High-Rise Invasion (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

I Will End This Realm

[ominous music]
[Yuri screaming]
[Yuri gasps]
[Yuri] No No way!
Whatever that is,
if he injects it into me, I'm done for!
I refuse to die like that!
[grunts, screams]
That was close!
[Dealer Mask] The white cardboard box.
It's somewhere up on the rooftop.
In there, you will find
the mouthless mask.
[Yuri] In a situation like this,
it might be pointless
to put on the mask on right now.
Even so
Even so, I
[bones cracking]
[Yuri] I want to save Mayu!
There it is!
I see the code!
Please, mouthless mask!
Give me the power!
Give me the power to survive here,
in this world!
I need to be able
to protect Mayu and everyone else!
What? What is this?
Where am I?
My consciousness
is starting to feel all fuzzy.
Confirming presence of an enemy.
What? Where?
[controller] Emergency pattern.
Only necessary abilities
will be installed first.
- [zaps]
- [Yuri yelps]
[Yuri] What is going on?
[Yuri] Everything is in slow motion.
This is the power of the mouthless mask?
It's not at all
what I thought it would be.
Due to the emergency situation,
self-reinforcing abilities
were prioritized to be activated.
Eliminate the enemy immediately
and put on the mouthless mask again.
You're done for!
- [body thuds]
- Huh?
[theme music]
[Yuri] "I'll End This Realm."
- [body thuds]
- [exhales]
[Shinji] That Mask just blew away!
He's really strong.
He did it with no effort.
Mr. Monk, you're amazing.
[Megumi] He was impressive, wasn't he?
Haruka, don't get too close
to the monster!
Don't say that, Dad!
He's just trying to help us.
Right, Rika?
Seriously? I thought I told you
not to call me that.
[Haruka] Oh, come on.
Uh, Haruka
[Megumi] Honjo,
is your first name really Rika?
[Kohei] Having the power
of Masks on your side
[Haruka] Mr. Rika Honjo!
- It's a powerful advantage in this realm.
- [laughter]
[Kusakabe] The one who's controlling
that Monk Mask
it must be another one closer to God,
just like that person.
Is it possible
that they are the railgun user?
Well, even if that isn't the case,
I must eliminate all those who stand
in the way of that person!
[man] Let go of me!
- [Kusakabe laughs]
- Somebody help, please!
- Don't do this!
- Oh, Mr. Swimmer.
Seriously! Come on.
Would you just let go of me?
[grunts, groans]
[Kusakabe] Oh, dear.
As much as I would truly love
to make this man an Angel,
I don't have the Angel kit on hand.
And I'm in the middle
of chasing after those other guys.
Wait. Are Are you a Mask
that's actually able to talk?
Then please, you have to help me out.
That naked dude won't listen
to anything I'm saying!
[Kusakabe] Hmm, you know,
when you're asking for a favor,
I think it's all about the way you ask.
[man] I beg you, please!
I'm begging you to save me!
Please, please! I'll do anything you want.
Ms. Mask! Ms. Beautiful Mask!
[Kusakabe] Since you ask so nicely.
[man] Seriously?
Huh? What is that for?
I'll gladly lick your shoe if that's what
Huh? That is
Aw! And these are my good heels.
Huh? What?
Try to bear with it just a little longer.
I'm requesting a reinforcement
of five right now.
It's a battle against the one
closer to God after all.
It's better to be safe.
[controller] Please put on
the mouthless mask immediately.
Please put on
the mouthless mask immediately.
[Yuri] Mayu.
I'm going to do this too!
I'm going further than earlier!
I can feel it taking over.
I can feel it everywhere.
I'm here in this place again?
It's almost like I'm inside
of a dream or something.
[mask program] Precisely.
This is the world inside your brain.
You are not wrong
to interpret it as a dream.
Um, you
I am a program that exists
to provide you support.
The installation process has now begun.
It will be complete in about four minutes.
Until then, I will answer
any questions you may have.
[mask program] Rest assured,
your consciousness, your mind,
and your actions will not be controlled
after the Destroy Mask Command
is activated.
Oh, that's good.
Now, I am going to explain
to you how the abilities
of the ones closer to God work.
To begin with, your brain
will be installed with a program
that will allow you to utilize
a variety of abilities.
However, they will all be
in a compressed state.
They will also be safe
in the depths of your memory.
In order to utilize
each of these abilities,
you must find a way
to retrieve them on your own.
Your compatibility with the ability
will influence this as well.
What do you mean "compatibility"?
Basically, depending
on your compatibility with each one,
abilities are divided between those
you are able to retrieve easily,
and those who are not.
What? So that means
That means whether
you are able to control a Mask or not,
depends on whether
you are compatible with it or not.
That said, the self-reinforcing ability
activated as an emergency measure
has not been compressed.
And so, it will be available
to utilize from here on out.
Actually, before I deal with any of that,
my first priority is to save Mayu.
That is something I can do, isn't it?
Cerebral interference is a basic ability,
so you should be
able to retrieve it easily.
Although, even if you are able
to execute it,
if you do not have sufficient power,
it may be impossible to achieve your goal.
Everything ultimately depends
on your own power.
[Yuri] It looks like it doesn't work
how I thought it would.
Simply wearing the mask
doesn't automatically give you powers.
[mask program] The installation
has been successfully completed.
The entire process will be complete
once the Destroy Mask Command is executed.
The current program
is finished for the time being.
Now please do your best
to become the Perfect God.
Huh? Huh?
It really is destroyed.
[Yuri] So it worked.
I've become one closer to God.
My consciousness and my senses
don't feel any different.
But I know that something changed
inside of me.
The one closer to God,
who would have thought I'd be one of them?
Right! Mayu, you're gonna make it.
I'm on my way!
- [phone rings]
- Ah!
- [ringing continues]
- Uh A call?
Uh, hello?
[Mayuko] Yes, that's right.
No, I'm not lying.
Yes, it really is me.
It's Mayuko.
[Yuri] What? Wait. Mayu? But how?
[Mayuko] So, Yuri,
where are you right now?
Don't tell me you've already
gone on without me?
[Yuri] No, of course not. I would never.
I was working on bringing you back.
[Mayuko] Thank you, Yuri.
It didn't Well, it didn't exactly
happen by chance.
The thing is, I was saved by one closer
to God who happened to be passing by.
[Kuon stutters]
My mind won't be getting controlled again.
Well, yeah, but you must be angry.
You're working so hard to save me,
and I I wasted your efforts.
- [Yuri] I'm so glad.
- [gasps]
You have no idea how glad I am!
There's no way I'd be angry.
All I care about is that you're okay.
That's all that matters.
[Mayuko] Yeah, this is, without a doubt,
the Yuri I know.
Hey, listen. I want you to come back here
as soon as you can.
[Mayuko] Besides the thing
about the one closer to God,
there's another situation
we have to deal with.
[Yuri] All right. I got it.
I'll come back right now.
Take your time.
Just try to be careful, okay?
[growls softly]
[Sniper Mask] Huh?
What is it?
Aren't you able to control her?
There's no reason
for you to be that scared.
No, uh, we're not quite
on the same wavelength, you see,
so I actually don't have the power
to control her.
[Sniper Mask]
But you can blow up a building.
Give me a break.
[Mayuko] I want to thank you
for bringing me back.
I was also able to confirm
that you're not a threat.
However, even with that being said,
it's not enough.
I don't feel I can trust you.
While we're waiting here
for Yuri to return,
you'll tell me everything
you know in detail.
You're wrong.
My actions didn't go to waste!
Nothing we've done has.
In fact, everything we've been through
had a purpose.
[Yuri] With my powers,
with your incredible strength
and now with the newest addition
to our team,
the one closer to God
who was able to save your life
we will be invincible!
[growls softly]
No, no! I'm already getting carried away.
I should probably calm down.
Oh, yeah! At this height
Maybe I could see it,
the building Rika's headed for.
There it is! It's totally like Ikebukuro!
I'll reunite with him no matter what!
[Haruka] Dad, look at this place.
It's a theme park!
Haruka, it's not the time. Okay?
- [Kohei] Hey, Shinji, you see anything?
- [Rika] So far, everyone's okay.
- [Shinji] Nothing yet.
- [Rika] We all made it here safely!
[Rikuya] Rika!
I can't believe it.
He really came all this way.
That means he trusts me.
Me! Rikuya Yoshida!
Is that Rikuya up there?
[Rika] Rikuya Yoshida.
I'm feeling confident now
that I actually see you.
- You don't have a hidden side.
- [Haruka mumbles]
You really are a good guy!
- I can fully trust you from here on out.
- [Haruka] Hey, Dad, I need money!
So now, there's something else
we need to focus on.
Our greatest enemy
is the one closer to God
who clearly has bad intentions.
That dangerous person who chooses
to eliminate everything in their way
and it's all in order to become God.
[Kusakabe laughs]
[Kusakabe] Mr. Swimmer
and the five supporter Masks
are all stationed in their positions.
This is for that person,
our beloved master.
Let us commence
the nuisance elimination plan!
First up is Racket Mask!
Go get them, tiger!
Everyone, close your eyes
and try not to breathe!
[Haruka] Huh?
[Kohei grunts]
Is that tear gas?
What the
- No way!
- This is not good.
[Kusakabe] We do not kill humans.
Our only objective
is to turn them into Angels!
[all coughing]
My eyes My whole body hurts.
I can't move!
[Kusakabe] That being said,
our first target is Monk Mask.
We must dispose of him no matter what.
The one in charge of that
will be Supporter Number Two!
With his strong reach,
he can attack from outside the gas!
It's Halberd Mask!
Slashing a mask
is easy as pie for this guy.
- Huh?
- [metal rasping]
[Kusakabe screams]
That darn human!
[Rika] The gas is obstructing my vision,
and it's hard to move
since my skin stings all over.
But I can still do this.
[all coughing]
[Rika] Everyone, stay calm!
This is only tear gas.
It's not going to kill you! Listen.
I'm fighting a Mask right now,
so you all need to find a way
to escape while I distract him.
Try to find your way
to the building where Rikuya is!
Even if you can't move,
you have to give it everything you've got!
I'll buy you some time
while you get away from here.
Hurry! You have to start moving!
This is the rope bridge.
Haruka, we need to cross it.
[Azuma] Don't take it personally, Rika.
As long as my daughter and I are safe,
that's all I care about.
[Rika] Right now, the only two enemies
I can confirm are Halberd Mask
and whoever threw that tear gas bomb.
The one controlling them
is the most dangerous of them all, though,
a person who seeks to become God
and will destroy anything
that gets in their way!
Come on, Rika.
[Haruka] Dad, wait!
We have to go back for everyone!
We need to help.
We can't just leave them like this!
Don't worry.
Just cross the bridge, all right?
But, Dad.
- [running footsteps]
- [gasps]
[Rika] He's charging toward me?
No, it's a trick!
I got this!
[Sniper Mask] Rika Honjo?
Hmm I can't remember that much.
It's an interesting name, though?
Look, Sniper, if you're that curious,
why don't you just give him a call,
and try to figure it out yourself?
[Sniper Mask] What? Uh Hey, uh Um
[Kuon giggles]
Oh, Mr. Mask, you really are adorable.
[Sniper Mask]
Well, as long as we're both alive,
we'll face each other again, eventually.
[groaning continues]
[choking, groaning]
Just in time. That was a close one.
[Rika panting]
[Rika] So there's even
an Aristocratic Mask?
That one's a grocery store worker.
And these two Masks,
it must be Rikuya who's controlling them.
[Megumi] Should we assume
that we're all safe now?
[both grunting]
- Shinji, you good?
- Yeah.
Don't worry about me. I'm all right.
[Rika] There wasn't too much damage done.
And now we have more Masks to back us up.
The ambush failed.
So, what's their next move gonna be?
[Kusakabe] Yes, I understand.
I will relay that to Swimmer.
You can rest assure that I, Kusakabe,
will take good care of it.
Yes, goodbye now.
What a bummer! I got scolded
by the master just now.
I was blamed for underestimating them
just because they're human.
Well, anyway, I have some new orders.
Listen, there's a change of plans!
[Kusakabe] Our next three supporter Masks,
it's finally your turn to shine.
The girl in the school uniform
is Ms. Endo!
Boys can't get enough of her.
Let's welcome Sai Mask!
Next is the master of the wooden sword!
No young person can beat him!
Say hello to Wood Plank Mask!
Do you have a headache?
Well, he can drill a hole
straight into your head to relieve it.
- Give it up for Drill Mask!
- [whirring]
Are there really three more Angels?
How many of them
is this enemy able to control?
That Drill Mask there is
[Rika] I messed up.
I'm in worse shape than I thought.
I lost a lot of blood already.
And it feels like I have more injuries
on top of that.
Not being able to fully grasp
my own condition,
how lame can I be?
It's hard to pull this off
in a way that's cool
Like he would have.
[Yuri] Rika!
Hey, Rika!
Megumi, help him!
- [Kohei] Shinji, we have to keep shooting.
- [Shinji] Okay.
Hey, Rika. You got to get up!
Oh, no, Rika!
[Haruka] Dad, Rika's in trouble.
That's good. It looks like
they aren't able to dodge our bullets!
Yeah, we've got this!
[Sai Mask]
If we all just obey that person,
everyone will be happy.
Rika! Rika!
[Megumi whimpers]
Is Is there seriously a fifth one?
Please don't hurt me.
[Megumi] Please don't!
You need to run, Megumi
[whimpers, screams]
- Dammit! How are they?
- What's wrong?
[both gasp]
[Shinji] Rika!
Success! I'd say
that's a job well done, Mr. Swimmer.
[Kusakabe] The master's orders were clear.
"You are to kidnap
any competent human you come across,
and bring them to me at once."
But is that pathetic human
really worth all of the trouble?
- [electrocutes]
- [screams]
[controller] You cannot disobey
the orders of the one closer to God.
That's right!
For that person,
I'd be willing to do anything!
[evil laughter]
I was right all along.
It can't be me.
[phone rings]
[ringing continues]
[Yuri] Who is this?
[closing theme music]
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