High-Rise Invasion (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

I'm Sorry, Mayuko Nise

[foreboding music]
[Yuri] Hey, Mayu, thank you.
From here on out,
we'll work together as allies.
Sure, I guess we can be allies for now.
But just know
that if things get too risky,
I may end up betraying you.
I'll make sure it won't come down to that.
Although, if it does get too risky,
you're more than welcome to run.
I'll break the masks and get rid of them.
We don't want anyone else to put them on.
- [Mayuko] You're a strong one, Yuri.
- [Yuri grunting]
I've never met anyone
as strong as you before.
- I'll survive as long as I'm with you.
- [Yuri] All right! I did it!
I broke them all!
[theme music]
[Yuri] "I'm Sorry, Miss Mayuko Nise."
You know what?
I don't know what time it is.
Um, I'm not really sure
if it's accurate here, but I have this.
A pho
- Huh?
- [Yuri] A phone!
- [Yuri screaming]
- Whoa! Huh?
- [Yuri screaming]
- Hey! Stop it!
I need to use your phone. I need to
borrow it!
- Um, okay.
- [Yuri screaming]
[Sniper Mask]
"To my big brother From Yuri."
And that makes her his younger sister.
[Sniper Mask] Sister.
That's right. The sister!
[line ringing]
- [breathes sharply]
- [Rika] Yuri?
- [gasps]
- Is that you?
Rika. I
He picked up the phone!
[Rika] Yuri, you're alive.
That's a relief.
- [Yuri mumbling]
- No, actually, I knew you'd be alive.
- But, anyway Would you calm down?
- Uh
Right. Understood.
[Mayuko grunts]
They must be close by.
[Yuri] That's what happened
since the last time we spoke.
[Rika] Yuri, you've done well.
Gather allies, get your hands
on the helicopter, and escape.
Is that what you're thinking?
That plan definitely sounds like you.
Now, my turn to talk.
I was able to figure out your location
from the info on the helicopter
and the location of the sun.
Now, I can come save you.
Dead serious.
But it'll take a while
since it's far from where I am.
- So make sure to stay alive until then.
- [cries]
[Yuri] I get to reunite with Rika!
- [Rika] Oh, and one more thing.
- Huh?
I've got a little favor to ask.
That Mayu Mayuko Nise, was it?
- That girl who became your ally.
- [Mayuko grunts]
I need you to shoot her. Right now.
Yeah, okay
[Rika] In this world,
there are no such things as allies.
Having a stranger anywhere near you
is already a huge risk.
Yuri, you can't let your guard down
because you think you've got an ally now.
You see, here,
it's kill before you get killed.
That's just how it is.
What you need to do right now
is kill Mayuko Nise,
and wait for me to rescue you.
Listen, Yuri.
All I want is for you to be okay.
- [gun cocks]
- Huh?
I'm sorry, Mayuko Nise.
[sneezing, sniffling]
[heavy breathing]
It's cold.
All right, Rika, if you're saying
that killing her is my way to escape,
then I guess
I'm not going anywhere.
[Rika] You mean you prioritize her life
over me rescuing you?
That's right.
All right. Then we'll hold off on the plan
for me to come rescue you.
And also, I want to get in on your plan
to steal the helicopter.
Huh? Um
[Yuri] Oh, I get it.
[Rika] According to my intel,
it seems the helicopter arrives
at a different depot somewhere every day.
So, instead of meeting up,
we should wait in separate places
to increase our chances of seizing it.
[Yuri] That horrible thing he said
about killing Mayu.
He did it just to test my determination.
He wanted to make sure I intended
to fully carry out the plan.
[Rika] We need to gather
more allies and weapons
to prepare for tomorrow's helicopter.
You know something, Rika?
You really do have a twisted personality.
Sorry. I'll make it up to you
when I see you. Please forgive me.
Sounds good. So what do I do now?
Well, in order to succeed,
we're gonna need some thorough planning.
Let's talk about the first step
[Yuri] Thanks for the phone.
You're done now?
Yeah, I need to borrow it again
tomorrow morning, though.
No problem. I'm glad he's alive.
Hm? Huh?
[Mayuko grunts]
Hey, Yuri, wait a minute!
What are you doing?
I haven't showered in a while.
I might smell really gross.
Mayu, I'm sorry.
It's just that I
I imagined something weird.
You what?
What do you mean by something weird?
[Rika] Now then,
how am I gonna make it up to her?
[Yuri grunting, panting]
[Mayuko] I can't believe
she's just turning her back like that
to a stranger in this world.
She's either thick-skinned
or has nerves of steel.
Or could it be that
she really does trust me?
[wind gusting]
[Mayuko] I didn't need to see that.
[Mayuko] Hey, Yuri.
[Yuri] Yeah? What is it?
[Mayuko] I'll go first
when we cross the next bridge. All right?
[Yuri] What? Sure, that's fine.
[Rika] Huh? Well, that's disgusting.
Hey, you able to talk at all?
[Rika] Ever since Yuri was little,
she always thought of me
as her strong older brother.
The truth is, I just act strong
in front of her.
I mean, just take my name, for example.
Rika, it sounds like a girl's name.
So lame.
[distressed sigh]
[Mayuko] Rika?
Yup! It's made up of the Japanese
characters for "reason" and "fire"!
[controller] Die, die, die, die.
- Huh? "Die"? What?
- Die, die, die.
[Yuri] Rika Honjo! That's my big brother!
Cool name, don't you think?
[Yuri giggles]
- [grunts]
- [thwacks]
[Mayuko] I guess.
- [grunts]
- [Yuri giggles]
[Yuri] My brother's
the nicest person ever!
[Rika] I have no idea how to revert
a Mask back to their human form.
Even if I break it or take it off,
some remnant stays in their brain.
That's why I decided to kill all Masks.
In order for me to survive,
in order to save other people's lives,
I figured that's the best thing to do.
Of course, I hesitated at first.
Masks used to be humans, after all.
I would've chosen
not to kill them if I had a choice.
In the amount of time I've been here,
I've changed.
I may no longer be
the brother you once knew.
[Sniper Mask] I just remembered
what it was what I need to do.
[suspenseful music]
[Sniper Mask] I need to find him.
I need to face him again
and settle it once and for all.
- [can clanks]
- [clears throat]
[approaching footsteps]
[Shinji] Huh?
Oh, I'm so glad!
Since I couldn't reach you,
I thought you went off by yourself
or that you might have died.
Without you here,
we had no idea what to do next.
I'm sorry, I was just
on the phone with my sister.
What? So that means
that your sister's okay, right?
- Tell me something, Shinji. Takeda.
- Yeah.
[Rika] Maybe you can answer this, too.
If you two are here,
are the other three all right?
Well, we knew that if we left,
our defense would be weakened.
Regardless, we made the decision
to come and search for you.
It was unanimous.
It's true. So we should go
hurry back to them.
[Rika] I never had any intention
of creating allies.
Oh, well. I can't seem
to completely abandon compassion.
- Okay, fine. I'll go back
- [whooshing]
What the
- [clanks]
- [Rika] A cannon ball?
[Takeda] Huh?
- I can't see on my right side.
- [gasps]
[Rika] Takeda.
- [thuds]
- Takeda! No!
[frightened gasps]
[Rika] He pitched the cannon ball
as if as if he were playing baseball?
Such a high-speed pitch is impossible!
Get down!
- [whooshing]
- Ah!
- [Rika] It's too fast.
- Huh?
- This Mask is undoubtedly strong.
- [heavy breathing]
It's It's the strongest one
I've ever encountered!
We've gotta get out of here!
We're gonna make it!
There's an exit! Look!
We can escape!
What? Wait a minute!
[strained grunts]
- [Shinji yelps]
- [Rika grunts]
- [grunts]
- [both panting]
Thanks, Rika. You saved me.
This door isn't going to open.
Looks like a dead end.
[Rika] We've gotta deal
with that Baseball Mask somehow.
I know, but how? He's stronger than us.
How could we possibly defeat
a monster like that?
- [Rika] There's a way.
- Uh Are you sure?
I think he's playing a real baseball game.
Yeah, and he doesn't throw continuously.
The distance he was able to throw
and that stance was
[Rika] He's definitely a pitcher,
and he's playing by the rules of the game.
I see. He is wearing a baseball uniform
so that makes sense.
There are a few things I've been wondering
about all the different types of Masks.
[Rika] If their brains
are completely dominated,
you would think
there wouldn't be any variations.
However, looking at the Masks
I've encountered
A part of their thinking
from their human form exists.
It's what then manifests
as their character.
[Rika] Basic logic and humanity
are completely taken over
by whoever is in control.
It seems like they're able to keep
some of their original thoughts.
For example
Take things like baseball rules
and sportsmanship,
if those aren't part
of what's being controlled
What is it?
Come on, throw me one!
You think you can beat us
with your novice pitching!
I'm gonna hit a home run with this bat.
[Rika] Damn it! This is so embarrassing.
I'd almost rather die!
I've got no choice.
As long as I'm the batter,
that Mask has to follow the rules
and won't be able to hit me!
Don't tell me
Is this a dead ball?
[metal clangs]
[Rika] That strike was incredible.
It looks like I was right.
Which means
there's no reason to be afraid now!
[heavy breathing]
- Shinji!
- Got it!
- [gunshots]
- [glass shatters]
Rika, no!
[strained grunts]
[Baseball Mask]
At your level, there's no chance.
[Rika] What?
You're nowhere near close.
At the level you're at now,
you'll never become God of this realm.
[Rika] What?
[Baseball Mask] Well done.
You utilized the pre-Mask nature
of my human form.
[Rika] Realm? God?
What the heck is he talking about?
But if you're already struggling
with defeating me,
you're far from being God.
[Rika] Wait. Does this guy know
some secret about this world?
Well, at least I got to play ball
in the end.
[groans, thuds]
[Shinji] Um, Rika, was it not okay
that I shot him?
It's fine.
Don't worry about it, all right?
You did a good job
with all of this, Shinji.
You're nowhere near close.
At the level you're at now,
you'll never become God of this realm.
[Rika] What did he mean "become God"?
I assumed the goal of this world
was to get to the helicopter.
But is there a different objective?
Hey, Rika, are you okay?
[Rika] Now's not the time to think.
Shinji, it would be best
if we head back for now.
- [Shinji] Okay.
- [Rika] The mention of "God" bothers me.
But I should probably be more concerned
about the "realm" part right now.
[Dealer Mask] It's a good thing
those boys didn't come in here.
If they did, I would've had to kill them.
Being able to navigate
this realm cautiously,
that's the only way to survive.
That is the path to becoming God.
[Sniper Mask]
I just remembered another thing.
I'm deathly afraid of heights.
I don't get it.
Why am I so fixated on that guy?
What exactly happened between us?
I can't remember anything important.
- [crackling]
- [groans]
[Sniper Mask] Uh, well, I better
prioritize my life until I face him again.
- Oh, yeah. That's right.
- [blasts]
I was about to be killed by his sister.
Damn siblings. They're a pain in the ass.
[Shinji] If this is a realm,
is there an area outside of it?
[Rika] Maybe. And let's say
there's a "host" of this realm.
If we could get on the outside
and away from their control,
we may be able to find out more
about this place,
and more importantly, how to destroy it.
An area outside of the realm
may not exist,
but it'll make the plan to take
the helicopter sound more convincing.
And if we really want
to carry out this plan,
then we need hope
to bring everyone together.
Uh, Rika?
[gasps, grunts]
Hold on. What about what you told me?
That Sniper Mask could be lurking
around here somewhere.
We can't let our guard down
just because it's dark, right?
[Rika] Actually, Sniper Mask is dead.
My sister annihilated him.
What! So your sister
has guts just like you do!
[Rika] Yuri really killed
that bastard, huh?
To be honest, I'm not surprised.
You want to destroy this world
because it pisses you off.
That's what you said.
Well, I'm totally with you!
God? Realm?
We're going to destroy
this horrible world.
No matter what it takes!
We'll do it with our very hands!
[water running]
[Yuri] Hey, Mayu.
I have a feeling, someone
just committed suicide again.
I don't know if it's suicide, but it's
an everyday occurrence in this world.
You really shouldn't
let it bother you to
- [Yuri] Of course, it bothers me!
- [gasps]
As long as this world exists,
innocent people get kidnapped here,
then they're forced
into committing suicide.
It's completely unforgivable!
I know, it's unfair.
But can you hurry up
and just put some clothes on already.
I'll sleep here tonight.
What? Won't you catch a cold?
Well, we can't afford
to be picky right now.
Yeah, but there's no bathroom here.
Bathroom? Why don't you just go
take care of it in a bush or
In In a bush? But I
Oh, um, I meant that
for emergency situations.
Yeah. Yeah, you're right!
This is an emergency.
[pained groans]
[man] I just gotta give up, right?
I just gotta give up!
[body thuds]
[Sniper Mask] I don't want
to be doing this, either.
However, I can't disobey
the mask's orders.
Did Did my mask get an error that time?
I got my awareness back a little.
[controller] Give them despair.
Make them commit suicide by jumping.
[Sniper Mask] This Command isn't online.
It's offline.
The moment you see the code
inside the mask,
the Command gets installed in your brain.
Depending on your situation,
different commands end up resonating.
How pathetic. This lousy mask,
it has full control of my brain.
I'd just be a joke to him.
Huh? His name
What was it?
Not again.
- [girl] Excuse me, are you okay?
- [groans]
Oh, my apologies.
I know Masks usually
aren't able to converse.
[Sniper Mask] Is this girl an idiot?
You really think you can talk
to a Mask like that?
I'll show you despair!
- [controller] Halt unnecessary action.
- [Sniper Mask] What?
- I, um sorry.
- It is unnecessary to push this human
- to the edge of despair.
- I just
This human has already reached
the level close to God.
[Sniper Mask] What the hell?
What's with this command?
This realm is a facility to create God.
[Sniper Mask] What do you mean "God"?
I need specifics.
[controller] It is unnecessary
for an Angel to interfere
with the one close to God.
So, um, I was just wondering
if you're okay?
Are you able to hear me right now?
[controller] This realm
is a facility to create God.
[closing theme music]
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