Hierarchy (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Good morning. Did you sleep well?
It's time to get up.
Did you sleep well?
Don't be late.
-See you later at school.
Let's break up, Ri-an.
I trust you've been well.
Hand them out, please.
Thank you, Chairwoman An.
I thought you were coming next month.
Ri-an, my son.
Have you been well?
My Singapore trip ended early,
so I'm here for a few days.
How is school?
You're a senior now.
You'll be in college in no time.
You've grown up so fast.
It's making me nostalgic.
I'm a junior.
I have a year left before graduation.
That's great.
Any college preferences?
I think the UK would be best.
-Let's go through my schedule.
-Yes, ma'am.
Luncheon with the board at noon.
Jooshin Gallery at two o'clock.
Jooshin Hotel at four.
And what else was there?
The meeting with Director An.
-I'll see him briefly after the luncheon.
Besides the weather, London is perfect.
Choose a school in the UK.
You won't regret it.
I last saw you three months ago
and shared a meal with you
over a year ago.
Don't you care whether I've been well,
if I'm eating properly,
or if I'm in good health?
I'm still at an age
where I need the attention of my parents.
Who do we have on staff
in charge of Ri-an's care?
Six tutors, two personal assistants,
three health specialists, four dieticians.
What attention are you lacking?
Let's set up a meeting with President Ryu
before the board meeting.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, hey, it's Tae-ho!
What's going on here?
You pauper. How dare you touch me?
Hey, Tae-ho.
You're completely clueless, aren't you?
-Do you know him?
-No way.
How would he know
the only son of Jaeyul Hotel's owner?
Hey, scholarship kid.
Being schoolmates doesn't make us friends.
-You're laughing? Wow.
-He laughed.
A peasant daring to touch
a nobleman's shoulder
and laughing about it?
Poor Tae-ho. What if his shoulder rots?
No way! He actually came?
If Ri-an sees him,
he'll want to gut him at the very least.
He's seriously something else.
What happened that night?
Didn't Jae-i just stand there
when he kissed her?
Maybe they're an item.
No way. A lowly scholarship kid and Jae-i?
It's not possible.
Right, He-ra?
It's not totally impossible.
Scholarship or not,
all that matters is that Jae-i likes him.
I think it's admirable.
The courage to like someone
regardless of status or background.
What about you, He-ra?
Any guy's okay as long as you like him?
I'm different.
I'm not attracted to men
who are weaker and less affluent.
It's just in my DNA.
Hey. He's coming.
You're done if you get on their bad side.
What Chan-min said the other day is true.
The kid who died.
He got on Ri-an's bad side.
They said it was a hit-and-run.
But he ran into traffic
out of fear of being bullied.
Or someone hit him on purpose.
What did that kid do
to get on Ri-an's bad side?
It was because of Jae-i.
He dared to become friends with her.
-That's all?
-"That's all"?
Jae-i is Ri-an's girlfriend.
She's Kim Ri-an's only hot button
and Achilles heel.
That's what she is.
I have one question.
Why go to such extremes around me?
What kinds of extremes?
That kiss?
"Let's break up. Let's just be friends."
I've been perfectly clear
about my feelings.
Who I like and what I do with them
is none of your concern.
You like him?
That scholarship kid?
What could possibly be
the real reason
you're using a clueless kid
to break up with me?
The reason you're determined to hide.
I need to know, Jung Jae-i.
And on that note,
I wonder what I'll end up doing.
I'm willing to do whatever it takes,
regardless of means or method,
until I find out
what you're keeping from me
and you return to your rightful place.
I'll take care of him quietly.
Not quietly. Crush him thoroughly.
He needs to learn the consequences
of laying his hands on what's mine.
Don't you think we should be lying low?
It hasn't been long since that guy died.
I'll handle it and make sure he suffers.
From this point forward,
any asshole that acknowledges
the new scholarship student
or even speaks to him
will be considered his equal.
I shouldn't have to tell you
to take care of these things.
How much longer
do I need to explain every damn thing?
I'm ashamed to call myself a senior.
I was actually coming up with a plan
to take care of him.
Who makes those kinds of plans
in front of someone?
-You motherfucker.
Do you have a death wish?
Yun-seok just told you not to speak to me.
Didn't you hear him?
This crazy fucker
Chan-min, I'm not the one
you should be hitting.
-It should be Yun-seok.
-My fucking bones!
You son of a bitch!
The hell are you guys doing?
This is fucking bullshit
What is going on?
A senior?
What are you doing here?
Damn it. How fucking embarrassing.
I have a brief announcement to make.
This year's Healing Forest
will go ahead as planned.
Make sure to check the notice
in the group chat.
And notify me in advance
if you can't attend.
That's all.
Can we talk for a moment?
Just say it.
It doesn't matter.
You heard her.
I'm sorry about the other day.
If I startled or offended
Scholarship kid.
Kang Ha is my name.
Not "scholarship kid." Kang Ha.
Whatever your name is.
We just had fun at a party.
Don't overreact.
I hate people who are clingy.
Oh, can I give you some advice?
This is to repay you for the shirt,
so listen up.
Drop out of school.
"Drop out"?
Why should I drop out?
You provoked Ri-an, and it's the only way
you can stand up to him.
If that's what you mean,
I'll take care of it myself.
I liked it.
That it was you that day
and that you didn't push me away.
I liked it.
I'm all for it,
this passionate romance
that transcends status.
But why did you choose Jae-i that day?
There were so many other girls.
Because she's pretty.
She was the prettiest.
That day.
Out of the countless girls.
That's it?
You put your life on the line
simply because she was pretty?
I felt I had to do something.
I'm sorry.
Whatever it is.
I'm just sorry for it all.
How do I look? Cool, right?
It suits you very well.
Let's go. I'll give you a ride.
Shall we?
I got it all on camera.
What are you eating?
-Ice cream.
-There's only one spoon.
Open up.
Come closer so I can give it to you.
Give it to me. Seriously!
Hey, you!
Admit defeat?
You don't mess with people's food.
Pick one. Ice cream or me.
Ice cream.
Get over here.
I'll give it to you.
Open up. Wider.
Hey, come closer to take it.
Seriously? Hey!
Is it your fault or not?
-It's my fault.
-You admit it?
It's really my fault.
-Hold on.
-What for?
Are you seriously beating me up over food?
-Because you messed up.
-Is it ice cream or me?
-Of course it's
-Of course?
-Of course
-Of course?
-Ice cream.
-Are you about to cry?
Come over here. Hey!
You're a pure and loyal romantic.
That gets unattractive though.
I saw Jae-i outside the hotel.
Did you even hear what I said?
That's unattractive.
What's more, Jae-i's the type
to hate people who are clingy.
I suggest using a different method.
A different method?
Date someone else, Ri-an.
Since the age of 15 No.
After only having eyes for Jae-i since
the age of six, Ri-an's with someone else?
I wouldn't be able to stand it.
I'd go back to you or steal you back.
-So I should date someone else?
Or at least pretend to.
Jae-i still has feelings for you.
That's why she came here.
I'm saying you should stop chasing
and start strategizing.
It's your best chance.
In that case
you should
look into that.
Look into what, exactly?
The real reason Jae-i broke up with me.
That would be tricky.
I want you two to get back together,
but I'm Jae-i's best friend.
I can't be a spy, can I?
-It's been a while.
Just tell me already.
Tell you what?
I sense you have secrets you can't share.
That's a heavy burden to bear.
I'll share the load.
Just a second.
Guess I'm not the only one
with a secret I can't share.
Be right back.
If you keep ignoring me,
I'll consider sending this
to your father too.
Is this the email address
for Jaeyul Group's secretary's office?
I thought it was over.
You said you deleted it all.
Isn't that enough?
Are you
sure about this?
I'm sure.
I checked twice
no, three times, over and over.
Now what? What should I do now?
What do I do?
Let's look for a way.
A way to what?
It took so much to keep it under wraps.
-You have no idea what my dad is like.
If he finds out,
he'll hide me away like my mom
or just kill me.
Then I'd be better off dying
before it gets out.
Let's find a way.
I'll help you.
I'm so scared I'll end up like my mom.
I'm scared my dad might kill me.
What is that?
-You didn't
What? Hey!
-What the hell are you doing here?
-What are you doing here? Get out.
Come out for a second.
How about it, Jung Jae-i?
Are you interested in speaking to me now?
-Leaving already?
I'm tired. You should go too.
You almost had it.
So close, Dad.
Chairman Jung.
What is it?
What has surfaced?
Double-check the details and stand by.
What is the meaning of this, Jae-i?
No way would my daughter do that.
It can't be right.
You acted like your mother, knowing about
my disdain for her vulgarity?
There's no way.
I trust that my daughter would never do
anything of the sort.
Answer me.
Don't stand there like a speechless fool!
I said answer me!
I need to get going.
Something came up at work.
It must be bad news.
Something odd was posted
on the board members' forum.
I'll need to assess it.
We haven't gone hunting together
as a family in so long,
and I've ruined it.
Take your time coming down.
That's done. Now lemon zest
Director Jang was calling
at an early hour.
You sure the company is okay?
Of course, we're fine.
Have you heard from Jooshin?
We'll be working together soon.
Is it already that time again?
Yes, it certainly is!
The day that I get to make
my daughter's breakfast myself!
Come see me at the house later.
Why is she bossing me around again?
That's so damn funny.
They spiked my drink.
It had to have been drugs.
I almost died.
I'm serious.
Wait. In-han. Just calm down.
How would high schoolers have drugs?
You have no idea
what kind of place Jooshin is
what kind of people they are.
Did one of your parents
get wrongfully terminated from Jooshin?
Or a supplier that stopped getting work?
What the hell are you
for me to be so bothered by you?
They say that Kim Ri-an is the law
and at the heart of Jooshin.
Whether I reach that heart or destroy it,
I'm just trying my best to survive here.
or "destroy"?
I don't know what your true motive
is here, scholarship kid,
but go for it.
Whatever it is, if you can.
Violence. Bullying.
Kim Ri-an was behind it all.
Were the drugs his doing too?
It needs to happen at the Healing Forest
or we're dead.
But he didn't even flinch
when you punched him.
How will we drive him away?
We just have to break his will.
We'll either beat him to a pulp
or make him disappear
like that jerk Kang In-han.
No one would bat an eye
if another outcast died anyway.
Get off your phone
when your senior is talking.
I should just pummel these idiots.
My teacher asked me to give you this.
How is everything?
Are you getting along with everyone?
Who do you mean by that?
Ri-an, Jae-i, Woo-jin, He-ra.
I mean your friends, of course.
They're all fine.
Don't hang around with useless kids.
The friendships you make here
will last a lifetime.
They'll be helpful when you start working.
You know what I mean, don't you?
But, Mom
how did you cover it up?
In-han's death.
Not a single article was published.
I'm just curious.
I'm not sure what you're referring to.
You'll be late to class.
Please open it.
I saw Ri-an put drugs
into Yun-seok's locker.
It's against policy
to open student lockers.
It violates privacy.
If you don't open it for me,
I'll file a formal complaint.
File a complaint?
-About what?
-You saw me being attacked.
But you ignored it.
Kang Ha.
A school is a mini society.
At Jooshin,
we aid students by giving them
the freedom to resolve minor issues.
Aid us? With what?
"They're the sons of the companies
you'll end up working for anyway."
"You're a poor nobody who should know
his place and crawl before them."
Don't tell me that's the kind of aid
you're referring to.
-Kang Ha!
-I'll go to the press.
I'll tell them about being assaulted
and Jooshin's rules.
You scared me.
I'm hungry. Buy me some yogurt.
-Let's go. Sure.
Is this what you were talking about?
Please deal with this
in an official manner.
Find out what kinds of drugs they are,
who is dealing them to whom,
and who they were given to.
This is Xanax.
It's an antidepressant.
You may not know
since you went to a normal school,
but the kids here need it
because they're under so much pressure.
If you don't believe me,
take it to a hospital or police station.
But put it back before anyone finds out.
So you don't cause problems.
You know how to find out who's sending
anonymous DMs on Insta, don't you?
I'm not sure.
Why do you ask?
You said you know a good law firm, right?
Well, that I do know.
Eun-gyeong prosecuted
internet trolls through that firm.
I heard the head office
dislikes disclosing account details.
So anons are harder to trace.
I don't mind
if it's not a legitimate route.
Find someone
who can trace anonymous accounts.
How would I do that?
You have a wider social circle
than I do and
On the day of Woo-jin's birthday party,
a video was recorded.
A video?
Someone has it in their possession.
Who has it?
And how? What was recorded?
Was it anything bad?
Was there anything at that party
that was okay to be recorded and shared?
Was there a single thing?
Do whatever you need to do
to find someone.
Hey, what do you think of this?
It's nice.
Should I pick one more?
How long is this year's Healing Forest?
Isn't it one day?
Who was that guy?
The dead scholarship student.
Kang In-han?
Didn't he die
on the day of Woo-jin's party?
Yeah, it was that day.
This is Yoon He-ra. How have you been?
I need to look into something.
Now, students,
we will begin today's floating session.
Relax your body and lie back
Take a deep breath in.
Nice shot!
By the way, did he come?
The puppy.
I did see him.
I think
Kang Ha's in for a world of hurt tonight.
Oh, tonight?
I bet Chan-min and the others are
brewing something up to save themselves.
Think it'll be a spectacle?
Sounds like fun.
Want to bet on it?
My money's on his tenacity.
A million won on him lasting the night.
Me too. A million on him
making it to tomorrow.
Deal. One million on him
not making it through.
No backing out later, okay?
What about you, Tae-ho?
A million on him not lasting.
Okay! It's two million won if you lose.
-Hey, make it five.
-Five million won?
I'll raise you five to make it ten.
Think of it as a regular school retreat.
Use that room.
It'll be better
since it's separate from the main area.
You can choose your sessions
from the info desk.
If you can help it,
try to find the least popular ones.
Thanks, Class President.
I'm just doing my job.
Don't talk to me in public.
They call me Moss.
Because I'm barely noticed.
-That's so offensive
-I'm not offended.
I earned that nickname
by staying under the radar.
I don't want anyone
to ruin that for me.
I get it.
I put in the request for you.
About that anon account,
if it was someone at Woo-jin's party,
doesn't it mean it's someone we know?
They would know better
than to try that with us.
What do they want?
I don't actually know
exactly what they want.
Are they looking to make a buck
by threatening to go public?
But no one that stupid or desperate
for cash would've been there that night.
Forward me those DMs.
I'll get him on it.
I'll give them the account details myself.
So there is something.
You were also filmed
doing something you shouldn't have.
Want to go for brunch?
I haven't even eaten a thing,
but I think I'm getting indigestion.
-Is it just me?
-Maybe it's something contagious.
Because me too.
We haven't been together
like this in ages.
Are you going to be like this?
I'm leaving.
You want to be friends.
You have no reason
to be uncomfortable or avoid me.
You said you didn't know what you'd do.
That you'd do whatever it took,
regardless of the method.
Isn't that reason enough
for me to be uncomfortable?
Hey, Jae-i!
I'll walk you back.
Have you thought about what I said?
You mean me dating someone else?
Forget it. It won't work.
She won't fall for me
pretending to date someone else.
-Not Jae-i.
-She will.
If it's me.
I'll do it for you.
Why would you
put yourself out there like that?
You need someone
believable enough for Jae-i,
someone who will do just enough
to make her jealous, then back off.
I'm all you've got.
I wasn't going to tell you,
but despite her feelings for you,
Jae-i's falling for the scholarship kid.
I could tell by the look in her eyes.
If you let this go on,
you'll never win Jae-i back.
I thought I packed all the meds,
but I forgot the antacids.
I think three packs should do.
Kang Ha.
I'm asking you to go
so you don't have a run-in with anyone.
Thanks for your concern.
You may think I'm a coward,
but that's how it is here.
I'm just trying my best
to make something of it.
There's no need to explain.
All you find here are
cowardly adults and insane kids.
I don't even want to know why anymore.
Jesus, you scared me.
Are you okay?
Are you heading out?
Yeah. On an errand to the drugstore.
Let's go. I need to buy cigarettes.
What? Do you want to ride on the back?
Isn't that Jae-i?
It is her.
And the scholarship kid.
You holding on?
How refreshing.
Huh? What?
What was that?
Want to see the ocean? Should I stop?
No. It's okay. Keep going.
Want to put this on?
No. I'm fine.
I don't think it'll let up anytime soon.
How cute!
You're pretty.
You're pretty when you laugh.
I've never seen you laugh before.
I'm suddenly curious.
You're pretty, smart,
and rich enough to have whatever you want.
You have it all.
Why don't you smile?
That's how I was raised.
"Don't laugh or cry irresponsibly."
"Careless laughter becomes gossip."
"If you're seen crying just anywhere,
it'll later lead to your undoing."
Wait. You actually learn those things?
Yes, from the age of three.
The rich really learn all kinds of things.
What about you?
Why are you always smiling
when you get bullied for being poor?
I'm not poor.
I've never thought of myself
as being poor or miserable.
That is
until I came here.
The rain isn't stopping. Let's go.
Hey, Jae-i. Wait for me.
Oh, right. The bike.
Hey, Jae-i!
One second.
Put this on. You'll catch a cold.
Damn it.
When he comes, grab him by the arms first.
We'll either beat him up
or light a fire in here and lock him up.
We need to sort him out, no matter what.
Got it?
Head inside.
Come inside and dry it.
I have a steam closet.
It really is very nice here.
The suites are millions of won a night.
When will I ever get to stay
in one of those?
A few million is nothing.
Ri-an's and Jae-i's villas
are close to ten million won.
Wow. Must be nice
to be born with a silver spoon.
Too bad they weren't born
with manners too.
They all order their teachers around
like housekeepers.
-I'm not sure I'll last much longer.
-Isn't it worse for you, Ms. Han?
Your class has Ri-an,
He-ra, Jae-i, and even Woo-jin
I'd be too uncomfortable to work.
Those kids are actually fine.
It's the others that cause trouble.
Ms. Han? The principal is looking for you.
Thank you.
Excuse me, I
-Go on.
Why would Principal Park
be asking to see Ms. Han at this hour?
-Who knows. Just drink up.
Is something wrong?
My girlfriend isn't answering the phone.
I left my cell phone in my room to charge.
But did Principal Park
really ask to see me?
I opened a bottle of wine.
Let's go to my room.
Where the hell is he?
What's with this asshole?
Did he catch on and bolt?
Message the guys
and get them to find out where he is.
Where the hell are those two idiots?
How many fucking hours
have we been waiting here?
Take it off and change into this.
It's fine. It's not that wet.
I'll leave as soon as my shirt's dry.
Suit yourself.
Are Jae-i and Kang Ha close?
The new scholarship student.
Oh, the problematic scholarship kid?
Why do you ask?
If you're sleepy, go to bed.
No. I'm not sleepy.
I didn't hate it either.
That day, when you kissed me
I didn't hate it either.
Go together? Where?
Jae-i's villa.
I saw them walking in together.
Are you sure?
Yes. I saw them on the way in.
I think
I'll be right back.
Where are you, Principal Park?
You need to come over now
with the master key.
I'll help you.
What is going on?
What the hell are you doing?
These guys
are the worst.
Huh? I didn't know ghosts could talk.
Why did you bother coming to school?
You'll be expelled anyway.
A scholarship student with the audacity
to break into Jae-i's room?
Wow, I thought you were just a puppy,
but you're a total stalker.
How terrifying.
How much did we bet again?
-No idea.
-Five million? No, ten.
Where are you going?
To the disciplinary hearing?
I'll come with you.
Let's do it.
The thing.
What thing?
The relationship Yoon He-ra offered.
Let's do it.
During this year's
Healing Forest field trip,
you were accused of
breaking into Miss Jung Jae-i's room.
Do you acknowledge this?
Answer the question.
Further questioning is unnecessary.
I witnessed it myself.
At least try to explain
how it happened, Kang Ha.
If I tried to
would you believe me?
At Jooshin,
we adhere to school rules more strictly
than any other school in Korea.
We have no intention of granting leniency
to a student who shows no remorse.
In accordance with Article 12,
for dishonoring the school
and committing indecency,
we intend to enforce
the expulsion of Kang Ha.
He didn't break in.
I invited him over.
Miss Jae-i.
I asked him to bring something I needed,
and he just stopped by.
So if you have to punish someone,
punish me.
Get up.
Wait, you
He broke school rules.
I'm going to request strict punishment
to restore school order.
What are you doing, Jae-i?
I asked you what you are doing.
Leave Kang Ha alone.
I'm not exaggerating.
And I wasn't using him either.
I like him.
So don't lay a hand on him.
Stop right there.
This is Jooshin, Jung Jae-i.
Don't bite off more than you can chew.
Jooshin or not
I'm Jung Jae-i, Kim Ri-an.
Why did you do that?
I could've dealt with it.
Now people will talk about you
because of me.
Kang Ha.
Why'd you really come here?
So you've figured out
who I am.
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