High School DxD (2012) s01e05 Episode Script

I Will Defeat My Ex-girlfriend!

This is the power
that I've wanted for so many years!
With this, I can receive love
Supreme power! This will make
me the supreme fallen angel!
I will be able to get back
at all those who have made a fool of me!
Up yours!
-Miserable devil!
-We'll destroy you!
Out of my way! I don't have
any time to waste on you!
Why, you
Kiba Koneko
Thank you!
A reward for making it this far.
Asia, are you all right?
I came for you. Stay with me.
You can have the girl.
Screw you! You put her
Sacred Gear back where it was!
Don't be ridiculous.
I even had to trick my superiors
to move my plans forward.
Unfortunately for you, you're all
going to become proof of that.
But why complain? You'll get to die
together with your friend.
They've got the upper hand!
She was my first girlfriend
Yes. I can tell how unsophisticated
you were, just watching you.
It was worth it to toy
with a boy who's never known a girl.
I was going to take good care of her
I just looked the least bit troubled,
and immediately,
you became concerned about me.
But the whole thing was just
for show, to make you act like that.
After all, your face looks so funny
when you get flustered!
I really did like Yuma,
and I spent a lot of time
planning our first date.
I wanted to make sure it was a great date.
Oh, yeah! It was a date fit for a king.
And as a result,
it was extraordinarily dull.
You're pretty bratty, aren't you?
How long can a shield like that hold out?
This barrier you've raised
is working against you, isn't it?
Yeah. Or you could collapse the barrier,
and we'd let you go.
No, no, no,
you're not getting away from us.
Your servants have probably
been through the ringer by now.
Especially that pervy kid
who was gaga over Lady Raynare.
By now, he's been good and--
Try not to take Issei too lightly.
He is my mightiest pawn, after all.
Yuma means "evening daze"
Yes, I was planning to kill you
at sunset, so I chose that name.
Pretty nice, isn't it?
But then, you failed to die,
and immediately went
and found this blond girlfriend of yours.
How mean! How mean of you, Issei!
Did you invite her out on another
of your hellishly boring dates?
But for a girl raised
in a backwater like she was,
it may have been fresh and new.
She did say something about it being
the most fun she's had in her life,
didn't she?
Don't go using my name so lightly,
you rotten punk!
You'll sully it!
She's a far bigger devil than I am,
isn't she?
Hyodo, get out of here!
Koneko and I will block their way!
Get going!
We'll handle this!
Hurry up and run.
Don't worry, just get going, Hyodo!
Kiba Koneko when you get back,
promise me you'll call me "Issei."
Promise me!
Remember, we're all friends!
You guys liken your servants
to chess pieces, do you?
Pawns are the ones all lined
up out in the front, right?
You mean the sacrificial pieces.
Oh, my, no, the President
does not use sacrificial pieces.
Asia, stay with me!
Once we get out of here, you'll be free.
You'll be able to have fun
with me whenever you like!
I'm so happy to have
made a friend like you
if only for a short time
What are you talking about?
There are still so many places
I want to take you!
Like karaoke, the amusement park,
and bowling
I'll win you a bunch more Racchus, too.
And there's other stuff, too, like,
you know
Yeah I have to introduce you
to my buddies.
Matsuda and Motohama may be pervs,
but they're great guys.
I'm sure they'll get along
with you great, Asia.
We'll all get together and live it up
like a bunch of fools!
If only I'd been born in this country
and gone to the same school as you
How great that would have been
Let's go. I mean, you're coming with me.
You're crying for me
I can't hold on anymore
Thank you
Asia Why?
Why did you have to die?
You could heal anyone else who was hurt
You were so nice you could
even heal a devil like me!
Hey, God! Are you there?
Don't take her from me! Please! I beg you!
She hasn't done anything!
All she wanted was to make a friend!
Is it because I've become a devil?
Is it because she made friends
with a devil?
Please, I beg you, God!
A devil offering a confession in a church?
What an insidious joke.
You must give that kid
an awful lot of credit,
but abilities notwithstanding,
he can never defeat Lady Raynare.
After all, she's his ex-girlfriend!
We heard all about him
from Lady Raynare. What a joke!
Don't mention that, Mittelt!
Just thinking about it
makes my sides ache!
Yeah, he has become
our favorite punch line!
She deflected it?
You laughed, didn't you?
You laughed at my servant, didn't you?
Oh, my goodness
It looks like you've chosen
to anger the wrong person,
you poor fools.
Here, look. The knight did this to me
on my way here.
Where are Kiba and Koneko?
Neat, isn't it?
No matter how injured I get, I can heal.
For fallen angels like us,
who have lost our divine protection,
this is a fantastic gift.
With this, my position
as a fallen angel is solidified.
Ah, great Azazel and Shemhazai,
I can now be of use to you.
Who cares?
Fallen angels and devils
None of it had anything to do with her!
This is the destiny of those
chosen to bear Sacred Gear.
Destiny, my ass! She should have been
able to live in peace!
-That's out of the question.
-What is?
Sacred Gear is something
beyond the station of a human.
No matter how wonderful
a power they may have,
those who are different
are feared and shunned.
They said that anyone
who had the power to treat devils
was a heretic.
I don't have any friends, you see.
There's no helping it.
That's just how humans are.
Despite this fantastic power
But I was Asia's friend!
I was protecting her as a friend!
But she died, didn't she?
She is dead!
It's not about protecting her or not.
You couldn't protect her!
Not then, and not now!
I know
Which is why I can't forgive you
or myself!
I can't put up with any of this!
Feel. Sacred Gear works according
to the power of its owner's feelings.
I want her back!
The stronger those feelings are,
it will be sure
I want Asia back!
to respond.
Dragon Booster!
Didn't I tell you?
Even if your power of one becomes two,
you're no match for me.
Has your power increased a little?
Light is toxic to devils.
Just touching it
instantly scorches your bodies.
The intense pain it causes
is the worst thing a devil can endure.
For a lower-class devil
such as yourself
So what if it is?
Compared to the suffering
that Asia went through
this is nothing!
You're something else.
I've got to hand it to you,
being a lower-class devil,
and making it this far.
My power
But that's all you've got.
As a lower-class devil,
it wouldn't be surprising
if you were already dead.
You're tougher than I thought.
isn't going to help, huh?
I'm a devil, so Satan
He has to be there, right? Satan?
I'm a devil now, too,
so will you grant me what I ask?
What are you mumbling about?
Is all that pain driving you mad?
I beg you
I don't want anything else after this
No way, you're kidding
So please, let me slug her just once!
There's no way you should be
able to stand.
The light should be searing
you from the inside, all over!
A lower-class devil
without the power to temper light
shouldn't be able to stand it!
Yeah, it hurts. It hurts like hell.
Even now, it feels like
my lights are about to go out.
I'm so pissed off at you
that none of it matters!
That energy wave is middle-class
No, even higher?
Impossible! That Sacred Gear
is a lowly Twice Critical! How
It's not real!
You're not getting away, you idiot!
I am the supreme
Off you go, you corrupt angel!
Take that.
Imagine, you defeating
a fallen angel by yourself
You're late, Prince Charming.
The President told me
not to get in your way.
The President?
That's right.
I believed that you would defeat her.
I finished my business,
so I jumped into the basement here.
And when I did, I found
Yuto and Koneko in a free-for-all
with a great many priests.
And thanks to the President,
we made it out.
Aw, man, I was worried for nothing.
President, I brought her.
How do you do, Fallen Angel Raynare?
I am Rias Gremory,
next head of the House of Gremory.
The Gremory clan's heiress?
I'm pleased to make your acquaintance,
short though it may be.
I blasted your friends,
who came to call on me.
You blasted them?
The President is also known
as the crimson-haired Ruin Princess,
the empress of annihilation.
Annihilation? And I've become
a member of her household?
Oh, my
Look at all of this mess.
How dare the Gremory heiress
Ever since Dohnaseek
attacked Issei earlier,
I inferred that there
were multiple fallen angels
who were plotting something in this town.
I would have ignored it
as long as it didn't cause me any trouble.
President, then, it was for my sake?
Issei, your Sacred Gear
Yeah, before I knew it, it changed form.
A red dragon. Yes, so that's it.
Fallen Angel Raynare,
Hyodo Issei's Sacred Gear
is not just a simple Twice Critical.
It is something that is said to have
the ability
to double the owner's power
every ten seconds,
allowing him to transcend
even God and Satan momentarily,
one of the 13 varieties of Longinus
the Gauntlet of the Red Dragon Emperor,
Boosted Gear!
The damnable sacred treasure,
said to be able to destroy even God,
in the hands of this child?
Regardless of how powerful it is,
it is not all-powerful,
since it does require time to power up.
He managed to beat you
because you let your guard down.
Now, begone, fallen angel.
Help me. I said some awful things,
but it was only to fulfill my role
as a fallen angel, so I had no choice.
Look, you see? To prove it,
I'm still carrying this with me.
You haven't forgotten, right?
You bought this for me.
Why do you still have that thing?
I just couldn't get rid of it.
After all, you're the one who
This isn't good. Koneko!
Spare me, Issei.
Have you no shame?
President, if you please.
Do not make advances
toward my dear servant.
I'll blow you away.
Would you mind going out with me?
I want you to please be my boyfriend!
Let's give these back to her.
President, I'm sorry.
You and the others came to help me,
after everything I said,
and yet, I couldn't protect Asia
It's all right. You just haven't had
enough experience being a devil.
Nobody blames you.
But I
This is unprecedented,
but it is worth a try.
What do you think this is?
A chess piece.
To be exact, it is a bishop.
A bishop's power is to back up
the other devils in the household.
Her healing abilities
will come in handy as a bishop.
President, you don't mean
I'm going to try
bringing this Sister back as a devil.
In the name of Rias Gremory,
I command thee, Asia Argento,
that thy soul return again now
to this earth,
and that thou become my servant devil.
Rejoice thou in thy new life
as my clergyman!
President, is Asia--
Keep quiet.
I only brought her back
because I wanted her power,
which can heal even devils.
From here on, you protect her.
You are the senior devil, after all.
Issei? Am I
Come on, let's go home, Asia.
Come on, it's morning. Hurry and get up!
Watch your hands
Good morning!
You came today.
How are your injuries?
Thanks to Asia's healing power,
I'm all better.
Looks like she's already
coming in useful as a bishop.
I can see why the fallen angels
wanted her.
-What is it?
Well, there are the same number of chess
pieces as there are Evil Pieces, right?
That's right.
So then, does that mean that you
can add seven more pawns, like me?
It's just, adding any more
rivals would be, you know
I'm joking! I'm just joking!
Issei, you are my only pawn.
You mean
When a human is reborn as a devil,
the number of Evil Pieces
consumed is also altered,
depending on the reborn
person's abilities.
The pieces I had remaining were
one knight, one rook, one bishop,
and eight pawns. If I had not
used up all eight of those pieces,
I wouldn't have been able
to bring you back as a devil.
You used up eight pieces just for me?
When I realized that,
I decided to make you my servant.
You don't find humans
with that kind of potential very often.
I put my money down on the possibilities.
And since you possess one
of the Longinus, Boosted Gear, Issei,
it was definitely worth it.
Boosted Gear the Gauntlet
of the Red Dragon Emperor--
The crimson-haired Ruin Princess
and the Gauntlet
of the Red Dragon Emperor
The crimson and red
are perfectly matched, huh?
Yeah, I guess so.
Strive to be the mightiest pawn.
You should be able to achieve it.
You are my dear servant, after all.
The mightiest pawn That sounds so good!
I'm now one step closer to my ambition--
Just a little spell. Get stronger, now.
Oh, President, I'll do my best!
But, I have to stop doting
on you like this,
or our newest member
is going to get jealous.
Of course. Miss Rias
I mean, President Rias is quite pretty.
So, Issei, you would come
to like her, wouldn't you?
No, no! I can't afford to think that!
Oh, Lord, please forgive my sinful heart--
What's wrong?
I just got a sudden headache.
Of course you did. You've become a devil.
Oh, right.
I have become a devil.
Any regrets?
No, thank you very much.
I'm happy that Issei and I
can be together like this,
no matter what form it takes on.
Never mind that, about that outfit
Does it look good on me?
Then, Asia, you now go to this school?
My father is involved
with the school's management.
Getting her in was no problem at all.
I didn't know that.
Morning, Issei.
Good morning, Issei.
Oh, my, you're all here.
Come, let's welcome our new member.
You were great.
Thank you very much.
That was a good final episode
As if.
Would you like to touch my breasts?
Her breasts Her breasts!
I want you to turn me
into a magical girl nyo.
That is a crime, Issei.
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