owed my life to Tae Soo and
Cha Seong Jae, who promised to find my daughter
was my hope.
What will you do now?
I should take responsibility.
I'll make my husband pay for what he did.
I'll keep the promise he made to you.
I don't know anymore.
As Cha Seong Jae said,
it's probably better for this child not to
get involved with someone like me.
I'm not sure.
I still needed him.
Even if my dad killed someone,
I still wanted him by my side.
Let's go.
Thank you for this.
Where are you going?
I need to catch Cha Seong Jae.
How will you catch him? I said it's dangerous.
He wouldn't kill me, would he?
Seong Jae, that bastard. He should be regretting his actions right now.
Where did he go off to?
Doesn't he care about his parents now?
That's enough.
Do you have something to say after what you did?
Mother and son worked together and dared to deceive me completely?
You were determined to ruin this family.
That piece of trash.
Don't badmouth my son.
He came back from the dead, and you call him trash?
Are you serious right now?
Your son wants to die because of money.
We need to save him first.
Any parents would do the same.
You need to trust him. He's our son.
Who's the one who put us in this mess?
How could I possibly trust him now?
That bastard.
Keep your mouth shut and stay quiet.
Both of you and Seong Jae.
I'll take care of it, Father. Let's talk at home.
License, please.
You get a ticket if you park here. Move the car right now.
You get a ticket if you park here. Move the car right now.
Thank you.
(Hwang Tae Soo)
Now that I think about it,
Cha Seong Jae has been preparing to change his identity for a long time.
It started with him asking Tae Soo to get paperwork for him, saying he was busy.
Tae Soo
used Cha Seong Jae's ID,
but no one noticed it wasn't him.
Why haven't you reported him?
Of course, I did.
They just didn't listen to me.
You know they rarely
believe people like me.
At least he wouldn't lie.
But he used to work with Cha Seong Jae.
Sounds like he'd been doing their dirty work, too.
I only told you what I saw and heard.
It's up to you two to decide whether to believe me or not.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. It's not like this is the first time.
Let's tell each other what we saw and heard. It's my turn.
Cha Seong Jae was involved in Director Joo's project when he worked for Geumshin's legal team.
Right, it's Ha Yeon Joo.
The first subcontractor for the project was Ma Gang's company.
He must've been a puppet owner.
Ha Yeon Joo already knew Ma Gang was dead.
Partnerships often fall apart over a large sum of money.
If what Mr. Do heard from Ma Gang was true,
it means the Haean Village development went awry somehow.
If it goes wrong, the entire Haejeon City could flip upside down.
Fine. Let's lock Cha Seong Jae up first
and go after all the people involved.
What should we do with Cha Seong Jae?
Yes, got it.
Thank you in advance.
Where's Mom?
She'll be here soon.
I have to do my homework.
Can I go to Grandpa's and come back?
No, you can't.
Don't you like hanging out with me?
I mean
I need to get supplies for my class tomorrow, too.
It'd only take a moment.
You can't even for a moment.
Why not? I want to become a lawyer, too.
Why not? I want to become a lawyer, too.
I need to do homework to do that.
But to do homework, I need to go home.
If you have what it takes, skipping homework once won't hinder you.
If you're too uptight, you won't make it even if you were meant to.
Let's watch TV until Mom comes back.
Okay. What should we watch?
What do you like?
- Usuallybr- What do you like?
Aunt, what number is the kids' channel?
The typical function is
A kid would know.
I'm an adult.
Oh, so the blood is
How many times did I tell you?
I was out of my mind trying to protect you and Bom.
Ha Yeon Joo is scary. You'd better quit if you want to avoid getting hurt.
Are you blaming others now?
She kidnaps and kills like it's nothing.
Do you know how awful it was for me?
So, how awful do you think it was for me?
If you get tricked by someone like her, I have nothing more to say.
So, are you saying you'll disappear again?
You want to live as Hwang Tae Soo forever?
That's the only way to protect Bom, Moon Yeong.
Why don't you see that?
No. You need to come back.
As Bom's father, Cha Seong Jae.
What are you talking about?
Mr. Cha Seong Jae.
Running away won't fix anything.
Will you not see Bom for the rest of your life?
Let's go quietly before Mother and Father find out.
Hey, what are you doing?
- What's wrong with you?br- What's going on?
Open the gate. Or just come out.
Run away, Seong Jae.
Open it.
No. Hurry up and run away.
Stop causing a commotion and open it.
I said run away. Run away.
- No, Moon Yeong.br- Please.
When I bring my husband outside the house,
take him with you, then.
I beg you.
You're under arrest for the murder, disposal, and abandonment of the body of Hwang Tae Soo.
- You can't do this, ma'am.br- No. No.
Hold on.
You can't do this, ma'am.
Do you have to put handcuffs on him?
- It's highly likely that he'd run.br- Moon Yeong.
Can these people do this?
Moon Yeong, did you report him?brYou must be out of your mind-
Moon Yeong, did you report him?brYou must be out of your mind-
-That's enough.br-No.
Take him away.
- No.br- Father.
- Honey.br- I told you to stop!
Mr. Cha, you have the right to an attorney and remain silent.
Yes, someone needs an urgent care.
This is 21 Ilshin-ro and
Stop making a fuss.
She's breathing again.
Give me that, Father. She needs to go to the hospital.
Is this what you wanted?
Did you submit the video to the police, too?
Don't you see how humiliating it is? How dare you give that to them?
Yes, it is humiliating.
But I wanted him to remain as Bom's dad.
So, I couldn't bring myself to give them this.
I'm so humiliated that I feel nauseated.
She didn't submit the video?
She left a hole to escape.
What's the point of acting just and upright?
She's cowardly when it counts.
there has been a major change to the plan.
I'll switch to Plan B and proceed.
Make me cookies, Yeon Joo.
I'm hungry.
Dear Chairman.
He went off to la-la land again.
When will he come back?
It's his eldest son.
Looks like he can take the medicine later.
Yes, CEO.
I'm so sorry.
Chairman fell asleep just now.
A son wants to talk to his father. How could that be a bother-
(The Eldest)brHey, Director Joo!
(Chairman Cha Woong)
My son was arrested.
I know.
Why did you send a video like that?
I did send a video, but I'm not the one who reported him.
It was your impressive former prosecutor daughter-in-law.
At the time, you clearly said
You're leaving me with no choice.
I didn't do this just because you gave me your word, Sunbaenim.
Why don't you say something?
Don't worry.
We'll never dare to
mess with your son.
I'm saying
the future mayor should manage his son.
Please help me.
I bought this dining table with my hard-earned money working as a prosecutor.
Are you a good girl or a bad girl for doodling on it?
Aunt, don't be yoochi.br(Means "childish.")
Yoochi. "Yoo" as in young, and "Chi" as in young.
Which means "very young."
You are young.
It's right to treat you childishly.
You little.
- Mom!br- Mom is here.
- Bom.br- Did you wait long?
So, did everything go well?
Mom, let's go home right now.
Dad isn't home, Bom.
It's okay. Aunt knows, too.
Why is he gone again?
He'll be back soon.
He went somewhere briefly. He can come back.
(Haejeon Police Station)
I know you're mad at me.
But if we don't end things like this,
You, me, Bom,
and your parents will get dragged around forever.
And we'll get sacrificed, too.
So, are you spewing nonsense that you betrayed me with Do Jin Woo for my benefit right now?
Why are you bringing up Do Jin Woo now?
I want to believe you.
So, stop saying you want to live as Hwang Tae Soo
and pay for your sins first.
That way, we can be free from Ha Yeon Joo and our misery, too.
Let us remain as blameless parents in front of Bom.
Did you say "us" just now?
Listen to me carefully.
I gave you many chances.
You're the one who betrayed me.
- Chances?br- Yes.
The chance to live well with Bom with the money I left.
The chance to take charge of Chawoong Law Firm.
You squandered all those chances
because of your silly sense of duty.
Everything is over now.
So you'd better get out of my face now.
No, thank you. br CEO Cha isn't here now. I'm sorry. I'll hang up.
Yes, this is Chawoong Law Firm.
No, it's not true.
What a disaster.
Yes, this is Chawoong Law Firm.
Yes, Reporter Shim.
You mean the late CEO Cha is actually alive
and he got arrested for murder?
Did you go day drinking? Did you?
What is it, then? We don't know.
It's not true. I'll hang up.
Shouldn't you let me go?
The body in the vehicle.
Whose was it?
It was Hwang Tae Soo's, right?
There are records of you using his bank account and phone, too.
The time Mr. Cha died is
The time Mr. Hwang died is presumed to be May 19, 2023, between 20:00 and 23:00.
I'll use my right to remain silent.
Will you not testify?
Even if you did, we can easily issue an arrest warrant.
You know, because you're a lawyer, right?
Okay, go ahead and resist.
Mr. Cha's attorney is here.
Attorney Na left earlier.
It's a man.
Chairman Cha Woong?
Who is it, then?
I wouldn't know.
- CEO!br- CEO Na!
Please say something, CEO Na!
A comment, please!
It's possible for me to represent him now,
(Confession)brbut someone else might need to take over in the middle of the trial.
Don't forget the previous case I mentioned.
Yes. Thank you.
CEO Na, the foundation employee you asked me to look up
(Im Ye Ji)
(Im Ye Ji)brThe girl who was sent by Taeil Community Church, then
was sent to Chamsarang Orphanage.
Looks like she got adopted after that. I don't know what happened afterward.
I'll look into it. Thank you.
By the way,
is it true about CEO Cha?
Ms. Go. In Gyu.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.
You mean Is it true?
Yes, Detective.
How could you screw me over like this?
I'm disappointed, Attorney Na.
What are you talking about?
We found Cha Seong Jae's alibi.
His lawyer came.
No, not Chairman Cha Woong.
Yes, his lawyer came.
There's evidence that he was somewhere else when Hwang Tae Soo died
and there's a witness who saw Ma Gang pushing the car off the cliff then.
Attorney Cha was in the vacation home the whole evening.
I remember clearly because I dropped him off.
Why did he go to the vacation home at that time?
All I did was drop him off there.
My job doesn't include being aware of his personal schedule.
Here's dash cam footage from Ma Gang's vehicle.
It shows Ma Gang at the location at the time of the victim's death.
You really didn't know?
Why don't you look into it further, then?
Cha Seong Jae.
You're egging me on.
Thank you so much. I dodged incarceration, thanks to you.
Don't mention it.
Things will be difficult before the trial. Be ready for it.
Yes, I'll have to cope with it.
I'm so embarrassed that you saw me like this.
I wasn't myself because of Ma Gang's threats then.
He threatened your family, too.
Anyone would've made the same mistake.
Cheer up.
Going through this made me realize who's truly on my side.
I'll be out for a second.
Attorney Na.
What happened? I heard Cha Seong Jae got released.
The thing is
I think Ha Yeon Joo sent me the video after creating an alibi for Seong Jae.
Pardon? What alibi?
I know.
We'll have to find out why Ha Yeon Joo is doing this.
I found your daughter.
I barely managed to keep that promise.
Cha Seong Jae never looked.
It wasn't that he couldn't find her.
I'll get going now.
(Im Ye Ji)
Did you have a nice outing?
They were putting on a show on purpose from the beginning.
(Im Ye Ji)
Hey, Cha Seong Jae, that bastard
has no interest in his wife and daughter right now.
After they got together, they live together in Haejeon now.
Right next door, even.
Right under his prosecutor wife's nose.
Cha Seong Jae.
♫ You can't stop me ♫
♫ I can't stop myself, either ♫
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