High School DxD (2012) s01e01 Episode Script

I Got a Girlfriend!

The same as her hair
Her hair is even more crimson
than strawberry blond
Just like the color
running down my hand
Long, beautiful, crimson hair
Yes, like her
You will live for my sake.
I wanna squeeze some boobs.
I'm with you, Hyodo Issei!
Don't say that. It's all for nothing.
Matsuda, Motohama
Why did we enroll in this school, again?
Kuo Private Academy here
has just barely turned coed
after being an all-girls school.
As such, the girls are predominant here,
and there are many beautiful
foreign exchange students, too!
As a result, the boys are scarce,
meaning that we will be
popular without saying a word!
Indeed, it's like fish in a barrel!
In other words, it's a harem!
Oh, yeah!
What awaits us here is the high life,
spilling over with boobs!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
That was the plan,
but here we are,
facing the spring of our second year,
and we still haven't gotten
any girlfriends.
Don't say that. It's all for nothing.
If we give up, we've lost!
We still have a chance!
What are you doing now?
Say, why don't we go for some karaoke?
Would you like that?
Sorry, but I've got to get to my club.
Too bad
I really am sorry, after you
were kind enough to invite me.
Kiba Yuto, Class 2-C. He's the object
of all the girls' yearnings.
And the foe of all the other boys here.
Damn it, just because
he's a little handsome, very smart,
and has a pretty good personality,
he has them waiting in line!
Don't say that. It's all for nothing.
The world is so unfair.
Oh, no, it's almost time.
Where are you going?
Murayama's rack is fricking huge!
82 centimeters 70 centimeters
81 centimeters
Katase's legs are so fine!
78.5 centimeters 65 centimeters
79 centimeters
I happened to come across this
during gym time.
Matsuda, good job!
Oh, no, Motohama, your scouting
was as sharp as ever.
Hey, let me see, too!
Not at all.
Don't keep it all to yourselves!
Is someone there?
-Oh, no!
What's the big idea?
Hey, Matsuda! Motoha ma
You guys again?
Hold on
Just hold on a second!
Hyodo, you perv!
Ouch Hitting me
with bamboo swords? Really?
Guess your luck ran out, Issei.
And you guys bailed on me!
It might have been worth it
if I'd gotten to see at least one boob,
but I didn't get to see anything, so
There's someone in
the old schoolhouse, right?
That's so great Such bright red hair
Rias Gremory
99 centimeters 58 centimeters
90 centimeters
She's the Occult Research Club president.
Word is that she's from Northern Europe.
That boy just now
The one who was in the middle.
He's in Class 2-B.
As I recall, his name is Hyodo.
Is there something about that boy?
No I must be mistaken.
It was a simple problem.
I did increase the difficulty
level considerably.
I look forward to next time.
What a dim adolescence.
At this rate, is my school life
doomed to end without bearing fruit,
and without me ever
getting to touch any boobs?
Excuse me
You're Hyodo Issei,
from Kuo Academy, aren't you?
I don't recognize the uniform.
What school is she from?
She's cute!
Did you need something from me?
Hyodo, are you seeing anyone right now?
No, no one, really
Would you mind going out with me?
What did you just
For a while, I've watched
as you passed by here
and Hyodo, I
Is she
I want
I want you to please be my boyfriend!
For real?
Wake up! Wake up!
If you don't get up, I'll kiss you.
Wake up! Wake up! Wake--
Yeah, this is Amano Yuma.
These are my buds, Matsuda and Motohama.
Nice to meet you.
And yes, she's my girl friend.
So, you guys hurry up
and find girlfriends, too!
Let's go, Yuma.
That traitor!
A date?
Yeah. This coming Sunday. No good?
No, it's great! Of course, it's all right!
Thank goodness! Okay
Yeah, later.
I'm looking forward to our date!
Yeah. Me, too.
A date! A date!
Man, I like the sound of that!
All right!
I see.
Sure enough, your hunch was
right on the mark?
It appears that I was right
to have you keep an eye on him.
President, what shall we do?
We shall make our preparations, at least.
However, it all depends on him.
It's just about time, isn't it?
Here you go.
I took it without thinking.
"Your wish will be granted"?
Well, if that doesn't sound contrived
Good morning, Yuma!
Sorry. Been waiting long?
No, I just got here, myself.
I've always wanted to say that!
Is something wrong?
Are you okay?
I sure had fun today.
Yeah, it was the best day ever!
This is a man's moment of truth!
All right!
Listen, Issei
To commemorate our first date,
would you mind doing something for me?
Is she, by any chance, asking for a kiss--
What is it you'd like?
Would you die for me?
Did you What? Yuma, sorry,
but could you say that again?
Something must be wrong with my ears.
Would you die for me?
I saw them!
I just saw them!
It was just for a second,
but I definitely saw bare boobs!
I've finally laid eyes
on my first bare boobs!
And on a cute girl like her, too!
What is this, again?
"A sight for sore eyes"
Is that the expression?
Wait, no, it's not.
No, it sure isn't
It's been fun, hanging around
with you for this short time,
playing along with your naive,
childish manner.
I will treasure this little thing
you bought for me. And so
Time to die.
I'm sorry,
but you were too great a risk
factor to us,
so I had to dispose of you right away.
If you must blame someone,
blame God for having
that Sacred Gear dwell within you.
Sacred What, exactly?
Thanks for the fond memories.
Is this for real?
Am I really dying in some two-bit park,
over something I don't even understand?
If you had to kill me,
couldn't you at least have done it
after letting me squeeze your boobs?
I only got a quick glance at them,
but you had some nice boobs, Yuma.
Absolutely scarlet red
The same as her hair Red
Her hair is even more
crimson than strawberry blond
Just like the color
running down my hand
What am I saying?
I'm just about to die, here
It's no use. Damn.
I can't even move anymore.
Damn it. Why do I have to die
in such a preposterous way?
I have to say,
I've lived a really shallow life.
Next time around, I
Rias, huh? With that pretty red hair?
If I'm going to die anyway,
I wish it was nestled
in her beautiful bosom
You're the one who summoned me, right?
Who is that?
Since you're dying anyway,
I will take you in.
Again with the wings
You will live your life for my sake.
Wake up, or I'll kill you.
Wake up, or I'll cut you up. Wake--
I'm so tired This thing
gives me the strangest dreams
Are you guys sure you don't remember Yuma?
I told you, we don't know
anything about her.
I'll say it again,
you never introduced her to us,
and you can't possibly have a girlfriend.
How can that be?
Her email address is right
It's gone. Yuma's phone number
and address have both
Oh, it's Rias.
For real?
It's Rias!
She's always so gorgeous.
Yeah, she's a beauty, all right.
Yeah. There's something
about her unapproachable elegance.
Maybe you've gotten
so hopped up on porno fantasies
that it's messing with your mind.
Don't lump me in with you!
I know what happened!
Whatever, just come by my place today.
How about we all get together
and watch my treasured collection
-of DVD porn--
-Gross, it's those guys.
Nothing but filth on their minds.
Or rather, I've gotten
the latest Gentleman's Disc release.
Oh, that's fantastic! Issei, that will
make for some real eroticism
-Was that
-unlike your immature fantasies.
This is Momo's latest video,
Flower Petals Rider Pinky!
I had to jump
through a few hoops to get this.
This is strange, all right.
How is it possible for several days worth
of memories to be a dream?
So where did my actual memories
during that time go?
Hey, what's wrong with you, Issei?
You're a Momozono Momo fan, right?
I know! Let's turn off the lights
to create a more dramatic mood.
-Much better!
-I know!
Look at that mount! She really is a rider!
Hey, they're not off.
What'd you say?
The lights in the room aren't off.
What are you talking about?
No, I'm wrong. The lights are off.
I don't sense any light, but I see it.
I can see it.
Sorry I'm going home.
Hey, are you feeling all right?
Sure enough, I can see even
clearer than during the day.
What's more, for some reason,
it feels like I'm brimming with power.
No! No! Buy it! Buy it!
If you keep acting spoiled,
I'll leave you here.
How can I hear them this far away?
What's going on?
My body is acting too weird!
This park
Right. This is the place.
This is where I had my date with Yuma.
Yuma, I don't want to believe
that it was just a dream
What's that?
Well, this is unfortunate.
Here I am, running into someone like you
in this provincial town.
What is this? I can't stop shaking.
I just meant to back up a little bit
Shrinking away, are you?
I don't get what's going on!
This is why I can't abide
lower-class beings.
Is this another dream?
Your master and friends
are nowhere around.
Nor are you showing any signs
of disappearing,
nor are any magic circles being deployed.
My analysis of the situation
is that you are a stray.
In which case,
killing you will create no problems.
If this is a similar dream,
I'd far rather have the pretty girl
over this man!
This hurts like a bitch!
It didn't hurt like this when Yuma
It hurts, right? Light is like
a deadly poison to your kind.
I thought I had finished you off,
but you're surprisingly tough.
Don't worry, I'll put you
out of your misery right now.
I'm done for! Somebody, help me!
Was that your doing?
No, I suppose it wasn't.
You keep your hands off of him.
That red hair
It's Rias
Who do you think you are?
Why, you!
Red hair
I see, you're from the House of Gremory.
I'm Rias Gremory.
How are you, my good fallen angel?
Well, well, imagine,
this town being under the control
of the next head of the Gremory family.
Is he one of your household?
Bring any harm to him,
and you will get no mercy.
Well, my apologies
for what happened today.
But you shouldn't
let your servants run loose like that.
Someone like me might hunt him
while out taking a walk.
I appreciate the advice.
And for my part, next time,
if anything like this happens,
I will not hesitate to start something.
Bear that in mind.
I could say the exact same thing to you,
next head of the House of Gremory.
My name is Dohnaseek.
I pray that we never see each other again.
That was careless.
Who would have thought he would
come into contact with a fallen angel?
He'll die unless we do something.
I won't let him die.
After all, this boy is my
Master, please wake up.
I'm so tired. Another weird dream.
Why is this happening, night after night?
Why am I naked? Where are my underpants?
No way!
It's morning?
Good morning.
How come Rias, why are
I mean, I'm dreaming.
Yeah, I'm still dreaming.
This is real.
And so is everything else you experienced.
I am Rias Gremory, a devil.
A devil?
I am also your master.
Nice to meet you, Hyodo Issei.
Think of something
that you feel to be the strongest.
I'm gonna be king of the harems!
Give me power!
Well, it's almost
like I've gotten a dumb little brother.
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