Hierarchy (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Everyone is crazy.
Everyone in this school is insane!
I'm going to expose it all!
Everyone is crazy!
Every person in this school is insane,
teachers and students alike!
Forget it! I will expose it all.
I'll expose everything
that happened at this crazy school.
This problem is as good as solved
once you graph
the absolute value of f(x)
That answer
"I saw thee weep - the big bright tear
Came o'er that eye of blue
And then methought it did appear"
At Jooshin High, South Korea's
most prestigious private institution
celebrated for its history and tradition,
a new semester has begun.
Ahead of this new beginning,
we're putting into practice
Jooshin's motto "noblesse oblige,"
as we open the doors to a new semester.
Introducing our new scholarship student,
who was chosen through
a rigorous selection process.
Mr. Kang Ha?
Yes, ma'am.
Why keep letting in scholarship students
when they never last very long?
"Poor kids deserve a chance too."
"Noblesse oblige." They won't let it go.
-The principal?
Jooshin's owners.
Ri-an's parents.
Good morning,
classmates, seniors, and underclassmen.
My name is Kang Ha.
I was the first to receive full marks on
As the first student to get full
-So you came.
-You're late.
Please continue.
Oh, it's working.
Right. So I'm
Right. Full marks.
Yes, I received full marks.
-He has a cute smile.
-I'm happy and excited
Doesn't he remind you of a puppy?
transferring to Korea's
best private high school, Jooshin High.
My time here began with full marks,
and I intend to do my best
to maintain that until the end.
I look forward to the year ahead.
With that, our ceremony comes to a close.
Students, please make your way
to your individual classes.
-What are you doing? Sit.
Just sit down.
What is it?
That jerk. Fuck.
What were you doing?
I was messaging Ye-ji.
Excuse me.
Hi. You saw earlier, right?
I'm the new scholarship student.
I have English first,
but I don't know where to go.
Do you have English now?
You're too chipper.
It'll take you a while to know your place.
Getting to know what?
Buddy? You're just leaving?
These girls will show you
where your classroom is.
Can I have your number?
What? My number?
What was that face?
I'm sure there's a lot
you're curious about.
Ask if you have any questions.
Oh, really?
-What's your username?
-We'll follow back.
I don't have an account.
You don't?
Here's my number.
Thanks. See you around.
He is really odd.
What is this?
Never mind.
Good morning.
Scholarship student?
You're not allowed in here.
But I have English now.
Standard A is at the end of the hall.
This is Special A.
So it's not here.
-The scholarship kid.
Why is he here?
That's my seat.
Is it?
Oh, sorry.
That's my friend's.
Oh, is it?
What a mess.
Look at his tie.
He's really flaunting his peasant status.
I think he smells funny too.
He smells homeless, right?
Not even a bag hook.
You shaved off 1,25 seconds.
Ri-an, let's have lunch.
Done for the day?
I am.
Ri-an, you have one more class, right?
At 4:00 p.m. International politics.
Woo-jin's acting suspiciously these days.
Is he seeing someone?
How's Jae-i? Still not heard from her yet?
If you're giving each other
the cold shoulder,
then maybe
I should be eyeing the throne
while the queen is absent.
What would work best to win you over?
I spent all break working out.
Why don't you take a look
and see if it was worth the effort?
I don't need to look.
I already know you have
a better body than most models.
stop messing around.
I wasn't messing around.
But it looks like I should say I was.
Where are you going?
I have plans.
I'm not leaving out of embarrassment.
What were you doing alone
in the US for three months?
I have younger cousins in Irvine.
I was busy.
I'm disappointed.
You ignored all my calls and messages.
I guess Woo-jin
and I don't matter as much.
Did you ignore Ri-an the whole time too?
Figures. His negative energy
could've burned a hole through the earth.
What's going on? Did you two fight?
Even so, you two are a package deal.
How can you not talk for three months?
I have something to say
to the whole group.
You do?
I have morning plans. Let's meet
on Sunday afternoon at the track.
The track?
Why at the track?
And why do I have to gather everyone?
Assemblyman Lee, let's take a group photo.
Say "cheese."
-One, two, three.
All done. Applause all around.
You're such a good girl.
-Thank you very much.
-He's my eldest.
-My goodness.
Attention. Is everyone free
on Sunday afternoon?
We should all get together.
Jooshin Electronics' cellphone sales
have been on the rise recently.
Especially in Barcelona.
I read that this morning.
What about France?
The Jooshin bakery brand
will be launched in Paris
Just a moment.
Our Jung Jae-i is finally back.
Let's meet at the track on Sunday.
Don't be late.
How about this one, Miss Jae-i?
I think it will suit your skin tone.
I will go with this one.
I do hope the food is to your liking.
I don't often indulge in such luxuries.
A delicious meal in a beautiful garden,
and above all else,
it's a feast with you, Chairman Jung.
Thank you.
Assemblyman Lee mentioned
organizing a lunch several times,
but work has been busy,
so this is very overdue.
Your daughter is incredibly beautiful.
She takes after her mother.
You think she takes after me?
I think Jae-i is far
prettier than I am.
She's beautiful and does well in school.
You must be so proud.
Woo-jin told me that Jae-i is
at the top of her class in Jooshin.
Thankfully, the kids fulfill their duties
without much input from us.
We're very proud of Jae-hyeok too.
He graduated from Hanguk Middle
at the top of his grade last year.
I graduated from Hanguk Middle last year.
You graduated from Hanguk Middle School?
That's my alma mater.
I didn't expect to meet
a fellow alumnus here.
Are you uncomfortable?
You didn't seem to eat much earlier.
I'm fine.
We're going to have tea upstairs.
Get ready and come up.
All right. I will.
Your outfit
Did you pick it out yourself?
You should change first.
I don't think it suits
an occasion like today's.
Many scrutinize the smallest details.
The clothes you choose,
your sense of style.
I think it would be best if you dressed
in a classier style, like your mother.
Which mother do you mean?
My stepmother?
Not that again!
Of course I'm talking about my wife,
your mother who raised you.
Not the woman who gave birth to you.
I think you should get changed. Right now.
I'll go do that.
While you're there
you should put on a different lipstick.
Look at this color.
It's trashy.
Just like your mother.
I'd love for my daughter
to seem more like a daughter of mine.
More suited to the label
of the eldest daughter of Jaeyul Group.
Get ready and come upstairs.
I am
here for a gig.
To play the piano.
I was taking a short break here.
I'm leaving now.
I'm going to head out.
You can use this if you like.
Never mind that.
Can you take that off?
-Your shirt.
Lend it to me.
Oh, this?
I'm in a hurry to get somewhere,
and this attire is inappropriate.
Oh, right. I guess so.
It's just that I wouldn't be able
to go anywhere if I took this off, so
Wait, hold on.
You might be
in more of a predicament than I am.
It's so cold.
Don't they get scared?
Why would anyone do this stuff?
I don't get it either.
It's exhilarating.
And it makes you feel alive.
Jung Jae-i!
Been a while.
-Missed you to death.
-How have you been?
Your outfit today is pretty unique.
It's been ages since we were all together.
Want to go somewhere after?
We should have a good time today.
Jung Jae-i.
Anything to say to me?
I'm challenging Ri-an to a bet.
A bet? What kind of bet?
The winner gets a wish granted.
What kind of wish?
I'll tell you if I win.
Three laps.
I'll take the inside line. That's all.
No objections regardless of outcome.
Save it for if you win.
If I win,
you'll have to start by explaining
what on earth you're doing.
What's gotten into them today?
-Do they have to take it this far?
-Who knows.
Hey, why were you driving so dangerously?
You could've gotten hurt.
I won.
I said I won.
Can I
tell you my wish now?
Let's break up, Ri-an.
-Let's go.
What happened to her
before she went off to America?
I don't know. I have no idea.
But I've never seen them like that before.
Say that again.
Let's break up. Let's end things.
For what reason?
Tell me why you're being like this!
You acted like a stranger
when we were together,
then disappeared without a word
for three months,
and this is the first thing you say?
We first met when we were six.
And the summer we turned 15,
you said you liked me at first sight.
Why did you like me?
There's no reason. I just
There isn't one.
There's never really a reason
for starting to like or dislike someone.
Let's be friends.
We're just friends from now on.
I won the bet.
Keep your promise.
Jung Jae-i!
Damn it!
He's killing it.
The Jooshin tyrant's bad boy image
is especially sexy today.
Did you see the bandage on his hand?
Is he hurt?
Jae-i. Rooibos.
-Did you get home okay yesterday?
I saw that Ri-an was hurt.
-Did something happen between
Let's not go there.
All right. Let's talk later.
No special announcements for today.
If anyone needs to change classes,
the deadline is this week.
Let's all work toward
another successful semester.
Study hard in your classes today.
Can I have a word
with our class president?
Are you playing cello? I'm playing flute.
Probably. I don't have time
to play the flute too.
Excuse me. I have a question.
How do you apply for class changes?
I saw classes like rowing and fencing,
but none were on my schedule.
Why are you asking me that?
Just ask your friends.
-What now?
Where do I go to change classes?
It's the key events calendar.
Can you keep an eye on the new student?
I'd like you to help him have
a smooth transition.
So what happened last time
doesn't happen again.
Yes, ma'am.
-Is this too much makeup?
-Looks fine to me.
Did you ask Jae-i what the problem is?
There isn't one.
There's never really a reason
for starting to like or dislike someone.
She started avoiding you
and left for the US.
You fell out
around the time of my birthday party.
Nothing comes to mind?
Did you do anything to upset Jae-i?
I'm not sure.
Damn, man. We can rack our brains,
but we'll never know.
We can think it over ad nauseam
and still not know why girls get pissed.
Just say, "I don't know what I did,
but I'm sorry."
That's when they talk.
"This is why I'm upset.
This is why I'm disappointed."
I don't get it even when they tell me.
I agree with Yun-seok.
Don't think. Just apologize.
Girls sometimes just want confirmation.
Even if they push you away,
just say, "I'm sorry.
I'd die without you."
Girls fantasize about men doing that.
Even Jae-i?
She's a girl, isn't she?
Do it tomorrow.
Let's meet at the vacation home.
Let's have a proper party for once.
That sounds like fun.
You should bring something.
He's not thinking of sitting there, is he?
You crazy dumbass!
Having trouble understanding
the ways of the world, Mr. Kang Ha?
I am?
Ri-an hadn't even left yet
when you stood up in the auditorium.
You barged into the special classrooms
and tried to sit wherever you wanted.
And what was that today?
You wanted to sit on the bleachers?
Yes. What's wrong with that?
He's like a newborn baby.
Fresh-faced and empty-headed.
He's oblivious.
He even asked Gil Ye-ji
about changing classes.
The daughter of Jooshin Mart's owner?
What kinds of changes
do you want to make to your classes?
Oh, I just noticed
there were fencing and rowing classes.
Those classes?
My old school didn't have
classes like that.
This really must be a good school
Go to the faculty room.
But do you even have the money
to pay for the special class fees?
Rowing is around 40 million won
per semester.
I think fencing is a little cheaper.
Forty million won?
Oh, that's expensive.
Listen carefully, little Kang Ha.
This school is different
from your previous schools.
Jooshin has its own rules.
What are they?
Never get on anyone's nerves.
Whose nerves?
The upper-class kids like Jae-i,
He-ra, Woo-jin, and especially Ri-an.
And why is that?
What do you mean why? It's obvious.
They're different from us.
We're scholarship kids.
They give us different ties based on
our status, because we're different.
Scholarship kids get navy.
They get maroon.
Ri-an's maternal great-grandfather
founded the school, so he's a given,
and the others are legacy students.
They're from families
who've contributed to Jooshin.
Which is why
we're able to attend this school.
Shouldn't they be respected accordingly?
Don't think about it!
Don't even ask questions.
Just commit it to memory.
"I won't just go poking around."
"I'll do my best not to bother them."
-Is that so hard to understand?
Well, respect or whatever. I get it.
But to say
we shouldn't get on their nerves
Don't you think that's extreme?
Fuck, go ahead
and consider it extreme, then.
Those extremes you just mentioned.
You better go to those extremes.
Do you know why you're here?
Because a scholarship spot opened up.
Why did a spot open up?
The kid
who ignored what I said and acted out
was killed by Ri-an.
I see.
I get it, Chan-min. So you're saying
I should try to get along with them
to make my school life easier.
Thank you for the advice.
Think he got the message?
Why is that asshole so confident?
I've been here for a while
but never got to say hi.
You remember my name, right? Kang Ha.
Nice to meet you, Kim Ri-an.
What's with this guy?
What are you fools doing?
-Get rid of him.
-Sorry, Yun-seok.
You son of a bitch.
What's going on?
-You pranked him, didn't you?
-Of course not.
What did they say? That we're monsters?
That we'd eat you alive
if you didn't suck up?
They were teasing you.
They played a prank on you.
We should've had the party sooner
so you wouldn't get teased.
You free tomorrow?
We're throwing you a welcome party.
Welcome party?
See you tomorrow. I'll send a car.
See you.
Be there. We'll be waiting.
I think this will do.
You sure she'll like this?
I'll see where she is.
Of course it isn't Jae-i's style.
Jung Jae-i. I'm serious.
I won't start the party until you come.
Hurry up and get here.
Electronic devices are not permitted.
Your cell phone and other devices
will be returned to you when you leave.
Oh. Okay.
This asshole came!
Just 'cause you were invited? Dude!
Move aside.
-Chan-min, hurry up.
-Rin-a, wait for me.
What the hell? This kid actually came.
You lunatic. How did you get here?
You're unbelie-bubble, asshole.
Oh my God. He-ra.
She's so pretty.
You're finally here. Our guest of honor.
Isn't that the puppy?
-He's got some nerve coming here.
-He actually came.
Today is going to be so much fun.
All right. Should we officially get
the welcome party underway?
-Starting with a welcome drink.
Welcome drinks.
It's like a lucky draw.
It's a tradition
at scholarship student welcome parties.
-A lucky draw?
-Five of these shots are regular alcohol.
But one is something seriously incredible.
-You'll know if you drink it.
I'll choose first.
Go, He-ra!
Well done!
It was regular booze.
I don't drink.
Think of everyone who helped
with this party, scholarship kid.
What's taking you so damn long?
Just take that one!
-Have two shots!
-Drink it already! Down it!
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
Bottoms up!
-Down it already.
-Hey, scholarship kid!
-There he goes!
-There you go!
Wow, he really drank it.
The newbie's not bad.
He's hot, and he's got game.
He can hold his liquor!
-What a man.
-Now take another shot.
I can't believe he actually drank that.
He should have another.
He's so cute.
The next magic trick will be tissue magic!
-Tissue magic?
-He's so weird! What the hell?
-What happened?
-Eat the tissue.
-What the hell?
-Eat it!
It keeps coming out!
What in the world?
Now go!
No more magic!
-It's all over.
-It's time for a bet.
You and Chan-min
The loser pays 500,000 won.
All right!
This jerk's insane.
Do you know how much all this costs?
-You can't go around breaking stuff.
-Oh no.
Jesus. He's screwed.
-Those glasses are
-Call your mom.
This is fucking serious.
-Get your parents here now.
-What are you going to do?
You fucking idiot.
If he vomits here,
the embarrassment would last forever.
Hey, he's fun.
Spin the wheel!
Spin it!
Spin it!
-It's Ba-da!
Okay, it landed on Ryu Ba-da.
What's the question?
When was the last time you had sex?
Truth or dare?
-Or just dare?
-Oh, come on.
Just tell us already.
Don't tell me.
Is the answer, "This morning"?
-That must be it.
-I don't know.
-I'll just take the damn shot.
-What the hell?
I'll take it.
That was so cool! What the hell!
Oh, seriously.
That was cool.
You're finally back, Jung Jae-i.
Here I go.
Spin it!
Do you remember?
October 27th of last year.
I was quite surprised.
Think your dad would like this video too?
Let's talk.
One more time. This is the last time.
Spin it!
I know this isn't your style.
I felt like I had to do something.
I'm sorry.
For what?
Whatever it is.
I'm just sorry for it all.
You have nothing to be sorry for.
just accept it, Ri-an.
I won't tell you why I'm doing this.
Not before I'm dead.
Do you even hear what you're saying?
Just tell me what is going on.
You have to give me a reason
for me to decide if I can accept it.
It's Kang Ha!
-Scholarship kid!
-Finally, the newbie's turn.
Are there any girls here
you'd want to sleep with?
Hey, choose wisely.
If you single someone out,
it might happen.
No. Dare.
Dare. All right.
French kiss one of the girls here
for three minutes.
Oh, French kiss?
French kiss!
-French kiss!
-French kiss!
-French kiss!
-I thought he was pissed.
-Oh my God.
-What the heck?
-Where are you going?
That fucker already had a girl in mind.
-Let's go.
-Wait for us.
Let's go with him!
You haven't forgotten my promise,
have you, brother?
I promised to find
the person who did that to you.
Kang Kang Ha
The bastard who killed you.
Why did a spot open up?
The kid who ignored
what I said and acted out
was killed by Ri-an.
What are you doing?
I'll expose everything.
-Everything that asshole did to you.
-What the hell are you doing here?
I'm going to expose it, no matter what.
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