High-Rise Invasion (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

This is a High-Rise Invasion

[suspenseful music]
[loud thud]
[Dealer Mask] So, it's begun then.
I will be watching this war closely.
[strained grunt]
[Uzuki] Mom!
[pained moan]
What's going on with me right now?
That voice, when I heard it.
[Great Angel growls]
What the What was that?
[Sniper Mask]
He caught it with his fingers?
[Great Angel] Aikawa, you've hired
a veteran hitman, I see!
Well, in that case
[theme music]
[Yuri] "This Is a High-Rise Invasion."
[Great Angel] It'd be best
to start from the inside.
[Sniper Mask] Damn it.
That guy looks like a total clown,
but his reaction speed is incredible.
Kuon, are you cold?
Um, actually, it's just that
my body isn't able to move.
Miss Kuon.
- [Sniper Mask] Kuon.
- [gasps]
Come here.
I'm sorry you had to see that.
You don't have to think
about fighting right now.
I'll protect you. Okay?
- Hmm
- [Kuon sobbing]
Mr. Mask.
[Great Angel] Mm. Delicious!
Mm, cold, but still delicious!
One can't fight on an empty stomach,
after all!
- [gasps]
- [Great Angel] Afterimage.
[both grunt]
A surprise attack during a meal.
You're quite
the rotten little devil, are you?
Thank you for the tasty food.
- [grunting]
- [clattering]
[Ein] I can't land a hit.
He's too fast!
[Great Angel] Swordplay, huh? Not bad.
Oh! Come on!
- [yelps]
- [swords clash]
- [Great Angel] This fight is mine.
- Huh?
Time for you to die.
Behind me stands a woman.
And a man in front.
- I could sense your presence.
- Hmm.
[Great Angel] A white coat?
Oh, I get it!
You must be the evil scientist, right?
[Kazuma] There was a time I thought
about abandoning everything
and running away.
Abandoning Ein and everyone else.
Because it's over when you die,
and that's terrifying.
as a human, as a doctor,
I can't just turn away!
[Great Angel] Well, get on with it!
No matter what weapon you use,
I'll just destroy it head-on!
[Kazuma] One second.
It's only a mere second, but
Okay, Angel, you must stop!
This This is!
[both grunt]
[Mayuko] It only stopped for 0.8 seconds.
Even so, we're at an advantage!
[Kazuma panting]
Yes. It worked!
My ability worked!
Let me catch my breath
before I do it again!
[Great Angel] So, it turns out,
you're a wizard, not a scientist.
Well, I admit, it's a bit inconvenient.
[Mayuko] Huh? What is he about to do?
Watch out for the bullet!
[Great Angel] Finger flick!
[gasps, whimpers]
- [groaning]
- [Ein whimpers]
Hey, Ein, hurry downstairs!
Just run! I'll can handle this bastard!
[Great Angel] It's about time.
I'll turn it up a notch.
[Mayuko] Hey, you.
I need to talk to you right now.
If there's any possible way
for me to beat him,
would you tell me what it is?
[Masked Mayuko] There is a way
to improve your chances of defeating him.
- Yes.
- [Mayuko grunts]
[Masked Mayuko] Understood.
I will begin executing
the defragmentation tool.
[Great Angel]
Those who aid evil are in turn evil!
[Masked Mayuko]
Three minutes until completion.
[Masked Mayuko] I recommend
you take action to buy time.
[Great Angel]
And you're evil just like the rest!
You better brace yourself!
[Mayuko] Me? Evil?
It doesn't even make a difference
if I am or not!
I just need to buy time right now.
[Masked Mayuko]
Your eardrums were briefly damaged.
The ability to analyze
and process sound waves
and hear normally
has now been fully repaired.
[Great Angel] Just as I expected,
the immoral ones are sore losers!
[Masked Mayuko] Two minutes and 42 seconds
until the completion of the tool.
Buy more time.
[Mayuko] Before I die, I'm gonna give you
an even deeper wound!
This is for Yuri!
[Great Angel] All right, you punk.
I'm ready to end this fight.
[Sachio] That's enough!
[Great Angel] Huh?
Who the heck are you?
What? Why are you here, Mr. Tanabe?
You're a dumb scumbag!
[Great Angel] Who, me?
[Sachio] Attacking an injured girl?
What kind of a deranged villain are you?
[Mayuko] He showed up.
Using my sphere,
I, Sachio Tanabe, will punish you
for all the horrible things you've done!
[Great Angel] Wait, what?
Okay, seriously, who are you?
I sense that you're similar to me,
but it's more of an intense version.
There's no excuse for your crimes!
You better start preparing yourself
to face my wrath!
- [Great Angel] Huh?
- [Sachio growls]
Please try to stay alive, Mr. Tanabe.
[Masked Mayuko] The defragmentation tool
will be complete in two minutes.
[both growling]
[Mayuko] Erase the unnecessary things
within my brain?
[Masked Mayuko] Yes.
The cleared space will be used
to improve your processing power.
What does that mean? Do I have to erase
all my memories or something?
[Masked Mayuko] It will have no effect
on your memories whatsoever.
The unnecessary thing
that must be erased is me.
[Masked Mayuko]
Ten seconds until completion.
Nine, eight
- seven, six
- I've to say, knowing that you'll be gone,
- well, it feels a little bit sad.
- five, four, three
two, one.
[Masked Mayuko] Defragmentation complete.
- Mayuko Nise.
- Uh
[Great Angel] What a crackpot.
He went down
with just a touch of a finger.
Who in the world was this man?
Huh? What's that?
[electric crackle]
[Great Angel] Hm?
The evil girl is glowing?
[suspenseful music]
[Great Angel] Huh?
[Mayuko] My processing power improved!
I got stronger in exchange for her.
However, because of that,
I feel even more withdrawn from humanity!
But I don't care!
It doesn't matter
what ends up happening to my body!
All I want is Yuri to be there with me
in the end!
- [Yuri] Mayu!
- [Mayuko] Yuri means
She means everything to me.
[Great Angel] You seem different
from a short while ago.
I feel an exceedingly strong aura
emanating from you.
But even then,
I will still win.
[Swimmer Mask growls]
- [panting]
- [giggling]
[Yuri] What?
He's gone. Which way did he go?
- [growling]
- [thwacks]
- [grunts]
- [gasps]
- [gunshot]
- [screaming]
[Swimmer Mask groaning]
[Yuri] Don't worry, Mayu, I'm coming!
Damn Damn it.
Am I gonna die?
I wonder if
if my life actually meant anything.
[Uzuki] To escape?
You mean, you wanna run away
from this place, right?
If we did that, we'd be abandoning
everyone who's fighting with us!
- [Sniper Mask] Don't say that, Uzuki.
- [gasps]
I'm going to come back here.
I'm not abandoning anyone.
[Uzuki] Mr. Sniper.
I'll go save everyone.
Since I'm only a kid,
I don't really understand
the complicated stuff.
But I know staying here
is the right thing to do!
[Sniper Mask] Uzuki.
[Kuon whimpering]
- [Kuon] I can't stop shaking.
- [heart beating]
I can't stop
- [gasps]
- [heart beating]
[Yuri] Mayu!
[Mayuko panting]
[Great Angel] All right,
I gotta hand it to you.
You made me put in more effort
than I thought I'd have to.
However, in spite of that, it still seems
- [Mayuko] But I'm stronger now, aren't I?
- your abilities still fall short of mine!
[Kazuma] You must stop!
- [Mayuko] Everyone tried so hard!
- [Sachio] I will punish you!
[Mayuko] Don't tell me that
that it was all for nothing!
[Great Angel] I am justice, after all!
And in the name of justice,
I will kill you
for all the wrongs that you've
Ow! Ow, ow, ow!
[Mayuko] It wasn't for nothing!
We drained him more than I thought!
[Kuon] This trembling, is it frustration?
These are Mr. Mask's feelings?
And I Huh?
[Sniper Mask] No matter how pathetic
I might feel right now,
I don't want Kuon to die!
[bell tolls]
[Kuon giggles]
[bell tolling]
[Mayuko] This is it!
[Sniper Mask] When you see your chance,
scream out the signal words.
My ears would be able
to accurately pinpoint your location.
As for the words,
they need to be something
that none of you would ever say.
I give up!
The signal words?
[Sniper Mask] I've confirmed the signal
for Mayuko Nise.
The outer wall
of the southwest side of this building,
- 35 meters downward, cafeteria floor.
- [gasps]
I'll ask you this one more time,
are you sure you can do this, Kuon?
I can do it.
Do it!
Huh? But how?
It can't be happening already, right?
It's launching now.
[Dealer Mask] Seriously?
[Great Angel] What's going on?
What is this absurdly strong energy?
[powering up]
[Dealer Mask] My hat's off to them.
They just shot the railgun at themselves.
[Kusakabe] So, that's it.
There's no avoiding this.
I need to report this situation
to Master Ai.
- [gunshot]
- [shrieks]
A gunshot?
From where though?
Wait. That boy.
- He's my
- [Uzuki] Mom!
[Kusakabe groaning]
[Sniper Mask] Good. She's leaving.
[Uzuki] I'm sorry.
[Sniper Mask] Don't worry.
- Right now, we just need to
- [Kuon] I agree.
It is possible for the enemy
to still be alive.
In order to confirm,
we should head to the battlefield.
[Mayuko grunts]
So that was at the lowest power?
This building, it better not collapse.
- [grunts]
- [rumbles]
No way.
But how?
The bastard, he's still alive?
[Great Angel groaning]
[Great Angel] Well, it looks like
I used up all my strength.
Then yet, I still had managed
to dodge the projectile.
But thanks to its tremendous shock waves,
my organs are totally damaged.
[Great Angel] It doesn't matter though,
I won't let myself die here!
I'll retreat for a short time.
After I terminate this evil little girl,
of course!
Justice Crush!
[Yuri screaming]
[Mayuko] Yuri, you're here.
[suspenseful music]
Sorry, Mayu, it took a while.
But I am here now.
I'm glad you are.
- [low growl]
- [gasps]
[Great Angel groans]
[Yuri] Mayu, Kuon and everyone else,
I made it, thanks to all of you!
Now I'll shoot him dead
and end this battle!
- [program alert]
- [gasps]
Although this is rather abrupt, Miss Yuri,
your ability to control an Angel
has finally been unlocked.
[program] Your wavelengths matched
with the Angel in front of you.
[Yuri] What? Now? Are you serious?
- Hey, something the matter, Yuri?
- What?
Uh, no, it's okay.
I just didn't expect things
to turn out this way.
[Yuri] But it's fine
or my name isn't Yuri Honjo!
- [Mayuko] Uh, okay.
- [Student Mask] Honjo.
The same name as Master Aikawa's hostage!
I have to report this!
Since this Angel is extremely powerful,
you would have to seal his powers
to dominate him.
What would you like to do?
[Yuri] No!
I need to kill him no matter what!
He's an enemy!
I'll kill him! I'm gonna do it!
Hold on.
[Yuri] Mr. Tanabe?
[Sachio] I'd say that you've done enough
at this point.
Look, this fellow here
is still fairly young, right?
And he doesn't seem like
that bad of a guy, in my opinion.
When you go and order an all-out attack
on an opponent who's obviously lost,
it certainly doesn't feel
like justice now, does it?
[Great Angel] Justice.
I admit my defeat. Just do as you wish.
What are you doing?
[Yuri] My goal all along
was to end this world,
and I'm gonna do it
by disobeying its rules
as much as possible.
I'm going to seal your powers now.
And once I do that, I will dominate you!
[Great Angel] Huh?
Whoa! Did he just shrink?
Amazing! Yuri Honjo and her team just won!
Really? I'm so glad!
All right!
Now, all we have to do is save Rika!
[Yuri] The battle ended.
We were the victors.
But we've also suffered a tremendous loss.
[Uzuki sobbing]
[Uzuki] Doctor.
Dr. Aohara!
Uh, hey, Ein.
This must be hard.
How are you feeling right now?
[Ein] Nothing has changed.
Aohara gave me one last order at the end.
[Ein, Kazuma] Obey Yuri Honjo,
and end this terrible world
once and for all.
That was it.
[Sniper Mask] Rika.
[cell phone rings]
[Rika] Hello?
[Mamoru] Well, you were completely right
about that Sniper.
It turns out your friend really was
a formidable opponent after all.
Unfortunately, nobody on our team
was able to kill him though.
[Rika] Oh, I see.
[Rika] Way to go, Yuri.
Oh, and about your younger sister
Seems she's quite the tough one as well.
Boy, you sure did outplay me, huh?
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I'm curious which type
do you think she is?
You're mistaken. I don't have siblings.
If she were the type to surrender
if I told her I was going to kill
her brother,
things would be a lot easier.
- Look, I don't have a younger sister.
- If that's the case,
I'm going to finish her off
using everything I've got.
You know what?
I'd like to see you try to kill her!
You bastard!
That was the first time
you got emotional talking to me.
So, it is true that you guys are siblings.
I knew I was right.
[Rika grunts]
[suspenseful music]
[Sniper Mask] Are you ready, Yuri Honjo?
[Yuri] Yeah.
No matter what,
I'm going to rescue my brother.
And once I do, I'm going to end
this nightmare of a world!
[Yuri] We're all gonna home!
[suspenseful music]
[Rika] I reject your proposal!
I would never agree to that!
You know why?
'Cause I have faith
in the strength of that guy and my sister.
I was hoping
we'd be able to talk more first.
You what?
[Rika] Huh? What? A code?
[Rika screaming]
[foreboding music]
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