High-Rise Invasion (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

I AM Justice!

[suspenseful music]
[Yuri] I couldn't do it.
I couldn't save her.
Even though I'm stronger now.
Seriously, why am I so useless?
[Yuri coughing]
- [coughing continues]
- [door creaking]
[camera clicks]
- Well done, Student Mask.
- [awed sigh]
[grunts, groans]
[door creaking]
This is for Master Aikawa.
- This is for Master Aikawa.
- [breathing heavily]
[Student Mask] For Master Aikawa.
This is for Master Aikawa!
All right, woman. Time to die!
[Yuri] A new type of Mask?
[Student Mask] Master Aikawa
supports the theory of eugenics
and wants to improve the population
in this realm based on those premises.
It efficiently eliminates
all those who are incompetent.
- Only the superior few will survive.
- [Yuri screams]
- Go away!
- With the elimination of the weak,
- humanity will finally achieve happiness.
- [Yuri screams]
That's what I stand for as well!
[Yuri screams]
[Yuri] If only I had a weapon
He's gone? Where did he go?
[Yuri whimpers]
- [Student Mask] Why is this happening?
- [Yuri] He's out of ammo?
It appears my language ability
has been unlocked!
[Yuri shrieks]
I think I know why!
Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap!
Master Aikawa and I,
our wavelengths
must have completely matched!
My immense passion for my master
has to have been what caused this miracle!
[Yuri] Master Aikawa?
What the heck is he talking about?
[Student Mask sighs]
Master Aikawa! Master Aikawa!
Master Aikawa! Master Aikawa
[pained scream]
[Yuri chuckles]
You're amazing!
My Angel came to save me!
- [gasps]
- [grunts]
[Student Mask] Let go of me!
- Damn you, you little brats!
- Thanks for helping me, Mayu.
- [Student Mask] Get off!
- I'm glad I made it on time.
I said get off of me, you wench!
You have my cell phone with you.
I couldn't get a hold of you
to find out where you went.
I left Kuon back there.
She was still sleeping with Sniper.
They're sleeping together?
I'll fill you in later, okay?
We have to take care
of this guy right now.
Huh? Oh! Yeah!
[theme music]
[Yuri] "I Am Justice!"
[Student Mask groans]
What are you doing?
What the hell is wrong with you?
Give it back to me!
That mask!
It was generously given to me
by Master Aikawa!
Stop! Who's Aikawa? Tell me.
[Mamoru] The one closer to God
in the school uniform,
and the long-range attacks
from the Sniper and the railgun user.
[Student Mask] Do you truly believe the
other world should stay the way it is?
That pitiful, filthy excuse of a world?
There's a need to rebuild
and improve humanity!
The very existence of this realm
is proof that change is necessary.
It's somebody's call to action
to right all that is wrong!
He makes no sense.
Everything he's saying
just sounds so crazy.
[Student Mask] The victor of this realm
has a duty to fix the world!
And it is the unquestionable truth
that Master Aikawa will be victorious!
[Yuri] The true enemy.
There's something really wrong with them.
I've decided,
I'm gonna kill this Aikawa of yours,
and I will reject all of his beliefs.
Do you actually think
an inferior existence like you
will be able to defeat Master Aikawa?
Yes, I do!
What did you say?
You should be ashamed of yourself!
Master Aikawa! Master Aikawa is
- [grunts]
- [yelps]
[Kijima] Assassination. Correct?
[Mamoru] That's right.
The assassins will be Kusakabe,
And also Great Angel.
Good heavens!
The time has come to deploy him.
The one who destroys everything.
[Mamoru] Even if he really does destroy
everything in the end.
[Sniper Mask pants]
It's just thunder.
It's so loud it woke me up, though.
Wait. I'm back in this world again?
- I'm not sure how to feel about that.
- [snoring]
[snoring, mumbling]
Mr. Mask, I have no more room for dessert.
[Sniper Mask] Seriously?
[rain pattering]
- [gasps]
- What's wrong?
[Sniper Mask] What a drag.
Why won't someone just tell me
what the hell is going on?
Are you alive
- Rika?
- [thunder rumbles]
[Kusakabe] Rika, sweetie!
Everything has gotten a lot stickier
since you decided
to provoke Master Ai like that.
You stupid little boy!
What's that?
[woman groaning]
- [chuckling]
- [choking]
Mr. Swimmer!
- [chokes]
- [bones cracking]
[body thuds]
[China Mask] Found it!
Now it's time to report to Rikuya!
Unbelievable, Mr. Swimmer.
Acting recklessly yet again!
But it's nothing compared to him.
To Great Angel.
[Great Angel] I am justice!
[Kusakabe] His intolerance of evil
triggers a terrifying power.
A power that makes him see
everything around him as evil.
Because his way of thinking conflicts
with most other Masks,
- it has turned him into a rogue Angel.
- [slams]
[Great Angel] I am the Great Angel!
I am the Complete Warrior of Justice!
[Mamoru] I won't deny
your claim to be justice.
However, the only ones
who can claim a belief like that
are those who are truly powerful,
which means you have the right to it.
When I take control of you,
that's when my idea of justice
becomes reality.
[Great Angel] I know what you are!
Anyone who utters total nonsense is evil!
[Kusakabe] Master Ai and Great Angel's
wavelengths managed to match up.
Still, the Great Angel's powers
were stronger than we ever imagined.
[Mamoru] I command you to surrender to me!
I will use my power
to seal every ability you obtain!
[pained groans]
- [Dai-chan] Miss Kusakabe.
- Hmm?
I brought the rain gear for you.
Thank you, Dai-chan.
Um, Miss Kusakabe, what should I do now?
Murder, of course.
[camera clicking]
All right!
Now I have something else to report!
- Awesome!
- Huh?
Nice one, China Mask!
This building is the enemy's base.
I bet you anything
this is where Rika is being held.
Wow! Even though she's wearing a mask,
she's pretty cute!
- So who is this girl?
- Oh. Huh?
[Rikuya] A selfie?
I see you're awake now? Sure you're okay?
[Sniper Mask exhales]
[Sniper Mask] Yeah.
I'm guessing it worked too.
I mean I'm looking right at you, aren't I?
Hold on, Sniper.
If you're here, then where's Kuon?
[Sniper Mask] She's asleep.
Oh, Mr. Mask.
[Kusakabe] Oh, wonderful!
I'm glad to see you're awake, Rika.
It looks like you're doing well.
Hey, so listen.
We're heading out for a bit.
We won't be long.
[Rika] You're going out in this rain?
- That's right.
- [Rika] What's your objective?
A secret!
[Dai-chan] I'll tell you what we're doing!
We're gonna annihilate evil
for the sake of justice!
- [grunts]
- Dai-chan, do you think you could try
to keep your mouth shut
for just one second?
I'm sorry, Miss Kusakabe.
[Dai-chan] I'm so sorry. Please,
don't be mad at me! I promise
[Rika] What's a mask as wimpy as that
doing with them?
Anyway, goodbye for now, Rika.
[Kusakabe] Servant Mask,
take care of him while we're gone, okay?
[Sniper Mask] Aikawa, you said?
That guy's pretty careful
with his actions.
Just like the time with the girl sniper,
he'll most likely deploy
only a few Masks at a time.
[phone vibrates]
- Huh?
- Huh?
Hey, I just got a text from Kohei.
What is this? A picture. What? No way.
This is where Rika is?
Rikuya's team found their location.
They're asking what to do.
[Yuri] Oh, no. I'm getting
all emotional right now.
How should I respond to them?
I have no idea what to do.
What am I supposed to do now?
My head hurts!
- [Mayuko] Yuri!
- My head hurts!
[Yuri] My head hurts! My head hurts!
[Sniper Mask] Uh, well, uh
Why don't you just calm down for now?
Yeah. You're right.
It's important to stay calm.
We both have to.
[rain pattering]
New update. Three Masks are headed out!
- One, two, three!
- [camera clicking]
[phone vibrates]
[Sniper Mask] From Rikuya's team?
It looks like three Masks
are on their way here.
Your prediction was right
about him using a small number.
- Three Masks, huh? Hmm
- What is it?
I can sense two coming up.
One of them is a kid.
Huh? Maybe it's Uzuki?
And the doctor, too.
I'm here regarding the Student Mask
that you left in my care earlier.
I tried. Unfortunately, it seems like
I'm unable to control Masks
who are already being controlled
by others.
I attempted getting inside of his brain,
but I couldn't get any information.
There's a strong barrier put in there
by the enemy.
[Kazuma] I was forced to face the fact
that my abilities
just aren't enough to win.
[shudders, shrieks]
[Uzuki] Doctor
On the plus side,
being exposed
to the enemy's ability like that
has managed to trigger
a new ability of mine!
And so, from now on, I have the power
to stop an Angel's movement!
You can stop their movement? Really?
Well, I, actually,
haven't tried it out, yet. So
Huh Uh
- It's fine by me.
- [Mayuko grunts]
[Kazuma] Oh, thank you.
I want you to look at my finger.
An Angel who does that,
as well as hears my command,
won't be able to move.
So, let's test this out!
Okay, Angel.
You must stop!
Huh? What the
- Looks like he's still moving.
- [sighs]
[breathes heavily]
That can't be. It didn't work.
[exhausted sigh]
[Sniper Mask] Actually, your ability
to stop movement is real.
I tried to raise my hand up
at the same time.
But I couldn't move for a good second.
A second-delay could be crucial
in a battle between Angels.
[Sniper Mask] When used correctly,
it would be a terrifying ability,
don't you agree
Yuri Honjo?
Yeah, I do.
[Yuri] I'm going to tell you
the entire truth.
[rain pattering]
[Kuon sniffs]
Mr. Mask's smell.
- [Sniper Mask] Kuon! It's me.
- Huh? Yes!
I heard strange noises, are you okay?
[Sniper Mask] This is just an estimate,
but the battle should begin
in about an hour.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
I think I am mentally prepared.
Uh, well, I should eat this now.
[nervous chuckle]
[Sniper Mask]
I should be preparing myself, too.
Kuon, she's a lot closer to God
than I think.
I don't plan on dying that easily.
But if that moment were to come
Um Sorry.
It's just that it's kind of embarrassing
that you're watching me eat.
[Sniper Mask] Huh? I'll leave then, Kuon.
[Yuri] That's everything
I have to tell you.
Um I'm very sorry
for lying to you all this time.
[Uzuki] Doctor, uh, about earlier
I noticed that you agreed to cooperate
with her pretty easily, didn't you?
Yes, well, she's better than Aikawa,
don't you think?
- Huh?
- [Ein munching]
I don't really like admitting this,
but with the abilities I have,
I'm only able to cooperate
with whoever's the "better one."
[relieved sigh]
Well, you made the right choice.
Miss Yuri isn't just strong, you know.
She's also a very kind person.
[water running]
[foreboding music]
[suspenseful music]
[Sniper Mask] There's something
I want to decide before the battle.
We need to pick which moment
we'll use our trump card.
The railgun.
[Kusakabe] All right, guys!
Let the battle begin!
- [Sniper Mask] I see them!
- Uh
She's She's the Mask from before?
Wait. That mask is
[Sniper Mask]
I wanted a word with you first.
But I'd rather just end
your life right now.
That's my mom!
- [gunshot]
- What?
[Uzuki] Mom!
[Sniper Mask]
Things just got even more complicated.
Uzuki, this might be hard for you,
but, uh, I need you to tell me your story.
[Dai-chan screams, grunts]
[Swimmer Mask chuckling]
[Dai-chan] Ha! Hello!
[Yuri] What's up with the Mask
in the tights?
[Dai-chan] Uh, um, Master Ai,
the enemy's here in front of me.
What should I do?
[Mamoru] I see.
Well, it's a bit early for this,
but I'm going to release your seal.
What? My seal?
I'm about to say seven key phrases to you.
I want you to listen carefully.
I I don't really understand, but okay!
[Mamoru] Let's get started!
A white horse.
A red horse.
A black horse.
One called death.
Under the altar.
Black sun.
And seven Angels.
[Dai-chan screams]
- [Dai-chan groaning]
- [Sniper Mask] What is that?
This This power is
[Great Angel] I am the Great Angel!
And now, I have explosively descended!
[Mamoru] Great Angel!
Are you there, Great Angel!
I'm Mamoru Aikawa,
the one who sealed
your powers and memories.
I'm currently located somewhere
in the tall building in front of you.
If you want to defeat me,
then, come and find me.
However, my subordinates will be there
using all their strengths to stop you.
Well, then, I look forward to seeing you.
[line beeps]
[Great Angel] Aikawa, the head of evil
that I must destroy!
I will kill all evil!
Here I go.
[strained grunts]
[Yuri gasps]
He's gone?
[Great Angel laughing]
Sorry, ladies. But I have no time
to waste on small fry!
- [gasps]
- Ein, wait!
Mayu, go with her!
- That Mask is totally insane! Hurry!
- Huh?
No. I I want to stay here
with you, though.
Don't worry! I've got this, okay?
You have to go before Kuon
and the others get targeted!
Uh Fine!
But I won't forgive you if you die!
I will never forgive you!
[Yuri] Yeah, I know. Huh?
- [whooshing]
- [yelps]
- [Swimmer Mask laughing]
- [Yuri] Swimmer Mask.
- The one who who took my brother away.
- You'll die. I can't wait!
I'll beat you to a pulp,
and then I'll kill you!
- [maniacal laughter]
- [Yuri] I'm not gonna die!
The one who's gonna die is you!
[closing theme music]
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