Hierarchy (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

his brother.
The Kang In-han you say you killed
was my brother.
Damn scholarship student.
Why did it have to hit Ri-an?
He hit Ri-an?
He's dead meat now.
Are you insane?
Are you okay? Damn, man.
He's lost his mind.
-He looks pissed.
-I feel bad for the other guy.
He's a dead man now.
Are you crazy?
How dare you throw that at Ri-an?
The ball rolled toward me,
so I just threw it to return it.
I had no idea it would hit Ri-an.
He really has lost it.
Open your eyes, dumbass.
If the ball rolled your way,
you should've run back over with it.
But you actually dared
to throw it at Ri-an?
Are you glaring at me?
When even begging for forgiveness
wouldn't be enough?
Why the hell would you step out of line?
You piece of shit.
I hate everything about you.
If you're a scholarship student,
act like one.
Stop it!
You shithead.
Son of a
Crazy jackass!
-Get him.
-Let's fucking get him.
Get off me!
Get that asshole!
Hey! Run faster.
Hey, that way.
You know everything
you're entitled to, sis?
You're gonna give it all to me.
It's long overdue.
You should've been kicked out
when your mom was.
I intend to get back
what's rightfully mine.
Because you have neither the pedigree
nor the integrity to deserve it.
Get a transfer agreement drawn up
and notarized by an attorney.
That's all I want.
How could you do such a thing?
Don't like it? That's fine.
I'll just take that directly to Dad, then.
Jung Jae-hyeok!
I bet he'd love it. Right?
Think it over carefully.
Call me when you've decided.
Keep the phone.
I have more.
Do you want this?
Sweets help when you're upset.
Eat this while you watch.
He looks like you.
The Kang In-han you say you killed
was my brother.
you tricked me.
I wanted to know exactly what happened.
What In-han had to endure at Jooshin,
why everyone kept it quiet,
and why the school was so quick
to cover it up before anyone found out.
Jae-i, I don't believe In-han was killed
in a hit-and-run.
There had to be another reason.
A reason he ended up
on the street that night.
Is that why you approached me?
To get information?
That's right.
That was the case at first
but not anymore.
I saw everyone as a suspect
the moment I set foot in Jooshin.
"Who bullied In-han?
Could he have been murdered?"
As I was searching for answers, I realized
what kind of person you are.
I meant it when I said
I wanted to make you smile
and be by your side.
But, Jae-i
I'm still his brother.
I need to find out
how my only brother died.
So, Jae-i
please help me.
You fucking bastard!
How dare you touch her?!
So you're Kang In-han's brother?
Now the pieces are falling into place.
I see why you kept messing with me
and why you approached Jae-i.
What? Did you want to
get revenge or something?
So you did do something
worthy of revenge,
Kim Ri-an.
Something funny?
Do you want to
end up like your brother?
He deserves a bigger beating.
Did that hurt? Hey.
Hey, come on.
-Go get him.
-You're going to break the glasses.
-Oh, come on.
Stop it.
I said stop!
I just want you to stop.
Did I surprise you? I'm sorry.
I never should've left you alone.
No matter what you said,
I should've stayed by your side.
I'm sorry.
I don't even know
what anything means anymore
That puppy is Kang In-han's brother?
They're twins. Fraternal twins.
-No way! Twins?
Because they're twins,
Kang Ha was adopted and raised
by their childless uncle.
Their addresses
and family registry are different,
so the school had no idea.
Adopted by his uncle?
I thought that only happened
in old stories.
isn't it strange
that In-han's brother came to Jooshin?
He kept acting clueless
and standing up to Ri-an.
He also got closer to Jae-i on the sly.
There was an explanation for all of it.
"An explanation"?
Maybe he sensed something was off.
There was something strange
about the accident that killed In-han.
Ms. Han Ji-su?
Hanguk High has agreed to give you
a full scholarship
and additional financial aid
until you graduate.
Daehan High awards top graduates
four years of free college tuition.
I already have a scholarship
and financial aid.
And Jooshin offers better benefits
for top grads.
I worked hard to come here, Ms. Han.
The school cannot allow one student
to disrupt the environment
of the entire school.
Our students' mental health
is one of the top priorities
for Jooshin's teaching staff.
I don't understand
how I'm disrupting the school environment.
Every time the students look at you,
they will be reminded of Kang In-han.
You would be
repeatedly triggering their trauma.
In-han is a taboo topic here at Jooshin.
Expulsion is your other option.
It would be easy to justify.
Scholarship students are outsiders here.
Getting rid of one outsider
wouldn't even be an issue.
The choice is yours.
Transfer or be expelled.
I choose neither.
A scholarship student has never graduated
at the top from Jooshin.
I will be the first.
I'll prove they're not special.
I'll show them myself what fairness is
and teach them right from wrong.
Someone has to.
Such common sense isn't being taught
by a single adult here.
Kang Ha.
Scholarship student Kang Ha
of Year Two, Class Two
Please process his expulsion, Ms. Han.
On the grounds of
being a threatening student
who harms the school atmosphere.
Do as you wish.
It would be easy to justify.
Scholarship students are outsiders here.
Getting rid of one outsider
wouldn't even be an issue.
If you can, that is.
I can't believe this is even real.
The more I think about that asshole,
the angrier I get.
You should've gotten rid of him
when I told you to.
I wanted to.
But Jae-i was acting weird at the time.
Jae-i won't be getting involved anymore.
-So get rid of him properly this time.
That makes it so much easier for me.
And it seems to me that Kang Ha
has the other kids acting out.
I'll take this chance
to get them back in line.
-She couldn't even stand?
I've never seen Jae-i
look so shocked and terrified.
Isn't there a reason for that?
A reason?
For Jae-i to suddenly go to the States.
For her to break up with you
and push you away.
There has to be a reason.
It's not important.
I'm only focusing on one thing
from now on.
I won't let her leave my side.
I'm going to protect her.
What about He-ra?
She confessed her feelings for you.
She has Lee Woo-jin.
A friend like me
and a man like Lee Woo-jin.
All in all,
that's more than enough for He-ra.
The two of us dating is
a win-win situation that's necessary
for Jaeyul and Gongseong.
I don't hate the idea of it.
We'll be leaving soon.
Have you been having fun?
Yes, sort of.
Still don't like talking to me?
Get used to it already.
I mean, you know,
once we're in New York,
we'll be together all the time.
I'm getting out.
See you when we fly out.
Why did you come all this way?
Let's take a walk.
Has the shock died down somewhat?
I'm fine.
From now on,
don't go anywhere without security.
Especially at school,
make sure you're beside me at all times.
Are you worried Kang Ha might kill me?
We have no idea
what kids like that are capable of.
"Kids like that"?
He's not some monster.
You know that scholarship students
are just normal kids.
You should know that by now.
You saw Park Seon-jun earlier.
We're leaving for New York together.
I barely got permission
to come back to school.
So don't come over
or ask to see me out of the blue.
I want to stay low-key.
I won't let you go, Jae-i.
Have you forgotten?
I'm the one who said we should break up,
and I walked away from you.
New York or not, I have no desire
to be by your side.
Why the hell not?
So I don't ruin anything else.
When I'm with you,
everything around us gets ruined.
I don't know
if that's your fault or mine anymore.
I'm afraid we'll see each other
at our worst
and take things too far.
I'm scared we'll end up
destroying everyone else too.
So just stop it.
I can't stop.
"Everyone else"?
I don't care if I destroy them all.
I just need to keep you safe.
I've thought about it countless times
since we've been apart.
"Would I be able to break up with Jae-i?"
"No, we can't break up."
That's my conclusion.
I'll do whatever it takes
to keep you by my side.
I don't care if that takes me
to my rock bottom, hell,
or to the ultimate end.
I will be by your side.
I've moved past just liking you.
This is love.
Jung Jae-i.
I love you.
I don't have
those kinds of feelings for you.
Why are you telling me that now?
That's when I was young.
Wow, you're ridiculous.
Looks like you can't resist.
Neither can I, but
Seriously, come on.
Man, that's hilarious.
Hey, Jae-i!
Oh my God.
I was worried when I heard you fainted.
Are you feeling better now?
I was shocked by the sudden news.
You're flying out so soon.
What a beautiful friendship.
You besties have a good time.
See you later, He-ra.
What are you doing?
I came to give you an invitation.
We're still best friends officially,
so I should host your farewell party.
And not a celebration?
I guess it could become a celebration.
I told Ri-an how I felt about him.
I'm waiting for his response.
Congratulations. Hope you get good news.
Are we done here?
Just stay out of my way.
Don't do anything to sway Ri-an.
I'm not even asking for help.
Just stay out of my way.
You can do that until you leave, right?
No. Even if you can't, please do.
If you don't, I won't stay quiet.
What are you going to do?
There is something I can give you.
How should I put this?
It's a very decisive
and lethal hand.
A decisive and lethal hand?
What could that be?
You'd be shocked if you knew.
But, He-ra,
if I give it to you
what will you give me in return?
I'm not sure.
I don't know what would be suitable,
but it'll have to be something
that's also decisive and lethal.
Whenever you want,
however you want it.
I'm going to do whatever it takes.
That isn't an empty threat.
I will literally do anything.
I don't care if you, Ri-an,
or all of us get hurt.
I forgot to tell you something funny.
The day we stopped being friends,
I started crying on the way home.
I guess we really were friends,
as ridiculous as that sounds.
So, even though our friendship is over,
I want us to have a beautiful ending.
Leave quietly and gracefully, Jae-i.
So neither of us gets hurt.
Catch my drift?
See you at the party.
Take care.
I guess this in itself
is a beautiful ending.
I fly out the day of the party.
Enjoy your celebration.
I'll disappear for your sake.
"Enjoy your celebration"?
She always has to have the last word.
Maybe it was a sincere goodbye.
That was her being sarcastic, not sincere.
It was like she was saying,
"See how much fun you have without me."
I'll need to give her a talking-to, then.
How dare she annoy my He-ra?
I want to make this party
out of this world.
The venue, DJ, my dress,
and my jewelry all need to be perfect.
All right.
I'll let Mr. Park know.
You're serious, right?
I have the best dad!
What would I do without you?
This is so fucking ridiculous.
I'm speechless.
This is Park Tae-ho,
the oldest son of Jaeyul Hotel's owners?
Is your mother really a hostess?
You're a love child?
Him living in the States was bullshit too.
He was the mistress's son.
He went to the same middle school
as Kang In-han and Kang Ha.
He moved here and started a new life.
You should take this off.
Why are you wearing it?
What does that make him?
What do we call kids like this?
A hostess mother
and a father from a business dynasty?
We need to come up with a new name.
Something like half-man, half beast.
Half-rich, half-slut?
If he went to middle school
with the puppy,
that means he knew all along.
This asshole knew everything.
Were you pulling a fast one on us?
-The thing is
-Spit it out already.
Speak properly. You're getting annoying.
Did you have fun fooling us all this time?
Was it fun?
Did you have fun, you jerk?
-Did you?
-I'm sorry.
-Tell me. Was it fun?
-I'm sorry.
So? Put that down.
Tell me. Was it fun?
I asked if it was fun.
Leave him alone!
Kang Ha.
Tae-ho, it's your friend.
-Friends since middle school?
-Kang Ha.
What an interesting turn of events.
We stumbled on something
while digging into your background.
If you stay here, he's done for.
What do you want to do?
Since he's your friend,
you should just leave Jooshin.
If you do, we'll let him stay.
Who are you to decide that?
Who are you to say who can stay?
There he goes again.
You're just Ri-an's errand boy
who goes around bullying kids.
Ta-da. Hand these out to everyone.
What is this? It's so pretty!
Invitations to Jae-i's farewell party.
You're planning it?
Of course. I'm her best friend.
Do your best to make sure everyone comes.
What are you going to wear?
-That dress from before?
-The pink one?
No, let's just go shopping later.
You okay?
I'm sorry, Tae-ho.
I'll do whatever I can
to stop Yun-seok harassing you.
How? By killing him or something?
If you kill Yun-seok, who's next?
Woo-jin, Ri-an, He-ra.
Jae-i, Chan-min, Ba-da.
Will you kill them all?
-One person disappearing isn't enough.
They'll just carry on being themselves.
We should stop.
I need to stay at Jooshin.
It's what my father wants.
I know how you feel
I know what you're going through.
But I'm just so scared, Kang Ha.
I can't help you anymore.
You haven't been answering my calls
or reading my messages.
Are you avoiding me?
Jae-i, make sure you keep up
with the news here
to see what bombs get dropped
because of you.
People like you and Kim Ri-an
take a real hit
when your social image gets damaged.
Look forward to it.
They're inside the school.
The person who sent the anonymous DMs.
They were sent from Jooshin.
I'm sorry.
I thought you weren't coming
to school anymore.
I'll tell you
what you want to know.
About In-han's accident.
Woo-jin had a birthday party.
That night,
In-han couldn't endure the bullying,
and he ran out of the party.
Then the accident happened.
So he was tortured.
So much so that
he ran into the road that late.
Was it them?
Yun-seok and Ri-an.
I know you're suspicious of Ri-an, but
it wasn't his fault.
It was my fault.
If we hadn't been friends,
In-han wouldn't have been bullied
by so many people.
So blame me.
Blame only me.
Help me.
Someone at school is threatening me.
I need to find them before I leave.
It's fine if they're just threatening me.
But Ri-an
They intend to take him down too.
If it has to do with him,
I don't think I can help.
I have the same goal
as the person threatening you.
You said you would help me survive.
If Ri-an falls apart, I will too.
I want to protect him.
What about me?
I know it's selfish.
But I can't trust anyone in this school
except you, Kang Ha.
You're so
you're so cruel, Jae-i.
How could you ask me to do that?
How could you ask me
to help Ri-an?
What are you doing here?
Waiting for me?
Just open the door.
Who is it?
-I don't need to take it.
-Are you really seeing someone?
Don't be ridiculous.
Don't keep secrets from me.
I'm on edge these days.
Why is that?
Because of Ri-an.
Or maybe Jae-i.
Or because of He-ra.
What does that mean?
Your desire for what you can't have
is putting you on edge.
Because of the greedy He-ra.
I don't like how you put that.
What's wrong with being greedy
or having desire?
You just quietly observe your desires,
without being able to hold or have them.
At least I'm honest. Aren't I better off?
Honesty is great.
You're amazing, He-ra.
But it's too much of a good thing.
I'm worried about you.
I'm worried you might get too greedy
and lose it all.
I appreciate your concern,
but I don't like
"too much of a good thing" either.
Phrases like "the more the merrier"
are much better.
Thanks for the ride.
What's going on?
For my darling daughter, for the moment
you want to look the most beautiful.
What is all this?
I'm sorry.
what now, He-ra?
What do we do?
My baby.
What now?
Oh, He-ra.
Help me.
Someone at school is threatening me.
Why do you think they want us
to go to Jae-i's farewell party?
They never invite us to their parties.
-So why now?
-Maybe they're plotting something.
Like some sort of plan to bully us all.
I'm too scared to go.
Let's just
face it head-on.
Are you going to avoid them
and hide forever?
We should stand up to them.
Why are you all here?
I'm sure scholarship students
don't have classes in Special A.
We're just waiting for our next class.
This room is empty all day today.
Even so, entry is only permitted
to those in special classes,
the real students of Jooshin High.
You're only here thanks to
the societal consideration of others.
How dare you set foot in a space
for special students?
Clean everything up
and leave, all of you.
At once!
The preparations are complete.
But are you sure about this?
If anything goes wrong,
it could cause a myriad of issues.
If the chairwoman finds out
Make sure she doesn't.
And make sure nothing goes wrong.
And if something does happen,
despite your efforts,
I will
take responsibility for it.
Be sure to call as soon as you arrive.
I will.
Don't worry too much, Father.
I'll stick by Jae-i's side
and take good care of her.
All right.
I'm counting on you, Seon-jun.
I guess this is goodbye.
Have a safe flight.
Yes, sir.
And don't ever come back.
Now nothing here belongs to you.
Darling, they'll be late.
Why don't we let them go now?
All right. Safe travels.
We'll contact you as soon as we arrive.
We'll be on our way now.
This is awesome.
-I'm here.
-Hey, let's get a drink.
So bright and shiny.
-Want to take a picture with it?
-What's the class pres doing here?
-She invited the scholarship kids too.
That's why the party is here
and not at He-ra's villa.
What's taking He-ra so long?
The host of the party is late.
The guest of honor
is supposed to arrive last.
Why would He-ra be the guest of honor?
This party is for Jae-i.
Jesus, Ba-da.
Are you totally clueless?
-What do you mean?
-That's just an excuse.
Today's party is basically a coronation.
"Farewell, Jae-i."
"The crown belongs to Queen He-ra now."
Something along those lines.
That's why the party is today.
That's right. Jae-i flies out today.
Think she left?
What about Ri-an?
He's running late.
-You seem different today.
-How so?
Unlike your usual self,
you seem just normal.
That's what I'm going for.
Extravagance gets old.
And I still look pretty anyway.
You're right. You are pretty.
I've been thinking about
the advice you gave me.
About holding back
on what I want to have and hold.
You said that was dumb.
So, to be like you,
I'll be more honest about my desires.
Do whatever you want.
I'm settling things with Ri-an today.
If I make him mine,
there will be no issues.
Hello, He-ra.
Thanks for inviting me and all the others.
Maybe it's the suit?
You seem different today too, puppy.
Keep to yourselves.
We should have fun and enjoy ourselves.
Since we're here.
I wonder what it is.
What could have changed?
I told you it'd be obvious
if you got flustered,
Class Pres.
I visited In-han and found this.
It's yours, isn't it?
I'm sure I saw it attached to your bag.
But I wonder why
this was at In-han's cinerarium?
Why would you visit my brother?
Were you and him close?
I was curious about that,
so I asked Tae-ho,
and he said something strange.
You're different from the others.
And you're friends with Kang Ha.
Speaking of Kang Ha, don't you think
he looks like that dead kid, In-han?
So I thought I'd send a message
to see what happened.
Seeing you startled confirmed it for me.
Jae-i said she was getting
anonymous threats.
Is that your doing?
What do you want to know?
Why I sent that to you?
Or perhaps, why I threatened Jae-i?
What else you have in your possession.
That's all I want.
We're all out.
-No way.
-No way.
Why isn't he here yet?
No way. Check this out.
What the hell?
Let's go!
Why is a car coming in here?
Mr. Park Seon-jun?
You are under arrest
for violating the Narcotics Control Act.
Let's go.
The guest of honor shouldn't be too late.
What is he doing?
Isn't that Jae-i?
So you did this.
You stopped Jae-i from leaving.
He-ra, I hope this answers your question.
This is official.
Jae-i and I are
starting over.
We're going to tell our families too.
So from now on, nobody better go
anywhere near her in my presence.
Especially you over there,
scholarship student.
He's screwed.
Poor He-ra.
You said I could have them all, right?
All the videos you have.
Give them all to me.
Which one suits me?
-They're both nice.
-Which is nicer?
Aren't you buying both anyway?
I'm buying them all. Move.
If you're going to buy them all anyway,
why bother asking me?
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