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Episode 8

(Lee Bo Young)
(Lee Moo Saeng)
(Lee Chung Ah)
(Lee Min Jae)
(Park Ji Il / Nam Gi Ae / Kim Sang Ho / Kim Gook Hee)
(Previously on Hide)brWhy isn't CEO Cha coming to work?
-See you later.br-He should be meeting the witness at the court.
He won't pick up the phone, either. Where is he?
Tell me. What did you make my husband do, exactly?
Go ahead and find out.
Once you start digging the dirt on the noble Attorney Cha Seong Jae,
you'll want to break his neck with your own hands.
Seong Jae considered filing bankruptcy for his firm.
You want to know who? Your husband.
Cha Seong Jae.
You suborned perjury, switched victims,
laundered money, and even disposed of a corpse.
Did you kill Hwang Tae Soo?
How could I kill someone, Moon Yeong?
Ms. Na Moon Yeong,
how does it feel to be the murderer's wife?
Cha Seong Jae, that bastard
He's lost it and has no interest in his wife and daughter right now.
After they got together, they live together in Haejeon now.
Right next door, even.
Was it fun playing me?
It must've been very fun.
She lived next door, and you pretended to be kidnapped.
That was very funny of you two.
Cha Seong Jae must have an ulterior motive.
It's time to take your medicine.
When the bank approves the loan,
the entire amount will be deposited into Geumshin Corporation's business account
and transfer the money to the account belonging to the paper company
purchased under Hwang Tae Soo's name.
We'll go to Zurich, take out the 80 billion, and we're done.
He said he couldn't reach his eldest son yesterday.
Choi Woo Shik? Will you not do anything about Ha Yeon Joo?
You can't leave the country as Hwang Tae Soo.
You were banned from leaving the country.
So, if we arrest Hwang Tae Soo, we'll end up with Cha Seong Jae.
Hwang Tae Soo's passport with Cha Seong Jae's photo on it.
Is there more conclusive evidence than that?
Cha Seong Jae!
Director Ha Yeon Joo.
(Episode 8)
Cha Seong Jae, you bastard!
Cha Seong Jae!
Cha Seong Jae is here!
You're done for now.
Mr. Hwang Tae Soo.
I mean, Mr. Cha Seong Jae.
We knew you were trying to leave the country as Mr. Hwang Tae Soo.
I don't know what you're talking about
I came all this way, chasing after Hwang Tae Soo, too.
So, did you find Hwang Tae Soo?
Looks like you lost him, too.
Let's go to Yooshin-dong.
Pretty good.
(Haejeon Police Station)
Let me ask again.
As soon as the project fund was deposited, it was transferred to another business account.
You know about this company, right?
The CEO's name is Hwang Tae Soo.
I'll use my right to remain silent.
You'll be blamed for everything by doing that.
I just need to catch the higher-up.
I'm not interested in going after an abandoned card like you.
That's why you, a prosecutor, came to the police station yourself.
You're not such a loyal servant to sacrifice her life
for the company, are you?
A search and seizure in the country town of Haejeon? I finally got to warm up a bit.
No matter how she resists to testify, there's no issue prosecuting her.
You still got it, Moon Yeong.
Ha Yeon Joo still has the final blow left.
It's me.
What do you mean?
Cha Seong Jae was kidnapped.
Although I'm sure he pretended to be.
Bribing a witness.
Lobbying a politician.
Pick it up.
Tampering with Lee Bang Cheol's trial.
I did all that to save Seong Jae.
I'm sure there is evidence, too.
They made you do all the work Cha Seong Jae
used to do as a broker?
It's true I did those things.
I'll write a confession in advance.
You're kidding, right?
No. If Ha Yeon Joo tries to make an issue out of me,
just arrest me, too.
I'm turning myself in
so you can push forward using any possible means.
You'd be done as a lawyer, too, then.
It'd be ridiculous to continue to work as a lawyer.
Why is Ha Yeon Joo doing this to you?
Were you sworn enemies in your previous lives?
What a meticulous bastard.
Was there anything in the suitcase?
We found his fingerprints,
but that can't be evidence for identity theft, apparently.
How come
How did you know Mr. Hwang was going to Tianjin?
I want to find Hwang Tae Soo more than anyone.
A ticket to Tianjin was purchased under his name,
and all I did was go to Haejeon Port to follow him.
How did you know he purchased a ticket then?
I don't know how he registered his identity, but his emails are being sent to our foundation.
I ended up opening his email.
You know Ms. Ha Yeon Joo, right?
Yes. She's my next-door neighbor.
I ate a lot of cookies she baked.
You might not be able to eat those cookies anymore.
She's in the adjacent room.
You know why she's here, right?
I'll continue testifying when my attorney arrives.
Okay, then.
CEO Choi ordered us to escort him to Seoul safely.
Chairman Choi is leaving now.
Thank you, Mr. Do.
You should leave if you're here because of Seong Jae.
You don't need to worry about him.
I came because I was hired as a lawyer.
Considering the embezzlement amount, you'll get the maximum sentence for it.
Telling you to lessen the sentence by confessing the accomplice
or hidden money would be
the only advice I can give you as your attorney.
You couldn't have hired me as your lawyer to hear stuff like this.
You know Cha Seong Jae is being interrogated in the adjacent room, right?
I'm curious why you came all the way here
instead of refusing to take the case.
You must think you have something on me.
But it won't work. I'll turn myself in
regarding all the dirty work you made me do.
Restoring justice.
Sounds nice.
What do you want from me, exactly?
Restoring justice.
Quit beating around the bush. Tell it to me straight.
You believe you have to pay for it if someone committed wrongdoing.
Since you've
wronged me,
I will
punish you.
Faking suicide wasn't enough that you tried to flee abroad?
How much dumber will you get?
You should've cleaned up after yourself, whether you cheated or whatever.
Our relationship isn't that serious.
How much does Moon Yeong know?
Why are you here if you're so afraid of rumors?
You wanted to take 80 billion? You did all this by only relying on Director Joo?
How many times did I say you can't trust her?
I suppose it runs in the family.
Believing Director Joo and causing trouble. You thought I didn't know?
You agreed to ruin Haean Village in place of Geumshin to take campaign money from them.
You ended up wasting all the money on Haean Village
and both the law firm and foundation are about to go down.
You might as well turn yourself in.
Say Director Joo and Ma Gang blackmailed you to do this.
You want me to take the blame for everything?
It's already too late, Father.
You think they'd let you get out of it at this point?
Who? Choi Ho Shik? Senile Choi Moo Won?
You need to wake up. The Haean Village development project was already ruined.
You want to become a politician? You're the one who was played by Ha Yeon Joo.
So I need to get that money back.
Is that why you pulled this off by making even your mom come to the Haejeon Port?
That 80 billion is for cleaning up after Geumshin. It's mine.
Hold on.
Ms. Ha.
You may go home for now.
Get home safely, Mr. Cha.
What happened?
CEO Choi Ho Shik withdrew the lawsuit.
Ha Yeon Joo's embezzlement has been voided.
Cha Seong Jae was freed again due to a lack of evidence of committing identity theft.
Withdrawing the lawsuit can't halt the investigation, though.
The owner of the money says he wasn't robbed. It's practically over.
What is he trying to do?
(Do Jin Woo)
What kind of law is this?
They let go of the culprit because there's no evidence?
Attorney Na, is this how rich people are?
How could he let go of someone who tried to steal his money so easily?
I know.
They're usually more touchy about money and betrayal.
I think we underestimated CEO Choi.
But thankfully,
Seong Jae and Ha Yeon Joo seem to have split.
Attorney Na
you do want to catch Cha Seong Jae, right?
You don't still think of him as your husband and Bom's dad-
Don't give up, then.
It's not over yet.
Cha Seong Jae chose money over family.
I'm sure he'll attempt to flee abroad again.
We need to seek a solution.
You should do it your way.
I'll continue in my old way.
Old way?
We can't do anything illegal.
You'd be the only one facing danger.
Will you fail legally again?
The law keeps freeing the culprit.
Don't worry. I won't fail twice.
Why did you touch the account?
I just borrowed the name to avoid a delivery mishap.
You know it's all yours, after all.
You're the one who pointed a knife at your family
after listening to a stranger.
You were too hasty.
Looks like you're very mistaken, Director Joo.
You're someone who does things I tell you to do.
Don't cross the line.
The only thing I allowed was my father.
I said he'd just be an old man with poor judgment who had an affair with a young employee.
I didn't tell you to touch his wallet.
Pick up what you dropped and eat it.
That suits your place.
Let's wrap it up now.
(Woojoo Electronics)
What happened to what I asked about?
One phone under Cha Woong's name. Two under his wife's name.
And one of them was activated last month.
I signed up for a tracking service connected to your phone.
I asked you to make a copy of the phone.
You can't do that stuff anymore.
I risked my life doing this already.
Give me a break. I'll tell them about you first if I get caught.
- Hey. br- Thank you.
See you. Drive safely.
Are you okay?
It had to be done at some point.
( )<
Did the visit go well?
I missed you.
Chairman, what did you do at the hospital?
Did they do a lot of painful things to you?
I don't like hospitals.
It's too stuffy.
I'm sorry.
I should've picked you up sooner.
You used to miss the ocean in your hometown.
We live nearby, but I didn't take you there often.
Yeon Joo is so mean, isn't she?
The ocean?
Yes, let's go see the ocean.
Yes, the ocean is really nice in Haejeon.
Shall we?
Shall we go see the ocean on the way home?
Seok Goo.
It's been almost two years
since you came here, Chairman.
But your family hasn't visited you once.
When I first met you,
you told me to put everything behind me.
You asked why I'm so suppressed.
You told me to let go of everything one by one.
I was very
dependent on you.
I wondered what it would've been like if you were my father.
I imagined happy scenarios a lot, too.
But you looked for your son whenever you were lucid again.
I suppose you can't overcome the bloodline.
We're really
almost there now.
Where are you?
Did you ever meet Ha Yeon Joo when you were a prosecutor, by chance?
It's strange.
She made a deal with Choi Ho Shik, anyway.
Why did she insist on hiring you as her lawyer?
What is this, stalking?
It's above and beyond just an angry mistress.
What could it be?
I can sense something big approaching.
I will punish you.
Yes, you're home.
Starting to make tasty rice.
I couldn't stop you because you insisted on picking up Bom today,
but I'll pick up Bom from now on-
We'll take Bom with us.
Wouldn't that be better for you to have a fresh start, too?
What fresh start without her?
You created this mess because you couldn't give up on your son.
But you're telling me to give up on my daughter?
Do you even know what Bom's friends at school say?
Yes. I also know your son is to blame.
You're the one who told everyone and humiliated Bom.
Why make our business her problem?
Don't you see that your son has been spreading fake news?
That's how bad he felt.
He must've been forced to do it.
We better let Bom study abroad before she gets older.
She'll be staying with me.
I don't care what you do for your son,
but if you mess with Bom, I'll no longer sit still.
Since you have experience,
you must know nothing could stop me, either.
Of course I do.
You're late.
Long time no see, Chairman.
Let's go in. Do you want to fight in front of him?
Why did Choi Woo Shik withdraw the lawsuit? And why is Na Moon Yeong your attorney?
You stole the briefcase and tried to leave the country. You're curious about that?
You got caught embezzling, but the company is letting it slide without suing.
Something nonsensical happened. Of course, I want to know why.
I'm disappointed.
About what?
I was going to forgive you if you pretended to be on my side and be affectionate.
But you're interrogating me after being questioned by the police.
I'm not done talking yet.
Talk about what?
Choi Woo Shik couldn't have let you go to let you have 80 billion.
And the money can't even be withdrawn without me.
Why would he let you go without wanting the money back?
I wonder.
I suppose I've been a very good person.
Answer properly.
What kind of deal did you make with Choi Woo Shik?
I guess you must still care about what your daughter thinks.
You barged in all the way here without caring about anything.
What's wrong, Bom? Is something going on?
What about Dad?
Why isn't he coming home?
Well, the thing is
He went to Grandma's to take care of something-
You're lying. I know you two had a fight.
- Bom.br- That's why he's not coming home, right?
Why would you say that, Bom?
Dad is at Ms. Ha's right now.
You don't crash with your car anymore.
He's on the second floor right now.
What are you guys doing in front of a child?
He barged in, and he won't leave. How could I stop him?
I can't report him. It'd be too embarrassing.
All of these people would see it.
Do you want to brag to Bom about how you're cheating?
Go back home.
Bom must be home alone.
Are you pretending to worry about her after what you did?
It's not like that.
It's not like that, Na Moon Yeong.
Wow, why is he here?
Did you call him? You can't help it, either?
- Hey, Cha Seong Jae.br- Attorney Na.
What's going on? Did these assholes do something?
It's nothing. Let's just go, Mr. Do.
How boring.
It ended boringly.
Hey! What's going on?
Seriously, those bastards.
Shin Hwa.
I'm sorry.
Where's Bom?
She said she'll go to bed.
I know he's having an affair, but doesn't he care about his daughter?
I'd prefer it if they were madly in love.
This was Ha Yeon Joo's doing.
Cha Seong Jae still cares a lot for his daughter.
Even if it were her, this is out of the line.
Why would they let the kid know?
Because they want to torture me.
It was me that Ha Yeon Joo was after from the beginning.
Ha Yeon Joo was after you?
She approached the wrong way from the beginning.
It was neither for money
nor to have an affair.
Did you bring up sending Bom to study abroad?
Don't get me started.
She started flipping out as soon as I mentioned it.
Too bad her mother's that way.
It's as expected.
Let's take care of one thing at a time.
You can leave as soon as you get the paperwork, right?
Is it all done?
It's halfway done.
You just need to pretend to be Ha Yeon Joo and go to the bank with me.
Will you leave the country immediately?
After I confirm something.
I need to know what Choi Woo Shik is after.
(To Bom: Bom, earlier, Daddy was)
You insisted on going to that house. Did you leave empty-handed?
Something is going on between Ha Yeon Joo and Choi Woo Shik.
She must be using Chairman Choi to threaten him.
You never do anything properly. You're all talk.
As Moon Yeong said, you should've turned yourself in and gone to prison.
Are you crazy?
I told you to stay quiet for a while.
When will you stop behaving recklessly for your son?
I can't let my son go to prison.
I'll go instead if he has to.
Thinking about how much Moon Yeong tortured Seong Jae makes me wake up in cold sweats.
And now, what did you tell him as his father?
Mom, I won't go to prison.
I'll talk to Father for a bit.
Go upstairs for a moment.
I talked to the party representative yesterday.
Being nominated won't be an issue.
As long as things don't get worse.
Are you insisting on running?
That's more of the reason for helping me, then.
There's a way to move CEO Choi.
Hwang Tae Soo's paper company is the tip of the iceberg.
But once he gets caught with it, the borrowed-name accounts,
CEO Choi's all sorts of corruption will be revealed.
Same with the illegally negotiated agreement.
But I'm the one who has Hwang Tae Soo's account.
Whether they work together or not, they can't touch me.
You can have your election, and I'll get 80 million. We both get what we want.
I'll talk to CEO Choi myself. Along with Choi Moo Won.
I'll tell him not to touch my 80 million.
What could you possibly do with an old man with dementia?
I can threaten him because he is a senile old man.
If I told CEO Choi I'd tell the shareholders and the media that
he's been hiding his father, who has dementia, in the countryside,
that would be more effective than Ha Yeon Joo, don't you think?
He cares about what others think the most,
but he mentioned sending you to prison.
That means things aren't going well at all.
Don't worry. Nothing will happen to Bom and me.
Don't look down on me.
I can tell that much.
Mom, I'm different than Father.
By chance, if something goes wrong,
tell them it was all me, okay?
No, Mom. That would never happen.
You just need to prepare Bom's education abroad.
I made all the things you like. What do you think?
are you breaking up with Dad because I said
he was at Ms. Ha's place?
It's not because of you.
Mom and Dad are having a situation.
I should be apologizing to you.
Even if Mom and Dad split up,
it doesn't mean you won't be able to see him.
The fact that we love you will never change.
I never got to tell you the truth from the beginning
and made you feel anxious.
I'm so sorry.
I'll never do that again.
I promise.
So Ha Yeon Joo was after you from the beginning?
That's the only way things start making sense.
But why?
Maybe she resents me.
She might've been one of the people I went after as a prosecutor.
When Attorney Cha went missing, you mentioned an insurance murder.
- But that's-br- I'm not blaming you.
It was a reasonable doubt.
It might've actually ended up that way.
One day, out of the blue,
- See you later.br- the husband went missing on the way to work.
Examining the body alone can't determine the body's condition. We need an autopsy-
But the wife is insisting the police investigate, saying it wasn't a suicide.
But what if 500 million won in cash and
insurance certificates worth billions were found at home?
That would make me a woman who killed her husband for money.
That might've been the ending they wanted.
But a variable in this case was
that I trusted Cha Seong Jae too much.
Because you kept doubting that he committed suicide
Things started veering off her scenario
and we ended up in this situation.
Kim Yoon Seon.
Ma Gang.
If that's what caused those mysterious deaths,
because I veered off the scenario,
I can't tolerate any more sacrifices.
(MOU for Haean Village Development Cooperation)
Advisor Cha, these are internal documents for ongoing cases.
What if CEO Cha wants them later
Hwang Tae Soo's paper company is the tip of the iceberg.
But once he gets caught with it, the borrowed-name accounts,
CEO Choi's all sorts of corruption will be revealed.
(MOU for Haean Village Development Cooperation)brSame with the illegally negotiated agreement.
Cha Seong Jae was
once a good husband and a good person.
I thought he was too good for me.
So, at first, I was glad I could do something for him.
No matter what happened to me,
I wanted to save him.
I don't know how he used to be,
but he's a total trash now.
Forget the old Cha Seong Jae.
What are you two up to?
To my ex-husband, Mr. Do and I are officially dating.
A love triangle won't be right.
By the way, shouldn't you two go home?
How could I sleep leaving you and Bom alone?
We don't know what they'd frame you for this time.
At least a prosecutor needs to be with you to secure your alibi.
Don't you think, Mr. Do?
Chairman, how are you feeling?
Remember the driver who used to work for you?
He'll take you to the hospital later.
I have a meeting at the HQ in Seoul.
I'll be right back.
Travel safely
Yeon Joo.
Forget everything and
meet someone nice.
You should get married, too.
Try everything, and if you don't like it,
come back then.
You've done a lot.
Where's Mr. Do?
He left at dawn to do something.
Ha Yeon Joo seems suspicious.
That's Ha Yeon Joo's underling and
Who's that?
He's Chairman Choi's driver,
but he's acting kind of suspiciously today. It bothers me.
You can't just ignore things that bother you.
Let me look into it.
- Are you leaving?br- Yes.
- Bye.br- Bye.
(Geumshin Corporation HQ in Seoul)
We'll start an emergency meeting regarding Haean Village, Haejeon City.
Yes, Shin Hwa. Did you look up the ownership of the vehicle?
- Who?br- It says Ha Jae Pil.
He's Ha Yeon Joo's father.
Anyway, I have a bad feeling about it.
I requested Haejeon Police Station to assist.
You'd better stay at home with Bom and don't go anywhere, okay?
They even let an embezzlement case slide by.
What would be the point of having an additional internal investigation?
Director Ha Yeon Joo, please.
She's in a meeting? Where?
At the HQ in Seoul?
Okay, thank you.
You mean to have subsidiaries do the work without charging interest?
Wow, that'd be too much
Talk after reviewing the report.
The bank already lent us tens of billions of won. On top of that
If we turn a blind eye, they will all crumble
Who are you?
What are you doing? What are you doing?
Chairman. Chairman! Wake up
I think we should talk to the stakeholders' attorney first.
Chairman! Chairman, wake up.
Where? There?
Call 911.
Call an ambulance, I said!
Chairman. Chairman.
- Chairman?br- Yes, 911?
Chairman! Chairman!
You can't die like this, Chairman.
CEO Choi, something terrible happened.
I'm here to ask you a favor.
You must've seen it.
Chairman dying and my dad getting arrested.
I'm here to ask you to represent my dad.
He's your dad?
Why would I represent your dad?
Aren't you curious why I'm trying to punish you?
Once you start representing my dad, you'll find out
the reason why.
They'll have to do an autopsy to determine the exact cause,
but the initial report says drug-induced heart failure.
Ha Yeon Joo's alibi was confirmed when he died.
And the suspect is her father, Ha Jae Pil?
There's something very fishy about it.
He must've done all sorts of dirty work for her.
I know she's his daughter,
but he murdered to satisfy her greed? I really don't get it.
Cha Seong Jae is still remaining silent?
He was the first witness, but he says he doesn't remember.
It's strange.
This means that Ha Yeon Joo's final target was Chairman Choi.
What's she thinking while asking you to represent her father?
Will you actually do it? Will you represent him?
I'll meet with Ha Jae Pil first.
I want to know what he's thinking.
(Correction and Rehabilitation for Better Future)
Na Moon Yeong.
You'll be good, right?
I need to die for you to survive.
Is this your father?
♫ Between hidden moments ♫
♫ I've been roaming around looking for you ♫
I looked for you everywhere, Dad.
Since when was Ha Jae Pil Ha Yeon Joo's father?
Could you tell me your strategy to win?
You finally reunited with your father. You can't part ways again.
How interesting.
No, should I say ridiculous?
Isn't saving your father and putting Ha Yeon Joo behind bars what you really wanted?
Moon Yeong, by chance
Yes, he's my father, Na Seok Jin.
Hey, Na Moon Yeong!
Gosh, this is too much.
You don't trust me. What are you suddenly trying to do?
I'll give you what you want. So testify.
♫ Left behind alone ♫
♫ Stay alive ♫
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