High-Rise Invasion (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Which Of Us Will Live a Cool Live?

[grandiose music]
[Dealer Mask] They're landing far away
from the area where they normally do.
There must be multiple ones
who are closer to God in the vicinity.
Perhaps that girl ended up
becoming closer to God as well.
I'm sure it's been a rough path, so far.
But I would think someone like her
would carry through.
Who knows, she may even face me some day.
[Rika] Hold on. You mean, Guardian Angels
avoid the ones who are closer to God?
So that the helicopter won't get stolen?
They exist to hinder the creation of God.
They do it in order to protect
this realm supposedly.
Having said that, they won't try
to challenge us, either.
Honestly, what a sad existence.
[Mamoru] Anyway,
enough about the Guardian Angels.
Right now, we have to take care
of the helicopter.
All right, listen up. West Squad,
start monitoring at the landing zone.
If anyone approaches
or targets the helicopter,
whether they're human or Angel,
your orders are to kill them.
Good luck.
As superior Angels,
I expect you all to deliver.
[Rika] West Squad?
He must have stationed Masks
all over the place.
If his forces are dispersed though,
that means we might have
a better chance of winning.
Now then, Ishida, Inoue, you're up!
[Rika] These Masks look
They look completely ridiculous.
Ishida and Inoue,
you two will be coming with me.
Volleyball and Servant Mask
will stay with the hostage.
When Kusakabe returns, obey her orders.
Rika, an Angel who's able to converse
will be here soon.
I've decided that she will be in charge
of your questioning.
Of course, if you choose to act
in a way that's inconvenient for us
we will kill you.
Although I hope it doesn't come to that,
[Mamoru] I would hate to lose
an extraordinary human like you.
[theme music]
[Yuri] "Which of Us Will Live
the Cooler Way of Life?"
Good. I assumed that
you were going to be back by now
[Mamoru] Kusakabe.
Master Ai, I'm reporting for duty.
The hostage is on the roof.
I'm leaving the questioning to you.
Yes, sir!
One last thing.
[Mamoru grunts, moans]
[Mamoru] This calms me down
better than anything else.
Dagger Mask is dead now.
The railgun user must be involved.
I suspect them to be located
in the east side.
[Kusakabe] How would you like me
to deal with it?
It appears the war has already begun.
I even deployed White Feather.
Superior Angels shouldn't hold back.
They will eliminate all others
who are closer to God!
[Kusakabe gasps]
There should be no problems, then.
"No problems." I like the sound of that.
I'll be off now.
[Sniper Mask] Whoever his boss is,
their number has got to be in here.
Uh, um
Why don't I know how to use this phone?
Did I not own a smartphone
before becoming a Mask?
Uh, well I guess
this will just have to wait.
The guy I was before wearing this mask,
and the guy that I am now,
which one is my true self?
Oh, yeah. "I think, therefore I am,"
is how the saying goes.
It's a pretty common quote
that's about proving one's existence.
I mean, I can't really say
if it's true or not, though.
[Sniper Mask] Well, if it's not true,
then how else can I validate myself?
Hold on. What are you asking me for?
Between the two of us, aren't you the
[Sniper Mask] Hmm.
I'm starting to remember a lot now.
Seems like Rika Honjo
is my friend, after all.
- [cocks]
- [gasps]
[Sniper Mask] I'm trapped.
The enemy is It's a Mask.
They're about 150 meters away.
Their weapon is the same as mine.
- [gunshot]
- [Sniper Mask] I see them!
- [whoosh]
- [gasps]
[Sniper Mask] Wait a minute. Since when
did I know how to dodge rifle bullets?
Now that's a badass ability.
Thinking about who my real self is
was a waste of time.
I need to focus
on what's really important,
and that is that in this realm,
I'm Sniper Mask!
- [gunshot]
- [grunts]
[Sniper Mask] The performance of our guns
and our ability to dodge
is about the same.
Although being at a lower spot,
puts me at a disadvantage.
But it'd probably be set back
from the wind where they're standing.
Let's just hope the weather
is in my favor today.
[White Feather] Everything in this world
exists for that person
and that person alone.
[Sniper Mask] Damn it!
I'm really, really afraid of heights.
- [White Feather] Almost done.
- [gun cocking]
[Sniper Mask] No way. Is this it for me?
- Hear that?
- Mm-hm.
It's Sniper Mask and one more person.
Mr. Mask!
- [grunts]
- [Kuon gasps]
Miss Yuri, you're incredible!
Hmm Hmm Right there!
[Yuri] What? A girl Mask?
She's got a rifle.
So the other gunfire we heard
must have been her.
Miss Yuri!
- Huh?
- First of all,
please tell me
Mr. Sniper's exact location!
Next, can you tell me
how far we are from the enemy?
I've got a plan to save him!
- [Kuon] Please hurry!
- What?
[Sniper Mask] Before I take off this mask
Before I know who I am
Before I
Before I see him again
I'm going to die
I've got to say,
you're looking really lame right now!
I guess that means
I'm the winner in the end, huh?
[Sniper Mask] That's right. I remember.
When he and I were young
we promised that we were gonna
settle things with a certain game.
A ridiculously stupid game.
"Which of us
will live the cooler way of life."
[White Feather] Huh?
[Sniper Mask] Aim right here.
You can manage that, can't you?
I won't beg for my life or commit suicide.
I'd rather give in
to the enemy at the end.
You hear that? Try to tell me
this isn't a cool way to die!
[White Feather]
This is a beautiful sight.
[Sniper Mask] White Feather Sniper,
if you encounter Kuon, Yuri Honjo, or him,
I want you to tell them something for me.
Tell them that I was able to maintain
living the cool way of life
until the very end!
[Yuri] This is bad!
I can't find him anywhere!
Please you need to hurry!
Find the enemy's distance!
[both gasp]
[powering up]
[moans, gasps]
[White Feather gasps]
Who's there?
What the What are you doing there?
[Yuri] Ein?
[White Feather] Oh, a samurai sword.
[Yuri] She cut the rifle in half!
You're amazing! Well done, Ein!
Ein's there?
Sorry. Who is Ein?
Didn't you see that battle, Kuon,
the one at the antenna building?
Ein was there.
She was the Mask that had the katana.
You mean the one who's dressed adorably?
Then I don't think
it's necessary for me to shoot this.
[White Feather] Easy, easy.
What? That girl sniper mask
is really strong!
[Yuri] Ein's weakness
is her low endurance.
[Yuri] If she gets tired,
she's going to lose!
[White Feather] Now then,
show me what you got!
- [exhales]
- [chuckles]
[Ein] Long-distance attack.
[Yuri] There he is! It's Sniper Mask!
He seems totally fine!
Mr. Mask!
[White Feather] Goodbye for now.
I'm sure, we'll meet again.
[Sniper Mask] Hmm.
There's no reason to shoot an enemy
who runs away after losing their weapon.
In any case
That was terrifying!
- [Kazuma] Ein!
- Huh?
[Kazuma] What a relief!
I'm so glad you're okay!
- Boom!
- What?
Oh, you want a compliment? All right.
- [Kazuma] There, there. Well done!
- [contented sigh]
So, where's the human
who was getting attacked?
- Hmm.
- Huh?
[Kazuma] What? There was an Angel, too?
- [both grunt]
- I see.
Of course it was Yuri Honjo.
I can't say I'm surprised.
[Kazuma] That means she must be
controlling that Angel.
I haven't been able to reach her by phone
so I was wondering what happened.
I'm impressed.
[Kazuma] Honestly,
she's not my favorite person,
but I'm glad to see her alive.
- Then again, she is pretty scary!
- [grunts]
Yes. What is it, Ein? Hmm? There?
[Kazuma] So that building
is a rendezvous point.
- Miss Ein! Doctor!
- Hm?
Uzuki, Mr. Tanabe, listen up.
We've decided we're going to meet
with Yuri Honjo right now.
All right, Doc,
since you treated me before,
I will cooperate with you for a while.
Out of pure respect.
However, that doesn't mean for one second,
I have given up on avenging my family.
Don't you forget that!
Yes, I completely understand
your need to do that.
But please don't strain yourself
or your wound could open up.
[Ein sighs]
Okay. Come on, you guys.
We should get going now.
- [Sachio grumbles]
- I'm excited to finally meet
this Yuri Honjo you talk about.
[Sniper Masj] With the doctor?
Not a chance.
That old man's with him, too.
Did you forget that if a human
comes into my sight, I attack them?
I'm hanging up now!
Yeah, yeah, I know. I'll be right there.
Would you just calm down?
Uh Oh, yeah, it's this one.
[Sniper Mask] Anyway,
if they had been targeted first,
Kuon could have been a casualty
since she doesn't have
any heightened physical abilities.
- [gunshot]
- [Sniper Mask] Kuon a casualty?
[grunts, gasps]
Why am I getting all worked up
over an imaginary scenario?
Jeez. That girl really is a pain
in the ass.
[Mamoru] Yes. I've read
your message, White Feather.
Besides the fact you survived
and reported back to me,
I have to say, I'm quite disappointed.
[Mamoru] You failed
to eliminate even one of them.
- [groans]
- I know what I told you before,
that there could be more than one enemy,
but you didn't manage to shoot the sniper.
Were you distracted by something?
Anyhow, you said that the ones closer
to God on the east side
are linked up and that's valuable intel.
Contact me once you're equipped
with a weapon again. That's all.
- Kijima.
- Sir.
That power charging sound before,
it confirms that the one
who has been using the railgun
is one of the enemies in the east.
But why charge it up
just to make its sound resonate?
Is it possible they wanted to inform me
of their existence?
Or provoke me?
So, that means the ones in the east
are aware of our existence
and recognize that we are currently
in a state of war?
They must have gained some intel
from all of the Angels they've killed.
[Mamory] In any case, they've got
some nerve trying to anger us like that.
Beings as reckless as that, I will not
let them become the Perfect God!
It seems I'm going to have
to teach them a lesson.
Master Ai, I think
you're getting out of hand.
- Try to keep your composure.
- Uh Sorry.
I need to build up my force somehow.
I'll seek out a stronger Angel.
I have to win this battle no matter what.
I will bring about true peace!
Hmm, Master Ai,
everything you wish will be granted.
[Yuri] All right, we're here,
but there could be Masks lurking around,
- so let's take extra precautions!
- [Kuon] Okay!
Kuon, I was wondering how you got
the ability to be immune to Mask attacks?
If I had it, too, I wouldn't have to worry
about the free-roaming Masks anymore.
Oh, um, I was able to manifest it somehow.
I did it unconsciously
during the whole installation.
So, it's not even
a complicated ability then.
Maybe I just don't have the talent for it.
It doesn't matter. We should go!
[Kuon] Right!
- [Mayuko] Hey, Kuon.
- What is it?
I was just thinking.
Didn't you say that you had to pee?
To pee?
I saw that there's a bathroom over there.
Why don't we go together?
Oh, uh I don't remember
saying anything like that.
[Mayuko] Don't be shy now.
Hey, Yuri, be on the lookout, okay?
- [Kuon] What? Um Miss Mayuko?
- Huh? Yeah.
- No problem.
- [Kuon] Excuse me.
[relieved sigh]
[Kuon] Why was Miss Mayuko being so pushy?
[toilet flushing]
[Kuon] Huh?
Listen, Kuon. I got a couple of questions
I wanted to ask you. Is that okay?
Uh, yes! What are they?
You'll be honest, won't you?
I wanna know if you have a crush
on Sniper Mask?
- [stammers] Do I have a a crush on
- [Sniper Mask] Kuon. Hey, Kuon.
- What's wrong? What's going on?
- Wait a second.
What are you talking about? No way!
No, you you're mistaken!
Mr. Mask, he's Well, um
- [Kuon babbling]
- And there's one more thing.
Are you the one who's been using
the tower to blow up buildings?
Yes. I'm the one who's been doing it?
And Mr. Mask, well, he's nice and strong,
and I can't deny that he does have
a good figure.
Yeah, I figured.
[Kuon chuckles nervously]
It's surprising though,
I never expected someone like you
to be the one
who could control that thing.
[Yuri] They're taking
a long time in there.
Maybe someone's stomach is upset?
- [approaching footsteps]
- [gasps]
[Sumo Mask] Kill me.
Kill me
[tense breath]
[Mayuko] So, basically,
you're saying that railgun is a necessity
in order to become God in this world,
and the enemy wants to know
how to use it, is that right?
[Kuon] Yes.
If they find out you have that ability,
you'll be targeted, you know.
Yes, I'm aware of that.
I'm sorry, Miss Mayuko.
I really didn't mean to hide it from you
and Miss Yuri, but Mr. Mask
Well, I can't say that I blame him
for being like that.
But it doesn't matter.
We have to tell Yuri about this, too
- [gunshot]
- [gasps]
[pained grunt]
- Oh, no. Yuri!
- I'm okay!
We're dealing with a free Mask.
[Yuri] His weapon is sumo wrestling,
and he's really strong!
My gun won't work.
I think it's jammed. Can you help?
Of course I can.
It's time to bust out the knife.
[Sumo Mask] Kill me. Kill me.
[Mayuko] So I'm guessing he'd rather die
than turn into a Masked killer.
- Is that right?
- [Yuri] It seems that way.
[Sumo Mask] Kill me. Kill me.
It looks like you and I
are gonna have to do that for him!
- Got it.
- [Sumo Mask] Kill me.
- Kill me!
- [whimpers]
- Kill me!
- [grunts]
Kill me!
[Kuon] Mr. Mask, he was right all along.
[Sniper Mask] You're too naive.
[Kuon] I didn't understand the horror
of it all before.
How killing is just
the norm in this realm.
I can't do this. There's no way I would be
able to do anything to change this world!
[Sumo Mask screaming]
Kill me!
Kill me!
[pained grunts]
[pained groans]
Tha Thank you.
- [body thuds]
- [whimpers]
[Yuri] That was a hard fight.
It was.
But still, we have to try to survive.
We need to put an end to this world!
In order to make that happen,
all of us need to continue fighting!
[Kuon] They both have
such strong determination.
They must have been strong
from the beginning,
before they got the powers of the mask.
If I stay with them,
I'm only going to be a burden.
[lighter clicks]
[Sniper Mask] Hmm. That was quite
a bold statement, you made, Yuri Honjo.
[all gasp]
[Yuri splutters]
Sniper Mask?
When did you get here?
[Sniper Mask] Seriously, even when I'm
this close to you, you didn't notice me?
If I were a bad guy, all three of you
would be dead by now.
Mr. Mask!
Uh, Miss Yuri, why are you so frightened?
I can't be around this guy.
Even if he's an ally now,
I'm still scared to death of him.
I I gotta go! I need to use the bathroom!
[Sniper Mask laughs]
Well, I guess
I really traumatized her before.
That's fine. To be honest, I prefer
she wasn't here right now anyway.
She distracts me.
But Miss Yuri is very strong, you know.
What happened between the two of you?
[Sniper Mask] What do you mean?
Yuri Honjo is just another
typical high school girl.
She wasn't this strong to start with.
She overcame countless struggles
in this world.
She gradually became stronger over time.
Well, she's amazing now. You'll see.
Oh, here. I brought your things.
- Thank you.
- [Sniper Mask] You can have this too.
It's the phone the enemy was carrying.
You might be able to find out
who we're up against.
Master Ai, it's from the investigator.
[Mamoru] So this is
the railgun user's location.
[Kazuma groans]
Doctor, is something the matter?
Oh. It's just
I'm really dreading seeing her
because frankly,
she's quite intimidating.
Hello, Doctor and Mr. Tanabe.
I'm glad to see that you're alive.
Here, a reunion calls for a handshake.
Huh? Uh, sure.
What? What was that?
What's wrong? Didn't you know about that?
It happens when two of us
make physical contact,
the ones who are closer to God.
No, I didn't know that. I'm very glad
to see that you're still alive.
[Mayuko] Oh, Yuri.
She's not that good of an actress.
But I have to say, I don't really mind
watching her going to acting mode either.
[Sachio] Huh?
Was this gal always like this?
So, who's that next to you?
[Yuri] Oh, man. He's really scared of me.
That's a bummer.
This here is Uzuki.
I treated his wounds before.
Please try not to bully him too much.
[Yuri gasps]
He actually think that I'm a bully?
Uh, all right then. Why don't we all
exchange the new information we have.
Mr. Mask, I was just wondering something.
Do you think our enemy
is doing the same thing as before?
Forcing people to put on the masks?
[Sniper Mask] Yeah, unfortunately, I do.
If we knew the enemy's location,
we could make them stop, though.
Or we just use that ability of yours
to blow them all up at once.
Mr. Mask, I'm sorry, that cannot be done.
[Sniper Mask] What? Why?
Actually, it seems they've got
a human hostage with them.
[Sniper Mask] Who is it?
[Kuon] Uh, it's very hard to be the one
to have to tell you this.
But it's Miss Yuri's older brother.
[Kusakabe] You know, kid, Master Ai put me
in charge of you from now on.
That means it's all up to me
whether you stay alive or whether you die!
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Does your tiny little brain
comprehend that?
[closing theme music]
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