Hierarchy (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Everyone is crazy!
I will expose it all.
I'll expose everything
that happened at this crazy school.
Where's the security guard?
I told him I left something.
Should buy us ten minutes or so.
-So what exactly are you looking for?
Yun-seok gave Ri-an drugs.
He put them in his locker.
Ms. Han said it was an antidepressant.
But there was more.
I've heard about them
dealing things like that.
Things like edibles and GHB.
Take a look.
Find anything?
What is it?
Is there something in the pictures?
I'm just in awe.
I've never seen her smile like that.
That's cold!
Okay, let's go. All right?
It's pretty.
So are you.
I'm so happy right now.
Being Jung Jae-i of the Jaeyul Group means
I'm always thinking about how I should act
and what I should be doing.
It's ingrained in my mind.
When I'm with you,
I don't think about that.
I know the feeling.
That feeling of forgetting
that I'm the heir to Jooshin
and even my identity as Kim Ri-an.
I get that feeling when I'm with you.
I like you.
So much so that I wonder
if it's possible to like anyone this much.
On your way home, I see.
I just arrived, so I'm still on the plane.
My son, I'm curious
how you felt about yesterday.
How I felt about what?
The things that will be yours,
the people who will answer to you.
After seeing them all on display,
has it sunk in?
Do you see how much love
I've prepared for you to inherit?
Of course, it's not
the easiest kind of love to handle.
The reputation Jooshin has maintained,
the futures of those under you
and their families.
All of that will be your responsibility.
I guess you could call it
an elaborate and heavy crown.
So, Ri-an, protect your right
to that position.
Uphold your social and moral standing.
Don't get caught up in vulgar scandals.
I want you to always
be cognizant of how important you are.
See you later, my heir.
Your classes are ready.
Please get changed and come back down.
Let's take a break first.
Prof. Cho is here
to teach strategic management
and Prof. Son
for international business theory.
Both are essential for successors
of the top ten companies in the industry,
and the professors were carefully chosen.
Your day starts at 5 a.m. tomorrow,
so rescheduling is not an option.
I'm only 18.
I'm still in high school.
From dawn until dawn the next day, I
Don't you think I deserve
some breathing room after school?
I understand that you're tired.
Hey, Woo-jin.
Your mom is so clueless.
If I'm going to run for president,
I need to impress Jooshin's heir.
This seaweed soup isn't going to cut it.
I made it because Ri-an asked for it.
Ri-an likes seaweed soup.
I'm sure we'll enjoy it.
And that's our cue to leave.
Your mom isn't that clueless.
-Enjoy your meal, Ri-an.
-Thank you. I will.
It's just seaweed soup,
so why doesn't it taste like this at home?
You have all the best chefs on staff.
They can reproduce any taste.
Not every taste.
Like the taste of warmth.
The taste that's in the food
normal families eat.
Our food doesn't have that.
Come by often, then.
For my parents.
They would love that.
Nothing beats friendship.
I should come here from now on.
I had a random thought.
Being together was so natural
for Jae-i and me.
The times and spaces we shared
are where we felt warmth,
comfort, and security.
So lately,
I've been feeling anxious and empty,
like I've lost something.
But, seriously, is Jae-i okay?
That timid bundle of nerves?
There's no way.
Are you okay?
Let's eat.
Right before you pull the trigger,
the target is also aware
that a bullet will soon
pass through their body.
It's a matter of what comes first.
Either they're slow to react and die,
or they're swift enough to escape death.
That look in that very moment,
the look they have
right before their death or escape,
I find it so exhilarating and profound.
Me too, Dad.
When I hit a running target,
I get this rush of adrenaline.
That's why I enjoy hunting.
You, Jae-i?
I just think
"Poor thing."
"How heartbreaking."
Something along those lines?
About that scholarship student
is what you feel for him
like the pity and compassion you feel
for the animals being chased
around the hunting grounds?
If not, I can't comprehend it.
A scholarship student.
I guess
it's like mother, like daughter.
Is it something
trashy bitches have in common?
Yes, Dad?
How dare you run
that mouth of yours, you brat.
That isn't something
for you to babble about.
Is it now?
Get out.
Yes, sir.
I felt sorry for him.
Like you said,
it was just compassion
for a poor scholarship student.
I guess the truth got distorted.
Didn't you learn your lesson
about the consequences
of that trivial sympathy you show?
Wasn't the incident
with the other kid enough?
I'm sorry.
You've been there long enough.
The rumors about Jooshin and Jaeyul
being enemies have sufficiently died down.
Start making preparations
to move to New York.
How annoying.
Because of my dear sister,
I got slapped again.
Perhaps it's because
you run your mouth without thinking.
And don't call me your "dear" sister.
It gives me the creeps.
The creeps?
Seriously? God.
You're pretty confident, aren't you?
Don't forget,
dear sister
the cards I have in my hand.
And what you agreed to.
Let's go together.
What should we eat?
Trust Yoon He-ra
to have solid survival tactics.
"Survival tactics"?
If she had to go up against Jae-i alone,
we'd be saying goodbye to her
at her funeral.
She's sticking to Ri-an
and using him as a shield.
I see.
I asked to see you to apologize.
That night,
I thought my dad might have flustered you.
This is Jae-i's boyfriend.
Hello. My name is Kang Ha.
What makes you think
you can open your mouth here?
If that's what you mean,
it had zero effect on me.
I've built up an immunity
from all the crap I've gotten here.
Anyway, thanks.
I've been wronged by a lot of people,
but the number of people
who have apologized
You're the first at Jooshin.
Avoid them.
If anyone at school wrongs you
or bullies you,
just avoid them.
Do you still like Ri-an?
If you do,
why are you running away from him?
Is there some reason you have to?
Like a specific reason
you can't be with him.
I thought I already told you
to not
cross the line.
I want to see you smiling too.
So how about we start going out for real?
Instead of Ri-an,
I'll be by your side.
So you're not anxious or lonely.
I'll make you smile, Jae-i.
Stop being so anxious.
I'll help you.
I'll be by your side, Jae-i.
They're oddly
Real or fake, it means nothing to me.
What do you mean?
You wouldn't understand.
-Because I'm a scholarship student?
I don't think we're different.
what I think or how I feel doesn't matter
in the world I live in.
Or rather,
in the world I have to survive in.
Until I can stand on my own two feet.
Like I said, you wouldn't understand.
I'm going to pretend
I didn't hear you earlier.
How do we look?
Do we look good together?
I'll pretend I never saw you two.
Oh, Mr. Ri-an?
Your mother honored
our school event with her presence,
but I didn't properly thank her.
Would you tell her
how truly thankful I am that she came?
Tell her yourself.
You usually do.
Of course.
Who's the one in charge here?
The one with power.
and job title mean nothing.
Power has equaled superiority
for a long time now.
Don't tell me you didn't know.
Ms. Han Ji-su.
Okay. Come to the lounge.
Don't skip lunch.
I'm eating with my friends.
You don't love me.
Do you?
But jealous of whom?
Or love?
Which is it, Teach?
Who is it?
Who's the woman in Lee Woo-jin's heart?
See you at the studio.
-Hi, Ms. Han.
Did you see her bag?
Did you see it?
Shouldn't we apologize
when we bump into each other?
"Teachers and students are expected
to show mutual respect."
It's in the school regulations.
Is respect
really necessary?
Are you perhaps in need
of counseling or help?
I don't remember you
being this touchy in the past.
And you've been hanging out
with that scholarship student, Kang Ha.
Jae-i, you seem incredibly anxious
and reckless these days.
If you ever need my help,
seek me out anytime.
We've all overcome a major ordeal.
And we can't let
a tragedy like that ever happen again.
An Hermès Birkin bag.
You seem more anxious
and reckless than I am, Ms. Han.
Ju-won, what are you doing here
at this time of day?
I left my home key card at
You don't need that.
The passcode will unlock the door too.
Oh, right.
I'm late for study hall. I'll get going.
To express the average rate of change
as a numerical value,
the increase in X
can be expressed as B minus A,
and you get the value of delta X.
I'll take it from here.
Tae-ho, you said you lived in the States
before you came to Jooshin, right?
So you had no friends in Korea.
Pretty much.
Not the US or the UK?
Everyone is going to the US or the UK.
I want to go somewhere quiet.
Somewhere without any Jooshin kids, then.
Not necessarily.
You're different from the others.
I am?
Your family owns the Jaeyul Hotel,
yet you interact with me.
And you're friends
with Kang Ha too.
Says who?
Who says I'm friends with that lowly shit?
I saw you and Kang Ha at the burger joint.
What are you saying
Don't worry.
You know I'm discreet.
I won't spread rumors.
Speaking of Kang Ha
don't you think
he looks like that dead kid, In-han?
Hey, are you insane? You fucking idiot.
Who do you think you are,
hanging with Jae-i?
Answer me.
What's this asshole's name again?
-Kang In-han?
-"Kang In-han"? Are you a tough guy?
You son of a bitch.
You crazy asshole.
You bastard!
You scholarship students always seem
to like these unsightly places.
Shouldn't you be thanking me?
Thanking you?
Only the most accomplished elites
get to meet Jae-i's dad.
And thanks to me,
you introduced yourself
to someone of that caliber.
You only did that
to put Jae-i on the spot.
Not only are you unapologetic,
you want me to thank you?
You should be apologizing.
You're the one who put Jae-i on the spot.
By hanging around her.
Want to hear an interesting story?
There was a kid here before
who was just like you.
He was close with Jae-i too.
Do you know what happened to him?
You've heard, right?
That kid who died because of Ri-an?
Ri-an is the heir to the Jooshin Group.
Why would he bother with a kid like that?
If you really want to blame someone,
I'd actually say
you should be blaming Jae-i.
Blaming Jae-i?
Whether Jae-i showed him sympathy or pity,
he shouldn't have accepted it.
If he hadn't, that tragic accident
may never have happened.
Jae-i killed that scholarship student.
This isn't someone else's story, puppy.
You think you're any different?
Every time a scholarship student has come,
it's always caused issues.
But whether it ends in ruin or misfortune,
it never reaches us.
It only affects the likes of you.
Why are you telling me this?
Out of concern?
Let's call it concern.
We don't want a repeat of that tragedy.
Let's get a rebound.
You've got this, Woo-jin!
I seriously need to go shopping today.
-I got my personal color analysis.
-What is it?
-Cool winter?
-I need to get all new makeup.
-Smell this.
Nice, right?
We have a time limit now?
You're being exiled to New York?
I wanted to have some more fun.
Guess we won't have time for that anymore.
What's wrong? What's going on?
Jung Jae-i!
Leave her alone.
I think this is all because of you.
Because of me?
She's always had a lot of anxiety.
But now he knows
there's a scholarship student
in Jae-i's vicinity.
Her father knows.
Think about the pressure she's under
and the kind of anxiety that would cause.
You have no clue about what we endure.
Of course.
There's no way you would.
I'm so sick of you scholarship bastards.
I guess this would be the gaze
that met my brother too.
You know what?
It always goes beyond harm
and becomes a threat.
It's always your kind
that ruins Jae-i.
Don't touch things like this.
-We'll deal with it.
-He's right.
Leave it.
Let go.
Where the hell are you going?
Get over here.
You guys are terrifying.
Will I find myself in hot water too?
You know,
like that scholarship student you killed.
What's wrong?
Is it taboo to talk about it here,
especially in front of Ri-an?
Kang Ha.
Who are you?
Parade, riposte. Touche.
Attaque, touche, point.
Prêts. Allez.
Attaque, touche, point.
Can you check
the scholarship kid's background?
Why, all of a sudden?
From the moment he got to Jooshin,
he talked about being scared of me
and getting on my good side.
But every chance he got, he attacked me.
Like he had nothing to fear.
That sounds about right.
When a person stops being afraid,
there's always a valid explanation.
I'm suddenly curious why that is.
I know you want an apology.
But I won't do that.
I have no interest
in a meaningless apology anyway.
Any updates to report?
You called me to check
on the errand you assigned me?
They're inside the school.
The person who sent the anonymous DMs.
They were sent from Jooshin.
Are we done now?
This is the last favor
I'm doing as your friend.
From now on,
I'm not your friend.
You never thought of me as one anyway.
We're past the point of no return.
We can't keep hanging out
and pretending everything is fine.
So what?
Since we're not friends,
I'll come out and say it.
I like Ri-an.
I really didn't want to say this
because it's cliché and juvenile,
but I was first.
I liked Ri-an first.
It started in kindergarten.
I let you have him since we were besties,
and that brought us this far.
I'm going to
make him mine.
Okay, then.
I guess it's better
than me having him.
What's wrong?
Did you think I'd get mad
and slap you or something?
I'm so angry
I could think of far worse things to do.
But you just said we're not even friends.
We have no reason to be angry
or the right to fight.
Jae-i, let's count to three
and jump in together.
Okay, He-ra.
-One, two, three.
-One, two, three.
I'm going to take a video of you doing it.
It's rolling.
-We didn't take a picture of this.
-Look here.
What's wrong with me?
Why am I crying?
He-ra is graduating next year.
Is there nothing we can do?
I can send her abroad to study
with your younger son.
You know he was interested
in He-ra, right?
My company is about to go under.
I know you can get us connected
with Jooshin!
It's about survival now, He-ra.
Get your head on straight.
You'll be with him
all the time in New York.
Have you met Chairman Park's son yet?
No. I've only heard about him.
I've never met him before.
On the surface,
this dinner is about you two meeting.
But Chairman Park and I need to discuss
Jaeyul Group's electric car issues.
Think of it as your own work.
Read the room and act appropriately.
I want to confirm something.
Can you get
the scholarship kid's student records?
All right.
I'll get them.
Nothing noteworthy.
Right. I can see that.
Why can't I shake
this sinking feeling, then?
He's just a scholarship student.
Why do you care so much?
My thoughts exactly.
Why do I care so much?
So an anonymous account
sent you this video and nothing else?
Yeah. Who could it be?
It's definitely someone
who knows who my brother is.
He-ra said she thinks
In-han's accident was Jae-i's fault.
He-ra said that?
Why would she suddenly say that?
Well, she's not wrong.
They're basically all accomplices.
They're not.
The Jae-i I know is different.
She isn't selfish and mean
like Ri-an and He-ra.
These two look great together.
They are indeed
a good-looking man and woman.
By the way, I'm sorry about that night.
I was mistaken about you and Ri-an.
I'm sorry, Jae-i.
Don't mention it.
People around here like to talk.
It wasn't worth your concern.
I hope you'll understand, Seon-jun.
It's not even a matter of discussion.
There's bound to be talk like that
in circles of similar people.
I don't mind such things.
You're destined for greatness.
Once Jae-i is ready and comes to New York,
I'll take good care of her.
We should get engaged
right after you graduate.
We can just attend college together.
I've never seen this laid-back fellow
rush into anything before.
We're going to do it anyway,
so there's no sense in delaying it.
What's more, people like us
all get together with similar families,
so nothing could be more perfect
than a beautiful bride.
That perfection is sitting opposite me.
I want to tie her down.
I was worried they might not get along.
It seems my concerns were unnecessary.
Hope you enjoy. Eat up, Miss Jae-i.
Thank you.
I meant it when I said
I didn't mind earlier.
Marriage for people like us
is like a strategy
Remember this?
If we get married and live together,
you'll start to feel stifled
Does Kim Ri-an know?
I would understand.
Do you like dogs?
I have a lot of dogs back in New York.
Wait, is it even Ri-an
who should know about this?
So much so that I wonder
if it's possible to like anyone this much.
Instead of Kim Ri-an, I'll
-Stop being so anxious.
-I'll make you smile.
I'll help you.
Fuck! Seriously?
You crazy bitch!
Goddamn it.
Out of all of Shakespeare's sonnets,
this is the most famous. "Sonnet 18."
"May I compare you to a summer's day?"
As you all know,
Shakespeare lived 400 years ago.
As such, there are many outdated phrases
from that time seen in this poem too.
Also, this poem was written
in iambic pentameter
Keep your promise about that date.
Of course. You know me.
You can go now.
I came because Seon-u asked me to.
But I'm not sure why you wanted to see me.
I'm thinking of becoming friends with you.
You don't know me very well.
Of course I do.
At the very least,
I know how much you hate
your older sister.
-Want to come to my party?
Bring Si-u.
-Ask him yourself.
-No, you ask him. Quick!
Why hasn't she been answering her messages
or coming to school?
Did you forget how to talk?
I'm asking you what's going on.
That's Jae-i's business.
Why do I have to answer to you?
You don't know either, do you?
-She's in exile.
She had dinner with Seon-jun's family
of the Gongseong Group.
I forget what happened,
but apparently, she ruined it.
So Jae-i's enraged father said,
"Forget about school.
Just get out of my sight."
She was sent to the vacation home.
When her exile is over,
she'll be dragged to New York.
New York?
So suddenly?
Don't you dare tell Ri-an
Jae-i's at her vacation home.
I'm on fire right now.
-I won't let anyone get in my way.
-Get in your way?
What are you scheming now?
How do I look?
Out of the blue?
Why are you asking?
So I do look pretty today.
Your reaction is satisfactory.
Thanks for the confirmation.
186 Biseong-ro.
It's Jae-i's vacation home address.
She's been exiled.
Her boyfriend should go and console her.
How dare you come here.
I was worried. No one can reach you,
and you don't come to school.
Why are you here?
Tell me what's going on
and how I can help you.
-You can't help with anything.
-You're wrong.
I can help.
Whatever it is, me being here is
better than you being alone.
Why do you always push me away?
You look like you could faint
at any moment.
You look so miserable you could die.
What's the point of stubbornly
pushing me away like this?
Let go.
Whatever happens,
I'll stay by your side.
Please, just let go of me!
What can you do for me?
I'm being threatened,
and I don't even know who's behind it.
Tell me.
What can you do to help?
By who?
Why you?
What did you do to be threatened?
I killed someone.
I said I killed someone.
Kim Ri-an.
What brings you here?
I have something to say.
I've thought about it,
and there's only one card I can play.
Though it doesn't suit me at all.
A card?
Jae-i's off to New York
with Chairman Park's son.
It means that ship has sailed.
She's at her vacation home.
She'll be leaving directly from there.
So listen carefully
to what I'm about to say.
It's all in the past.
You can't stop her from leaving.
Start over with me.
I like you.
No, I love you,
and I have for a long time.
Let's make it official.
You're sure Jae-i's
at her vacation home?
A scholarship student.
Kang In-han.
his brother.
The Kang In-han you say you killed
was my brother.
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