Hierarchy (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Why did you come?
It's your first birthday with me.
I want to say happy birthday properly.
Your present.
That's not much.
Your second present.
Don't be late.
Ms. Han?
-This is insane.
It's not like that.
Let him go. I'll take care of it.
No, Woo-jin. No one can know.
Hey, Woo-jin.
Seen that scholarship jerk?
He split just when it was getting fun.
-Where did he go?
Rein it in.
That's how jokes turn into accidents.
Go back inside.
-Let's go.
-Why are you getting angry?
-Let's go out back.
-Or downstairs.
Let him be.
Why are you chasing after a kid like him?
He's my friend.
Were you crying? Why do you look so upset?
It's nothing.
It's obviously something.
What's wrong?
-You don't know my dad.
-Let's find a way.
What is that?
I'll tell the guys to stop bullying him.
Let's go back.
Kang Ha.
In-han, let's talk.
Okay? In-han!
In-han, let me explain.
-Everyone is crazy!
-Where are you?
-Let's talk in person.
-Everyone in this school is insane.
Teachers and students alike!
In-han, listen to me. We need to talk!
I'll come to you.
-Why are you doing this to me?
-Let's talk face-to-face. In-han, listen!
Forget it!
In-han. Kang In-han!
I'll expose everything
that happened at this crazy school!
I'll expose it all.
Kang Ha.
What was that?
-What was that sound?
-Say something!
-Kang Ha
-Kang Ha.
In-han, where are you?
Hold on, I'll call you right back.
I'll call you back!
School violence?
Given our social standing,
my friends and I will never have to engage
in physical altercations.
I'm incredibly offended.
What basis do you have for accusing me?
Mr. Attorney, don't we have
the right to remain silent?
Those were legally prescribed drugs.
-For anxiety disorder.
-Take a strand of my hair if you want.
It's not true. Why don't you believe me?
"School violence"?
I never hit anyone.
I was showing them some magic tricks.
I was just
As someone older,
I was just trying to help younger students
thrive in school.
I wasn't acting on behalf of anyone.
I don't know.
We just went to the parties.
We've never been involved
in anything like violence or drugs.
We're total nerds.
We had no part in that.
We did play a part.
I'm sure I'm responsible
for certain things too.
You have some nerve.
I've never seen
a scholarship student like you.
I had no idea
you would wreak such havoc on the school.
That's what I came to do.
To set things right
even if it wreaked havoc.
My brother's killer
I may not be able to find them myself,
but that day No.
I'll bring to justice those who stood by
while he was bullied long before that.
You wouldn't
happen to be one of those people,
would you?
You called the police? On me?
Drugs? Violence?
Did you fucking see me do that?
I know, right?
What do you even know about me?
What did I ever do?
I wonder what he gave the police. Videos?
Why don't you show them to me too?
Show me.
Never mind.
You should just stop coming to school.
I've told you before.
I decide if I'll stay in school.
You have no right to demand that.
Of course he does.
You guys don't pay any tuition.
We even pay
into a school development fund.
Ever thought about
where those benefits you reap come from?
You have no conscience.
Right, He-ra?
She's right.
Awarding scholarships
out of noblesse oblige
is essentially an act
of charitable goodwill.
This isn't how you repay goodwill.
So that makes it okay?
Does not paying tuition
warrant mistreatment?
The hell are you saying?
He's not wrong.
We shouldn't be persecuted
for being scholarship students.
Have you all lost it?
You should've behaved
if you didn't want to be reported.
You just never quit.
Let go of him, Yun-seok.
You're not about to take his side,
are you?
Kang Ha is right. We were in the wrong.
Don't be afraid to take part
in the investigation.
The injustice you faced at school
and the bullying.
Be honest about it.
So we'll realize what we did wrong.
Only then
will it never happen again.
Don't you get it?
The police came to our school.
Mom, I didn't hit anyone.
Well, I did hit some people,
but I didn't hit them.
And I didn't do it because I wanted to.
Anyway, gotta go.
What's with the disgusted look?
None of what he said was a lie.
He didn't want to hit anyone.
He did it to get on your good side
and because you wanted him to.
So what?
Is there more to do?
You've been telling everyone
you'll set things right.
Are you done yet?
You were having a birthday party.
That day.
You covered your tracks well.
You're not in any of the videos I have.
Am I done yet?
I'm just getting started.
Those at fault
should be punished accordingly,
and I intend to witness it first-hand.
Do you have to go to New York?
It's already been decided.
I don't want to leave you alone again.
When I think about
what you went through alone
-I haven't even apologized properly.
-You don't need to keep apologizing.
I know how you feel.
Ri-an, I'll be right back.
-We should talk.
-Let go.
That video you sent me,
I could get the police involved.
I knew nothing about you
before discovering
you were the blackmailer.
Now that I know, I'm more confused.
Why would you do that?
Consider what you guys have done.
The scholarship students
and teachers grovel at your feet.
You're the authority at Jooshin.
I despised that.
The videos you threatened me with
weren't among the ones
Kang Ha gave to the police.
That fool didn't take
the most important ones.
And I didn't give them to him.
Are your threats still ongoing?
I'm thinking about it.
"I'm thinking about it." "I'm leaking it."
You're all talk and no action.
You must have something to protect,
just like I do.
You know leaking it
would directly affect your mom.
Or rather, the principal.
And you must be targeting me
instead of Ri-an
because you're afraid of retaliation.
Something's off with Jae-i.
"Off"? How so?
Since when has Jae-i spoken up
for other people?
She's different somehow.
When will the old Jae-i be back?
I just like the indifferent and cold Jae-i
that I've always known.
I'm not sure.
Who cares if she's never back?
She's leaving anyway.
So I shouldn't care?
You hated Jae-i. You wanted her
to leave Jooshin more than anyone.
that was when I was livid with Jae-i.
All friends go through ups and downs.
Didn't you renounce your friendship
and say you'd get back at her?
She's the one who saved me from hell.
She's always been like that though.
And she's always put up
with my nasty attitude.
I wanted to start acting
like a real friend.
But she'll be in New York soon.
That video,
did you send it?
Video? What do you mean?
Where and how did you get hold of it?
What on earth do you think you're doing?
Don't dodge the question.
Give me a straight answer.
This is a private educational foundation
affiliated with the Jooshin Group,
and you are Jooshin's heir.
I'm telling you that,
when it comes to you,
there is nothing I can do independently.
Was it my mom?
You were spying on me?
Why the hell would you do that?
Hiring people to spy on me is one thing,
but that video
Why did you send it to me?
Out of concern.
If you were to get her pregnant,
it would be a nightmare for us.
You need to stay alert.
-How dare you raise your voice at me!
You are my son and Jooshin's heir.
Before being a son and an heir,
I'm a person too.
I am not your pet dog!
I'm tired of being under your thumb.
It's suffocating.
You may as well
just throw me out like Dad!
I'll give it up.
I can't choose to not be your son,
but I can choose not to be the heir.
How could you say that to me?
You're my everything.
You're my only son, the owner of Jooshin,
and the center of the universe.
I will make sure you become all that.
You are my one and only hope.
-Good afternoon, ma'am.
-Oh, hello.
I didn't know
you'd actually go to the police.
Our school wasn't doing its duty
of protecting its students.
Anyhow, you've set things in motion.
The things you said
you wanted to make right,
revenge for In-han.
He would've done the same.
He wouldn't have tolerated
all the injustices.
I know that's the kind of person
In-han was.
I don't think of it
as you getting revenge.
I think we're just
being held accountable for our actions.
I'm willing to submit to my fate.
The things I didn't know
because no one told me,
like what I was doing wrong
and what I was overlooking and condoning
I wish I would've known sooner.
Before we lost In-han.
I'm sorry
for realizing too late.
for acting selfishly
to try to protect Ri-an.
I'm sorry, too
for burdening you.
I'm leaving for New York soon.
You're leaving?
-What will happen to you, then?
I'll just continue living
as Jung Jae-i of the Jaeyul Group.
So, Kang Ha,
take care.
And graduate with top honors.
Was there ever
a moment when you had feelings for me?
No. Not even for a single moment.
You liar.
I'm sorry.
It's all my fault.
Kang In-han.
How have you been?
Say hi.
I invited Ri-an here because I thought
he might have something to say to you.
APR. 13 .2007 - OCT. 27. 2023
Let's just take it slow
and try to right one wrong at a time.
Until I leave,
I'm going to do everything I can.
Is this
really the end for us?
Of course not.
We're only 18, Ri-an.
Just think of it as
spending time apart for a while.
I can't go on without you.
What about you? Can you go on?
Even without me?
You'll apologize to Kang Ha too?
I will.
So please don't go, Jae-i.
I feel like we're getting punished.
I keep thinking these are the consequences
of all our past wrongdoings.
We left a lasting scar on someone.
Both of us did.
So we should also
accept the consequences
of our actions.
How did you
This is Jooshin, Ms. Han Ji-su.
An improper relationship with a student
How is such a thing possible as a teacher?
I'm sure you're aware
of the countless issues this would cause.
If this were to get out now
when the school is already in disarray
can you guess what would happen?
Woo-jin's parents
would like to keep this quiet,
so I'll keep this short.
As soon as you leave this office,
submit your resignation
and leave the school.
Principal Park
Just be grateful
their generosity and consideration
are commensurate with their social status.
And do not forget
what that generosity implies.
Was it Woo-jin
who revealed it?
If Woo-jin hadn't been involved
in the matter,
you would likely be in prison now
for committing a hit-and-run.
In return, we expect you to keep silent
about the events related to Woo-jin
and everything else.
Should we go on a trip together
before Jae-i leaves?
Want to go somewhere nearby?
Let's not make a big deal out of it.
I'm not going somewhere
where you can never see me again.
Are you okay?
Can you fly home during breaks?
Not likely.
I was told not to come back.
This is serious revenge.
What do you mean?
You're leaving because that puppy
turned the school upside down.
And you're being separated
from the three of us.
It's proper revenge.
Considering what Kang Ha's been through,
would this suffice as revenge?
Get revenge.
What did you do?
What the hell did you do to Jae-i?!
I met with her father.
I thought you honestly wanted
Jae-i to disappear.
So I asked him to send her to New York.
I said if he didn't,
I'd expose why Jae-i went to the States.
Why she went to the States?
She was pregnant.
With Ri-an's baby.
You're insane, Lee Woo-jin!
You told her father that?
How could you do that?
How could you do such a thing?
You told me
to decide if it was Yoon He-ra or not!
I chose you. I chose Yoon He-ra!
Still, how could you do that, you moron?
How will you ever face
Ri-an and Jae-i now?
You know how important you are to them.
I should come clean.
I should say this is all my doing.
Don't say a word. Do that, and it's over.
Keep it quiet so we can stay friends.
Figured I should say goodbye.
I just handed in my resignation.
Nothing bad will happen.
And no one will know.
How can you say that?
You and I,
we both know.
Don't think that this is over.
What did she just say?
You think that was intentional?
Remember how you asked me
which one truly had my heart?
Hermès or He-ra?
It's He-ra.
She's the one I really like.
I know.
You came here to tell me that?
I did something bad.
And it seems like
everything that's happened
started that night
due to my mistakes.
I'm afraid to take responsibility,
but I want to unload one thing.
What are you talking about?
I didn't know what kind of accident it was
on the day it happened.
I just had to make sure
that car wasn't traced back to her.
I didn't want to cause issues
for my dad's political career.
So I had it covered up.
Then I happened to
find a pen in the car.
Recently, I realized
it was a camera.
I'm sorry, Jae-i.
This belonged
to Kang In-han.
The woman in the video
is a teacher at your school?
Detective Kim,
find out the suspect's address.
Which assemblyman
does the car belong to again?
Lee Han-jong, the presidential candidate.
Why is such a prominent man's name
popping up here?
I think we should notify the chief first.
I think so too.
I am Assistant Inspector Jung Ju-han.
-You need to come with us.
-Wait. Why?
We have a search and seizure warrant.
Please cooperate.
Who authorized this? This is Jooshin High!
Damn it.
Ms. Han Ji-su?
Inspector Jang In-ho,
Seoul Yongho Police Station.
Under the Aggravated Punishment
of Specific Crimes Act,
you are under arrest
for fleeing the scene of an accident.
You have the right to remain silent
and avoid self-incrimination.
Ms. Han.
Thank you for last time.
Thank you.
Are things better?
In-han, you're a talented artist too.
You're doing well.
You've got this!
Thank you.
The former chairman established
a private educational foundation
to nurture students
to become assets to their country.
Never mind nurturing students,
violence and drug use have come to light.
And the culprit behind a hit-and-run
that killed a student
was a teacher?
I take full responsibility.
The damages suffered are
beyond the scope of your responsibility.
The future handling of the issue
will be discussed
with the board and the new principal.
Ms. An!
You know how hard I have worked
to defend the school over the years.
How could you
just throw me out
like a crumpled piece of paper?
I think the price we've paid so far
is worth more than a piece of paper.
Do you think I engage with the school
for the sake of this foundation?
I do it all for my son, Ri-an.
It was your job to ensure
that my son always remained unscathed.
Your job was to protect Jooshin's owner.
I'm happy you're leaving the school, Mom.
I don't need to be ashamed of you anymore.
I gave Kang Ha all the videos
he turned over to the police.
I've known for a while
that Jooshin ordered you
to spy on the kids' cloud storage.
I wanted to use that
to destroy the school.
But I couldn't
because I was worried you'd get hurt.
-But it's all over now.
You don't need to do any of that now.
That's all I ever wanted.
-Were drugs sold at Jooshin?
-Is Jaeyul Group's eldest pregnant?
It's shocking
that the "A" group's eldest was pregnant
and has since miscarried.
What's even more shocking is
that the father is the "B" group heir.
Do you know the relationship
between the two groups?
Take care of it.
You need to ensure that minimal damage
is done to the group's image.
So how does it feel?
I'm asking how it feels
to live a life like your mother's.
I've come to terms with it.
You take after your mother.
And your behavior
has destroyed all of my plans for you.
You've become utterly useless.
I guess this was inevitable.
You and I just wasted our precious time.
I was afraid
that you'd throw me out like Mom.
I was only three or four
when you said those things.
"If you act inappropriately,
you'll vanish like your mom."
I was always so scared of that.
But I'm fine now.
I'm not scared at all.
You should know
I never recover the things I've abandoned,
especially if that happens to be
a person.
I want to apologize.
I went to his cinerarium.
To see my brother?
That accident that day
I wasn't directly responsible,
but the guys
were bullying In-han that day.
It's all my fault.
I should've stopped them.
At the time, I couldn't stand
seeing In-han with Jae-i.
So I just stood by and watched
as the guys bullied him.
I know very well
that you could never forgive me.
But still
I'm truly sorry.
To both you
and In-han.
I lost my brother.
You could apologize hundreds of times,
but it wouldn't bring him back.
But you're sorry?
It's so easy for you.
If not for that accident
he would still be here,
laughing and cracking jokes.
If you hadn't bullied him
and driven him out
onto the street that night
he would still
be alive and well.
You're sorry? Fine.
Just live with that guilt, Ri-an.
Because I will never
accept your apology.
Everything is a result of my negligence.
Before being the leader of a company,
I am a mother,
and my child has caused
social controversy.
For that, I bow my head in apology.
However, the illegally filmed video
is a clear violation of the law.
As such, we will be taking
serious legal action.
Mr. Choi Yun-seok,
do you admit to inflicting violence
on the scholarship students?
And lastly,
I feel deeply responsible
for the violence
and inappropriate behavior
on the part of Jooshin's students
and vow that all wrongs will be righted.
Choi Yun-seok, Baek Chan-min,
Kwon Jae-jun, Cha Ji-seok, Lee Yu-jin,
do you admit to inflicting harm?
I am also
an offender.
Maybe I should've come clean about it all,
including visiting Jae-i's dad.
Giving her that pen camera destroyed
your dad's presidential campaign.
And some things are better left unsaid,
for everyone's sake.
Your betrayal of Jae-i is something
we'll take to the grave.
Be good to Jae-i and Ri-an until you die.
Repay them that way.
Think it'll change?
And us.
I'm not sure.
I don't think
anything changes all at once.
Whether that's Jooshin or us.
I'm off.
Make sure you head straight home.
This is our first bus ride together
since starting high school.
We used to always
take the bus together in middle school.
for avoiding you because I was scared.
And for saying I couldn't help.
You've changed since getting rich.
When have we ever apologized
for things like that?
We'd just beat each other up
and let it slide.
Don't you remember In-han always saying
it's okay for friends to do that?
See? I told you it would look nice.
You're just stating the obvious.
I'm Yoon He-ra, after all.
I didn't know you thought of me that way.
My cold and blunt speech.
I just always thought
you were understanding of that.
It wasn't because
I didn't consider you a friend.
I know that.
And I was a little unaware too.
I'm embarrassed to admit it.
We've been friends forever,
but I've only just figured it out.
You're not cold.
You just pretend like you are.
And that's how you protected yourself.
I'll be waiting for you.
Have a safe trip.
My friend Jung Jae-i .
Take care of yourself.
My mean
and beautiful friend He-ra.
Let's go.
Just a moment.
Skip school. Spend the day with me.
-Let's go.
-Don't let go.
-All right?
-I'll hold it.
-Give it a go.
I was so close.
-You okay?
-Here goes.
-Let's go.
-See? How am I doing?
-There you go.
Try coming this way.
It's easier than I thought.
-You're good.
What do you think? I'm good, aren't I?
Here. Try it.
What is this?
A toasted sandwich.
It's fine.
Wait, when did you try this?
I haven't tried it yet.
I wanted to try it with you.
It's really good.
-Quick. Try it.
How is it?
-It's good, isn't it?
-It is.
Was this made by a chef? Are they famous?
-Don't want yours? I'll eat it.
-I'm eating it.
-Let's get another.
The weather's nice.
And so is the breeze.
You're right.
Kang Ha once said to me
that I should find what I like
and what makes me happy, and protect it.
So I thought about it.
And to me, that's you.
From the moment I first saw you until now,
you've always been part of my world.
That's how I survived.
It's how I'm still surviving.
To the 18-year-old Jung Jae-i,
Kim Ri-an is her sole and absolute warmth.
I feel the same way.
I wouldn't have survived
without you either.
But, Ri-an,
we should stop just surviving
and relying on each other.
When we're truly happy on our own,
when we can share that happiness
instead of relying on each other for it,
that's when we should meet again.
Let's say bye with a smile.
So one day we can both smile again
and return to each other.
I just want you
to not have a hard time.
I want you to be happy, Jae-i.
Me too.
I also want you
to be happy and smiling.
When you substitute five,
it becomes minus two.
-That's what you're doing.
Hey, this looks nice.
Did your mom buy this?
-Two, three.
-Say cheese.
I'm graduating soon,
so I won't be able to look after you guys.
You'll have to take care of everyone.
Just make sure my graduation present is
Get off your phone
when your senior is talking!
Say what?
Jae-i told me to apologize.
Is that for me?
Well, I can't eat both.
This isn't like you, He-ra.
I always wondered who ate this crap.
I heard you introduced Jae-i to it.
she didn't eat it,
so she wouldn't know how it tastes.
Too sweet.
Hey, how do you eat this thing?
I didn't know this would happen.
I tried so many times to stop
and forget everything.
I just
I just wanted
to stay focused on you and move on.
But I couldn't.
I couldn't do that.
I couldn't let someone else
suffer the same fate as In-han.
It's what I needed to do.
Kang Ha.
That's why I had no choice.
I didn't know
it would lead to you leaving.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for making you leave.
I'm sorry for having a crush on you.
I'm just sorry for everything.
You wanted to see me smile.
How can you see me through those tears?
Don't worry too much.
I'm not going to New York.
I'm standing on my own two feet
and following my heart.
I'm going to start over in the place
that will make me the happiest.
So, Kang Ha
don't worry too much about me.
And take care.
Do you remember the last question
you asked me that day?
You were right. I lied.
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