High-Rise Invasion (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

If I Become a Perfect God

[foreboding music]
[Yuri] Really? Wow! Rikuya sounds great.
Yeah. We're doing all right so far, too.
[Mayuko] Yuri and her brother
really are trying
to do something about this world.
Me, I'm just going to protect Yuri,
admittedly, for my own sake.
From here on out, I
- [Masked Mayuko] Mayuko Nise.
- [gasps]
Do you truly believe you can maintain
that state of uncertainty?
Well, do you, Mayuko Nise?
A Mask? No, it's me? I, uh
I am already
[theme music]
[Yuri] "If I Become a Perfect God."
- [Mayuko] No, I'm not I'm
- [Yuri] Mayu?
Are you all right?
You were just sleeping standing up.
Huh? Wait a minute. I was asleep?
So Then, that was
A dream? Or was it?
You must be tired.
You did fight really hard, you know.
Why don't we go have a seat on that bench?
Hm? Sure.
[Mayuko] I think
I've grasped it well enough.
So, what do you think
we should be doing next?
Well, my brother said he's aiming
for the Ikebukuro-style building
where that Rikuya person is.
I'd like to search for it as well.
Then I could finally meet up
with my brother there.
Yeah, good idea.
Oh, by the way,
are we just leaving Mr. Tanabe here?
Ah! I forgot about that!
[Kazuma] The truly vital treatment
begins now,
but there will be no danger to his life.
If you're just saying
you're gonna treat him,
then actually kill him instead,
I'm gonna be mad.
I would never do anything
to induce your anger.
- Can I take your word?
- Mm-hm.
Well, then the two of us
will be leaving now.
I assume you'll handle it from here.
- [sneezing]
- Huh?
[Kazuma groans]
It's still hanging there. Let me get it.
- What am I going to do with you?
- [babbling]
She took off her mask?
[Ein sneezes]
- [grumbles]
- [Yuri humming]
That little Ein,
she is too cute for words.
I wish she was my younger sister.
We would have so much fun
[Mayuko] Yuri, how can you go on
and on so happily like that?
Something about it
seriously irritates the heck out of me.
Hey, she took that thing off
pretty easily, didn't she?
Hm! Yeah, well, with approval
from the mask and a little time,
it's definitely possible.
Ah, so you already knew about that?
[Mayuko] Wait. Why did I know that?
Did I actually
- [man wailing]
- [gasps]
Huh? We should help, Mayu.
All right.
[Mayuko] The mask that I put on
was supposed to have been defective.
Are you okay? Did something happen?
No, it was
It was nothing.
[Mayuko panting]
Huh? Mayu! Hey!
If you're not feeling well,
we can go back and rest.
That scream didn't sound good,
but you're way more important than that.
Thanks for being concerned, Yuri,
but I promise I'm fine.
[Mayuko] It doesn't have full control
over my brain yet.
I have to try to protect
my own will no matter what.
At least until Yuri can reunite
with her brother.
- [Yuri] I'll open it.
- [Mayuko] Okay.
[Yuri] What is this? A library?
[Mayuko] Yeah, it's huge,
and there are a lot of blind spots.
[both grunt]
[approaching footsteps]
[both gasp]
[both grunt]
[Mayuko] This one's tough.
Now, while I still have my senses,
I'll kill anyone
who makes an enemy of Yuri.
[Yuri] Is Mayu getting all worked up?
What for?
[Mayuko] Our difference in reach
is a real problem.
I have to disarm him first!
That's a pretty wide swing.
You think I'm an amateur?
[Mayuko] Maybe he's not a strong Mask?
Mayu, don't do it!
- [gasps]
- [thwacks]
- [screaming]
- [gunshots]
- [Yuri] Mayu! Answer me. Mayu!
- [Mayuko groans]
[Yuri] She's alive, thank goodness.
She's hurt really bad.
It'll be tough to get to her.
- [gun cocks]
- [gunshot]
[Bat Mask] Huh? This sucks.
[Yuri gasps]
The sound of that gun
The manner of shooting
So you're alive then, Sniper Mask!
[Yuri grunts]
Yuri, you
I'm glad you're conscious.
How are you? Can you get up?
I'm fine. He didn't hit me
directly in the head.
It's not serious. Where's the Mask?
He's dead.
But now we have
an even more difficult opponent.
[Yuri] That Sniper Mask survived,
and now he's here.
- [Yuri] Do you see that staircase?
- Yeah.
That's our best option.
Let's go!
[Sniper Mask]
I wasn't planning on attacking them.
[Sniper Mask] They took off
before I could even get a word in.
I was really hoping we could all join up.
Do you think we might catch them
if we were to hurry?
[Sniper Mask] Well, they may have had
more hand grenades left
so it's best not to chase after them.
Now that they've discovered my presence,
we'll have to move with caution.
Keeping that girl alive
is good for my goals as well.
What do you mean by your goals, Mr. Mask?
[Sniper Mask]
That doesn't exactly concern you.
[Sniper Mask] Uh What are you doing?
It seems like you're always demanding
that others spill their guts to you,
but would you be found doing the same?
So to take a page from your book, I'd say
it's rather "lame" of you to do that.
Or is it something else?
Maybe there's some embarrassing reason
why you simply can't share
what you're thinking with anyone?
Uh, you're too close to me.
So then, am I right?
Okay, I get it. Would you just back up?
[Sniper Mask exhales]
In the oldest memory I currently have
[Sniper Mask] I was already obeying
the mask's orders at that point.
I was wandering about,
searching for humans.
That's when I started walking up
to the roof of a dimly lit building.
When I got to the top,
I found a lone human.
Unbelievable. So even you,
out of all people, put on a mask?
[Sniper Mask]
He seemed like he knew who I was.
But at the time,
my mask had no cracks in it.
And I couldn't do a thing
but obey the orders and act.
[controller] Push that human into despair.
Compel him into suicide by falling.
- [grunts]
- [clatters]
[Sniper Mask] We don't go in
with any intention to kill the target.
And he knew that.
So by dropping his weapons,
he signaled with his will
that he also had no intention
of killing me.
[Sniper Mask] I could tell in that moment
what his real objective was,
he wanted to take off my mask.
[Sniper Mask] That guy looked at me
with tears running down his face.
I don't know exactly who he is,
but I'm slowly starting to remember
my connection with him.
I'm not positive about this,
however, it's very likely
he was a close friend of mine. So
I want to meet with him
and confirm for myself.
He also might be able to tell me more
about my past.
[Sniper Mask] Huh? Wait, what's wrong?
What are you crying for?
I'm sorry, but it's just that
when I think about how your friend
must have felt,
that moment when he saw you
wearing a mask,
how painful it was for him.
[Sniper Mask] That's right. Why did I put
this mask on in the first place?
[Sniper Mask]
I didn't put it on of my own volition.
It was put on me!
[Sniper Mask] That woman
No. No. Actually,
I think there were two Masks there.
After being defeated by them, I
I was just waiting to be killed off.
[Kusakabe] Aside from everything,
I have to say your taste in fashion
is impeccable.
Wait, you are able to speak?
[Kusakabe] Yup!
You see, my wavelength ended up
being a complete match with that person's.
So much so, that I was even able
to speak again.
Tell me something.
Do you know how to do it?
How to access the railgun system?
Just kill me already.
Oh, it seems like you don't get it,
but I won't be killing you, silly.
In fact, I have a present
for your stylish little self!
If you act now, this wonderful rifle
will be all yours too!
I just know you're gonna
become a strong Mask.
Do you really think I wanna become
a puppet like you?
I'd rather just die!
[Kusakabe] Angels have it so easy, though.
The inconvenience of school and work,
fear and anxiety, it will all go away.
This is your salvation.
[Sniper Mask screams]
What a terrifying thing to go through.
It's strange. I'm feeling scared
but I can't quite nail down why.
[Kuon] So the one closer to God
who's controlling that mask
They want to know how to fire the railgun?
[Sniper Mask] So it seems.
[Kuon] Then that means, there are people
in this world who desire chaos.
[Kusakabe] The moment that God is born,
this realm will dissipate.
And if that's true, then that means there
is only one who can become a Perfect God.
Who was it that just fired the railgun?
It looks like
I'm gonna have to go find them.
How exciting.
[Mayuko] I think I'm starting
to understand
what that mask-wearing version
of myself is.
It's the persistence of the mask
trying to control my brain.
If it were to take over
my mind completely,
it would gain full control
over me at that point.
It seems like it may be close
to succeeding.
[Yuri] Doesn't this building's atmosphere
kind of remind you
of the building where you and I first met?
I know it wasn't that long ago,
but it's so nostalgic.
It already feels like
we're lifelong friends, don't you think?
- [thuds]
- Huh?
- [heavy breathing]
- [Yuri] Hey, Mayu! What's wrong?
[Mayuko] I'm still conscious,
but I'm not able to move my body!
- Are you okay? Say something! Mayu!
- [grunts]
[Mayuko] Yuri, I wanted to stay with you
at least until you found your brother.
[Yuri] This is This is my fault.
I didn't notice it had gotten this bad.
I pushed her too far. I'm sorry.
I'm the worst.
Mayu, I'm so sorry.
Don't get in my way.
This really isn't the time right now.
- [Mayuko] You're incredible, Yuri.
- Huh?
[Mayuko] You don't have the mask's power,
but you're going to survive
because you're you.
- Look, even if I don't make it
- Hold on. What are you saying?
I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
I really thought that that the mask
was gonna end up being defective,
but I guess I was wrong.
My will is gradually slipping
from my control.
[Mayuko] Something is inside my head,
and it's it's calling to me.
It has to be the mask's orders.
Soon, I'll become a puppet
with no will of my own.
No, you won't!
Luckily, I have no regrets,
and that's because I got to save you.
But parting with you
is something I don't want.
[Yuri] What do you mean "parting"?
[Mayuko] It's just the mask
I was wearing was broken.
And if a mask breaks, you know what kind
of orders are going to come next.
- [groans]
- You mean the order to take your own life?
Except I don't want to die
because of some stupid order.
Well then don't.
There's no reason for you to obey it! Huh?
[Mayuko] And so
I'm going to make my own decision to jump.
I hope you understand. Goodbye, Yuri.
To have met each other
in a world like this
I couldn't be more grateful.
- [gasps]
- I won't let you die. You can't give up!
There has to be some other option!
Thank you, but please don't do this.
Yuri, I'm sorry,
but you have to let me go.
Otherwise, you're in danger too
I won't let go!
[Mayuko] There's no more time.
She's She's here. Please do it now.
- [electricity crackling]
- Hurry.
[gasps, grunts]
You are you
[controller] Humans that cannot jump
to their death must be killed.
Mayu, no! Please come back to me.
- Must be killed. Must be killed.
- You can't lose to a mask!
Must be killed.
- Must be killed. Must be killed.
- Yuri Honjo
Yuri, I
- [groans]
- Hey, what's wrong?
[controller] Current Current program
cannot confirm proper operation.
Despair command, kill command,
suicide command,
and many others commands have overlapped.
They had become inoperable.
The prime form of Mayuko Nise's will
is not under full control at this time.
Listen, you have to try
to bring yourself back.
[controller] Self-recovery is impossible.
The current program will now enter
into hibernation mode.
[powers down]
- [thuds]
- Huh?
Mayu? What's happening?
- [Dealer Mask] Oh, dear!
- [gasps]
For a regular patrol,
this is quite a rare find.
[Yuri] An Angry Mask!
That's not good.
[Dealer Mask] Slow down. It would be best
if you didn't face me as an enemy.
If the mask recognizes your animosity,
the self-defense command
will activate and you'll be killed.
Do you Do you know what sort
of state Mayu is in right now?
If you do know, then please tell me.
[Yuri] She's
She's really important to me.
[Dealer Mask]
I've received the mask's permission.
An Angel's hibernation
is the final course of action
when various commands are unresponsive.
The host's vital functions are gradually
brought to a halt,
eventually killing them.
In her current state,
this girl has about two hours to live.
[Yuri] In her current state?
If you're wording it like that,
then there's a way to reverse it?
If there is, then you have to tell me
how to help.
[Dealer Mask]
Oh You're quite sharp, aren't you?
I've received the mask's permission.
This will be an unusual exception
only due to the fact
that that mask is malfunctioning.
[Dealer Mask] I will present to you
one necessary piece of information.
Non-disclosure is the only condition.
[Yuri] Of course.
She can be saved
by one who is closer to God.
So the only way to help her
is for you yourself
- to become one who is closer to God.
- [gasps]
I am what is referred to
as a Guardian Angel.
I'm aware of the locations
of all items within my zone.
[Dealer Mask] In an area about 30 minutes
from here, there is a mouthless mask.
If you wear that, you will become one
who is closer to God.
However, becoming closer to God
will include you in the struggle
to bring about the Perfect God,
which in turn will force you
into a brutal fight.
[Yuri] I don't care,
as long as I'm able to save her.
Hey, Mayu, wait here until I return.
I'm going to help you.
Wait a minute, Yuri. I
I'll be right back, okay?
[labored breathing]
[Yuri] Mayu put herself
through so much to save me.
So now it's my turn to save her!
I'm not going to fail!
Hm, a voice?
Someone's here.
[Sniper Mask]
So is there a way to fix her?
[Kuon] This is hibernation.
It may be possible for me
to interfere with her mind.
I could use my ability to call her back.
If she's away from the mask's control,
she won't be like this.
[Sniper Mask] Is there any danger to you?
I don't think so.
[Kuon] No, that's a lie.
There definitely is.
But if I don't do it,
this person will die!
If I can't even save one life,
then I'm completely useless in this realm!
I have to try.
- I will begin now.
- [crackling]
[Kuon] This person's image of their will,
it seems to be disappearing.
Excuse me! Are you
[Kuon] So my powers they're worthless.
I can't save anyone.
I couldn't even save Mr. Mask.
No, you can't!
You, a Mask program,
will now receive a command
from one who is closer to God.
You must cease hibernation at once,
and then you will return the control
of will to this human.
[Masked Mayuko]
This program will abide by the order
coming from the one closer to God.
So it worked out. I really did it!
Hey, are you all right?
That seems pretty hard on you.
I'm fine.
[Kuon] What's happening right now
is scarier than that was.
[Sniper Mask] Well, did you pull it off?
I did. I think that when she wakes up,
she will be back to normal.
By the way, that sailor uniform girl,
where do you think she ran off to?
[Yuri] The mouthless mask
is just up this ladder.
I am not going to die!
That's right.
As long as I don't fall, I won't die.
I'm not scared, I'm not scared, I'm not
I'm scared! If I fall, I'm done for!
I'll die if my hand slips
even once. If I fall
[Mayuko] You'll be fine, Yuri.
I know that you're right, Mayu!
I promise I'm going to make it
through this.
A Mask?
Oh, no, I left the gun behind!
I have no choice!
[Yuri screaming]
I made it!
[grunts, groans]
[Yuri cries]
[grunts, moans]
[Yuri] You, stop!
Hold on! I hate needles!
[closing theme music]
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