High School DxD (2012) s01e02 Episode Script

I'm Done Being Human!

Issei! Get up! You're going to be late!
-I'm up!
I'll be down in a second, so
Geez, this happens every morning.
Okay! You don't have to come up here!
Come on, Issei, how long are you
going to sleep?
Here, Rias, put this over you!
Good morning.
Good morning
Please hurry up and get ready
Mom, what's wrong?
Was Issei fumbling about
with a dirty magazine again?
A foreigner!
Not a magazine, the real thing!
Settle down!
What do you mean, the real thing?
The real deal!
And with a global twist, too!
An international one!
How am I going to explain this?
Before I get into that, what were
Rias and I doing in bed together?
I don't remember!
I don't remember a thing! How come?
Try to remember that part!
How can I become a man
and have it be like this? Remember!
Remember the big event!
Your house is quite active this early
in the morning.
I can see
See what?
Your boobs and stuff.
You're free to look at them, if you like.
I'm free to look?
That expression exists in Japanese?
Well, then, I'll gladly
Is your tummy all right?
Where you were stabbed.
How does she know about my dream?
It wasn't a dream.
Your body is tougher than I expected.
That was a fatal wound, and yet
you were treated in just one night.
I shared some of my magic
with your weakened body. Say
Would you do me up?
More to the point,
Rias, why am I undressed?
I just told you. I shared my magic
with you so that I could treat you.
By embracing you naked.
Embracing me naked!
It's all right.
I am still a virgin, after all.
Oh, is that right?
What am I so relieved about?
Don't make that face.
The world is full of many wonders.
What is it?
You said something about being
a devil earlier
Yes. I am a devil.
I am your master.
Do you mind if I call you Issei?
Impossible! Not with that guy!
That vulgar brute, of all people!
Big Sister Rias!
Yeah, I suppose so. Here I am,
walking along with the academy's
number-one idol, Rias Gremory.
I'll send someone for you later.
Send someone?
I will see you again later, after school.
Hold on, Rias!
Just a minute, please!
Damn you, Issei!
I thought we were all supposed to have
a united front in being unpopular!
Now, calm down, Matsuda.
Let's first hear what Issei
has to say for himself.
What the hell happened
after you left yesterday?
Matsuda Motohama
What, Issei?
Have you ever seen boobs up close?
So, he's the one?
Good day, Rias.
Good day, Sona.
It's not like you to make him
part of your household so full-tilt.
Oh, no?
Well, it's kind of like
I've gotten a dumb younger brother.
Rock, paper, scissors!
She said she would send someone for me,
but no one ended up ever coming.
It's Prince Handsome, huh? Die.
Please, excuse me.
Go ahead, go ahead.
It's not very tidy, but go ahead.
Hey, hi there.
What do you want?
I'm here on an errand from Rias Gremory.
Then you're
Would you mind coming with me?
Oh, no! Kiba walking together
with that sleazy Hyodo!
You'll be contaminated, Kiba!
Kiba, I won't have you pairing up
with that sleazy Hyodo!
Damn it, enough of all that absurd crap.
What kind of room is this?
Isn't that
That's Tojo Koneko, a first-year.
This is Hyodo Issei.
Hi there.
A petite build
and an unbeatable Loli-face.
She's like a mascot character
that's highly popular,
not just with that set of boys,
but girls, too.
That's actually Tojo Koneko, isn't it?
I never knew she was
in the Occult Research Club.
What a pleasant surprise!
A shower? Inside the club's room?
art! That figure is so beautiful,
it's no exaggeration to call it truly art!
President, your clothes are ready.
Thank you, Akeno.
It's Rias? I knew it!
What a fantastic club room!
What a lewd look on your face.
Oh, my
Oh, my
You are the new club member, right?
Pleased to meet you.
I am the vice-president, Himejima Akeno.
I am pleased to make your acquaintance.
Hyodo Issei. The pleasure is all mine.
This lady has that most endangered
of species, the black ponytail!
The embodiment
of the ultimate soothing blossom
of Japanese femininity! On par with Rias,
one of the two great ladies
of the academy, Himejima Akeno!
What a fantastic club this is!
Thanks for waiting.
Sorry about this. I haven't washed up
since I stayed over at your place.
No, don't worry about it.
Okay, all of us are here now.
We welcome you
into the Occult Research Club.
But the Occult Research Club
is just an assumed front.
Sort of a hobby of mine.
How do you mean?
I'll come right to the point.
We are devils.
You really do come
right to the point, huh?
That man yesterday with the black wings,
that was a fallen angel.
They are angels in the service of God,
who, as a result of possessing
corrupt emotions,
have descended into the underworld.
They are attempting to wipe us devils out,
while they manipulate humans.
Since the distant past,
they have fought for supremacy
of the underworld,
what you in the human realm call Hell.
There are also other angels besides
the fallen ones
who come down on orders
from God to defeat us devils.
In other words,
there's a three-way standoff.
Have you understood everything up to now?
I guess this story is a bit difficult
for an average high school student.
Amano Yuma
You haven't forgotten her, right?
You even went on a date with her.
I don't know
where you heard that name from,
but I don't appreciate her being
talked about in some occult club,
and to be honest, I'm not happy
about it, so begging your pardon
She really did exist. That's a fact.
That's her, right? Amano Yuma?
Yes, it is. But how did you get this?
This girl, or rather, this fallen angel
is of the same substance
as the being who attacked you last night.
But Matsuda and Motohama
don't remember anything about her,
and her address in my cell phone was--
She used her power.
Just like I did to your parents.
You're close upper- and underclassmen?
But you were in bed
together, naked, weren't you?
Lately, sleeping next
to each other is the trend,
Father, Mother.
-That's crazy--
-Is that right?
I see. Well, then, what can you do?
Since when have my parents
been so understanding?
Or so I thought.
That fallen angel
had accomplished her objective,
so she erased all memories and records
of herself from everyone around you.
Her objective?
To kill you.
To ascertain whether or not there
was something dangerous within you.
Once that was verified, you were killed,
by being run through
with a spear of light.
If you must blame someone,
blame God for having
that Sacred Gear dwell within you.
Come to think of it,
Yuma did say something
about sac-something or other
Sacred Gear.
It's a non-standard power
that dwells within specific people.
It is said that many historic figures
have possessed this power.
Occasionally, there are even
those who have enough power
that they become a threat
to devils or fallen angels.
Issei, please hold your left hand up.
Like this?
Close your eyes, and think
of something you feel to be the strongest.
You're asking me to do that
out of the blue?
Focus, Issei.
Focus, focus!
That's it, Issei. Focus.
Focus! Focus!
I can't do any more!
That's okay.
It looks like it's still hard for you.
That's because my focus
is on a different vector,
thanks to your panties!
Still, are you sure there hasn't
been some kind of mistake?
The fact is, that fallen angel
was fearful and wanted to kill you.
But if that's true, then isn't
it weird that I'm still alive here?
Just before your life expired,
you summoned me through this flyer.
That's right. At the time,
I was thinking about Rias' crimson hair.
Issei, you have been reborn
as a member of the house of Rias Gremory,
daughter of the Marquis of Gremory,
a high-ranking devil
as my devil servant.
Sure enough, I do see better at night.
When she said devils and servants,
I thought it was some kind of metaphor,
but who knew she was serious?
Yes, we are all the same.
It's a pleasure, Issei.
For real?
I'm a devil? Does that mean
I'm through being human?
Devils grant power to humans
for a price agreed upon via a pact.
Nowadays, people do not summon demons
-by drawing magic circles anymore
-That way, is it?
so we deliver them to
those who might summon us.
Usually, we use messenger demons,
but as my servant, you get to learn
a devil's tasks from square one.
Do a good job, and you may
get to have servants, yourself.
My own servants?
Depending on your efforts, yes.
By servants, you mean,
they can't refuse
what I tell them to do, right?
That's right.
And I can do anything I want with them?
Even, for example, sexy things?
As long as they're your servants, why not?
If I can't go back to being human
I'm gonna be king of the harems!
I'm done with my delivery.
Issei, I have one more job for you today.
Koneko has received two summon requests.
You can take one of them.
If you would be so kind.
The pleasure is all mine.
Does that mean I finally have a pact, too?
This is a transport magic circle.
Hold out your left hand, Issei.
It's a seal.
This proves that you are
a member of the House of Gremory.
When you arrive at the client's location,
do just as I told you to.
You're all set, right?
That's the right answer. Okay, off you go!
All right, I'm one step closer
to my ambitions!
Oh, dear
It appears that you can't make the jump.
Damn it! What kind of devil
has to be summoned on a bike?
Higureso Villa This is the place.
Good evening, Mr. Morisawa.
I'm a messenger of the Devil Gremory.
Hello there.
Just a moment, please!
You're the one who called
on a devil, aren't you?
Who needs a devil
that knocks on the front door?
But I'm right here!
Get bent.
Koneko always appears
out of the magic circle on this flyer.
Koneko is the one that I summoned.
Now go on, get out of here!
I would have appeared
that way too if I could have!
Instead, I have to tear out
on a bike in the dead of night in tears!
What's the use?
So, if you're a devil, you must
have some special techniques, right?
You can start by showing me.
Special techniques? If I may ask,
what sort of techniques does Koneko do?
We do cosplay and play
"Sweep the Princess Off Her Feet"!
You don't really need a devil to do that!
No one else but a little girl devil
would be capable
of sweeping me off my feet, right?
Oh, well, you've got a point there.
Sweep you off your feet?
So, what's your special technique?
Let's see
Dragon Ha!
I'm sorry, I can't do anything yet.
Drag-oink Ball, huh?
At your age,
you must have caught it in reruns, right?
My generation caught it first-run.
Look! They're all first printings!
So what if you saw it first-run?
I have all of the special edition copies!
You wouldn't understand.
Those hot days, every Wednesday,
the day after it aired,
when I would get together with my friends,
and gather the hearty spirit energy
of the world
to create the ultimate Goki Dama!
I used to play hide-and-seek
in the park with my buddies,
where we tried to locate
each other by sensing Ki!
Even now, I believe the main character,
Soramago Satoru,
to be the strongest guy in the world!
I think Dells are the best!
Yeah, sure, in a certain sense.
I know, right?
But you can't top Soramago's Dragon Ha!
Shall we regale?
Yeah, let's regale.
I never did get a pact,
just a heated Drag-so Ball discussion.
What am I doing?
I'm sensing something.
It's him! It's the same as him!
This is unusual.
I don't seem to have you confused
with anyone else.
I, Karawarner, was ordered
to eliminate any traces of you.
This truly is unusual.
It can't be!
How are you still alive?
A fallen angel!
You were supposed to have
been killed by her!
The Gremory family crest?
Am I gonna get killed again?
I see. You're the one
who Dohnaseek mistook for a stray.
Who knew that you had become
a member of the Gremory household?
Which is all the more reason not
to let you live!
I'm gonna get killed by this lady!
No! I need power!
I need the power to defeat her!
Think of something
you feel to be the strongest.
I believe that Soramago Satoru
is the strongest guy in the world!
Bring it to mind.
The Dragon Ha!
Power Give me power!
Sacred Gear?
Rather than kill you here,
I should go back and report this.
Sacred Gear?
Yes. That is Sacred Gear.
Once you've activated it,
you can then activate or deactivate it
at will.
I was wondering what I was
going to do if it didn't go away.
That's amazing, Issei.
You think so?
You've put me in an awkward position.
It has now become known to the fallen
angels that you are not dead,
and of all things,
you've been reborn as a devil.
I'm sorry.
It was an accident that you came
into contact with a fallen angel,
so it couldn't be helped, but remember,
you must not get carried away,
and fight them all by yourself.
Yes, understood, President.
Well, I'll be going home.
Aren't you overstating it a little?
He is still just a rookie.
Which is exactly why he has
to become conscious of who he is.
Yes As if I'm going to allow
the fallen angels
to take my precious servant from me.
Big Brother, hurry and get up!
It's morning!
If you don't give up, I'm going
to tickle you! Coochie-coochie--
I screwed up last night.
What do I do
if the President is still upset at me?
Aw, man
How did I manage to fall down?
Who's that?
I've lost my way,
and I don't know what to do.
In any event, watch closely
as the devils fight tonight.
My name is Freed Sellzen.
Do not disappoint my expectations.
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