High School DxD (2012) s01e03 Episode Script

I Made a Friend!

A blond girl in sparkling white!
How rare! This is so rare!
But this is no time for that.
Are you all right?
Thank you very much.
She's so cute
She truly is my ideal girl
Blond Beauty Version!
Thank you very much.
Oh, not at all, not at all.
I have to keep the conversation
going somehow.
Let's see, topic, topic
This certainly is some nice
weather today
Who am I, the old lady next door?
I've lost my way,
and I don't know what to do.
So, you're a tourist?
No, I'm not. I've been assigned
to the church in this town.
Then you're a sister.
That explains your outfit.
I'm so glad I ran into someone so kind.
This must be the Lord's guidance.
Is something the matter?
Oh, no, it's nothing.
What was that, all of a sudden?
A big boy shouldn't cry
over a little boo-boo like this.
His wound
What? That was a pretty strong twinge.
There, your boo-boo is all gone!
You're okay now.
Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
My left hand reacted to it. Which means
You must be surprised, right?
Oh, no
You sure have an amazing power, huh?
It's a wonderful power
that I've received from God.
Yes Wonderful
There it is!
Oh, yeah. As far as churches go
in this town, that's the only one.
Terrific. This is a big load off.
But I've never seen anyone up there.
I would love to thank you somehow.
Would you mind coming up with me?
No, I've got something I need to do, so
I see.
My name is Asia Argento.
Please call me Asia.
I'm Hyodo Issei. Call me Issei.
I'm so blessed to meet someone
as nice and kind as you, Issei,
so soon after arriving in Japan.
Oh, well
Please, if you have any time,
come see me at the church. Promise me.
Yeah, okay. Well, until then
Yes, I will see you later.
She really is a great girl.
You must never go near the church again.
The church is enemy ground for us devils.
Just setting foot in there
would create trouble
for both God's and the devils' sides.
Didn't you realize that spears
of light would start flying soon?
You mean it? Then, that chill I felt
when I went near the church
Your devil's instincts sensed danger.
Being together with someone
from the church
is synonymous with standing next to death.
Especially since some
of the exorcists, or devil-purgers,
affiliated with the church
are users of Sacred Gear.
A devil that receives
a devil-purge is utterly annihilated.
Nil. Nothingness. Feeling nothing.
Unable to do anything.
Do you understand how serious that is?
I'm sorry.
I've gotten too worked up over this.
Anyhow, please be more careful
from now on.
Ah, geez, it seems like I'm always
getting the President mad at me.
Sorry, Asia. It doesn't look
like I can keep my promise.
The President is just worried
about you, Issei.
Akeno, I thought you'd gone home already.
We received a message
from the archduke a moment ago.
From the archduke?
Apparently, a stray devil
has been spotted in this town.
It was originally a devil's servant.
You mean like we are?
Once in a while, there are
those who betray their masters,
or even kill them, then live however
they please. They are stray devils.
We've gotten reports that this
stray devil has been luring people
into the abandoned house up ahead,
and then eating them.
And our job tonight is to put it down.
Not having a master,
and using their devilish powers
without restraint
always brings about such an ugly outcome.
Yes, President?
Are you familiar with chess?
Chess? Like, the board game?
I, the master, am the king;
and I have my empress, the queen;
my cavalier, the knight; my tank,
the rook; my clergyman, the bishop;
and my foot soldier, the pawn.
Devils with titles of nobility
grant the characteristics
of these pieces to their servants.
The characteristics of those pieces?
We call them our "Evil Pieces."
Why are you telling me this?
In any event, watch closely
as the devils fight tonight.
It's here.
I smell something unpleasant.
But I smell something delicious, as well.
I wonder if it's sweet.
I wonder if it's bitter.
Stray devil Viser, you unfaithful wretch,
running away from your master
and running wild to fulfill your lusts,
your sins are worthy of a thousand deaths.
In the name of the Marquis of Gremory,
I am going to blow you away!
Insolent little girl, would you like me
to stain your body with fresh blood,
to match your crimson hair?
The smaller the fry,
the wiser their cracks.
This is a stray devil?
She just looks like
an exhibitionistic woman to me!
Like we said earlier,
her body and soul turn real ugly.
And she's got such fine boobs, too.
What a waste.
Aren't those magic circles?
She's a monster, all right.
Don't let your guard down.
He vanished!
He's moving too fast for you to see.
Yuto's role is the knight.
His attribute is speed,
and his ultimate weapon is the sword!
Watch out, Koneko!
It's all right.
Koneko is my rook.
Her attribute is simple,
a ridiculous amount
of strength and defense.
That won't even put a dent in her.
Down you go.
I'll have to remember
never to cross Koneko.
Yes, President.
Oh, dear, what am I to do about this?
Sacred Gear!
Thank you.
Oh, not at all.
My body just kind of moved on its own.
Akeno, finish her off.
You're a naughty little thing
for trying to lay a hand
on the President. You must be punished.
She is my queen.
My unbeatable vice-president,
who possesses
all the attributes of the other pieces.
Oh, my, you still seem quite active.
Well, then, how about this?
Her specialty is attacks
with magical power.
What's more, she is
Oh, my, you're still up and around.
the ultimate sadist.
I wonder how much of this you can take.
She's laughing
Akeno, that will be enough.
Done already? That's kind of a shame, huh?
Do you have any last words?
Kill me.
Well, in that case, vanish away.
It's over. Come on, let's go home.
Yes, President.
What is it?
So then, what about me?
What's my piece, or rather,
my role as your servant?
My pawn.
Pawn? You don't mean
Yes, Issei, you are my foot soldier.
Foot soldier?
You mean the very lowest piece?
In order to have my own servants,
I have to become a high-ranking devil.
Unlike the President, who was
a high-ranking devil to begin with,
we reborns have to have our powers
recognized, and be promoted.
But I'm a foot soldier,
the weakest piece, the sacrificial pawn.
The road to being king of the harems
is a long one.
It's unlocked. That's not safe.
Hello! I'm the devil sent here
by Lady Gremory!
Is there a solicitor
I just felt something odd.
in the house?
Koneko has a couple
of concurrent summon requests again.
Can I ask you
to handle one of them tonight?
Yes, President.
Make sure you bring back a pact this time.
Do not disappoint my expectations.
If I turn back now,
I won't be able to face the President.
I'm coming in!
Nice of them to set a mood.
Excuse me--
Something's spilled
Is this
What is this?
"The wicked must be punished"
to quote the words of a holy man.
Well, well,
if it isn't a little devil.
My name is Freed Sellzen.
I am a junior priest
with a certain devil-purging organization!
Well, I'm certain that I'm not
some sort of scum, like a devil.
Are you the one who did this?
Turning to devils was proof
that he was through as a human.
The end, I'm saying, the end!
That's why I killed him.
Putting down devil scum,
and the scum even lower than scum
that would look upon them is my job.
A sword of light!
Right now, I'm gonna
jack up your heart with my blade,
and then, with my groovy gun,
I'm gonna blow a hole in your noggin,
and fall in love!
Exorcist-blessed devil-purge rounds
How do you like the taste?
Why, you!
You truly are a devil!
You really bring out the urge
to do some devil-purging like that!
Ready, and
Oh, no, are you less than meets the eye?
Nothing disgusts me more.
What? My assistant, Asia,
are you through with creating the barrier?
What is this?
Right, right, you're a beginner,
aren't you?
This is our job.
We dispose of hopeless people
who have been bewitched by devils.
Oh, no!
What's this? You two know each other?
Why are you here?
I'm sorry. I'm a devil.
A devil? You, Issei?
I wasn't trying to deceive you!
This is why I decided that it
would be best never to see you again.
Oh, no
Unfortunately for you, Asia,
devils and humans do not mix.
And certainly not with numbnuts
like us, who cannot even live
without permission from the fallen angels.
Fallen angels?
Now then, let's hurry up
and finish the job.
Have you said your prayers?
Not that it matters, I'm still going.
Hey, now, are you serious?
Father Freed, I beg you!
Please, forgive this gentleman!
Please, let him go!
Do you understand what it is you're doing?
Even if he is a devil,
Issei is still a good person!
Besides, there is no way
that the Lord approves of this.
Enough of your foolishness!
You dirty bitch!
Are you sure you don't have
maggots growing inside your head?
The fallen angel lady made it clear
I was not to harm you,
but perhaps you do need
a little disciplining!
For a priest to desecrate
an undefiled sister for all she's worth
isn't so bad, is it?
Wait, I must ask you
not to watch without paying, sir!
Let Asia go!
Are you for real?
You're going to fight me?
You'll suffer and die!
Issei, no, don't!
I have no chance of winning.
I'm probably going to die here
right in front of the girl
who tried to protect me.
I can't run away either!
This is fascinating.
What do you say
we go for a new world record
and see how many pieces
of meat I can chop you into?
A magic circle!
Hyodo, I'm here to help.
Oh, my word, this is terrible.
An exorcist.
The whole devil gang has arrived!
Sorry, but he is one of us.
Oh, yeah, that's terrific.
So what's the deal?
Are you the pitcher, and he's the catcher?
I wouldn't expect such vulgarity
from a priest.
Don't go acting all classy, devil.
Hunting down maggots like you
is my reason for living.
Just shut up and let me kill you!
Even devils pick their partners.
Terrific! What terrific, passionate eyes!
Is this love? No, is it bloodlust?
Giving off and receiving bloodlust
is more than I can take!
Then I can always blow you away.
Just like you took such good care
of my dear servant.
Has the headliner made her appearance?
Yes, yes, I took quite good care of him.
So what?
Are you all right, Issei?
I'm sorry. Even after all
the lecturing you gave me,
I still got into this.
Look how hurt you are
I'm so sorry. I didn't realize
there was a stray exorcist here.
There was a barrier
in place here until a moment ago,
so we didn't realize.
What are you doing, you dirty bitch?
The barrier was your job!
I make it a policy to never forgive
anyone who harms one of my servants.
And I especially cannot tolerate
anyone as ill-mannered as you,
who would stoop to do injury
to his own possession.
Oh, no, this power might be a problem
I mean, it's hitting the fan.
Multiple fallen angels.
The tables are turning, huh?
You guys are all gonna be
eating light spears!
Right now, retrieving Issei comes first.
Akeno, prepare to jump.
Koneko, you get Issei.
Devil scum! You won't get away--
She's coming with us!
I'm afraid not.
Only members of my household
can jump with this magic circle.
Oh, no Asia!
Let go of me!
I have to save Asia! Let go of me!
Issei, I'll see you later somewhere
Be good for me and go away.
Thanks for taking the time to come.
Yes, this rendezvous will be
something special, just for today.
What good am I
if I can't even protect my friend?
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