High School DxD (2012) s01e04 Episode Script

I'm Saving My Friend!

When I came close to dying before,
I had this done to me by the President?
That's good.
It will take a little time
for you to recover completely.
The light power that stray exorcist used
is fairly concentrated.
Stray? You mean,
devils aren't the only ones?
There are many who have
been expelled from the church,
and lowered themselves to become
the servants of fallen angels.
Then, are you saying that Asia
is one of these stray exorcists?
Whatever she is, you are a devil.
She is the servant of a fallen angel.
Those are the facts.
I'm weak
I'm far too weak. I am a pawn, after all.
I can't even save a single girl.
No, that's not true!
If I'm weak, I can just train myself
and become stronger!
It's no use.
No, she's together with that mad priest.
While I'm screwing around here, Asia is--
So, Asia?
You eat it like this, my princess.
I never knew people ate like that.
It's amazing.
Never mind that,
what were you doing in the park?
I had some time off, so I thought
I would take a walk around town.
So then, I saw you, Issei, and, well
What do you say we have lots of fun today?
What's the matter?
Nothing, it's nothing.
You like Racchu?
What? No, I just
Despite what you might think,
before I was in any clubs,
I went to the neighborhood game
center with Matsuda and Motohama!
Thank you very much!
This Racchu is a treasure brought
about by my meeting you, Issei.
Come on, where should we go next?
Yes, this rendezvous will be
something special, just for today.
I've never had this much fun
in my whole life.
Really, Asia, you exaggerate
about everything.
It's your wound from earlier, isn't it?
She sure is cute, huh?
And your leg, too.
Oh, yeah
How is that?
It's like there was nothing at all!
And my leg is better, too!
Awesome! That's awesome, Asia!
I was abandoned
by my parents soon after I was born.
They left me in front of a church
in a small rural town in Europe,
where I'm told I was found crying.
That's where I was raised.
When I was eight, a puppy who
had been injured, and was near death,
wandered into the church.
I prayed by myself as hard as I could,
and when I did, a miracle happened.
I was then immediately taken
to a larger church,
and told to heal the illnesses
and injuries of the believers
who would visit from all over the world.
I really was happy that my powers
were helpful to other people.
Then one day, I encountered a man
who was hurt and had collapsed.
However, by chancing upon him
She has the power to heal devils?
She's a witch!
You devil-healing witch!
They said that anyone
who had the power to treat devils
was a heretic.
So when you had no place
to go, Asia, the fallen angels
But I have not forgotten
my prayers to God, nor my gratitude.
Moreover, I can't believe
the awful things that they all do.
I'm sure this must be
a trial from the Lord.
If I overcome this trial,
someday, the Lord will fulfill my dream.
That's what I believe.
Your dream?
To make a lot of friends,
and go buy flowers together with them,
and buy books with them,
and chat with them
That's my dream.
I don't have any friends, you see.
I'll be your friend, Asia.
I mean, we're already friends, right?
After all, we've already had fun,
and are chatting together, right?
But we haven't bought
any flowers or books, though.
Is there anything wrong with that?
No. No, no, no!
But, Issei, I don't want to put you out.
Being a devil and a sister
doesn't matter. Friends are friends.
I'm so glad.
I'm afraid not.
Lady Raynare
I knew it. She is a fallen angel.
So it's true about you lowering
yourself to become a devil,
and living a graceless life.
Asia, it's no use trying to run away.
No! I won't go back
to any place where people are hurt!
I'm sorry. The truth is,
I ran away from that church.
Yeah, I knew that.
Asia, there's no way you'd be
with this good-for-nothing bunch.
What do you want, fallen angel?
As you are a filthy, low-class devil,
would you mind not speaking to me
so casually?
If you're going to stand in my way
A spear of light
I'll eliminate you entirely this time.
Sacred Gear!
It worked!
Of all the It's just a Twice Critical.
Talk about being off the mark.
Also called "The Dragon's Hand."
It's a common item,
which only has the ability
to double your power temporarily.
Double my power?
"The Sacred Gear that
you possess is dangerous."
That's the word that I got from above,
which is why I went through
that ridiculous charade.
"I like you. Please be my boyfriend."
As if. Remember how lucky
you thought you were getting then?
Shut up! Shut your mouth!
You won't be a match for me
with that thing.
Just hand over Asia,
nice and easy, and get out of here.
No way!
What good am I
if I can't even protect my friend?
Work! You can double my power, right?
The power
It's starting to flow into me!
Issei! Issei!
Do you get it?
For the power of one to become two
is not all that great a difference.
Are you all right?
The pain from the light is vanishing.
Asia, be a good girl
and come back with me.
Your Twilight Healing is incomparably
more rare than his Sacred Gear.
I knew it!
You people just need my power, that's all!
If you come back with me, I'll agree
to spare the life of that devil.
Screw you!
You think she's coming with you?
Asia, look out!
Damn it!
That was nothing like any spear before
I missed him on purpose.
If I had hit him,
he would be lying in pieces.
I wonder if you'd have time
to treat him then, Asia.
All right.
That's a good girl.
After the ritual tonight,
you will be released
from all your worries and sorrows.
Bye now, Issei.
No! Asia!
Farewell, Issei.
Why am I so weak?
How many times must I say it?
If I tell you don't, then don't!
Forget about her.
You are a member of the House of Gremory.
Then, please release me
from your household.
If you do, then I can go alone and--
There's no way I can do that.
I'm the pawn in chess, right?
You can do without one foot soldier piece.
Be quiet!
Issei, do you think
that the pawn is the weakest piece?
I told you that Evil Pieces
possessed the same attributes
as their actual chess pieces.
The actual? What is a pawn's attribute?
If the pawn piece advances
into the deepest part of enemy territory,
it can be promoted
to any other piece besides the king.
Are you saying that I can
have the powers of all the others?
If I, as the master, acknowledge
that the place is enemy territory.
Say, for example, a church
While I'm at it, about your Sacred Gear
It doubles my power, right? Yuma
The fallen angel told me.
Sacred Gear works according
to the power of its owner's feelings.
The stronger those feelings are,
the more it will be sure to respond.
The power of my feelings?
Something has come up. Akeno and I
will step out for a little while.
President, we're not done talking--
Remember this.
Even if promotion is invoked,
fallen angels are not so weak
that they can be beaten by one piece.
Yeah, I know that much.
Are you going?
Yeah. It won't do any good
to stop me, either.
You'll be killed.
I'll make sure Asia escapes,
even if I end up dead.
I like your resolve
Or so I'd like to say, but this is crazy.
Shut up, pretty boy! Leave me--
I'm coming, too.
You're what?
The President did say,
"even if promotion is invoked," right?
The President has acknowledged
that the church is enemy territory.
At the same time, that was, of course,
our cue that we should back you up, Hyodo.
Koneko, you, too?
I'm uneasy
with the two of you going alone.
I'm so bored!
Why do I have to stand watch?
Well, well
My name is Mittelt, the fallen angel.
Oh, my, how very polite.
My servant sensed you.
It looks like you are afraid
of us moving against you.
We just can't have
our important ritual interrupted
by any of you devils.
Oh, forgive us.
Right now, some of our spirited
children are heading off that way.
Really? No way, seriously?
Yes, overtly, and as large as life.
Oh, no! I anticipated them
coming covertly and sneaking around!
Well, no matter how many
of your petty goons interfere,
it won't cause any trouble.
Yep, for sure, no trouble.
After all, the ones who really
do seem like they can interfere
are the two of you.
Thanks for taking the time to come.
It won't do you any good.
I'm not going with them.
You mean you're abandoning them?
What intense bloodlust.
There must be quite a few priests
gathered in there.
Seriously? It's a good thing
you came along.
Well, we're buddies, aren't we?
Besides, I have a personal
dislike for fallen angels and priests.
You could even say I hate them.
What? Koneko?
They've probably already realized
we're here.
Damn, what a sight.
Hey, hey, hey!
We meet again. How touching.
I don't think I've ever met
a devil a second time before.
I mean, I'm crazy strong,
and the first time I meet you,
you end up like this immediately.
So you see, I'm pissed off.
I'm pissed off at you devil scum
who have disgraced me.
Where is Asia?
If you mean that dirty Sister
who is bewitched by devils,
she is in the basement ritual room,
accessed from beneath this altar.
Downstairs, huh?
Well, that assumes you can get by.
Sacred Gear!
I'll squash you!
You've got some nerve, you little runt!
You insolent fool!
You insolent fool! Quit pestering me!
Not bad.
You're tip-top, too.
Makes me seriously want to kill you.
He's more than just a pretty face, huh?
Well, maybe I'll get a bit
more serious, too.
What is this?
Holy Eraser, a sword of darkness
that devours light.
You've got sacred equipment, too?
Kiba has a Sacred Gear, too?
Move it!
Enough of your insolence!
Well, anyhow, you know
As long as we crush you, their master,
your other servants
will be finished, as well.
Come forth, Karawarner! Dohnaseek!
Who do you think you are?
Unfortunately, we meet
each other again, Lady Gremory.
We have a score to settle
with your servant.
Oh, my, everyone's here.
The rook is a tank! Its attribute
is unbelievable defense and
Are you for real?
ridiculous attack power!
After the horrible things
you did to Asia, that kind of felt good.
Screw you! Screw you, you piece of crap!
Getting killed by devils
is the last thing I'm gonna do!
And so, people, good-bye!
He got away!
Whatever, let's hurry onward.
It is already evident to us
that it is your intention
to obstruct our plans.
Now pay for it with your lives!
Yes, President.
What is this? You want to have
a cosplay contest with me?
A barrier?
This is a real problem, isn't it?
You cannot escape this cage.
You were after this from the start!
Yes. We came here
with the intention of taking you out.
If you would oblige me
What am I, the trash?
Be good for me and go away.
Go ahead and act
as confident as you want to!
Once the ritual is over, not even you
will be able to stand against us.
Come on in, devils. You're too late.
Asia, I'll be right there!
Hyodo, watch out!
It's a touching reunion,
but unfortunately,
the ritual is just ending.
What are you doing to Asia?
That's it!
The fallen angels' objective is
I get it.
The fallen angels are out
to steal the Sister's Sacred Gear.
Steal her Sacred Gear?
What's going to happen to Asia?
Then the owner's life will be
Asia is dying?
Twilight Healing
In my hands, at last.
A reward for making it this far.
You're not getting away, you idiot!
Try not to take Issei too lightly.
He is my mightiest pawn, after all.
Dragon Booster!
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