Hierarchy (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Don't you think
you're being incredibly rude?
No matter how little
my confession meant to you,
you shouldn't reject me like this.
Didn't I tell you not to get in the way?
That I won't just stand by if you do?
What will you do?
You'll just have to wait and see.
You guys abandoned all respect.
Now watch me throw it out the window.
Make sure He-ra gets home safe.
You bitch.
I'll get out of here.
That should be the first thing.
I've had enough!
Let go! Ri-an's lack of respect,
Jae-i's arrogance!
I won't take it anymore!
Let go!
Let go of me!
Why are you getting in my way?
Make your choice.
Is it Jae-i, Ri-an, or me?
Who is it?
I said choose!
Why are you so late, sweetie?
I was worried you couldn't find the place.
It may be a bit uncomfortable,
but we need to stay here
for the time being.
But I did book a suite for us,
especially for you.
I'll go out and buy us some sushi.
You head upstairs.
-Excuse me.
-Escort her to the room.
Oh, and, He-ra?
I also bought a dress for you
to wear out this weekend.
Try it on upstairs.
Enjoy your stay.
I'll buy you a nicer dress next time.
The chef here nearly moved hotels,
but I managed to convince him to stay.
I know you love the food here.
Apologize to Kang Ha.
Have I done something
that calls for an apology?
Intentional or not,
you're the cause
of the hierarchy and violence
that naturally occurred at school.
You know that.
Is that all my fault?
Think about what Kang Ha's been through
and why he's acting that way.
I understand him completely.
We both had a hand
in what happened to In-han.
I would like to see you
sincerely apologize to him.
Let's not ruin this.
I'm sitting here with you,
talking over a meal.
It feels like things are back to normal,
and I'm actually feeling all right.
Apologizing is not difficult.
I don't know how to.
I've never done it before.
let's drop it.
It's been ages
since we had dinner together.
Let's just enjoy our meal, Jae-i.
Your expression tells me
you weren't studying just now.
Oh, I was sketching.
Your father has finally made a decision.
On running for president?
I think he'll be able to get
the full support of the Jaeyul Group.
The Jaeyul Group? Not Jooshin?
No one knows about this yet.
What is that?
Evidence that
the Jaeyul Group family's eldest
paid several visits
to an ob-gyn in the States.
Kang Ha.
Let's go. They're waiting for you.
Your taste is risky.
Your interest in scholarship students,
I mean.
I'm sure you had good intentions,
but it's always ended badly.
I heard you won't be going to the States.
That just makes me more concerned
as your homeroom teacher.
I'd hate to see another uproar at school.
Whatever my tastes are,
yours aren't refined enough
for you to be concerned about mine.
"Stand up to them"?
We can't stay here
under these unfair circumstances.
Isn't it unfair to think of it that way?
We're attending a school
with the country's richest kids for free.
What could possibly be unfair?
Will you let them walk all over you,
thinking that's what you deserve?
And if we don't want to?
What can we do?
We need to gather evidence.
They need to learn what they take
for granted is not guaranteed.
The school and the teachers won't do it.
You can't count on the school.
Think about the influence
their parents have on Jooshin.
You think the school would defend us?
He's right.
And you, Kang Ha,
what are your true intentions?
To use us to avenge your brother?
You're right.
That's how it started.
But that's not the only reason anymore.
If we hold back now,
we'll just continue throughout college
and into adulthood.
We'll have to hold back forever.
Does that not matter to you?
You've never even tried
to change anything.
Let's give it a shot.
You and I have
the same intentions and goals, right?
It won't be easy.
It goes without saying with them,
but it's the school too.
We can't be rash.
Unless we face off with them directly.
The school knows everything.
They keep tabs on everything we do.
So we need to be cautious.
They know everything?
Where did you get all the info
and videos you have?
I can't tell you that yet.
What's more important is
that we share the same goals.
Let's start at the top.
We'll leak Jae-i and Ri-an's video.
Via the press or social media.
It will destroy them immediately.
We can't do that.
Why not?
Don't tell me you actually like Jae-i.
I need to know for sure
if we're in this together
or not.
She's not answering?
Who do you think I called?
She hasn't been coming to school
or answering my calls.
Seems like she's pretty hurt.
Ri-an's relieved
that everything's back to normal.
But how do you feel deep down?
Is that
a question I need to answer?
Just make your intentions clear.
We're all having a hard time
because of your decisions.
Ri-an, He-ra,
and me too.
If you hadn't pushed Ri-an away
and gone after Kang Ha,
He-ra would've kept
her feelings secret.
You two wouldn't have had any issues, and
I wouldn't be so heartbroken right now.
-Well done.
-That was good, right?
Get over here.
I won't go easy on you this time.
For real this time.
Wait! Hold on a second.
Come here.
What? Why?
-From each of us.
-We all get a shot.
-One each.
Hurry, flick him.
You're blaming me for everything.
I'm not blaming you.
I'm worried.
I'm worried that all the time
we spent together will mean nothing.
I'm scared
it'll all crumble.
Let's try to make sure
that doesn't happen.
My heart has never once
strayed away from Ri-an.
I left my heart next to him
and walked away for his sake.
I thought it was the best I could do,
and even now
it's my only option.
I don't deserve him.
I'll make an effort though.
I want to protect us as much as you do.
Whatever it is,
I'll do whatever I can.
So you should also
make it clear which side you're on.
Is it He-ra? Or
the woman with the Hermès bag?
Which one truly has your heart?
Wow, it must be my birthday today.
I read the DM ten times
and thought, "Is this real?"
"An actual date with He-ra?"
Thanks for keeping your promise.
I'm keeping my eyes on you all night.
Who knows when I'll see you again?
I'm taking advantage of this opportunity.
You like me that much?
Everyone else calls me mean and rude
and talks behind my back.
But that's your charm.
Don't develop a taste for bad girls.
You'll just be miserable.
What? He-ra?
What brings you here?
I've actually been meaning to contact you.
My sister's move to New York fell through.
So I thought
this would be the ideal moment
to pass this on to you.
"Ideal moment"?
You remember, right?
That decisive and lethal hand
I said I had.
Take a look
at my decisive and lethal hand.
It's yours now.
Oh, hey.
Did you watch it?
Did you?
It's great, isn't it?
You asshole.
I had a suspicion,
but you really are a son of a bitch.
One without boundaries, at that.
I recognized a kindred spirit
and did you a favor.
You can't respond with a slap in the face!
I am definitely a bitch,
but I'm a bitch with morals.
Being called a kindred spirit
by someone devoid of humanity
is a little unfair.
Don't you think?
That crazy bitch! Seriously?
Wow, this is fucking ridiculous!
Jung Jae-i, you idiot.
Is this how you were being treated?
By that lowlife?
I'll leave these here, ma'am.
I'm so thankful each time you come.
Just a moment.
-Oh my.
And don't be thankful.
I get paid to do this.
Thank you. Have a nice day.
My goodness.
Even the way he talks is sweet.
Take that!
Kang Ha!
-Get him!
Hey, give me that.
-I told you guys to be careful.
-Kang Ha!
You're lucky I didn't drop my ice cream.
-You're all wet!
Laughing instead of apologizing?
Is that a challenge?
-Kang Ha!
You're dead.
-We'll all die at this rate!
-I surrender.
-Don't give in!
I'm not dead yet!
Hey, stop!
Where are you going?
Hi, Kang Ha.
Try it. It's really good.
The weather is so nice.
There's a nice breeze,
and the clouds are pretty.
It's fascinating.
What is?
How are you always so happy?
The weather looks the same to me,
but you say it's pretty.
You get into immature water gun fights
and have fun like a little kid.
I've never felt those emotions before.
I always felt anxious,
like I wasn't good enough.
You don't have nearly as much as I do.
How do you find joy in such simple things?
When our after-school classes finished,
In-han and I always stopped
for tteokbokki.
We'd buy tteokbokki and help
the elderly shop owner move things.
And then she'd always buy us ice cream.
I loved things like that.
Playing arcade games on the way home,
eating ice cream outside on a nice day,
running to catch the bus
and seeing an empty seat.
I just love things like that.
I'm jealous.
You have things like that too.
It might not be the breeze or clouds,
but there are things you like,
things that make you happy.
Find those things,
and protect them.
In my experience,
the odds are slightly better
when you face your fears head-on
than when you hide from them.
So even if you could get hurt,
face up to it and fight.
Don't you think it's worth it?
It's about finding what you like.
I want you to have fun, Jae-i.
Even I can see
that you're not happy at all.
You can tell me now.
That's why you came, isn't it?
I want to know what your plan is.
You said you would expose
everything that happened to In-han.
I found out who is threatening you.
What's their end goal?
It's the same as mine.
We want the people who encourage, enable,
and cause the things happening at Jooshin
to be held accountable for their actions.
I'm thinking of teaming up with them.
I got my hands on a bow.
I'm going to start
drawing back the bowstring.
But I don't want
the arrow to hurt you.
I'll make sure the threats stop.
I want to protect you and bring the people
who drove In-han to his death to justice.
Didn't I tell you?
If there's one thing in my life
I want to protect,
it's Ri-an, and Ri-an alone.
If you aim that arrow at Ri-an,
I can promise you one thing.
I'll be right there
in front of Ri-an.
That means we'll end up
facing each other.
I'm dating Jae-i.
It's been a while,
and I thought you should know.
All the rights and privileges
in the world come with responsibilities.
The path you'll take as the heir,
the burdens you must shoulder
When you think about that,
such trivial matters are
I have no intention
of living like you and Dad.
Being in a loveless marriage, exchanging
pleasantries a couple of times a year.
I'm not interested in that.
I'm going to date someone I really like
and be happy.
"Someone you like"?
I guess that does seem
quite important at your age.
But, Ri-an, you will soon realize
that's just childish youthfulness
and emotional trickery,
which are incredibly trivial.
I don't care what you think.
I need Jae-i.
I've made myself clear.
I couldn't get hold of you.
I was so frustrated.
I got sick of waiting and just came.
I fixed the car. What do you think?
Good as new, right?
The car is flawless.
I didn't see that thing.
I got rid of it already.
It could put us in danger.
-That car
-I don't know what's gotten into me.
I thought you might be avoiding me.
My emotions were all over the place.
I didn't know what to do.
I didn't think we shared
the kind of feelings
that would make your emotions
be all over the place.
I know this isn't love.
And I know you could never be mine.
But I'm still human, so it hurts.
No matter how hurt you are
that's not something
you can just take out.
-Have you forgotten?
How could I forget?
That car is a remnant of our time together
and a secret that must stay hidden.
It's He-ra, isn't it?
The person in your heart.
Let's not indulge
in unnecessary fantasies.
Leave that here.
In case I become a threat?
It's not about that.
It might be dangerous.
Maybe so, but this is
the only thing that can protect me.
You know very well
that the power to protect you
lies with me, not that.
I can't say it was all serious.
But at the very least, it wasn't a lie.
I was comforted, and I felt supported.
But that's enough now.
Let's end things here.
I'll see you at school,
student Lee Woo-jin.
Eyes, heart, head, or neck.
Aim for a spot
that will end its life with one shot.
Hit it properly
and blood will spurt everywhere.
That brown rabbit
will turn red in an instant
with one movement of your hand.
That kind of thrill of the hunt
will make you stronger.
Go on, pull the trigger.
Open your eyes.
Why aren't you shooting?
End its life this instant.
Shoot. Right now.
Jung Jae-i.
I don't want to shoot.
I don't want to kill anything.
I won't be coming anymore.
Hunting and the pressure you put on me,
I hate it all.
What you just said makes it sound
like you'll disobey my orders
and not listen to me. Is that right?
Before being your daughter
or the eldest of the Jaeyul Group family,
I'm just me.
I think I have the right
to live as Jung Jae-i
and protect the things I want to.
That's not up to you to decide.
I named you myself,
and my blood runs through your veins.
Do you really think
you have the means or right
to give that up?
As long as you have that,
you won't be able to make
any decisions for yourself.
It's the price and duty
of the days you've lived.
It is everything.
From the beginning,
you were just a part of me that I made.
Find out who filmed it
and would dare send that to me.
Start by finding the source.
We'll take care of it ASAP.
This can't be leaked anywhere.
Use whatever means necessary to block it.
Nobody can find out about this,
not the school, not my mother.
Everyone here must
put their jobs on the line to block it.
No matter what.
Is this for real? Are they really broke?
It says He-ra's family
is in the final stages of bankruptcy.
What'll happen to He-ra now?
Ri-an rejected her,
and Jae-i cut ties with her.
If her family is broke,
our Queen He-ra is done for.
Hey, she's no Queen He-ra now.
You know how she acted at school.
She's completely ruined!
Time for the morning announcement.
Take your seats.
I need a moment.
There's something we need to discuss.
What is it?
Last year at the vacation home,
someone filmed us.
But don't worry about it.
I'll deal with it
so that there are no issues.
Who sent that to you?
I'm looking for them.
You just stay by my side.
I'll handle it.
Just don't run away.
Let me protect you.
I said I would give you an opportunity.
You know what has been happening
at Jooshin High.
Stop condoning their actions,
and punish them according to regulations.
I am giving you
one last chance
for the school to fulfill its role.
I wonder where you get
all your confidence.
I have
a massive bomb
that would blow Jooshin away.
A bomb?
If you let this slide like before,
my friends and I
will set off that bomb.
What are you doing?
Why would you meet with the principal
without consulting me?
I'm setting things right.
If that's the case,
we should take down Ri-an first.
You wanted to start at the top.
The adults who let Jooshin get this way
are the top.
Is this why you said you'd join me?
Why did you really approach me?
Don't tell me.
So you could protect Jae-i?
Hey, Ju-won, where is this coming from?
I'm right. It's because of Jae-i.
Do you know what kind of secret she has?
You haven't seen everything. If you knew
So it's you.
The blackmailer.
So you've drawn your bow.
I told you that I'd make them pay.
I'm going to tell my family
and notify the school.
I'll say there's a video
and that it might be leaked
for the world to see.
I will tell them everything myself.
Why would you? If you do that, you'll
Probably get beaten half to death
by my dad, then hidden away in New York.
Even so,
at least they'll stop it.
My dad and the school.
They'll do whatever it takes
to make sure it doesn't get out.
It's what Jooshin does.
So you're going to take matters
into your own hands?
I don't care what happens to me.
I'll protect Ri-an.
He's my everything.
Exactly! Why?
Why does your everything
have to be Kim Ri-an?
Because to Ri-an,
I'm everything too.
That's how we grew up.
We leaned on each other.
If Ri-an falls apart, I will too.
Do as you wish, then.
I won't give up.
I don't care if you stand in front of him
or if we all die
I'm seeing this through.
I was pregnant.
Don't turn around.
Just stand there and listen.
I was scared.
Scared I'd be cast aside by my dad,
like my mom was.
Scared I'd lose everything I had
and be thrown out overnight.
So I ran off to the States by myself.
But I couldn't do it.
I tried going to the hospital twice.
I couldn't figure out what to do.
But then
one day, I was in so much pain.
It must've known
about my negative thoughts.
And just as it first came to me,
all of a sudden, it was gone.
What about Ri-an?
Does he know?
He doesn't know.
I just
did my best to avoid him.
I couldn't bear to look at Ri-an
as though nothing had happened.
"It's better this way."
"Things are back to normal now.
That's why I went to the States."
"Just like that,
it will all be forgotten."
"It will all be over if we break up."
That was how I was holding on.
But you turned up and ruined everything.
You keep making me
face the feelings
I've been running away from.
You dig up memories that I've buried.
You make me aware of thoughts
I didn't know I had.
You do that.
So from now on
I'm going to do what you taught me.
You're going to fight?
I'm going to protect what I like.
So if you must draw your bow, go for it.
I will gladly stand in your way.
I've finally found you.
How long have you been here?
You should've told us things were bad.
"Us"? Who do you mean by "us"?
Ri-an and Jae-i?
Or the self-conscious Lee Woo-jin?
Who can I be a part of an "us" with?
Let's find a way out first.
I'll just find it myself.
Let's start by going to my studio.
Stop acting like
a knight in shining armor.
Don't add fuel to my fire.
I already feel like shit.
I'm going to drop out.
Ri-an, Jae-i, and Woo-jin, let's just
say our goodbyes, for good.
We have no reason to hang out anymore.
How could you say that?
I'm so sick of all of you.
Especially Jae-i, that idiot
Why do I even bother?
You're going to drop out because of us?
Because of Jae-i?
I'd rather leave. I can't stand you all.
So you're still angry.
Isn't it too soon for me to be over it?
Considering all that Jae-i's done to me.
That bitch.
How could she not say a single word to me?
You said to choose, right?
It's you, He-ra. I choose you.
What can your choice do for me?
Get revenge.
Don't drop out. Stay at Jooshin.
Is running away the best you can do?
You always go to extremes.
What do you expect to happen
after you suddenly drop out?
You're so damn annoying.
Why are you taking turns
to come and bother me?
Worry about yourself.
Jae-i, what kind of place
do you think Jooshin is?
"What kind of place"?
It's a jungle.
If you get distracted here,
anyone can attack you.
But it also has one very solid philosophy.
That an education here will be
unattainable to those with no money.
That's why we looked down on those kids
and treated them like they were invisible.
And you expect me
to endure that torture here?
That's not what I'm saying.
If you have time to worry,
worry about yourself first.
You have bigger fish to fry.
What do you mean?
What gives you the right to boss me around
when you tell me nothing about your life?
Jae-i, did you ever
even consider me your friend?
Hey, it's He-ra.
You idiot.
Your greetings have become
overly aggressive.
It's an insult, not a greeting.
What kind of idiot can't even protect
his own girlfriend?
What do you mean?
The vacation home.
Your memories there together.
Someone filmed it.
I wonder who that could be.
How do you know about that?
Jae-i's family own that place.
Only one person would go there
besides you two.
Move, damn it.
Just get out of here already.
Hey! Everyone out, except for Jae-hyeok.
-Get lost!
Get out. Aren't you leaving?
-You piece of trash.
What were you thinking?
What were you planning to do with it?
Yoon He-ra, you fucking bitch.
Ri-an, it's not what you think
Get lost. They're just talking.
Just leave, you punks.
-Is he dying?
-What's going on?
Seems a little extreme.
You piece of trash.
Do you know what the hell you did?
Get lost.
Are you insane?
Get over here. Cut it out.
How dare you touch me?
You fucking scholarship student.
-I said stop.
Let go of me before I kill you first.
-Just stop already.
-You fucker.
Just think before you act!
How do you think Jae-i would feel
if she knew you were beating people up?
How dare you
speak about Jae-i.
You're so pathetic.
You have no idea
what she's enduring to survive.
All because of you!
What she's been through
and what she's prepared to go through.
What are you talking about?
And you know what?
She wants to take it on herself.
Like I said!
Like I said,
I'm asking you what you're talking about.
Answer me.
What do you mean by that?
You protect her from now on,
so she doesn't have to endure it alone.
-Pass it.
-Pass the ball.
There he goes again.
-Bus is here.
-Let's get on.
This is a nice dress.
What? Are you here to gawk?
Are you here to congratulate me
on the squalor I live in?
I don't care about anything else.
I just want you to know one thing.
I have never thought of you
as anything but a friend.
You were always my friend,
and that's why I spent time with you.
The same goes for now.
What's with the sudden friend talk?
Yes, Dad?
He-ra! It's done.
We're going to be fine.
We can keep the company afloat.
-Is that true?
Of course it's true.
The Jaeyul Group said they would help us.
Now there's nothing to worry about.
See you soon, sweetie. I love you.
Did you do this?
I told you.
I've never thought of you
as anything but a friend.
you are so determined to drive me insane!
How is it possible that you have
such a chilling resemblance
to your mother?
Leave for New York immediately,
before any rumors start.
Answer me.
I'll go.
On one condition.
Help He-ra's father's company,
International Yoon.
He-ra is my closest friend.
I don't think
you're in a position to ask for favors.
Furthermore, why should I even entertain
any requests from you?
That way, I will go to New York
and do what you want me to.
I know I'm the link between
the Gongseong Group and the Jaeyul Group.
I'm well aware.
I'm going to New York.
You should visit.
I'll treat you to a nice meal.
Pull over, please.
How could you keep that from me?
How could you bear it all alone?
you found out.
How am I supposed to live
with the guilt of leaving you alone?
I let you go through that by yourself.
how am I supposed to forgive myself?
No matter how hard I try to run away,
I'm still in the same place.
Why would you run away in the first place?
I'm here next to you.
I didn't want you to get hurt too.
So I tried my hardest to run away.
I get sad when I look at you
and I was worried you would be too.
So I ran away like a crazy person.
But in the end
here we are.
You must have been so scared.
How did you get through that alone?
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Jae-i.
I'm sorry about everything.
I won't let you go through
anything like that alone ever again.
From now on,
I'm never letting go of your hand.
I never would've worked with you
if I knew you'd use this
to attack people.
Kim Ri-an, Choi Yun-seok,
the violence their gang committed,
the videos I watched
that's already more than enough evidence.
That petty violence?
It's not scandalous.
Unless it's scandalous,
it has no impact or meaning.
Give me my phone right now.
I can't.
Jae-i already knows it was me.
"Legitimate means"?
We can't win against them that way.
We have to strike first.
Kim Ri-an and Jung Jae-i,
I will destroy them first.
Give it back!
This isn't right, Ju-won!
We're trying to right wrongs,
not destroy someone's life!
You bastard!
You're doing this because of Jae-i.
Hey, snap out of it.
Have you forgotten why you're at Jooshin?
Your brother, Kang In-han!
Have you forgotten how they treated him?
My tears
won't stop, Woo-jin.
I really want to stop crying.
But I can't.
So, Mr. Woo-jin
what do you want from me
in exchange for this?
Please send her to New York.
Just make Jae-i leave.
Make sure
make sure she can't come back.
Please accommodate my request,
or you will see a story
about Jaeyul Group's eldest
having been pregnant
as a high school student
on the news.
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