High-Rise Invasion (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

I've Cast Off My Humanity, But That's Fine

[suspenseful music]
[Kohei] Your brother, Rika Honjo,
he was taken captive by the enemy,
and we ended up losing their trail.
I'm so sorry.
[Yuri] No. It's not your fault, Kohei.
Thank you for telling me.
- They took him!
- [crackling]
[Yuri] It can't be! It can't be!
It can't be!
I thought I was finally
getting closer to my brother,
but now he's farther away.
What is this?
What is this relentless world?
All I wanted was to see my big brother.
I want to see him.
I know there are other important things
to focus on,
but I can't get distracted from this.
I am going to find my brother.
[theme music]
[Yuri] "I Discarded My Humanity,
But That's Okay."
I think I think
I just heard a faint noise.
It almost sounded like a girl screaming.
[Sniper Mask] No doubt about it,
that voice was
[operator] The number
you are calling cannot be reached
Not good.
Something's wrong. She won't pick up.
Ah! They're striped!
Um Miss Mayuko?
[Mayuko] I'm such an idiot.
I should've gone to meet her
instead of waiting for her here.
Having the power of the mask
made me forget.
It made me forget the constant terror
this world throws at you.
Yuri, please be all right!
If you're not, then what was the point
in saving me?
Why am I even still alive?
Where do I go?
Yuri, I'm here!
[Yuri] Who was that?
It doesn't matter.
Now isn't the time to worry about that.
I'm gonna see my brother.
My incredible big brother.
And when I finally do
But Mayu
Mayu is
Mayu, I'm here!
[Mayuko] I heard her! Yuri! This way!
A Mask?
What kind of weapon is that?
I shouldn't be on this suspension bridge!
[Sniper Mask] Son of a bitch!
Why do I keep having to look after
these high school girls?
- [blasts]
- [Mayuko gasps]
- [cocks]
- [Sniper Mask] A grenade launcher?
Where are they finding
all these damn weapons?
If he fires rapidly,
it'll be hard to hit all the shells.
Okay, then.
- What?
- [gasps]
[Dagger Mask] Ugh! What a drag.
I thought I heard some dumbass out here
running their mouth.
You one of those people
who are closer to God?
If that's the case,
then this seriously is a drag.
- [Sniper Mask] He's a talkative Mask.
- I'm gonna kill that Sniper Mask.
And it's all for that person.
[Sniper Mask] "That person?"
Is he working with the one
who put this mask on me?
[Dagger Mask] Oh, well, if that old rifle
is all he's got,
then I, Dagger Mask, should be able
to deal with him without a hitch.
- Hey, Grenade Launcher Mask!
- Huh?
Why don't you fire
at that high school girl again?
If she's another one who's closer to God,
we have to ask about the railgun.
But that's sounds boring.
Maybe we'll just kill her, instead.
- [grunts]
- [Dagger Mask] Now fire it already!
[Sniper Mask sighs]
Guess I'll just have to try.
I don't know if I can down
all the shells, though.
[Kuon] It seems that I have no choice
but to use the railgun.
Even though that means they'll know
that I'm the one who's controlling it,
which would put me in danger
[target lock beeping]
- [gunshots]
- [grunts, groans]
[Dagger Mask] Who the hell is that?
When did they show up?
But how Who is that?
[Mayuko] Those panties.
Yu Yuri?
[Yuri] Mayu, you really are okay.
That's a relief.
And also, thank you.
I was somehow able to recollect myself
the moment I heard you calling out to me.
Oh, good.
[Yuri] I'm sure I heard her voice
from farther away, though.
How is she here already?
That's too fast to be possible.
The enemy is still alive.
I'll use the other gun I have.
Yeah, but that gun is
[Mayuko] You said it was too heavy to use!
It's all right.
'Cause from now on,
you can just call me Super Yuri!
[Dagger Mask] Hey, Grenade,
you worthless lump,
how long you gonna nap over there?
[disoriented groan]
If you're alive, then get your ass up,
or I'll kill you too!
[pained groan]
[Dagger Mask]
And fire before you get shot this time.
Kill! Kill them! Kill them all dead!
Hey, man! This sucks so much!
Why do I always get stuck
taking out the trash!
But that person did promise
that if we kill all the rowdy ones,
things would start looking up for me.
No pain, no gain, right?
Any Any wish that person has
will be fulfilled!
[Mayuko] Did he just shoot at random?
[Mayuko] Yuri, we need to go! Yuri?
[Yuri] The self-strengthening ability.
It's amazing.
It's not just power,
it's dexterity, and some kind
of brain-processing power, too.
They're all heightened.
If I can make good use of this ability,
I'll be able to protect everyone.
I don't need to be like someone
who's closer to God.
And that's just fine with me!
[Dagger Mask] What? What is this crap?
[Mayuko] I know
that her shooting skills are strong,
and I know her endurance
has grown significantly,
but could that really make something
like this possible?
[Kuon] There's no mistaking it.
Yuri Honjo has become one closer to God.
[Yuri] Sorry, Rika.
I can't come see you right away.
I have to prioritize my friends for now.
I know you'll understand, big brother.
But it's not like I've given up.
I'll come find you as soon as I can.
And I'll do it with Mayu by my side!
- [Dagger Mask] What was that?
- [gunshot]
- [groans]
- [gasps]
[Dagger Mask] What the
It's Sniper Mask?
- [Yuri whimpers]
- [Mayuko] Hold on, she hadn't noticed yet?
- Hey! Would you calm down, Yuri.
- [groaning]
I'll explain later, but Sniper Mask
is our ally at the moment. Okay?
[Sniper Mask] Hmm, the other one
is hiding. What's my next move?
[Dagger Mask] This is so damn annoying!
If that hag Kusakabe sees me like this,
I'll be the punchline
of her jokes forever!
[Kusakabe] My, oh, my, Dagger Mask!
How pathetic!
You sure you shouldn't be called
Butterknife Mask?
[Dagger Mask] No choice but to give up
or run away at this point.
No. Fleeing without getting anything done
would be bad.
It's a pain, but I've got to make a report
and get permission first.
Invoking that person's wrath
- is a hell of a lot scarier than dying.
- [line ringing]
Uh, hello there! It's me, Dagger.
[man] Yes, hello. State your business.
Uh, right. Well, you see
I I think I'm going to die soon.
Reporting in, the enemy's weapon is
[Sniper Mask] That was scarier
than I thought it would be.
I think I got
a little too cocky this time.
Maybe I should have just tried
deflecting the bullet.
[Dagger Mask] Everything you desire
will be achieved.
[Sniper Mask]
More importantly, I'm curious
what that guy was trying to say
when he died.
[man] So their weapon is a rifle?
Yeah, I understand. But even so,
I think I'm still scared of Sniper Mask.
If he becomes our enemy again,
I really don't know
if I'll be able to beat him.
All right. Well, now,
it's your turn to talk, Yuri.
While I was unconscious that whole time,
what in the world happened?
[Mayuko] Where did that power of yours
come from?
- Huh?
- [squeals]
Mayu. Mayu, I I did something crazy.
I put on one of the mouthless masks!
[Yuri] It was scary, but I put it on!
I'm sorry, I can't explain this very well.
[Mayuko groaning]
- [Yuri] But I'm so happy you're okay.
- [Mayuko] Yuri, I
- [whimpers]
- [Yuri] And I have this new strength now.
- No, wait a second. I
- [Yuri] I can I can be with you again.
- I really can't Hold on. Please.
- [Yuri] I promise I won't leave your side.
[Mayu spluttering]
Yuri! I I I can't breathe!
Hey, Yuri, stop it.
[Mayuko grunting]
How do you do, Yuri Honjo?
- Uh
- Huh?
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I'm Kuon Shinzaki.
Do you know anything about me?
I mean, has Miss Mayuko told you anything?
Yes, she has. She told me everything.
Nice to meet you.
I want to thank you for saving Mayu!
[electricity crackling]
What is this? What's this feeling?
With direct contact,
I'm able to feel it clearly now.
Just as I thought, you are closer to God.
Huh? What?
To start with, there is something
I must discuss with you.
Mr. Mask. Uh, Mr. Sniper Mask
wanted me to relay his messages to you.
To me specifically?
Yes. The first one is
[Kuon, Sniper Mask] Having just fought
a battle out in the open,
everyone should immediately
leave the area.
[Sniper Mask] Next, if Yuri Honjo
hasn't activated the ability
to avoid being attacked by Masks yet,
it's best if I keep a certain amount
of distance from her.
I think you should go be by their side.
Just, uh, stay there for now.
- Okay?
- [worried breathing]
Don't make that face.
[inhales, exhales]
I'm not gonna run off while you're gone.
So Sniper Mask really said
something like that?
If that much of his will is left,
what about his memories?
Well, uh, there are still
many uncertainties with his memories.
I think that he's suffering greatly.
To be honest, I wish my power
as one closer to God was greater.
[Kuon] If it were,
I'd be able to save him.
I only have one goal. To end this realm.
And I want to do it in a peaceful way.
I'm gonna use the power I've gained
for that purpose.
Will you tell me what your goal is?
Oh, um, it's similar to yours, Miss Yuri.
I desire peace just like you do.
Although if I were to elaborate,
I guess I'd say that I
[Kuon] Well, uh, I just
- Oh.
- The thing is,
what I want is to save the person
that's important to me!
[Yuri] An important person.
So, she really is like me!
Shinzaki No, uh, Kuon! Don't worry.
I know I can trust you!
Let's work together!
Thank you for saying that.
I'm not that strong,
but I promise I'll do my very best!
- [stomps]
- [gasps]
Sorry to interrupt,
but didn't you say something about needing
to get out of this area immediately?
- [whimpers]
- I could be wrong,
but you probably shouldn't be
wasting time like this much longer.
- Oh.
- Huh, yes, you're absolutely right.
Mayu, why do you seem so on edge?
Oh, I get it.
You want me to just call you "Mayuko"
instead, right?
[Mayuko] No! That's not it!
Just keep calling me what you have been!
[Yuri] Huh? Then what about Miss Mayu?
- Or "Mayu-Mayu" could work?
- Did you even listen to what I said?
[Rika] Hey, Swimmer Mask.
I was wondering if you remember
how old you are.
I figured. Then I'll be polite
in case you're older than me.
So, is this place your headquarters?
The place where whoever
is controlling you is located?
I hope they're the type of person
who can have a calm conversation.
[Rika] This guy?
He looks pretty normal to me.
My newest hostage, welcome.
I'm the one who summoned you here.
I'm also one who's closer to God.
My name is Mamoru Aikawa.
What is your name?
- I'm Rika Honjo.
- [Mamoru] Huh?
The kanji character for "Ri" from "reason"
and the "ka" from "flame."
Rika Honjo.
Rika Wait, really?
No, I'm sorry. I really shouldn't
be laughing at a person's name,
that's just awful.
But, I mean,
with such a smart and handsome face.
Rika. Seriously, I'm sorry.
[Rika] It's been a while since my name
was made fun of like this.
So, tell me, what exactly do you want?
My desire is simple,
subordination of those who are weak.
Once I achieve my goal, I will be able
to bring peace to the entire world.
You must have had the thought
at least once before.
It does seem feasible seeing as,
the superior live on,
while the inferior are taken out.
Total control is impossible,
yet many dream about it.
For 26 years, I was one
who believed in this impossibility.
[Mamoru] And now a chance
has come our way.
If you manage to become God in this realm,
you can make any ideal
you had in our former world a reality.
[Rika] Is he being serious?
I said he was "normal" before,
but this guy is just insane.
He's pissing me off.
You really call that "peace?"
You just want to play God.
I should be able to handle him
on my own, right?
Do I persuade him through discussion?
Or should I wait for an opening
then kill him?
Listen, Rika, the real reason
that I had you brought here,
is because I thought that you,
being as remarkable as you are,
would agree with me
and cooperate with my plans.
[Mamoru] Only having Masks on your side
can prove to be inconvenient.
Having human conspirators
would be very beneficial.
What do you say?
I don't think it's that bad of a deal.
[Yuri] Well, can I think it through
a bit first?
I will say your desire for peace
has definitely been communicated.
And look, I don't disagree
with your goal at all.
That much I can tell you right now.
[Rika] I'll keep the mood light
until he drops his guard.
I knew it.
You aren't some conventional pedestrian
who easily gives in to emotion.
But if you happen to be
that kind of person
- I was going to have you killed, slowly.
- [gasps]
[Volleyball Mask]
All will proceed as Master Ai desires.
There are no quick deaths here.
None at all.
The happiness that I award,
call it release,
must be cherished long
on the road to death.
I see. Well, I have a question for you.
It's about your mask-controlling ability.
What's the maximum number
of Masks you can control?
I have 30.
Thanks to you and your people, though,
my current number of Masks
has dwindled slightly.
[Rika] Even though this guy
is a psychopath,
his ability and determination are real.
He'll be a tough opponent.
I can't take him lightly.
Now, then, it's just about time.
Rika, will you come with me to the roof?
To the roof?
[Mamoru] You see someone must have noticed
that there is no God in our world
which is why we were summoned here
to this place to create a God.
Among the humans summoned,
God will be crowned,
and using that power, the world
will be lead down the correct path.
What's important to know now is that we,
the ones brought to this realm,
are the chosen ones.
[Rika] He's giving me
so many opportunities.
If I kill him right now
No, this Volleyball Mask
must be pretty strong if she's here.
Without a weapon, I'll be killed
before I can do anything.
I'm just a normal human, you know.
Even so, a chance to become God
has arisen from me.
I can become an entity, one that
can remake the world as I see fit.
[Mamoru] So, I'm sure you understand now.
Why we've come here, that is.
The helicopter, that it?
Excellent. Very perceptive.
I'm not surprised.
I figured you were a smart guy.
Mr. Aikawa, I'm confused.
The helicopter is used
for escaping from this place, isn't it?
[Rika] For someone who wants
to become a Perfect God in this realm,
what good is it, to you?
Through my research,
I've established a certain truth.
To become a Perfect God,
one must go to that tower.
However, no bridge exists
that leads there,
so it can't be reached that easily.
The question is,
how are we supposed to reach it?
What I'm thinking is the most
logical answer would be by helicopter.
[Rika] Yuri's plan
to steal the helicopter
Who would've guessed it was right?
All the mysteries
and accidents in this realm,
they are trials for the sake
of choosing one worthy of becoming God,
being unkillable by the "killer masks,"
being able to endure
the temptation of suicide,
not jumping to the conclusion
of calling this all some big escape room.
One who has overcome these complex trials
is fit to become a Perfect God!
I've managed to clear
most of them already!
After all, I am the one
who continues to help this world!
Everything I do is for the greater good!
Uh, I'm sorry. I got carried away.
[clears throat]
We should really try to remain calm.
The truth is, the helicopter
isn't the only key to becoming God.
There's also the question
of where to land it.
That is what this coming operation is for.
[Rika] He talks a lot.
But he realizes that by himself,
he's just one small person,
He's careful not to lose sight of that.
It might be hard for someone
as honest as Rikuya to take this guy on.
Yuri and Mayuko might be able to do it,
as long as he's unaware of them.
Damn. All I do is rely
on my little sister.
If the older brother can't even get
one thing done, it's pathetic.
If only I had more power!
[Mayuko] He was kidnapped?
So, you mean you have no idea
what's happening,
or where your brother was taken to?
No. But let's not worry
about it right now.
My big brother is super strong.
He'll pull through for sure.
Well, obviously, I'm gonna be worried.
We barely even know anything
about the enemy that shot at us.
[Kuon] That Swimmer Mask
that attacked her big brother,
he had to have been the one
that attacked Sniper Mask before.
Kuon, something wrong?
[Kuon] Oh, no!
Uh, I almost forgot.
I wanted to ask you something, Miss Yuri.
[Yuri] Hmm, what is it?
Well, um, it's about
your older brother and Mr. Sniper Mask.
Could they, perhaps,
have been friends in the
- [gasps]
- Oh, where's that noise coming from?
Mayu, it looks like it's come back.
Yeah. This actually feels
a little nostalgic.
[Mayuko] The helicopter.
[Yuri] I plan to take the helicopter.
The way I am now,
I have the power to set it in motion.
- [screaming]
- [Yuri] What?
It's leaving!
[Mamoru] Huh? Oh!
[Rika] Is it headed over here?
Right, prepare for combat.
[Rika] It can't be. In a place like this?
[Rika] The Angry Mask that Yuri mentioned!
[Angry Mask] Not yet, huh?
Adios, amigo!
[Rika] Did he really just say that?
- What the
- [Mamoru] Hmm.
That was within expectations.
And now those expectations
have turned to certainty.
They really are aware then.
They're aware of the actions
and locations of the ones closer to God.
It appears they are also
desperately trying
to prevent the ending of this realm,
or, in other words,
the creation of a Perfect God.
So then that means,
they are the greatest obstacle
in becoming a Perfect God.
[Mamoru] Guardian Angels.
[closing theme music]
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