High-Rise Invasion (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

I've Found a New Goal

[intense music playing]
[man] Please, don't do it!
I know I'm pathetic,
but I've got a wife,
and and a little girl!
I have a mortgage to pay off!
I have dreams!
Please! You don't have to do this!
- [gunshots]
- [gasps]
[gun clatters]
[Yuri] Bull's-eye!
Hey, I'm pretty good at this.
Excuse me, can we talk about this?
[man] That That's right,
just talk it over.
- Huh?
- [man] Huh?
[body thuds]
Why don't you take your best shot?
If you can pull the trigger, that is.
[theme music playing]
[Yuri] "I Found It, My New Objective!"
- [whimpers]
- [girl] Hey, sailor uniform.
When you aimed, you aimed at me, right?
A damn good shot,
however, you're too kind.
In fact, it's sort of touching
to see someone as kind as you
in a world like this.
Huh? What do
It's too bad though, even if you're nice,
I still have to kill you.
[girl] The reason being, that helicopter
only has room for one of us to escape!
Kindness isn't gonna get you
anywhere in this world.
It's just human against human
in this death match.
[Yuri] Was I wrong?
Rika, what should I do?
Do I really have to kill this girl?
I can't.
Please stop this.
There's no way I can fight
in a death match!
I can't do it!
- [girl] What are you crying for?
- Please, I Huh?
Look at your weapon. You're clearly
at an advantage with that gun.
All right, fine. Why don't you and I
just call it off for now?
- [Yuri] Huh?
- [girl] Well, it's obvious.
You're not exactly eager to be escaping
from this world, are you?
You see, when humans need to,
they can easily take the life of another.
Just like I'm able to.
[Yuri] She might actually
be right about that.
It's not that she's lost her mind,
it's the opposite.
She's incredibly calm.
And what she said about me is true.
My main goal is to find my brother.
I couldn't possibly escape from this world
and leave him behind.
Hey! Do you think you can make this quick?
[girl] The helicopter on the roof
won't wait forever.
[Yuri] A death match between humans.
If those are the rules
of this world, then
the last thing
I'm going to do is follow them!
Very well, I'm going to let you go.
[Yuri] Huh?
Behind you!
- Huh?
- Sniper!
- [gunshots]
- [Yuri] We need to hide!
[both grunt]
[Yuri] If it comes down to rapid fire,
I'm in at a much better position.
If Sniper Mask's
only weapon is that rifle, I can win!
[girl] She just risked her life
to cover me. Unbelievable!
And right after I tried to kill her. Also
Listen. If we can just kill him here,
things will be easier later. Okay?
[girl] She was crying until a moment ago,
but when the Mask appeared,
her eyes changed.
[girl] So she's making her stand here.
- [Yuri] Hey.
- Huh?
Tell me what your name is.
Mine is Yuri Honjo.
I'm, uh
Mayuko Nise.
[tense music playing]
[both gasp]
He shot at us by aiming for the knife?
- Oh, crap! What are we gonna do?
- Huh?
[Mayuko] This situation is too dangerous.
[Yuri mumbles]
[Mayuko] I should leave this girl
and make my way to the helicopter.
[Mayuko] Ever since I was young,
I've been surrounded by enemies.
My parents included.
That may be the reason I was able to adapt
to a death match
between humans so quickly.
I won't deny that I've killed humans
and Masks alike
using any means that were available to me.
Those are just the rules of this world,
and the rules are justice itself.
- [Yuri whimpers]
- [Mayuko] Yuri Honjo.
She's the only one
who's wrong here, not me.
Anyone stupid enough to hold
onto their kindness in this world
has signed their own death warrant.
[Mayuko] We should head upstairs for now.
I think I have an idea.
Uh, but but even if I go up with you,
- the helicopter only seats one person
- It's fine.
I have an ace up my sleeve. All right?
I'm gonna use it now for your sake.
[both panting]
[intense music playing]
That put an end to him, I'm sure of it.
[approaching footsteps]
The Sniper Mask, I think he's gone.
Was he blown out the window?
Thanks for that.
It's just that was
your last weapon, right?
And you decided to use it to help me.
Well, the only reason I did it
was because you saved me earlier.
- [Yuri laughs]
- [grunts]
I knew shooting you
wasn't the right thing to do.
Even though you may be a murderer,
you don't seem like a bad person, Mayu.
[Mayuko] This girl's face
is a revolving door of expressions.
But where does she get off
calling me a nickname?
So, anyway, what about the helicopter?
You're gonna let me take it, aren't you?
Yuri? Hey, Yuri!
[Yuri] Rika.
- Yuri, are you listening?
- Yes!
So the helicopter then
Mm-hm. Yeah, it's all yours, Mayu.
One thing, if you really
do make it back to the former world
- Here.
- Hm?
Will you give this to my parents?
I want you to tell them that my brother
and I are stuck in this bizarre world.
You said "brother"?
So you have a sibling here too?
Which is why no matter what happens,
I have to go find him.
Once I do, we'll return home.
Oh, so that's your deal.
I get it.
- You can do it.
- Mm-hm.
So this is goodbye.
Hey, Yuri.
I'm not gonna forget about you. I promise.
[Yuri] I'm not going to kill any humans.
I refuse to follow this world's rules.
I'll stubbornly break through
on my own terms,
and when I do,
I'll return home with my brother.
Hey, Mayu! Wait!
Do you have a cell phone
- [muffled groans]
- Shh! Do you hear that weird noise?
[blades whirring]
- Hey, isn't that noise the
- It can't be.
[both] The helicopter?
- [Mayuko] But the sun hasn't set yet!
- [Yuri] We have to hurry!
[eerie music plays]
[Sniper Mask] Oh, man.
[intense music plays]
[both panting]
Hey, Mayu! I'm sorry!
I wasted too much of your time!
Don't worry about it.
It was my choice to stick around.
[girls panting]
They shouldn't be able
to take off immediately.
- [panting]
- [helicopter droning]
[Yuri] I'm sorry! I'm really sorry!
I I don't get it.
Why does nothing ever go right?
- [gun clicks]
- Hm?
Damn you!
Hold on! Get back here!
Please don't leave!
- Just give it up.
- Huh?
This is how the rules work in this world.
No getting around it.
Disobeying them isn't allowed.
- [Yuri groans]
- [Mayuko] Hey, wait!
[Yuri] Huh? They're turning around!
That can't be. There's no way.
You see. Look at that, Mayu.
Now you can ride the helicopter!
- Huh?
- Huh?
- [Yuri] A Mask?
- [Mayuko] An automatic rifle?
- Are they angry?
- Oh, no!
- Yuri, run!
- [rapid gunfire]
[both screaming]
I'm sorry. I ruined everything.
Look, it's like I said before.
I'm the one who chose to stick around.
So I guess I'll just keep living
in this world
until the next pickup happens.
- Mm.
- Besides
maybe I wanted this.
Maybe I didn't truly desire to go back
to the former world either.
I mean if I returned Huh? Hold on, Yuri.
Are you listening?
[Yuri] The helicopter, I think that
it's this world's weak point.
[Yuri] My brother once told me that
when your opponent is desperate,
that's when you'll find their weak point.
That Mask, his weapon, his attitude,
- there's no doubt he was desperate.
- Hm.
[Yuri] The ones who are putting us
through these trials in this world,
they couldn't stand to have
that helicopter stolen.
That's true. I bet you're right.
[Yuri] Then I've found my objective.
Obviously, I'll reunite with my brother,
but I'll need someone
to fly the helicopter
and people who can fight.
- I'll need allies.
- [gasps]
[Yuri] Once I do,
we'll take that helicopter.
We'll take the sky itself!
If we pull it off,
we may just be able to crush it.
Crush this joke of a world!
[Mayuko gasps]
She's so ambitious.
Take the sky itself?
That's far beyond disobeying.
It's an invasion.
A high-rise invasion!
Huh? Hey, Yuri!
Are you okay? Hey!
[Mayuko] Answer me, Yuri! Hey, hey!
[water running]
[haunting music plays]
[Sniper Mask]
Hm. Is it maybe the crack in my mask?
I've regained a small amount
of control over my own thoughts.
But it's still not enough
to defy the Commands.
[boy] Let's see which one of us
will live the cooler way of life.
[Sniper Mask] My memories are still
being controlled by the mask.
I don't know what it was
I'm sure there was something
I was supposed to be doing.
- [gunshot]
- [clang]
[gun cocks]
[Sniper Mask] Son of a bitch.
Is this crack in my mask mean
I'm gonna start being attacked
by other Masks?
This could be trouble.
Having opponents who can deflect bullets
Well, at least I'll have fun.
[school bell rings]
[Yuri] Oh, yeah. That reminds me.
Looking back, this may have all started
because of that thing I saw
when I was at school.
Mm. Hm? Huh?
[Yuri] What is that?
It was a tower much taller
than the Skytree.
It was like it was reaching
to the heavens.
I saw it in the former world.
Then, before I knew it,
I'd come to this ridiculous world.
How does that add up?
This really is crazy.
[Yuri moans]
No way.
Hold on! How long was I asleep for?
She's gone?
Did Mayu leave these here for me?
Wow, perfect fit.
But these boots are
from the dead girl downstairs.
Still better than being barefoot, though.
[Yuri] The gun is gone.
I wonder if Mayu took it
in exchange for the boots.
How awful of her,
and after we'd finally become friends.
No, she didn't do anything wrong.
It's not like Mayu
ever said we were friends.
Everyone's just watching out
for themselves here.
Now I'm alone again.
Is that
a Mask?
[toilet flushing]
[Mayuko] I took my eyes off her
for one second.
[Yuri] It's dark! I can't see!
This is bad, really bad!
I'm okay. This isn't as scary
as last time.
Not even close!
[intense music playing]
[Yuri] Now there are three Masks?
I have to get a little more distance.
It worked! They weren't able to see
the cut I made with the scythe
because of how dark it is right now.
[intense music continues]
Huh? Is he saving her?
- There's camaraderie among Masks? What?
- [Afro Mask laughs]
[continues laughing]
[Yuri] No. The Masks don't care
about each other at all.
I've already fired
a total of five shots with this gun.
There's only one shot left.
I should kill this guy here and now!
- I'm not going to miss!
- [gun barrel clicks]
[plank creaking]
[Yuri] That's right.
Rika told me about this before.
He said that police guns
aren't made very reliably.
I forgot!
[heavy breathing]
Stay calm, stay calm.
What's my next move
after crossing the bridge? Think!
[grunts, groans]
[Yuri] Stay back.
I said stay back!
[Masks chuckling]
[Yuri] It's over. I'm going to be killed.
[Yuri gasps]
You came back!
You good, Yuri?
Sorry if I end up hitting you.
If you what?
I'm a pretty poor shot with this.
- [gun clicking]
- It's empty.
- [Afro Mask laughs]
- [grunts]
[body thuds]
- [Afro Mask laughs]
- Stay back!
[Yuri] Mayu must have known that I had
a spare magazine in my pocket.
That's why she passed me the gun.
That just goes to show,
I'll find no shortage of allies
in this world.
Hey, Mayu, um, that's
[Mayuko] Hold on. He's still breathing.
[Afro Mask grunts]
You're never supposed to look
at the back of a mask!
Hey, what are you doing, Yuri?
Uh, it's just that there's something
I wanted to ask him.
Hey, girl. I can see your panties.
[Yuri gasps]
[both groan]
- [thwacks]
- [Afro Mask groans]
Tell me about the mask.
Tell me what happens
if you see the inside of one?
The moment you look,
it's like you're instantly living
in a dream.
[Afro Mask] Try to disobey, and you'll
just end up following the commands.
Yeah, but won't you return to normal
if you take it off?
[Afro Mask] It isn't possible.
The brainwashing,
or rather, the brain hacking,
if you can call it that,
it won't allow you to return.
[Yuri] Then, the one
who's giving the commands,
what goal could they possibly
[Afro Mask] This world is
[breathes heavily]
- This realm is
- [controller] Take your own life.
- [groaning]
- Die, die, die.
You must You must die
You must die immediately.
You must die at once.
Hurry to your death.
It is time for you to die.
[Afro Mask chokes, groans]
[girls gasp]
What was that?
[Yuri] Where are we?
What the heck is this world?
[closing theme music playing]
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