High-Rise Invasion (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

I Won't Give in to This World

[organ music playing]
Mayu is so cute when she's sleeping.
Wait a minute. I'm supposed
to be keeping an eye out.
Huh? Did I hear something?
[quiet grunt]
[bridge creaking]
Um Huh?
Uh What's he
[theme music]
[Yuri] "I Can't Lose
to a World Like This."
Oh, my apologies.
I know Masks usually
aren't able to converse.
[Sniper Mask] Is this girl an idiot?
You really think you can talk
to a Mask like that!
I'll show you despair!
- [controller] Halt unnecessary action.
- [Sniper Mask] What?
- I, um sorry.
- It is unnecessary to push this human
- to the edge of despair.
- I just
[controller] This human has already
reached the level close to God.
[Sniper Mask] What the hell?
What's with this command?
This realm is a facility to create God.
[Sniper Mask] What do you mean "God"?
I need specifics.
[controller] It is unnecessary
for an Angel to interfere
with the one close to God.
So, um, I was just wondering
if you're okay?
[controller] This realm is a facility
to create God.
Those who wear the masks are "Angels,"
and must perform the task
of bringing humans closer to God.
[Sniper Mask] So that was the end
of the command?
The "Angel's task," huh?
[relieved sigh]
Okay, it seems like
you have calmed down at little bit.
But I Well, I seem to be
at a loss right now.
[Sniper Mask] This girl is "close to God"?
What does that mean?
Not that it matters.
- [Sniper Mask] Hey.
- Oh!
- Mind if I ask you something?
- Huh?
Uh, so you can speak.
I wasn't sure if you could.
[Kuon] My name is Kuon Shinzaki.
The truth is, I'm just
I'm just really scared!
- Hey, hold on.
- [sobs]
[groans softly]
Yuri, where
Ah, hey, Mayu!
- Good morning!
- [gasps]
[Mayuko] You got this
from an Emotionless Mask?
Yeah. These will do fine.
Let's eat them later.
- And what is this?
- Huh?
A belt? Oh, wait?
[Yuri] It's a knife?
Hold on! Let me see that, Yuri!
- Whoa! What's the matter, Mayu?
- Uh
That is a pretty knife.
Hey, Yuri, would you mind
if I kept this one for myself?
Oh, that's right. You don't have
a weapon anymore, do you?
So I guess it only makes sense
that you keep it.
Thanks a lot.
[Yuri] Uh, Mayu
sure does love those knives.
[Mayuko humming]
Okay! First we need to eat,
then I'm gonna call my brother on
your phone and figure out what to do next.
[Rika] Other than a few differences,
this world is pretty much the same
as the one we came from.
[line ringing]
[Rika] Yuri, why aren't you answering?
[line ringing]
Huh? Oh, hey, so you're alive, Yuri.
- [Mayuko] Oh, I'm sorry.
- Huh?
Um, I'm actually an ally of Yuri's.
My name is Mayuko Nise.
[Mayuko] I just answered her phone
without thinking since she's sleeping
Talk about
[both] Awkward silence.
Uh, Mayuko Nise, was it? It's a pleasure.
And Yuri Is my sister doing okay?
[Mayuko] She's asleep.
I couldn't eat another bite, Mayu.
Okay, a little.
[Mayuko] We were just eating together
a minute ago.
Next thing I knew, she was asleep.
- [snoring]
- [Rika] Sorry about that.
She has a bad habit
of suddenly falling asleep.
Once she's out,
- it's impossible to wake her up.
- [Yuri mumbling]
All right, well, if you want me to,
I can give a message to her.
[Rika] I need you to shoot her.
I just wanted to tell you sorry.
Excuse me?
[Rika] I needed to apologize,
but it's nothing.
Anyway, listen, I'm trusting that you're
gonna tell her everything I found out.
And what I'm planning on doing.
Will do.
[Chef Mask chuckles]
Undeniably très bien!
That high school girl in the blazer
will make the perfect ingredient!
I'm so happy I came to this world!
So happy I put on the mask!
But, you know, it seems
like something is missing.
If I had that girl, then I'd be fulfilled!
Très bien!
Now, down to business.
All right. Well, that's all
I needed to tell you for now.
But before I go,
there's something you have to know.
What's that?
[Rika] From here on out,
I'm counting on you to look after Yuri.
Uh, of course! Don't worry.
[Mayuko] Yuri will be under my protection.
[Sniper Mask] To think
you really didn't know a thing.
[Kuon] Um, Mr. Mask,
if you're okay with it,
could we perhaps operate as a team?
'Cause you see,
I'm kind of nervous on my own.
[Sniper Mask] Sorry,
but I've got obligations here, too.
You're better off searching
for some human to team up with.
Okay. I understand.
There are some girls out there,
a pair of high school girls like you.
- Huh?
- [Sniper Mask] Come with me.
We can search together for a little while.
I'm gonna go ahead
and guess that they're still alive.
[Sniper Mask] Hey, girl,
if you don't hurry, I'll leave you behind.
Uh, one thing, Mr. Mask.
I have to say simply addressing someone
as "girl" is a rather rude thing to do.
[Sniper Mask splutters]
Okay, fine.
What do you want me to call you?
Well, maybe you could call me my name,
which is "Miss Shinzaki."
[Sniper Mask] Uh
Calling you that would be lame. Forget it.
Just try not to worry
about the details, okay, girl?
My! What a disrespectful individual!
If this building is empty like the others,
then it will be impossible
to gather allies.
- [Mayuko] What's your problem now?
- Huh?
I mean, we only just started this mission.
That's a bad habit of yours, you know?
Getting flustered like that so quickly.
Now what?
You and I may be the same age,
but you're just like an older sister!
Big sister Mayuko!
You said "big sister"?
Thanks! That cheered me up!
[Yuri] Big sister Mayuko!
[Mayuko] Ever since I was little,
I've been unwanted.
I was even told I'm the type
who's never gonna find happiness.
[Mayuko's dad]
Of course it's your fault, Mayuko!
[classmate 1]
Teacher, it was all Mayuko's fault!
[classmate 2] Yeah, I agree.
[Mayuko's mom]
If not for you if not for you,
this wouldn't have happened!
[Mayuko's dad]
You bring shame to our house!
It's not my fault!
[Mayuko] What a turn of events.
To come from that life into this world
of despair and still feel happiness.
Au revoir!
[Mayuko] Ah!
Hang on a second! This isn't right.
I'm not ready.
This isn't the time I wanted to die!
Au revoir!
- Huh?
- [wind gusting]
Huh? Where's Mayu?
[Mayuko whimpers]
[Chef Mask chuckles]
Hello there!
Welcome to heaven! Nice to meet you!
My name is
Well, you can just call me Mr. Chef Mask!
Mr. Chef Mask?
[Chef Mask] Mm. Good.
It's so good.
[Chef Mask breathing heavily]
[pleasured moans]
[Chef Mask chuckles]
It's perfect.
[Mayuko] What's with this guy?
He's not acting like the others.
Something's weird about this Mask.
Wait! Look. I'm going to jump.
A Mask can't kill
a suicidal human, can they?
[Chef Mask] Really funny story!
Turns out my mask has a defect.
So you're not getting off that easily.
You see, I hear the commands in my head,
But I have managed
to preserve my own will!
Oh, and it gets better.
All the abilities the mask gives me,
I still got them!
[Mayuko] I'll just kill him.
Like all the ones before him.
[Chef Mask] Another truly wonderful face!
You really do have some good stuff!
Ah! If I only I had your stuff,
I would have no need for
All the others!
[Mayuko's dad] It's Mayuko's fault!
[Mayuko's mom]
Killing that person makes you bad!
[man] Help me!
[pained scream]
[Mayuko] It's true. I'm the bad one.
I'm bad for living on.
For killing people and living on.
uh the bad one.
The bad one. The bad one.
- [gunshot]
- [screams]
[Chef Mask] From behind me?
How the hell did you
- [gunshots]
- [screams in pain]
[Mayuko] Yuri, are you
Are you actually God?
[Yuri] Mayu, are you all right?
Take that gun and go up the stairs.
Uh, okay, Yuri, I will. Thank you.
Are you going to be all right, though?
Don't worry. I'll be fine.
[Yuri grunting]
[Yuri groaning]
- [Yuri grunting]
- You need help?
[Yuri] No, I made it! I refuse to die!
I won't lose to a world like this!
- [Mayuko] Yuri.
- [Chef Mask grumbling]
[labored breathing]
Why you lousy little temptress!
Did no one ever tell you
murder is unacceptable?
If you want to survive in this world,
you'd better forget
about any kind of happiness!
If you want to be happy,
let's do it together,
and jump from
[pained screams]
My neck! My neck! It hurts, it hurts!
Forget happiness in order to survive?
I'm not so sure.
In fact, I'd say that I'm actually
quite happy at the moment.
[Mayuko] Meeting Yuri made things
very clear for me.
My reason for living is to find
my own happiness.
If I commit suicide or get killed,
I won't be able to do that.
So I've got to stay determined.
And I have to keep fighting
no matter what.
[body thuds]
Mayu! We can make some new allies!
Amazing, right?
I figured they must be people like us
who really just want to try
and do something about this world!
There's something really fishy about this.
I don't mean to bring you down, but
what is this "God" they're talking about?
- Huh?
- This looks pretty suspicious to me.
I'm sorry, I guess I did get
a little excited.
[Kuon] Oh! It says "peacefully"
right there.
[Sniper Mask] Yeah, but there's
something strange about it.
Still, they do know of the word "God."
These guys may know some secrets.
[Yuri] I think there's a good chance
we'll find someone in that building.
Yeah, maybe,
but it could also just be a trap?
Mm. But we might have the opportunity
to make lots of allies all at once.
[Yuri] And we definitely need more allies,
so we may have to risk the danger.
Okay, fine. You're right.
We can start heading over
to the black building next then.
Oh, um, Mr. Mask, if you don't mind,
can we go to this building?
[Sniper Mask] Yeah, whatever.
I guess we'll go check it out.
That duo might show up, too.
[Sniper Mask] Honestly. Women are so
And while you're waiting,
please feel free to take a look through
the photos I've taken while in this world.
[Kuon] Oh! Just don't look through
anything but the pictures!
[Sniper Mask]
Taking pictures in this world?
This girl has no cares at all.
Well, from these angles, I guess
you could argue it's beautiful.
- Huh?
- [Kuon yelps]
[thudding in distance]
Um, Mr. Mask, what on earth happened?
[Sniper Mask] Oh, it was nothing.
[Sniper Mask] What in
What is this ridiculous bulletin?
- Huh?
- [gasps]
[Yuri] Excuse me, are you the one
who made the poster?
- Hm.
- Huh?
[ominous music]
[gasps, grunts]
- [crackling]
- [grunts]
Yuri, no!
Let go of me, you nasty pervert!
[Yuri] I can't I can't move.
[labored breathing]
[Yuri] There's tape
on the back of the mask?
Is that how
What do you know about masks?
Are you aware
that they can be either hits or misses?
[Sniper Mask] God's Code? So they
transform humans into some kind of God?
Like a special code?
You have to understand,
within the masks, there are said to be
what are called "big hits."
If you can find those, this world,
this territory,
will come to an end.
I'm going to have you test for me whether
this mask is one of those big hits or not.
[muffled grunts]
[Yuri] Is this the end for me?
[muffled grunts]
Who the hell are you? Let's get him, boys!
- Right!
- Right!
[Yuri] Masked Rider Mask?
[Mayuko] That is, without a doubt,
a strong mask.
- The strongest we've seen so far.
- Get the hell away from me.
- [gunshots]
- I said stay back!
- [thwacks]
- [grunts]
[Yuri] You have to run, Mayu.
And if you see my brother,
tell him I'm sorry.
And also, tell him I gave it my best shot.
Mayu, what
Yuri, just know that I care for you.
Mayu, is is that You wouldn't!
Don't you see that if I don't do this,
you'll be killed?
You can't! Don't put it on!
[Yuri] Mayu!
[Sniper Mask] Hey, girl. Wait a minute.
What's wrong?
We don't know what we'll find.
I'll go first.
[Kuon] I knew he was a kind person.
[Sniper Mask]
I was about to see your panties.
What's with her?
[Kuon giggles]
[Yuri] This can't be.
There's no way this is happening.
You're okay, right, Mayu?
[maniacal laugher]
[Rider Mask] Tell me,
is that girl's mask functioning properly?
[controller] It appears
that her neurons and action potential
are operating as they normally would
under the control of the mask.
She is, without a doubt, an Angel.
[Yuri] Mayu has become a Mask.
I kill Masks!
Who am I kidding?
Go ahead, Mayu. Please make it painless.
[Yuri] So it's happening.
I'm going to die.
This is it!
[closing theme music]
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