Hierarchy (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Why did you do that?
I could've dealt with it.
Now people will talk about you
because of me.
Kang Ha.
Why'd you really come here?
So you've figured out who I am.
I came to Jooshin with a goal.
That's right. I'm here to take your place.
Top of the grade until graduation.
If I keep that up,
Jooshin will pay for me to study abroad,
and I'll be given priority
when applying to their overseas branches.
You were always at the top of the grade.
No scholarship student
has ever reaped those benefits.
I want to be the first.
Just you wait.
I won't make it easy for you.
They might just be grades to you,
but this is the opportunity of a lifetime
for me.
Why go to such extremes around me?
That kiss?
"Let's break up. Let's be friends."
I've been perfectly clear
about my feelings.
Who I like and what I do with them
is none of your concern.
Why'd you really come here?
So you've figured out who I am.
Kang In-han.
Kang Ha.
Wanna go together?
If we're going to do this, I thought
we may as well put on a proper show.
We could go to school together
and make it look like we're official.
You don't agree?
-If you don't
-Come down when I call.
I'll be back.
Oh? Jae-i?
What are you doing?
Don't just stand there. Get in already.
Stop staring at it. It won't fall off.
I'm not worried about that.
What is it, then?
It's cute.
This car with my bike on the back.
How tacky. Why do you wear that bracelet?
This? It's a friendship bracelet
with the Seonyul members.
-The music group.
That day we first met,
I was playing piano at your house.
I'm in a group
with the musicians who were there.
So everyone in that group
has the same bracelet?
But is it tacky?
I think it looks nice.
-It's Jae-i.
-What the
Who does he think he is?
Look at his bag.
Let's hurry. You'll be late for class.
-What the
Stop taking photos. If Ri-an finds out
-Look at their hands!
-That's real?
-That's crazy!
Big news.
Jae-i and Kang Ha are holding hands.
-Are they dating?
-No way.
What's going on?
What's with them?
-They came to school like that?
-Hold up.
-Get a picture.
-Are they actually dating?
What is it?
Is there a problem?
Why would there be?
I've never seen Jae-i holding hands
with a boy other than Ri-an.
What do you think
the deal is with that kid, Kang Ha?
Don't you have class, Ms. Han?
No holds barred now, is it?
Did you see the photos?
Are those two serious?
Hey, don't make such a big deal out of it.
Everyone's talking about it.
The least we can do
is quietly congratulate Jae-i.
-And support her.
So it's true? It must be.
What about the Jooshin tyrant?
What about Ri-an? Are they really done?
We have to assume so.
Otherwise, she wouldn't be seeing
someone else.
And, you never know,
Ri-an might also have someone new.
What is this?
They're for you.
Help yourselves.
I'm off.
I have a special class this morning.
I feel sorry for Kim Seon-u.
He-ra pays him no attention,
yet he comes by every chance he gets.
I know, right?
Isn't that when it started?
-After they had sex at Woo-jin's party.
Quiet. Someone might hear you.
Who cares? Everyone knows already.
Still, don't go around gossiping about it.
Don't want He-ra catching you.
You'd be dead meat.
Why would I?
Good morning, friends.
Why are you in Jae-i's seat?
I'm being considerate.
Would you be able to focus
sitting next to Jae-i on a day like today?
What is that?
Oh, well
Our seat.
I'll be in this class with Jae-i
from now on.
I hope we get along.
What? Do you even know what this class is?
This is a special class
for the four of us.
It's not a class for just anyone.
"Just anyone"?
His class fees and schedule are settled.
But if you're against it,
I'll make a class for me and Kang Ha.
Aren't you going to start class?
Are you just going to ignore them?
She's even bringing him into our classes.
We should do something.
You should fight back
and tell Jae-i we're dating too.
You have to provoke her if you
Hey, Kim Ri-an!
Don't overdo it, Yoon He-ra.
Why is he taking out his annoyance on me?
Oh my God. It's Kang Ha!
-Hi, Kang Ha.
Is that him?
That's him.
It's Kang Ha.
-That's Kang Ha?
Kang Ha.
Can I have a word?
Spit it out. What do you want?
Hey, I'm sorry.
I didn't do it on purpose.
What are you doing?
You already have an idea
of my position here.
All the things
I had no choice but to do to you,
I want to apologize for them. I'm sorry.
Because of Jae-i?
I'm still a scholarship student,
just like I was back then.
This is just ridiculous, Chan-min.
My dad works for the Jaeyul Group.
Just hit me.
Just beat me to a pulp.
I'll lie here like
Just like this.
Stamp on me to your heart's content.
Here, hit me.
What's wrong?
A club? Do you need a club?
I'll find one.
Here, take this.
Take it and beat me until it breaks.
But please don't say
anything bad about me to Jae-i.
I guess no one around here has a spine.
If you did, you wouldn't have taken
the lead on bullying someone
just because Kim Ri-an's posse
said a few words.
Don't you think?
Fuck. This is turning into a headache.
Does that mean Jae-i
and Ri-an have totally called it quits?
It seems Jae-i has decided to.
But Ri-an hasn't.
Who would've thought?
Why's that scholarship kid
getting involved with Jae-i?
My guess is that Jae-i is doing it
on purpose.
I doubt it'll last long.
I'm worried.
The students seem unsettled.
We don't want
another tragedy on our hands.
What are you doing? What if someone sees?
If they see, they see.
It'll be fine.
Don't worry so much, Ms. Han Ji-su.
I'm off.
That's mine.
We killed it.
Pass the ball.
It's getting on my nerves.
She looks at me like nothing happened.
It had to have been you.
You left that note
in my locker, didn't you?
What's your secret?
-How did you befriend Jae-i?
You're a ray of hope
for us scholarship students.
I'm floored you're dating Queen Jae-i.
What's your secret?
Can I have your number?
Okay, focus!
Let's go, Jooshin!
Let's go!
Let's go, Choi Yun-seok!
Blue 15!
I blocked them. It was me!
You were awesome.
-Kim Ri-an!
-You're the best, Ri-an!
Kim Ri-an!
-Kim Ri-an!
You're amazing, Kim Ri-an!
What's going on?
What the hell?
Where's Jae-i?
Wow, you really killed it.
That was the most incredible
touchdown celebration ever.
I know, right? What a man.
The Jooshin tyrant is so romantic.
My heart couldn't take it.
He-ra, you said
Ri-an might be seeing someone new.
So that means
it's you.
Well, I'd be lying if I said
there was no indication whatsoever.
I had an inkling.
And you didn't say a word to us.
I'm disappointed, Queen He-ra.
"Queen He-ra"?
You've ascended to queen status.
You're Ri-an's new girlfriend.
He kissed you in public.
Oh, stop.
No way. It's Kim Seon-u again.
Get on. We need to talk.
You two, go on ahead.
Do you think Seon-u rushed over in shock?
-Because Ri-an kissed He-ra?
Where are they going anyway?
She'll be okay, right?
Have you ever been on a motorcycle?
"Get on"? "We need to talk"?
How dare you be so rude?
He-ra, do you like Ri-an? What about me?
Why are you curious about that?
I'm warning you, Seon-u.
Don't cross the line.
Why did you sleep with me
if you don't even like me?
The girls were curious.
The cute incoming freshman.
Fit and fresh meat.
They were wondering how you'd be in bed,
so I took one for the team.
Satisfied now?
How could you say that?
I really like you.
Why do you like me?
Because you slept with me?
If that's why,
you're being way too selfish.
I didn't exactly have
a good time that night.
You're such a bitch!
You're a good judge of character.
Now stop bothering me.
I'm gonna tell Ri-an we slept together!
Be my guest.
Just stay out of my way.
Are you all right?
Having issues with your GPS signal?
You're late. I left school ages ago.
Just leave him.
She is waiting for you.
There isn't anything
particularly concerning.
With regard to Ri-an,
each dedicated staff member
is carefully overseeing
even the smallest details.
I think it's time
we have a parents' night.
Will you be in attendance?
Maybe it's a delayed phase of adolescence.
Recently, Ri-an said that he's still
at an age where he needs parental care.
He has so many staff,
I'm not sure what he's complaining about.
But if he wants attention, he'll get it.
It is, after all, a parent's duty
to provide everything their child wants.
You are incredible.
Despite your busy schedule, you care
for your child's emotional well-being.
I truly admire you.
Ensure the staff
of affiliated companies are present.
While I'm there,
we can handle any minor business matters.
I'll arrange everything as instructed.
I'm here.
Hey, Tae-ho.
How have you been?
Haven't seen you like this
in a while.
Let's get going. Okay?
We can talk while we eat.
You pauper. How dare you touch me?
Hey, Tae-ho.
Jaeyul Hotel's owner's only son.
That's what I'm known as.
No one there knows my real background.
That's why I avoided
both In-han
and you.
I get your position.
At least you still tried to help.
I know you gave my brother the same note.
Why Jooshin?
And what's up with you and Jae-i?
Don't do anything dangerous.
I don't know what Jae-i is trying to pull,
but she and Ri-an go way back.
I know.
That's why I want to be by Jae-i's side.
So you're provoking him on purpose.
Kim Ri-an, I mean.
In-han called me.
Something definitely happened to him.
But not even the police could figure out
what it was or who did it.
Filed as a hit-and-run.
What do you intend to do
when even the police can't figure it out?
I'll collect evidence.
Alcohol, drugs, bullying
The kids who hurt In-han,
Kim Ri-an included,
I'll expose everything
they've been doing at Jooshin.
So, Tae-ho,
I need your help.
What can I do to help?
I need Ri-an's locker combination.
The combination?
Yun-seok is Ri-an's drug supplier.
There has to be proof in his locker.
I can't exactly get close to them,
but you can.
That's true.
You're right. But I'm
a little scared.
Please help me with this,
Out with it.
Aren't you here to talk?
What are you playing at
by bringing He-ra into this too?
I thought we were at a place
where I didn't need to explain
what I was planning and with whom anymore.
Kim Ri-an.
Did you get home okay?
I just wanted to chat.
Are you free right now?
Come over.
We can talk here.
Ri-an's house? At this time?
Well, I just called for a little chat,
and he asked me to come over.
That's crazy.
Hey, don't you think
you're moving too fast?
Do I look okay?
I think I'm bloated because it's late.
You're gorgeous. A total goddess.
So pretty.
-You think so?
Meongnyang, isn't He-ra gorgeous?
He-ra is gorgeous.
Good boy.
-You're so smart.
-I'll call you later.
You got here fast.
Hi, Jae-i.
Ri-an invited me over out of the blue,
and I needed to talk to him anyway.
I plan to give him an earful about today.
I know your relationship is on the rocks,
but that was out of line.
And you and I are best friends.
Don't worry.
I'll give him a good talking-to.
Don't play along
with Ri-an's little games.
"Little games"?
It's been a while.
The lobby is nicer than I remember.
I'll show you inside.
Are you going to kill him too?
Are you sure about this?
I'm sure.
I checked twice
No, three times, over and over.
If he finds out,
he'll hide me away like my mom.
These aren't just empty threats.
I have everything.
and also that.
What do you want from me?
Dad's looking for you.
Have you decided on a dress?
To wear to parents' night?
Chairman Park of the Gongseong Group
will be there.
Their second child attends Jooshin.
I heard they're in their first year.
Chairman Park's oldest son
lives in New York.
We've been discussing it for ages.
It's time our households
got to know each other.
We'll say hi that night
and arrange a formal gathering
in the near future.
I'm not ready
This has been in the works
since the moment
we found out you were a girl.
This isn't just about you.
It will affect the overall direction
of the Jaeyul Group's business dealings.
I understand what you're saying.
I do, but
Their scale and business potential
align well with ours.
They're flawless as partners.
Make adequate preparations,
so nothing gets in the way
of what you must do
and where you must go.
Be especially careful
of gossip surrounding your personal life.
Don't do anything
worth being talked about.
We can't have that.
Why are you here?
I was waiting for you.
Let's take my ride today.
The breeze is so nice. Don't you think?
This is like the Healing Forest.
When we rode that bike.
Let's stop and eat.
-Thank you.
-Hope you enjoy.
You'll be shocked if you've never had it.
It's so good.
Don't like me.
I don't like you,
so you shouldn't like me either.
The time I spend with you
is only out of goodwill.
An act of goodwill to prevent anyone else
from getting hurt because of me.
Everyone who got on Ri-an's bad side
eventually left.
If I leave you alone, you'll end up
just like them.
That's the only reason I'm helping you.
So just stay committed
to the role you're playing.
Don't distort or misinterpret
my act of goodwill.
I won't misinterpret or distort anything.
am I allowed to worry about you?
You? Worry about me?
Yes, you worry me.
You seem on edge.
You seem that way even now.
Your expression is cold and indifferent.
But your eyes tell me
you're lonely and afraid.
How's that for role commitment?
Right now, I'm playing the role
of Jung Jae-i's boyfriend.
Caring about my girlfriend's mood
is all part of being a good boyfriend.
Right? Don't you think?
-Good morning, He-ra.
-Hi, He-ra.
Hi, He-ra.
Hi, Jae-i.
I actually meant to call you.
That thing I asked about. How'd it go?
What? What thing?
The anonymous account.
Oh, I've found someone to trace it.
They said it's difficult
to identify the user,
so I told them to track
where the messages are being sent from.
Tell me.
-I get it.
Now, tell me why
you've been meaning to call.
I'm so sorry, Jae-i.
Sorry? For what?
I'm your best friend.
I can't be doing this.
I tried convincing him and getting angry.
I tried everything I could.
But Ri-an is so stubborn.
He's taking the breakup really hard.
I just can't bear to reject him.
I'm worried what he'll do if I reject him.
I know it will hurt you
It won't hurt me, He-ra.
you can't.
What do you mean?
We may be broken up, but you and my ex?
That just won't do.
You're not a suitable match
for my ex-boyfriend anyway.
Don't you remember what I said?
About not playing along
with Ri-an's little games.
I hope you've gotten
the message this time.
Get the account issue resolved
as soon as possible and let me know.
I'm "not a suitable match"?
Shouldn't you be attending
your school event,
not playing music at it?
It doesn't apply to scholarship students.
It doesn't apply?
Well, they told us not to come.
We get special treatment.
All those rich kids are coming,
but they told you not to come?
What school does that?
I think it's good.
I won't feel out of place,
and I can make money.
Your tie's crooked.
In-han was always
so meticulous and well-groomed.
Come on, man.
This is all In-han's doing anyway.
He always did it for me.
Does it look okay?
There we go. Good!
This is a Valentino dress.
It's a minimalist red dress
with a standout zipper.
This one's
from the latest Prada collection.
Its simple and classic design
would flatter Miss Jae-i's figure
This one, Jae-i.
I think these would suit you well.
I approve.
Your expression is cold and indifferent.
But your eyes tell me
you're lonely and afraid.
I trust that
all preparations are in order?
Is my daughter seeing someone new?
Who did you get so dressed up for?
Have a look around.
And guess who my secret boyfriend is.
I'll have to keep my eyes peeled
to find out who he is.
Is Jae-i's father coming tonight?
I assume so. Ri-an's mother is coming too.
And you're Jae-i's closest friend
at Jooshin, aren't you?
Well, you could say that.
Do you think your dad
could take advantage
of that connection tonight?
What do you mean by that?
The deal my company
was working on with Jooshin
didn't work out.
You said that was important.
Which is why I'm considering
sounding out Jaeyul Group.
Chairman Jung rarely interacts with people
who aren't on his level.
But since he'll be there tonight,
don't you think you and Jae-i
could casually arrange an introduction?
I'll talk to Jae-i about it.
Oh, I'm here for a gig.
With my music group.
Jae-i, you look so beautiful tonight.
Wait, there's
You have a stray hair.
What's your reason?
I have my reason for keeping you around.
What's yours?
"You're pretty. You worry me.
You seem on edge."
Why say those things
when no one is around?
There isn't one. There's no reason.
Just because.
I say those things
because you are pretty, and I do worry.
Whenever I see you smile, I think,
"What's behind that smile?"
"What is he hiding?"
Why do I always think that?
Welcome, Ms. An.
-Hello, Ms. An.
Guess you're not busy.
You never attend events.
I'm here to show my son
the parental love and attention
he said he needed.
Hello, Ms. An.
-Welcome, Ms. An.
-Good evening.
Do you see it?
The immense care and love
I'm showering you with.
Those people standing before you,
those countless affiliates.
No other parent in the world
can hand down this social status,
but I will give it all to you, Ri-an.
In the future,
Jooshin will not only lead the way
in practicing noblesse oblige.
I have no doubt we will produce
the best talents equipped with
both character and intellect.
Good evening.
Hello, Mr. Jung.
Good evening, Mr. Jung.
Now, then.
Let's raise our glasses.
To Jooshin and our children.
Ri-an's mom's Bulgari necklace
is probably worth over 100 million won.
Wow, 100 million?
How much are her earrings
and necklace worth altogether?
They're on another level.
See Yun-seok's mom's Van Cleef?
You can't even buy that anymore.
Are you two going to
just stand here eating and chatting?
Don't you have anyone to greet?
They all look busy.
Haven't I always said you need to make
the right connections from a young age?
Who are you talking about?
-Why are you so clueless?
-No, it's embarrassing.
Can I have a word?
-I'll be right back.
Have you spoken to Jae-i?
Not yet.
I'll ask her.
My dad wants to introduce himself
to your father.
He has something to discuss too.
It's been a while, Jae-i.
I heard Chairman Jung was here,
so I was hoping to meet him.
You and my He-ra are such close friends,
but we've never properly met.
He's busy.
I'll tell him you said hello.
It's not a difficult favor.
No, it's not.
I just don't feel like it.
I have no interest
in doing you any favors.
Your dress.
It's pretty.
So pretty that I want to stop fighting
with the Jae-i of today.
We're not fighting, Ri-an.
We broke up.
I have nothing but admiration
for Jooshin's passion
for the education business.
Our children's future
is the country's future.
We can't just chase after growth.
I believe corporations have a duty
to help build a harmonious society.
I admire you too.
There are so many far-fetched rumors
surrounding Jooshin and Jaeyul Group.
But you happily sent Miss Jae-i our way,
for which I'm grateful.
And thank you
for accepting her with open arms.
Apologies for my tardiness.
-It's been a while.
-Yes, it has, Chairman Park.
-You're as beautiful as ever.
Thank you.
-I trust you're well.
-Yes. And you?
I haven't seen you all in ages.
Over here, Jae-i.
Introduce yourself.
Nice to meet you.
-I'm Jung Jae-i.
-Nice to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.
Seeing such a good-looking
young man and woman together
has me thinking.
If the two families became one,
it would be the union
of Jooshin and Jaeyul.
Could you imagine a bigger powerhouse?
Is that so?
It would affect our kids' futures.
We couldn't only consider
the effect of the union.
But wouldn't it make a great story?
"Two competing corporations become one
through their children."
A great story, indeed.
But great stories
are not usually created so easily.
That's why they're a rarity.
I've heard a few things
about that rarity of a story.
I heard Mr. Ri-an and Miss Jae-i
are in a relationship.
That can't be true.
It's likely just gossip
due to two high-profile kids
attending the same school.
Right, Mr. Ri-an?
It's preposterous gossip.
Above all else, we intend to match our son
with a family who share
similar values to Jooshin.
Jooshin contributes to society
and upholds its traditions.
The Jaeyul Group prioritizes
commercial viability.
So in that respect, we are very different.
Our long-term goals are quite different.
If you consider growth potential,
there would be no reason
for the Jaeyul Group to enter
into a union with a stagnating Jooshin.
I've brought up an unnecessary topic
and seem to have made a faux pas.
Please, excuse me.
Of course. See you soon.
Ri-an will never let go of Jae-i.
He doesn't get bored of girls like I do.
And unlike you,
he can differentiate between feelings
of love and greed.
You're playing with fire.
I worry because I know you so well.
Do you still like me?
Hey, what are you
If not, just stay out of my business.
It's been a long time.
Remember me?
Of course. How have you been?
He's been wanting
to introduce himself to you,
but he's being very shy.
Introduce himself?
I am Jae-i's friend, after all,
so it's only right I help out.
Right, Jae-i?
Yoon He-ra.
This is Jae-i's boyfriend.
This guy is living proof
of the noblesse oblige
Jooshin is always emphasizing.
Jooshin's pride, a scholarship student.
Go on.
Say hello, Kang Ha.
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