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Episode 7

(Lee Bo Young)
(Lee Moo Saeng)
(Lee Chung Ah)
(Lee Min Jae)
(Park Ji Il / Nam Gi Ae / Kim Sang Ho / Kim Gook Hee)
(Episode 7)
Cha Seong Jae.
Come to your senses.
Was it fun playing me?
It must've been very fun.
She lived next door and
you pretended to be kidnapped.
That was very funny of you two.
Yes, I'm glad you brought it up.
How about you? Did you forget what I said already?
You're the one who betrayed me. You brought this upon yourself.
You should've stayed put like I told you to.
Why are you putting us in this mess? Why?
This is all because of me?
I wanted to live quietly as a dead man, but you dragged me out,
humiliated me, and reported me. You ruined everything!
No, I haven't even begun.
I'll ruin you even more, more, more!
Will you report him again?
You'd be the one who attempted murder this time.
Attempted murder?
Report me.
Everyone in Haejeon City
I mean, everyone in this country will hear about this.
My husband, whom I thought committed suicide,
actually killed someone, swapped a corpse,
abandoned his daughter while cheating on his wife with the woman next door!
Go ahead. Do it!
You're the one who abandoned our daughter.
You revealed everything and made Bom feel ashamed.
Didn't you?
Open the door. Open it right now!
You must be inside! Open up!
Why are you banging on someone else's door? Why?
Open the door!
(background yelling)
Open the door!
Open the door!
You can't be in here.
It's okay. Trust me.
Open up!
Murder and fraud weren't enough that he committed adultery.
That crazy bastard.
He's been doing all sorts of things.
He moved to Haejeon City to live with her from the beginning.
What a way to deceive someone.
Shin Hwa, Joo Shin Hwa
We're really friends, aren't we?
What are you saying?
They say close friends' period cycles end up matching, too.
But both of our husbands cheated on us.
How can you joke around in this situation?
I know.
What will you tell Bom?
Moon Yeong
I've been divorced
and demoted, so I know this.
You might feel like you're dying now,
but it's nothing once it passes.
Just keep it simple.
Be a bitch and destroy everyone who wronged you.
You'll be fine then.
Even the elegant Prosecutor Na lost it,
learning her husband cheated.
She completely lost her marbles.
You expected it, and yet you sent the video to torture her?
Why did you?
I don't understand you at all.
Is it jealousy?
I'll let this one slide, but don't be unruly from now on.
We didn't agree upon anything beyond Hwang Tae Soo.
You'd ruin everything if you keep acting like this.
I'm thinking of cutting off
Na Moon Yeong completely.
She can't interfere and ruin things.
You should go back to sleep.
We'll go home tomorrow.
You said bad men will come.
It's okay. Mom can defeat them all.
Get in.
You knew about their relationship, didn't you?
I thought it was over because Ha Yeon Joo said she kidnapped Cha Seong Jae.
I'm sorry I couldn't be helpful
when you helped me out.
That used to be my signature line.
Hearing it from you feels different.
Did you meet your daughter?
I did go to the orphanage you found, but
they said they couldn't tell me even if I were the biological father.
Although I expected that.
But they told me not to worry since she found good parents.
They told me that, at least.
You can't just take their word for it.
Let's go back to the orphanage together.
No, I'm okay.
I'm not okay with it.
Let's request a DNA test to prove you're the biological father
- and-br- No, Attorney Na.
Don't do it.
I just wanted to check if she was doing well.
I worried she might be lonely like me
and felt sad, thinking she was all alone.
But thinking now, she even found good parents.
She's probably better off without a dad who killed someone.
Are you able to give up that easily?
You've come this far looking for her.
Because some dads are
better being gone.
I'm sorry. You helped me so much.
My dad
conned people and ran away in the middle of the night.
People criticized him for dying leaving debt behind,
I still wanted him to come back
and just stay by my side.
If you stayed together,
your daughter would've felt the same way.
Because you would've been an amazing dad if you'd been together.
What will you do about Cha Seong Jae now?
I should fight him.
Where should we start, then?
I thought you wanted to fight.
Geez, why did you make me come out?
I'm busy enough already.br(Haejeon Daily News)
Reporter Kim?
Yes, I am.
I'll start with media play.
(The truth about the CEO of C Law Firm)
(Report Board - The truth about the CEO of C Law Firm - Anonymous)
(The fraudulent suicide case of the CEO of C Law Firm that rocked the Haejeon City)
Attorney Cha, the CEO of a law firm, who was reported dead from
a car accident in Haejeon City, Gyeongsangnam-do, turned out to be alive.
Some say the body found at the accident scene
belonged to a homeless man with no family.
(A CEO of a law firm faked his death using a homeless man)
We know nothing about it.
We know nothing about it, I said.
You came.
- Advisor Cha.br- Where's Moon Yeong?
There are tons of reporters outside. Where the hell is she?
T-That's CEO Na.
Why did you expose this all of a sudden?
I learned the truth only recently myself.
You even had his funeral. Did you really not know he was alive?
No, I did not.
Whose body was cremated, then?
Did Attorney Cha really kill someone?
If he committed a crime, he should pay for it.
I'll assist with the investigation proactively.
I'd like to say this to my husband, Attorney Cha Seong Jae, using this opportunity.
As a husband and a father of a child,
please reveal the truth to avoid damaging the reputation of
Chairman Cha Woong, who's been an influence for good and shared kindness all his life.
She's launching an attack, knowing it'll destroy her.
The loan will be active soon.
You know, right?
I know. Leaving the country is the priority.
What's CEO Choi up to?
Don't worry about that.
There's a bait that'd come in handy at times like this.
('He's alive' Did the cheating wife falsely report her husband's death?)
- What?br- Hey, hey, hey, what's going on?
You came to my office because of Prosecutor Na, didn't you?
- Didn't you?br- What are you saying?
Did Prosecutor Na really have an affair?
You can tell me that, at least.
I heard the man she cheated with was a young criminal.
He beat someone to death, even.
Did he really kill someone when he was 19?
Is he really an ex-con?
That young criminal is my boyfriend.
Moon Yeong met him to tear us apart.
I even got divorced.
I deserve a passionate affair, too.
Isn't that cool?
A romance between an ex-con and prosecutor that would put Hollywood to shame.
Hey, Joo Shin Hwa!
It's okay.
Shit! Don't look at that crap.
Why? It's entertaining.
What about Bom?
Kids these days already use smartphones. They're precocious.
She doesn't seem to know yet. I need to explain it to her.
This is too absurd for even a tabloid.
The Cha Seong Jae articles all disappeared as if planned, and only weird rumors are left.
Are they controlling media now?
You two aren't allowed to be together anymore.
You don't want to feed the suspicion.
Those cheap bastards.
Spreading an absurd rumor like this
probably means they're worried, right?
They must be after something else.
They're trying to buy time or something.
Mr. Do, did Ma Gang say anything else on his last day?
I have a card to defeat
those two bastards at once.
Card, my foot.
Even your minions betrayed you.
I'm slowly getting things started. Just watch
those two getting destroyed.
A card to destroy the two bastards at once?
(Haejeon Police Station)
a piece of evidence suddenly fell from the sky?
Someone tipped me off anonymously.
Isn't it sufficient evidence?
Of course not.
The video doesn't show the killing. And
most importantly, there's no evidence
to prove that the body belonged to Hwang Tae Soo.
Why is that? We just need to compare the DNAs.
There's no Hwang Tae Soo's DNA left.
His old house was demolished, and his body was cremated, too.
and his body was cremated, too.
We have no way of knowing who the body and the DNA from the toothbrush belonged to.
How about Hwang Tae Soo's medical records or family?
I already looked for them.
Are you interrogating me?
Do you still think you're a prosecutor?
Thanks for the evidence, anyway.
In Gyu! Ms. Go!
(Chawoong Law Firm)
Let's talk.
About what?
I said everything in the interview.
About your dismissal.
You're dismissing me as soon as you got caught cheating?
Wouldn't it be weird if you stayed here after causing a scene like that?
Who do you think started it?
You could've asked for a divorce nicely if you didn't love me anymore, but you faked your suicide?
- Did you think I'd fall for that?br- You should've.
Then, you could've remained a lawyer at this law firm, at least.
Check the articles of association in the office first.
See if you can fire me without my consent or not.
Why do you keep trying to go back?
My father wanted to dismiss you. Don't you know what kind of man he is?
You crapped on my father, not me.
Wouldn't he be more humiliated if his son was put away for murder?
Mother and Father are just as bad for covering up their son's murder.
What could you possibly get out of this?
I see. You want to take it out on your cheating husband? What would satisfy you?
Do you want me to kill myself like your conman father did?
Cha Seong Jae.
I've done everything you wanted me to do.
I was a good father and a husband.
You wouldn't have known about Hwang Tae Soo or my affair if you didn't poke around.
So, Moon Yeong, shut up and stay put.
Then, you could remain a mother, at least.
Advisor Cha insisted on not letting you in.
Maybe you should give him a call later.
I'm so sorry.
Don't trust CEO Cha too much.
He's more dangerous than you think.
She said you killed someone.
How could Attorney Na say that
I suppose she's not totally wrong.
It's true I couldn't protect Tae Soo until the end.
I should've taken him to the ER, no matter what.
But still, this isn't right.
I heard it was all Ma Gang's doing.
I know he was a lowly thug.
You must've suffered so much getting involved with someone like that.
What will you do now?
I'll correct everything.
Stop pretending like you care and prepare for the election.
You came all the way here when you said you'd fix things? What if the police come?
I'll go to the police station tomorrow.
What's your name?
Cha Seong Jae.
I don't understand this at all.
You ran for your life before.
But you came in yourself.
I wanted to help you.
You need me alive and well to start a transparent investigation.
You recognize this place, right?
This is where the body was found.
The time stamp says the video was taken on the day of the incident.
So, I think this could be the circumstantial evidence to prove
you two kidnapped and killed Hwang Tae Soo.
What do you think?
Ma Gang was blackmailing me.
He said I'd die if I didn't bring him Hwang Tae Soo.
So, I took Mr. Hwang there so I could live.
Why would Ma Gang kill Hwang Tae Soo?
You'll find out soon, too,
but Ma Gang forced me to launder his money using the homeless people's bank accounts.
One of the bank accounts belonged to Mr. Hwang.
Maybe it was related to that. I can only assume.
Ask Attorney Na Moon Yeong about it. She'll testify for you.
It sounds like you laundered money and kidnapped, but you didn't kill.
Because I'd be dead otherwise.
Mr. Hwang was completely drunk that day.
I took him to the cliff where I planned to meet Ma Gang, but Tae Soo started acting drunk.
He used to have bad drinking habits.
At the time, I thought it'd be better to get him more drunk and put him to sleep.
So, I had no choice but to end up doing that.
What happened to Ms. Park Myeong Hee?
Mr. Hwang got to know my mother well through the foundation.
And my mother knew I was being blackmailed. So, I asked her for help.
I went home with my mother after handing Mr. Hwang over to Ma Gang.
Ma Gang?
How convenient.
The dead don't speak.
How about
the toothbrush?
What happened to the toothbrush? How did your mother submit a toothbrush
that matched the DNA from the body?
As you already know,
my father has many guests over at his house.
Many stay there for longer periods, too.
I suppose my mother was mistaken.
I have no explanation for the mistake and coincidence.
Do you think the court would agree that all of those were coincidences?
You must know since you're a lawyer.
I have no control over coincidences, and the truth will prevail.
I want to ask you myself.
Did the body you found belong to Mr. Hwang?
Is there evidence for that?
My car and the body are gone. The only proof now is that
I wasn't at the crime scene that night.
I submitted the evidence, didn't I?
Would it be okay if I go now?
By the way,
the body was wearing a wedding ring.
What happened with that?
I know.
I'm curious myself.
I'm going crazy.
Ma Gang made the unidentified body look like mine,
made me look like I was stealing Mr. Hwang's identity. I want to ask him why
I didn't know I'd be so upset about his death.
You're dismissed.
Hey, let's play together.
Ye Eun.
How about we play tag?
You lose if you don't play. Rock, paper, scissors!
Ye Eun, after school, should we
I'm sorry, Bom.
My mom told me not to play with you.
I'd like to know why you're not requesting a warrant regarding the arrest.
The prosecutor's name is
Yes. Okay, got it.
We'll find out how severely CEO Cha will be disciplined after the trial results come out.
I'm looking through the explanatory materials at the Attorneys Disciplinary Committee.
How about restoring the identity of CEO Cha? How's that going?
I can't believe I'm asking you about my husband.
The request to amend the Family Relations Registry was submitted.
We'll hear back soon.
- But is that-br- Moon Yeong,
why are you taking things so far?
Yes, CEO Cha did the wrong thing, but to be honest, I'm a bit
I still remember what you were like when you first moved to Haejeon.
After your father passed, the debt collectors even threatened you when you were just a kid.
What would you have done without CEO Cha and Advisor Cha's help?
I know money is important, but how could they do that to an orphan?
Don't worry.
We can take care of it.
I know.
But how could you do that?
Don't you know what kind of people they are better than anyone?
I thought I knew them well,
but I was wrong.
I'll get going if that's everything.
(Bom's Academy)
Yes, ma'am.
Bom didn't come to the academy today.
- Is it good?br- Yes.
Gosh, it's a bit too salty for you.
No, it's so tasty.
It's tasty because you're playing hooky, right?
- What?br- Is it okay for you to be here?
The bad men aren't supposed to know about it.
They can't know about you playing hooky, either.
don't the kids at school talk about Mom and me?
To be honest, I don't want to go to school.
Should we live somewhere far away, then?
Wouldn't it be fun to go to school here?
Where's this?
It's a bit far. You need to take an airplane.
But if you go to school here, no one would bother you about Mom and me,
you'd make many foreign friends,
and you'll eat a lot of burgers with Grandma, too.
Are Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa all going?
Let me try talking to them. Instead, don't tell-
Huh? Mom!
Get up, Bom.
Mom, the thing is, Dad-
Cha Bom.
It's okay, Bom.
Mom is worried about you.
Have a seat. Would you like something to eat?
Don't ever take her away without my permission.
She doesn't want to go to school. Did you know?
You should've thought things through before releasing the scandal.
You're the one who stirred the pot and made us the talk of the town first.
At least I didn't come up with a lie like you.
I'm fixing things, and you're poking around things.
Think about who's making things harder for Bom.
Think about whether you qualify as a father first.
Bom. Cha Bom!
Hey, you.
Aren't you Attorney Cha's wife?
Sir, are you feeling better today?
It's you.
How come I'm not hearing from the legal department and my eldest son?
Well, could you please-
Hey, Yeon Joo, why can't I reach the legal department and my eldest son?
Chairman, you're in a good mood today.
- It's time to take your medicine.br- Oh, really?
Let's eat first.
I'll try contacting them afterward.
(Geumshin Corporation's chairman)
(Geumshin Corporation's former chairman)
(Geumshin Corporation's honorary chairman, Choi Moo Won's health worsened)
(Hospitalized for a checkup)
This is Choi Moo Won, the honorary chairman?
Geumshin's former chairman lives next door to yours?
I didn't recognize him at first, either.
If the man who lives with Ha Yeon Joo was the chairman.
What's their relationship? She can't be his daughter.
The public record says he only has three sons.
Is she his mistress?
Why would she drag Cha Seong Jae in if she was the honorary chairman's mistress?
Most importantly, he doesn't seem to be in good health.
He doesn't seem to recognize people well, either.
But sometimes, he looks totally lucid.
Is it a soap opera or what?
A mistress is controlling the senile honorary chairman behind his back or something?
Cha Seong Jae must have an ulterior motive.
Isn't it weird?
If Cha Seong Jae was involved with Ha Yeon Joo,
I don't think he would've run away using Tae Soo.
The Cha Seong Jae I know wouldn't give up on everything for love.
What else, then?
Probably money.
That's what Cha Seong Jae and Ha Yeon Joo are after.
He'll be indicted soon, yet he's confident.
There must be a reason for it.
Did you finally get to have a good time with your family?
Can you call us that now?
Not Na Moon Yeong.
I meant Bom.
Once you leave your spouse, you become strangers,
but parents and children are bonded by fate.
Could you go on not seeing her?
You know we need to deposit, get approved, transfer, and leave the country in a day, right?
If Chairman Choi's sons find out before we leave
I never leave any traces.
You make sure not to make any mistakes.
Okay, look.
When the bank approves the loan,
the entire amount will be deposited into Geumshin Corporation's business accountbr(Loan Agreement)
and transfer the money to the account belonging to the paper company
purchased under Hwang Tae Soo's name.
Of course, it will be a normal transaction approved by the old man.
We'll go to Zurich, take out the 80 billion, and we're done.
How about the necessary documents for the withdrawal?
Seok Goo will prepare them in time.
Don't worry.
Chairman Choi's eldest son, Choi Ho Shik, is the CEO.
This is the second eldest son, and this is his wife.
All of Choi Moo Won's family took the important positions.
How are they planning to steal the company's money?
Haean Village.
That's right. It's Haean Village.
Haean Village's initial business fund will come in soon.
- How much is it?br- Hold on.
Eighty billion won.
Is everything over tens of billions now?
Do they think this is a joke
You mean Ha Yeon Joo is stealing all the money?
Chairman Choi.
He said he couldn't reach his eldest son yesterday.
Eldest son? Choi Ho Shik?
Looks like Choi Ho Shik was foiled by
Ha Yeon Joo, too.
Looks like white is winning today.
It's time to get a shot.
(Contract fee: 80 billion won)
(Geumshin Corporation, CEO: Choi Ho Shik)
You really aren't going to school?
Where's Dad?
When is he coming back?
I want Dad to drive me.
I told you he can't come.
It's your fault.
I know everything, too.
Cha Bom.
I don't want to go to school.
I'll go with Dad.
Did Dad say he was going somewhere?
You're coming, too, right?
Departure inquiry?
Did Cha Seong Jae check the confirmation record?
Yes, he said he'll wait at home.
Let's go.
We can't make him wait.
He's about to do something important.
(Beijing)brWouldn't it be better to leave together
and take care of things in Switzerland first?
If something goes wrong-
How many times did I tell you?
That's not what's important.
I'll take a boat from Haejeon Port to Tianjin.
I'll take a flight from Beijing to Zurich, and it's done.
Aren't you coming with me?
There's no need to look suspicious traveling together.
Let's meet up in Zurich.
You're the account owner, and I'm the registered director.
Both of our signatures are required to withdraw from that account.
By chance, are you
doubting me right now?
If this goes wrong, I'll be the one who becomes the traitor.
And I'm the one who'd die if we get caught, too.
I'm not doubting. I'm worried.
Like you said, you'd be dead if we got caught.
Haean Village's business fund is being deposited today.
Cha Seong Jae will attempt to leave the country immediately once that goes through.
We're the only people who could stop him.
On the seventh of this month, Geumshin Corporation announced they signed the contract forbr(Haean Village, Haejeon City Resort Development Project Financial Agreement Ceremony)
a large-scale financing that's worth 80 billion withbr(Geumshin Corporation, Haejeon Branch)
HT Investment for the resort complex development in Haean Village, Haejeon City.
This project will include an 18-story hotel in Haean-dong, Haejeon City, Gyeongnam
and two brand new hotel resorts.
Eight companies, including Haenam Savings Bank, will finance the project.
Guemshin Corporation, the developer and the borrower of the project
invested 180 billion won in the 75,000 square meter lot
(Geumshin Corporation HQ in Seoul)brand they're planning to complete the resort project by 2026.
(80 billion won - Transfer)
(The transfer has been completed)
(Attorney Na Moon Yeong)
You can't see the CEO without an appointment.
I suppose you haven't been contacted yet.
15, 8-gil, Sanghyeon-ro, Haejeon City.
I live next door to Chairman Choi Moo Won.
He'll know if you tell him.
Yes, I'm almost there.
You checked all the paperwork, right?
Of course.
You've been working hard,
Mr. Cha Seong Jae.
Why are you talking like we won't see each other?
Because we aren't supposed to know each other once we get to Haejeon Port.
See you soon. Like it's the first time we meet.
(Amount Deposited $60,698,027.31)
Do I really have to go there?
Think about Ma Gang's last day.
What was he preparing for?
Why did they go as far as killing someone in a detention center?
Ma Gang had a card.
And you're the only one who knows about the card.
You're the last person who met Ma Gang on paper, too.
I told you everything I heard from Ma Gang.
It doesn't matter. It's a bait, anyway.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Na Moon Yeong.
From now on, you'll be Ma Gang's loyal servant.
I heard it in person the last time I visited Chief Ma in jail.
He said CEO Choi Woo Shik lost perspective.
He said he was trembling in fear without realizing his father had become a puppet.
He doesn't know Director Joo is stealing their money, either.
Chief Ma said he'd take all the money Director Joo embezzled.
Will you not do anything about Ha Yeon Joo?
(Hwang Tae Soo)
Should I help you carry the bag?
Forget it, then.
It's time. Should we get going?
Are you okay, Chief Yoon?
Yes, got it.
You can't leave the country as Hwang Tae Soo.
You were banned from leaving the country.
What are you talking about? I got the ticket just fine.
You'll get stopped at the gate.
It was an emergency ban, so
Find out if they printed a ticket for Hwang Tae Soo.
And you, ask those officers for additional support.
You two should search every restroom.
Find out how many and search them all.
- You should follow me.br- Yes, sir.
(Witness Testimony)brSo, are you telling me Hwang Tae Soo is the one who shot Do Jin Woo?
Yes, I'm the witness. I definitely saw it.
That would mean Cha Seong Jae didn't kill anyone.
I thought you wanted to get Cha Seong Jae.
That's why I'm telling you.
Cha Seong Jae is an attorney.
He managed to avoid being charged
because of the lack of physical evidence to prove his countless crimes.
What are you suggesting, then?
Cha Seong Jae is attempting to leave the country as Hwang Tae Soo now.
It'd be over once he leaves the country.
I see.
So, if we arrest Hwang Tae Soo, we'll end up with Cha Seong Jae.
Hwang Tae Soo's passport with Cha Seong Jae's photo on it.
Is there more conclusive evidence than that?
We'll have to put a travel ban on him first. Let's get going.
Looks like the police are after Cha Seong Jae.
Yes, I have the briefcase
We have a problem, Director.
The briefcase was switched.
Cha Seong Jae.
Let's go.
Director Ha Yeon Joo.
Cha Seong Jae!
Ms. Ha Yeon Joo,
you're under arrest for violating the Aggravated Punishment for Financial Crimes Act.
You have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Pretty good.
♫ Fragments of the night are gradually embracing me ♫
- Stop!br- You're done for.
You know about this company, right?
Ha Yeon Joo has the final blow left. It's me.
They put all the blame for what Cha Seong Jae did as a broker lawyer on Na Moon Yeong?
That 80 billion is for cleaning up after Geumshin. It's mine.
What exactly do you want from me?
Na Moon Yeong, you don't know anything.
So, Ha Yeon Joo was after Attorney Na from the beginning?
♫ The time I hated and was hurting ♫
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