High-Rise Invasion (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Our Enemy is One Who Desires Chaos

[ominous music]
[Kusakabe] Okay, so what you're saying is,
that's how you and your friends
started to advance towards him,
the one closer to God
who's able to control five angels.
But, he doesn't intend
on becoming the Perfect God.
He also has no knowledge of the railgun.
- That about sum it up?
- [Rika] Yeah.
From what I'm hearing, there is really
no need for us to take him seriously.
Of course, that's only if everything
you've been telling me is actually true.
Look, everything I just told you
is the truth.
And in exchange for that,
I'm trusting you won't hurt my allies.
Oh, really, are you now?
[Kusakabe] Let's see.
Even while you're speaking,
it seems like you think a lot.
However, it appears
that you really are telling the truth.
[Rika] I wasn't sure about it before,
but it looks like I was right.
Masks can pick up our brain activity.
All right.
What I need to do now, is try
to divert the attention from Rikuya.
Also, I can't let her find out
about Yuri. No matter what.
- [cell phone ringing]
- Huh?
Yes, this is Kusakabe.
Oh, why hello, Mr. Kijima. How are you?
[Rika] She answers the phone
like an old lady,
even though earlier,
she said she was 18 years old.
Who was it again that
the Angel White Feather wasn't able kill?
A sniper wearing all black?
- [Rika] What?
- Yes, that sure does sound like trouble.
- [grunts]
- [Kusakabe] Yes.
I'm getting the intel piece by piece.
Sure, I'll provide you
with an update later.
[Kusakabe] Rika, dear.
Care to tell me more about it?
About the relationship you have
with the Sniper?
Yeah, all right.
It's true that I know him pretty well.
But after he became a Mask in this realm,
he lost his memory
and disappeared somewhere.
[Rika] That's all I know.
[Kusakabe] Even now, he's not lying.
But he's still hiding something from me.
It's too bad, I don't have
the ability to read thoughts.
I'll just have to try breaking
his composure, instead.
[soft laughs]
Let the torture begin.
Wow, that was impressive.
With moves like that, you'd make
an incredibly strong Angel, you know.
Maybe I'll put a mask on you,
just like I did
with your little Sniper friend.
[Kusakabe] Yes, you heard me correctly.
I'm the one who turned him into a Mask.
Doing the good deed
sure does feel rewarding.
- [grumbles]
- [Kusakabe laughs]
[Kusakabe] The anger is boiling up
inside of him.
Go ahead, boy, let your emotions
get the best of you.
It's time to spill
whatever you've been hiding from me.
- [laughs]
- Oh.
- [growls]
- [slams]
[Rika] I was thinking about
what you had just said to me before
that if I were to put on a Mask,
I will make an incredibly strong angel.
So that means,
the strength of an angel is related
to the strength of the human host.
And if I'm right about that, Miss Yayoi,
you have no idea how big of a mistake
you just made.
Giving a guy like that
the power of a mask and a rifle!
To tell you the truth,
I wouldn't be surprised
if he's got the strength
to overpower all 30 of you.
[Rika] I don't think your beloved
Master Ai would be too happy
if he found out.
[Kusakabe] This isn't a lie, either.
But his claim about the Sniper's power
must only be an assumption.
It must be right?
[Rika] I almost lost it,
but I managed to control myself.
I was even able to steer her attention
towards him as well.
I lowered her interest in Rikuya,
and I succeeded
in hiding Yuri's existence.
Because of me,
the pressure's all on you, now,
but you'd be able to handle it, won't you?
I'm counting on you
I I'm so glad that you're alive.
What? Hey, what's wrong?
[Kusakabe] Are you kidding?
I'll get in so much trouble if you die.
Volleyball Mask,
take him to the medical office!
[theme music]
[Yuri] "Our Enemy Is One
Who Desires Chaos."
[Sniper Mask] I see.
So he ended up being the hostage.
Well, I'm sure he'll be able
to handle the situation.
It sounds like you really believed in him.
[Sniper Mask] In any case,
it's still inconvenient.
I mean, if worse comes to worse,
I could always go rescue him myself.
- [pained grunts]
- [electricity crackles]
Mr. Mask.
[grunts, groans]
[Sniper Mask] This must be
I'm fine, Kuon. At least for now, I am.
There's a possibility I might have to face
going through the same thing
that Mayuko Nise did.
The program that eliminates
defected Angels.
[Sniper Mask] I'm still able to hold on
to my consciousness right now.
But it could happen at any minute,
which isn't exactly comforting.
I'm terribly sorry,
but I can't intervene with your brain.
I only could
if you are in an unconscious state.
[Sniper Mask] Jeez, there's no need
to apologize for that.
When the time comes,
I'm counting on you. Got it?
Yes, I'll be there.
[Sniper Mask] Son of a bitch.
[rain pattering]
[Ein] Rain.
[Kazuma] So, rain exists
in this world too, huh?
Well, anyway, we were also attacked.
There's an evil force out there
that wants to kill
those who are closer to God.
We aren't going to let them win though.
For us and for this world,
I want them defeated!
So, Yuri Honjo, I would like
to request your help in this matter.
[Yuri] An evil force,
we're most likely facing the same enemy.
All right, I'll help you out.
I have to say, though, I was a bit shocked
to find out they could control 30 Angels.
[Yuri] I know that I'm stronger
and I've got allies now.
I want to save my brother
as soon as possible,
But can the enemy seriously
control 30 Masks? That sucks!
I'm too frustrated to deal with this.
If only there was somebody older
and at least half as reliable
as my brother here.
[Kazuma] I I don't understand why,
but she's treating us
like we're useless idiots.
I really don't like her at all.
- [cell phone ringing]
- Huh?
Kuon's calling.
Yeah, I think that we're all done here.
- What's going on?
- [gasps]
- Sniper?
- Huh?
Understood, I'll tell her.
[both grunt]
[Yuri] Hey, Doctor. I've got a matter
to tend to, so I'm going upstairs.
I'm sorry, but you're gonna have
to be on guard duty for now.
Now that all of us are allies,
we're gonna have to learn
to cooperate together.
I'm counting on you!
[sighs deeply]
You see, Uzuki?
Wasn't I right about what I told you?
I've never meet anyone
as scary as her before.
- Hmm.
- Yeah, maybe.
But I don't really think
that she's a bad person.
She's confident, but I feel
a sense of warmth at the same time.
You know, she actually reminds me
of my mom a little bit.
[Kazuma] Your mother's like her? You mean
there's another woman out there like that?
Hey, Kuon, where's Sniper?
[Kuon] He's still conscious right now.
Miss Yuri, he said that he
he would like to talk to you alone
while he's able to do so.
Wait, Yuri.
You're really still scared of him?
No! I I'm not scared anymore.
I'm, uh, totally fine.
[Mayuko chuckles]
You're adorable.
[Sniper Mask] I never expected to see
a Japanese-style room in this world.
It's not safe for me to look at you.
So, I figured these shoji screens
would come in handy.
Besides, I thought the combination
of the rain in this room
had a certain charm to it.
[Yuri] Um, Mr. Sniper?
First off, I'd like to apologize to you.
I'm very sorry. Even though I knew
that you had become our ally,
I was still acting rude
in trying to avoid you.
[Sniper Mask] You and Kuon
worry about such trivial things.
Anyway, what's this formal talk
all of a sudden?
- It really doesn't suit you.
- Huh?
[Yuri] It's strange. Everything he says
reminds me of my brother.
[Sniper Mask] Look, I, uh, have something
to give you.
[Yuri] But this is
It's my brother's. It's Rika's.
Who are you? Why do you have this?
[Sniper Mask] Yeah. That's what
I've been trying to figure out.
Yuri Honjo,
from what I'm able to remember,
it seems like
I'm a friend of your brother's.
[Sniper Mask] That's all I know so far.
I don't have any more details.
I was actually hoping
that you might know something I don't.
But, regardless, we should exchange
whatever information we have.
Yeah, I agree.
[Rikuya] Got it, thanks for the update.
So then, that just means
we'll start moving when it's dark.
We'll just have to wait around here
until it's time.
Oh, and it's raining now,
so don't catch a cold. Bye.
A report from an Angel?
[Rikuya] Yeah. They said that
the helicopter just landed at the place
where it was hovering over earlier.
It wasn't really clear
whether Rika is there or not,
but I do think it's worth investigating.
Let's wait until it gets dark.
If the enemy sees our movements,
Rika's life will be in danger.
Right. Oh, and by the way,
have you heard from his sister?
No. Although, I should be getting a call
from her any minute.
I'm sure that she's okay,
however, I'm worried.
[Kohei] If we wanna make it through this,
we need her on our side.
She's our only hope right now.
[Sniper Mask] I see. So the doctor
and the guys' with Rikuya, huh?
It might be a good idea to find
even more allies before the battle.
Anyway, is the tea ready, yet?
Oh, so you noticed?
[Yuri giggles]
I saw this beautiful tea set setting here,
and it made me want to use it.
But I'm not exactly sure how,
so I'm just winging it.
[Sniper Mask] You're just
as carefree as Kuon, aren't you?
No. Maybe it's more
that you're curious like your brother.
- Here you go.
- All right, thanks.
Okay. Let's see how this tastes.
Yeah, it's good.
You know what,
this might be the best time to do it.
I'll keep my eyes closed, though.
Do you, uh, want to look at my real face?
[Sniper Mask] I was just thinking
you might recognize me.
All right.
If you're sure you don't mind.
I was hoping I could.
[exhales deeply]
Oh Whoa!
[inhales sharply]
[Sniper Mask]
Hey, would you say something.
[Yuri] You're super handsome.
Except, I'm pretty sure
that I haven't seen you
anywhere before, unfortunately.
You have a noticeable scar
by your left eye.
If I had seen you,
I think something like that
would have triggered my memory.
[Sniper Mask] Yeah, I was hoping the scar
would look familiar to you.
But now it's clear that I'll just have
to talk to your brother directly.
Huh? Putting your mask back on?
But that's just a waste, though.
You're so hot.
[Sniper Mask]
Seriously, what's wrong with you?
Aren't you embarrassed
by the things you're saying?
Oh, that hat you're wearing
- My brother has the same one.
- What?
I asked him why the hat all of a sudden?
And he said, "Because the person
that I respect wears the same one."
[Sniper Mask] Respect, huh?
Damn! I think it's almost time.
What? Are you okay?
[Sniper Mask]
Listen, I left a phone with Kuon.
That phone's the key
to locating the real enemy.
I'll leave it up to you
on how you want to deal with that.
And, uh, it might not be my place
but don't push yourself too much.
- Oh
- If things get really bad,
then prioritize yourself, not this world.
I'm sure your brother would say the same.
That's it for now.
Okay, well, I'll be asleep for a while.
[Yuri] This man, he's definitely reliable.
I'm glad we talked.
It's good to have such a strong ally!
[Kuon] Here it is.
Thank you, Kuon.
All right, well,
I guess we'll be off then.
- Oh, Mayu.
- Hmm?
Would it be okay,
if I borrowed your phone as well?
I think I'm gonna be getting a call
from Rikuya's team soon.
I was the one who was supposed
to be contacting them,
but I crushed the phone
by gripping it too hard.
You really crushed a phone?
[Mayuko] You're ridiculous.
Sure, you can have it.
[Yuri] Thanks.
I don't think it'll take that long,
just wait with the Doctor
and the rest of them, okay?
Yeah, will do.
[Yuri] Luckily, the enemy
hasn't picked up on this area yet.
Even so, I still have to be prepared.
[rain pattering]
[camera shutter clicks]
[exhales deeply]
[Mamoru] Investigator Student Mask,
your original task was to locate
the enemy's whereabouts,
however, there has been a change of plans.
[Mamoru] I want you to find out if there's
a stronger player than the Sniper.
- Now, why don't we begin?
- Yeah, okay.
[electricity crackles]
[Mayuko] What? Wait!
Wait a minute.
This is really embarrassing.
[Mayuko] Wha What?
Hold on, I'm wearing clothes again.
I don't understand. What's happening?
Oh, um, well
The truth is, I'm not exactly sure either.
Huh? Wait, are you serious, Kuon?
[Kuon] Um
[Mayuko] I mean, it can't be
that we're back in our world, right?
[Masked Mayuko]
I can answer that question.
It's you.
[Masked Mayuko] This is the world
inside Sniper Mask's brain.
Buy you're my mask's program.
Why are you here?
[Masked Mayuko] Since you're in a state
of confusion, I'm here to offer support.
First, this place is a part
of Sniper Mask's dream.
His dream?
Um, so you're saying that we are inside
of somebody else's dream right now?
Oh, man, I really don't understand this.
But, if we're inside his dream,
then where is his mask program?
[Masked Mayuko] That I do not know.
Then, how are we supposed to find it?
If we don't find it in time,
Sniper may not make it.
Miss Mayuko, I'm able to sense it.
[Kuon] That means,
it shouldn't be too far from here.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised
that you know that.
[Mayuko] I know where we are.
It's a place that exists
in the other world.
But the tower that's supposed
to be visible from here isn't there.
[Masked Mayuko]
This is a site from the past.
Sniper Mask is currently having
a dream of the past.
- Kuon, wait.
- What? Huh?
It's a kid?
What? That that look on his face is
So does that mean Could he be
You're correct, Kuon.
- [flustered cries]
- Huh? What?
What's wrong? What are you doing?
I I've decided not to look
at Mr. Mask's real face!
Le Let alone seeing him
as an adorable little boy?
And I just can't handle it! No!
No exceptions, huh?
Anyway, Mayuko Nise,
I wanna thank you for your help.
Now then, let's get to it.
The Mask program is this way.
- [exhales deeply]
- [whimpers]
[Sniper Mask]
As you can see, I usually aim
- the gun at the sky
- Hmph. Of course, it's this place.
- Hey, Rika.
- Huh? Hey, Yu!
[young Rika] Uh, Yu, who are those ladies
standing next to you?
Wait a minute, is that what my name was?
It's Yu
I remember the name Makoto too.
That's what my last name is.
Makoto Yu
It doesn't matter. We gotta hurry.
[Mayuko] Where are you going?
It's not safe to be here any longer.
I will end it.
[Kuon] I will end this dream,
this hibernation process.
Good, I'm counting on you, Kuon.
Now as the one who is closer to God,
I am ordering you.
What's going on?
[Masked Mayuko] I advise against it.
- You will only burden her.
- Huh?
[Masked Mayuko] Her feelings
are far stronger now than they were
when she dealt with us.
- [electricity crackles]
- [blasts]
She is immensely close to God already.
I'm finished now.
The process has been completed.
Both your Despair Command
and Murder Command are gone.
Which means, you should be able
to look at humans from here on out.
[Kuon] However, the Suicide Command
is still preserved,
so I advise you to keep wearing the mask.
As for your memory,
it will take a bit longer to retrieve.
I understand, you've done
more than enough for me.
Kuon, thanks a lot.
- [gasps, grunts]
- [young Sniper Mask] Kuon!
I'm very sorry.
It seems I've reached my limit.
- It'll be best to go back now.
- [young Rika] You're leaving?
I I don't want you to go.
Please don't leave.
I don't want you to go.
- [Rika sobs]
- Uh, Rika, please stop crying.
[young Rika] I don't want you to go.
[young Rika sobbing]
[Sachio] That should do it.
Here, it's ready.
Thank you very much! I'm impressed.
You really know a lot about guns.
Yes, I spent some time
working on a friend's riffle before.
See, it's all part of my job.
- [Sachio] Tanabe!
- [employees] Mechanic!
Oh, yes, I see.
[Uzuki] Miss Yuri, would it be okay
if I take a look at that?
Oh, wow! I don't believe it. How cool!
This is ultra-rare. There are only
a few of these in the world!
You know about it, too, Uzuki?
In the other world, I was into a game
that personified guns and weapons.
The only bad part of it is,
it gets jammed a lot, right?
Yeah, I can't figure out why.
[Uzuki] There's actually a trick
to shooting it.
[Yuri] Uzuki and Mr. Tanabe
seem pretty trustworthy.
That's good. If we all work together,
we can defeat any formidable enemy.
[girl] Somebody help!
- Someone's crying for help?
- Yeah, I heard it as well.
[Yuri] I'm gonna go.
You guys stay here.
Make sure to protect this building.
What? By yourself?
I have the self-strengthening ability.
I'll be fine by on my own.
You all stay safe,
I'll be back soon, okay?
- Huh?
- Miss Yuri, you're so brave.
[girl] Somebody help me.
[Yuri] Her screaming
helps me confirm her location.
- [girl shouting indistinctly]
- [panting]
[Yuri] Just hang on.
I'm going to make it, I promise.
I'm going to save you no matter what.
The voice came from this area.
There! I made
You are too late.
[Yuri] I can't believe I didn't make it.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
Do it.
No way!
[Yuri] A shield?
And they're doing
a synchronized dance move?
This could be problematic.
In order to avenge that girl,
I need to kill them all.
Right here, right now!
[Kick Boxing Mask] Here we go!
Bring it on!
[Shield Mask snaps]
Do it!
- [slams]
- [grunts]
- [gunshot]
- [grunts]
[Yuri] This is all thanks
to Mr. Tanabe and Uzuki.
This is incredible. I'm seriously strong.
It looks like I've completely
abandoned being human.
But, even if I'm not human anymore,
all I want is to be
my brother's younger sister.
I hope I can see him soon.
But before that,
I'm going to end this battle.
[bodies thud]
[thunder rumbles]
[closing theme music]
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