High-Rise Invasion (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

That's an Incredible Ultimate Weapon

[ominous music]
[Yuri] Huh?
- [Mayuko] Don't worry, Yuri.
- Huh?
It's gonna be all right.
This is all going as planned!
What? You have a plan?
[heavy breathing]
[Rider Mask] What the hell is going on?
To repeat the answer from earlier,
- she is, without a doubt, an Angel.
- [grunts]
[controller] However,
she is acting on her own will.
[Rider Mask] Impossible!
[controller] The reason for this
is unknown. Perhaps
So it's a defective mask?
Yeah. Mr. Chef Mask had said,
"My mask is different.
It came with a defect.
And I have managed
to preserve my own will all along!"
So I figured if that were true,
then I most likely wouldn't be brainwashed
by the mask even if I were to put it on.
[Mayuko] At least that's what I'm hoping.
The way she's moving isn't human.
[Yuri] Is that Mayu?
Is that really the Mayu I know?
[Mayuko] I caught him off-guard
and inflicted damage.
It also seems I've obtained
the abilities of the mask.
But even with that, I'm struggling.
At this rate I'll lose!
- Huh?
- [Yuri grunts]
- [grunts]
- [growls]
[body thuds]
- [sighs]
- [Yuri] I am so glad.
She hasn't changed.
She's definitely still the Mayu I know!
[theme music]
[Yuri] "My Strongest Weapon."
You know, I
[Rider Mask] I never imagined
there would be defective masks.
You girls must be pretty lucky.
They say that having luck
is an ability as well.
Now please
[Rider Mask] Just Just put an end
to this detestable world.
This world needs to be destroyed.
[Rider Mask groans]
Mayu, I'm so sorry. I was wrong.
I never should've doubted you earlier.
I don't blame you. I acted
without giving you any explanation.
But even then, you still chose
not to shoot me
and you helped me put Rider Mask
out of commission.
[Mayuko] You've done enough.
There's no need for you
to apologize to me.
[Mayuko] Am I really all right?
What if I don't see
the effects until later.
- [Sachio] Hey!
- [gasps]
Who are you?
Excuse me, Mr. Mask?
The two high school girls
If we really end up finding them here,
does that mean you and I
are going to go separate ways after that?
[Sniper Mask] That's right.
Wouldn't you prefer that, too?
Uh, yeah.
[Sniper Mask] However,
I am still curious Kuon Shinzaki.
The one who's closer to God.
What's known at this point
is that she's a human, who
who somehow doesn't get attacked by Masks.
- [Yuri] Stop right there!
- [grunts]
You need to put down
your weapon down right now.
[Sachio] Very well.
[Yuri] So, tell us, who are you?
My name I'm Sachio Tanabe.
I strayed into this miserable world
the day before yesterday.
I'm just going to be direct with you.
[Sachio] My goal here on out is to kill
all those who are closer to God!
What do you mean by that?
- Just wait a minute, Yuri.
- Huh?
[Sniper Mask] Those who are closer to God?
[Mayuko] Well then,
I'm going to be direct with you, too.
[steel clanging]
- [growls]
- What?
As you can see now,
if you had been planning
on deceiving the two of us,
I would think twice about it.
But that was a superhuman technique.
Does that mean
that you're one of those Masks?
Sure, you can say that.
[Sachio] So, I suppose
that girl over there with the darker hair
must be the one closer to God.
Can she manipulate Masks
just like that last bastard?
- What?
- [Sniper Mask] Masks can be manipulated?
I have no plans to trick you.
I only beg you, please! Please lend me
that extraordinary power of yours!
- Huh?
- Hm?
I had four other allies and we all stuck
together through thick and thin!
[Sachio] In a short period of time,
we overcame many bloodsheds together.
We were blessed with a strong bond.
Just like family!
As we consistently advanced forward,
we got to the building with an antenna.
But that's when that bastard appeared!
He gave orders to the little girl
wearing the mask and then
That was when
He annihilated my entire family!
My name is Kazuma Aohara.
My profession is a surgeon.
Well, in this realm
I suppose it's different.
What I should say is that
I'm the one closer to God.
To God? What are you talking about?
You see, I strive to eliminate
those who want to put an end
to this fabulous place.
[Kazuma] I would like to request
your help in accomplishing this.
I'm only able to control one Angel,
one Mask as you call them, at a time.
It's too much of a risk to kill off
every single nuisance I encounter.
So what do you think?
Will you accept my request
or will you choose to die here?
But instead, I chose the path to survive.
Those four people were my family,
and now all of them are dead!
I refuse to let that scum
get away with it!
I sure won't let him exploit me!
I am very fortunate.
I didn't expect to encounter
another one closer to God this quickly.
I beg of you! Help me defeat this devil!
He needs to pay for what he's done.
[Yuri] If there's even a slight chance
this person knows how to end this world,
it might be worth it to go talk to him.
- [Yuri] I understand.
- [Mayuko] What? Yuri?
[Sachio] So, you mean that you'll help me?
[Yuri] Mayu, can I borrow
your phone again?
[Mayuko] Huh? Oh, yeah.
[Sniper Mask] What the hell's going on?
- [Yuri] Oh! Hello, Rika?
- [both gasp]
Yup! I'm doing fine over here!
I've got all sorts of new intel for you!
[Yuri] So, actually
[Mayuko] Hey, Yuri, what did you do
with that gun you found earlier?
[Yuri] Oh, that?
Well, I realize it's too heavy
for me to use. I still have it, though.
Listen, there's something I need to say.
I can't guarantee this won't end up
turning into a battle.
I want to apologize now.
No, it's fine.
However, in the event that they
somehow manage to get control of me
Hey, Mr. Mask, it looks to me
like they're all leaving.
[exhales smoke]
[Sniper Mask]
Yeah, well, I'm in no hurry to tail them.
We know where they're going.
[Kuon] Okay, but still.
[Sniper Mask] Hey, girl
I'm curious.
Do you have the ability
to manipulate Masks?
Oh, well, uh
I'm not sure. I don't really know
anything about what's going on.
[Sniper Mask] All right.
Well, if that's the case,
then I don't see the point in us
staying together any longer.
- [whimpering continues]
- [Sniper Mask] Well, what is it?
Um, okay, one, two, three!
[whimpering continues]
So you decided to come back.
[Kazuma] Mr. Tanabe, was it?
You only brought two with you.
And on top of that, they're girls.
I must admit, I expected you
to gather a few more allies
to come and seek revenge on me.
His voice isn't having any effect on me.
So that means, at least for now,
I think I'll be okay.
All right, good.
Now all we have to do
is try to have a civilized
- [Sachio] Shut up, you damn punk!
- [gasps]
- This girl right here is another one
- What?
- What? Wait a minute, Mr. Tanabe! I
- who is closer to God, just like you!
And the other girl standing next to her
has obtained the great abilities
of a Mask!
The force of the three of us together
will be unstoppable.
[Sachio] You better brace yourself!
Hey! We were only supposed to talk first!
Oh, well, I suspected
I wasn't the only one in this realm.
That's unfortunate for you, though.
I'm willing to do anything to make sure
no one becomes
a "Perfect God" before I do.
[Kazuma] Ein! Slash them all to death!
[metal clangs]
[Mayuko] Endurance?
Yup! My brother said once you're a Mask,
your endurance won't change
from your human form.
So, Mayu, you can be at an advantage
if you focus on defense first,
and get the enemy to exhaust their energy.
[Mayuko] All right, I can win.
We have a solid plan and I'm stronger now.
I'm just happy I am able to help out Yuri.
[Yuri] Mayu, I'm sorry
I can't help you, but you've got this!
- [metal rasps]
- [grunts]
[Sachio] This my chance!
This is for what you did to my family,
you monster!
- What?
- No, don't!
[pained groans]
- [Mayuko grunts]
- [moans]
[Sachio] Damn you.
So foolish.
[metal rasping]
[Mayuko] It seems like
she's getting pretty tired. Good.
[Kazuma] Ein.
She won't make it much longer.
This is the moment!
[Mayuko] I'll take out her right arm!
This is it!
It's finally your turn. Do it, Zwei!
You idiots! You thought that Ein
was the only Mask I am able to control?
- Zwei.
- Zwei! No!
- [body thudding]
- But She
[Kazuma] I don't believe it.
She saw right through my strategy?
- That dumb-looking girl?
- [grunts]
[Yuri] It's exactly what Rika said.
[Rika] What strikes me as odd
is how he said he can only control
one Mask at a time.
You said he called the Mask "Ein," right?
- [heavy breathing]
- "Ein." That word means "one" in German.
- [grunts]
- "Two" is "zwei."
It's extremely likely
he can control more than one.
[Kuon gasps]
Oh, no!
At this rate, more people
are going to end up hurt!
I'm going to lose?
I can't. If I lose here, then it'll be
just like in the other world.
[Kazuma] The world of constant abuse
by the seniors at a hospital
out in the back country.
But here, here in this world,
it's different!
The superior humans are treated favorably.
It's a fitting place for me to be!
I'm an invincible existence in this realm.
There's no way in hell I'll lose,
especially not to you, brats!
I've got a higher education and income
than both of you combined!
There's no chance
that you'll be able to defeat me!
[Yuri] His eyes.
I've seen them before.
If we let this guy go, he'll continue
using his Masks to kill more people.
Then, I have no choice but to kill him.
Mr. Mask! Will you please
do something to help?
- [Sniper Mask] You don't get it, Kuon.
- What?
[Sniper Mask] Things have changed
and you're not safe anymore.
As long as the ones
who can control the Masks exist,
they can kill you in a single strike,
since you're empty-handed.
I mean, just think about it.
You're better off
letting them kill each other first.
[Kuon] But still
[Sniper Mask] Look, there's no doubt
there's something special about you.
But for some reason,
you're choosing to ignore that
as if it has nothing to do with you.
Trust me when I say,
you won't get anywhere
with that kind of mentality.
[Sniper Mask] In order for you to survive
and prevent any more people
from becoming victims,
it's time for you to start thinking
about what you can do to help.
[blows air]
Am I wrong, Kuon?
[Kuon] He's He's concerned for me.
He cares about me.
All this time, he was acting
like he was annoyed,
but it was just a facade.
He even called me by my name.
Okay. I understand, Mr. Mask!
I'm going to face my reality now!
I'll think carefully, and I'll do
what it takes to protect myself.
[Sniper Mask] Hm, was I too hard on her.
- [electricity crackling]
- [gasps]
[shutter clicks]
[Sniper Mask] What are you doing?
[Kuon] Sending a warning shot.
[Sniper Mask] What?
Are things coming back to you?
[Kuon] Yes, a little bit.
[Sniper Mask] Wait a minute!
Kuon, I think you're acting too quickly!
I know what my weapon is.
It's a gun. Just like you, Mr. Mask!
[powers up]
What is that?
[all gasp]
[Kazuma] What was that?
Did you just make that happen?
You're telling me
that's what your ability is?
- Huh?
- Mm.
[both] Huh?
[Yuri gasps]
He really believes I did that!
If I could use this
to my advantage somehow,
maybe I could settle this
without killing anyone!
I'll show him
my ultimate killer technique!
It's called "acting!"
[Yuri] That's exactly right!
Now you know that I'm closer to God
than you'll ever be.
A mere pest like you will never
be able to defeat someone like me!
- Huh?
- Wha What the
- [Kuon] Ah
- [Sniper Mask] What the hell is she doing?
[evil chuckle]
I have to admit it was fun playing
with you for a while, though.
So what should we do now?
Do you want to keep playing?
[Yuri] So what's your plan, huh?
Little Ein, would you like me
to finish you off quickly?
Like I did to poor Zwei?
- [Ein] Zwei. Zwei.
- What's wrong?
[Kazuma] I surrender! I give up
on trying to become the Perfect God too!
So please don't do this.
Please spare my life
and spare Ein's as well.
Ha! How pathetic!
[evil laugh]
[Mayuko] How could you pull off
something so ridiculous like that?
- Yuri, you're terrifying.
- [coughs]
- But you're also a total genius.
- [Sachio groans]
- [Mayuko] Mr. Tanabe?
- [Sachio moaning]
[Mayuko] He's alive!
Hey, you! You're a doctor, right?
- [Yuri] You need to treat him right now!
- [grunts]
Oh, uh, all right.
[Yuri] The murder, the sin
you committed will never disappear,
but you can at least try to atone for it.
[Kazuma] Okay. I understand.
Look, Mr. Mask! Everything worked out!
[Sniper Mask] That sailor uniform girl
is a force to be reckoned with.
You know what?
I think I have another idea.
Can I try to control a Mask?
[Sniper Mask] Why?
Do you remember something else?
Hey, Rika. What was that?
[Rika] Most likely, it was a railgun.
[Kohei] A railgun. You mean like
[Rika] A device that's able to launch
high-speed projectiles.
That's right.
You tend to see it in sci-fi a lot.
[Rika] And just like the way
the masks work,
maybe the way
that railgun works can't be explained
with the knowledge we have in our world.
How disappointing.
[Sniper Mask] Wavelength, huh?
Yes. From what I've gathered,
the Angel and I need to be on the same
wavelength or else I can't control them.
[Sniper Mask] Hey, Kuon.
Do you think you could seal the masks'
commands with your powers?
[Kuon] No, I don't think so.
In fact, I don't even know
if that's possible.
I guess, it turns out
that I'm just as useless as ever.
[Sniper Mask]
There's no need to rush this.
Thanks to the mask, I seem
to have forgotten a lot of things as well.
We're in the same boat.
- Hm? Perfect timing.
- Huh?
- Let's eat.
- Is it a meal?
[excited whimpers]
[Sniper Mask]
Look, I know this is what you wanted,
but are you really that nervous
to look at my face?
It might not help
since I'm just saying this about myself,
but I don't think you'd get too scared
if you saw my face.
[Kuon] He doesn't think
I should be nervous.
Does he have a handsome face?
He's Mr. Mask! A good-looking man!
[Sniper Mask] Well, suit yourself.
Hey, you! How long are you planning
on standing there for?
[Worker Mask] If the ones closer to God
become a Perfect God,
everything will go well.
[both gasp]
[Worker Mask] If God desires peace,
peace prevails.
If God desires chaos,
then chaos will succeed.
There can be only one Perfect God.
If you are aiming to become that,
then best of luck to you.
- I've made up my mind!
- What?
I'm Kuon Shinzaki,
and I will aim to be a Perfect God!
I'll do it for Mr. Mask!
And I'll do it to end
this world peacefully once and for all!
[Sniper Mask chuckles]
You, a God, huh?
That's a concerning thought.
But I guess it's a step forward for now.
Huh? And if it works,
that's when I'll look at your face.
- Huh?
- [gasps]
Uh, nothing! I'm just talking to myself.
[woman screams]
Please stop! Don't do this.
I'm begging you, please! No!
- [woman cries]
- [evil laugh]
- [woman screams]
- Huh?
[woman] There's another one!
You just killed them.
Please help me!
- [Rika] Bravo!
- Huh?
Tell me, are you also being controlled
by one closer to God?
- [phone rings]
- Hm?
- A phone?
- [gasps]
[Rikuya] Oh, um, hello there!
Uh, hello. I'm guessing
you're the one closer to God
who's controlling this Mask?
That's right. I'm Rikuya Yoshida.
A first year in high school!
[Rika] My name is Rika Honjo,
a third year.
[Rikuya] So we're both students.
That might make things easier
since we have that in common.
[Rika] Yeah, I guess so.
Now, where exactly
are you watching us from?
[Rikuya] Wow, I'm impressed
you even knew I was.
I'm on the rooftop of a building
like the kind you'd find in Ikebukuro!
Huh? Oh, that one.
[Rika] Yeah, I see it.
It really does look like that.
So does this mean
that you're also closer to God?
[Rika] No, I'm not.
I'm gonna ask you something and
I'm trusting that you're an honest guy.
How did you get the powers that you have?
I'll trust you as well,
and I'll answer the best that I can.
However, it might not help.
You see, most of my memory
was deleted after putting it on.
[Rika] "It"?
[Rikuya] I woke up in a strange apartment.
There was only a white box
sitting in the room.
You said the mask was mouthless?
[Rikuya] Yes. Without knowing anything,
I read the mask's code.
It installed loads of data
into my brain at once.
The Command activated at the end
and that's when it destroyed the mask.
And that's it.
That's what I remember
about becoming one closer to God.
Okay. And what is a Perfect God?
Unfortunately, I still don't have
any information on that.
I'm sorry I can't help.
Although, for some reason, there is
one thing that I can confidently say.
All wishes will be granted
when it happens.
What's that?
[Rika] Happy, sad, emotionless,
and now mouthless.
That must be the "jackpot" mask
Yuri was talking about.
The mask that converts humans
into ones closer to God.
[closing theme music]
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