High School DxD (2012) s01e06 Episode Script

I Work as a Devil!

'Sup guys?
Could this be a bra?
What's it doing here?
Then this is Asia's?
That is a crime, Issei.
Ah, Issei
Stealing underwear is a grave crime.
It It's not like that! It just happened
to get caught on my face!
I'm sorry.
I was hoping to get those taken
down before everyone got here.
It's okay! This is the only place
you can stay, Asia.
The President said that she
would find a place for me to stay
before she went to school.
Early morning training?
Your fight with the fallen angel
made something clear.
You need to increase
your basic physical fitness.
I'll come to pick you up before 5:00 a.m.
5:00 a.m.? All right.
Well, I'm off to pass out flyers.
Come back soon.
Listen, about the lodging matter
Um, it's morning. Get up, please.
Please, get up. Get up, please.
Hey, it's still only 4:30, isn't it?
Coming right now!
Hey, don't run so half-heartedly.
Right! I'm gonna be king of the harems!
Devils are more the athletic type
than I thought.
No grumbling.
I won't have any of my servants be weak.
I'll do my best!
in the world of devils, one's brawn
predominately does the talking.
Especially in your situation, Issei.
Her breasts, her breasts!
Remember this.
The higher your basic physical fitness,
the more your ability will mean.
11 12
Ah, the feel of the President's butt
is the greatest!
You're having impure thoughts.
The motion of your hips is obscene.
Aw, man. Under these circumstances,
the lusty steed lurking inside me
pretty much has to max out.
She should be here right about now.
Huh? Who is coming?
I'm sorry.
Issei, President, I'm so sorry I'm late
How did I manage to fall down?
-Here you go.
-Ah, thanks.
Asia, what are you doing here?
The President told me to come.
President, why did you ask Asia here?
Oh, yes?
What's the matter, President?
Well, then, shall we get going with Asia?
Huh? Where?
To your house, Issei.
What on earth?
These are my things.
-I have more than I thought I had.
-Your things, Asia? President!
That's right. As of today,
Asia will be living at your house.
Please accept my regards.
When I asked her where she would
like to live, she said your house.
You can't just spring that
on me like this!
A A Asia, wasn't it?
Yes, Father.
Surely there are better homes than ours
for you to homestay in, aren't there?
But I am indebted to Issei.
Yes. After I came here
all alone from overseas,
he is the one who helped me the most.
I thought I would be able to rest at ease
living in the same house as Issei.
-But if I'd be in the way, I'll relent.
-Oh, we're not telling you you can't.
And it isn't like we don't have
an available room. It's just
We have a son who you might say
is the embodiment of horniness.
Yes, yes.
Wha How can you say that
about your own son?
Okay then, along with your
homestay experience,
you'll get some training
for married life, too.
How does that sound?
Married life?
Mother, I didn't think
we'd ever get to gaze
at the faces of our grandchildren.
Father! Me, too! That's a lot to ask
of our good-for-nothing son.
Hey! Hold on, hold on!
Father, Mother, Issei is not
a good-for-nothing.
What a sweet girl she is!
Yes, Miss Rias, we will take in Miss Asia,
or I should say, please allow us to!
Thank you very much, Father, Mother.
That settles it, right?
Um, training for married life
and getting married
are completely different things.
Getting married, huh?
My name is Asia Argento.
I'm sure there is a lot
I am unfamiliar with,
but I offer my regards.
She's a blond beauty!
Bust 82cm, waist 55cm, hips 81cm! Good!
Oh, so she's been put in this class.
This must be the President's doing.
I am currently homestaying
at Hyodo Issei's home.
What's going on?! How are you
and that blond beauty
living under the same roof?
How is it that you've been
triggering all the right flags?
-I'm not the one who set this up!
-Then, who did set it up?
Terrific. Looks like she's going to
get along with everyone just fine.
Say, Asia, does your room
have a lock on the door?
Oh, yes.
Be sure to do a close check
of the tub and bathroom.
A check?
Yeah, yeah, there could be
cameras and so forth planted.
All right, you guys!
You must be tired after today.
No, everyone in the class
was so nice to me,
and your friends, Matsuda and Motohama
Did they do anything to you?
They said they would be inviting me
to a gentleman's get-together.
Oh, you can ignore that.
No, it's okay.
Come on, let's keep going!
President, we're back.
Uh, President?
I'm sorry, I spaced out there for a bit.
Good work, you two.
I was thinking you could
make your big debut tonight.
You jump to a client using a magic circle,
and make a pact with them.
But isn't it a little early for that?
It's only been a few days
since Asia has become a devil.
She'll be fine.
As far as I can tell,
Asia's magic power is next to mine
among the devils in this household.
She has plenty of aptitude
to serve as a bishop.
Aren't you amazing, Asia?
Oh, I don't know.
That's great and all,
but somehow, I feel down.
Well, I do have more experience at this,
so I have to watch out for Asia.
Is something wrong, Asia?
No, it's nothing. You've already made
the assignment, and all
-What is it?
Please let me go this time.
I mean, Asia hasn't been in
the country for very long, right?
Maybe it would be better if she got
more accustomed to life here first.
To be honest, I was uneasy, too.
When I think, "What if the person
who summons her is dangerous?"
You'll do anything I say if
I make a pact with you, right?
Oh, no!
Well, maybe I'm just imagining things.
It's open! Come in nyo.
Nyo? What's with the nyo?
Welcome nyo. I'm Miltan nyo!
Um, did you summon a devil,
a member of the Gremory household?
That's right nyo. I called for a devil,
because I have a wish nyo.
I want I want you to turn
me into a magical girl nyo.
Then please shift to a parallel world.
I already tried that nyo.
You tried it?
Mr. Devil!
I'm sorry!
Please give me fantasy power nyo.
I think you're fantastic enough already.
Nyo! I want to have magical power nyo!
Take it easy! We don't want
to upset the neighbors out here!
Let's go inside, okay?
Ah, then you'll make me
into a magical girl nyo?
We can at least discuss it.
Then, can we watch Magical Girl
Milky Spiral 7, Alternative nyo?
That's when the magic can begin nyo.
Not this again.
This guy is dangerous in a different way.
Ugh, why are there weirdos wherever I go?
Good work.
It sounds like you've finished the job.
How did it turn out?
Remember, if you concentrate hard enough,
those gym shorts will eventually
start looking like panties.
I see it, Motohama! I see it, too!
Those dark blue gym shorts
are turning white!
You didn't get a pact again?
The anime he made me watch
was surprisingly good,
and before I knew it,
I watched it through with him.
I'm sorry.
Well, I guess you can't help
not getting it, then.
The President's voice
definitely sounded taken aback.
Oh, I'm so stupid, stupid, stupid!
Aw, the sun is beating down hard, too.
I'm gonna blow off class and take a nap.
My My hand is moving on its own.
Stop! Don't do it, right hand!
Just a little farther
Ah, Issei
Um, what's happening?
I felt a little drowsy,
so I thought I'd grab a nap.
But then, you were already lying here,
and Oh, whoops!
Did I disturb you?
No, but, taking a nap in the nude is,
well, a little extreme, isn't it?
I can't sleep unless I'm naked.
Issei, do you like a girl's breasts?
Yes, I do!
Would you like to touch my breasts?
Would you like to touch my breasts?
Who knew that such fantastic
words existed in this world?
If you will do what I ask you to,
I'll let you touch them.
Yes! Anything you want!
Then, go out and get a pact.
Um, are we really going together?
I told you, I would come along
with you this time to oversee you.
Well, with the President along,
I can hardly fail.
And once we're done
Good luck, Issei!
Yeah, I'll do my best, Asia!
All right, I'm sending you now!
It looks like an apartment.
But check out all the Sengoku-era stuff.
Are you the devils I asked for?
Um, begging your pardon,
but are you a woman?
My name is Susan.
I'm a foreign exchange student,
who adores Japanese culture.
But what about that get-up?
I'm sorry. It's rough around here
late at night,
so I can't help but dress
myself up in armor.
You're not quite doing it right.
Oh, but thank goodness
you're such a nice devil.
If you had been a scary devil,
I'd have no choice but to take
my Kijinmaru Kunishige sword
-and draw it on you!
-You did draw it!
So then, Miss Susan,
what is it that you desire?
Please go with me
to the college I'm studying at
so I can pick up my notebook.
Huh? That's all?
The college is scary late at night!
You're more scary than anything.
Damn it, why is it only
the weird ones who call on me?
What is it?
I'm sorry.
I'm scared of the town at night.
Like I said, you're the scary one!
Oh, thank you so much.
Well, if you'll excuse us
I fulfilled my promise to the President.
Now, I'll get to fondle her breasts
with no reservations!
First, I'll trace circles around
the right boob,
while holding the left one in my hand,
jiggling it back and forth
Oh, um
What is it now?
Um, I have something else
I'd like you to do.
Well, I'm afraid I can't help you.
There's only one request per visit.
No, that's all right.
A man you like?
Yes. I'm kind of shy,
and can't express my feelings.
He really is a terrific person.
I'll bet he's a scruffy-faced,
Sengoku-era samurai-looking guy, right?
And you want us to make him
fall in love with you?
If possible, I'd like him to
fall in love with me on his own,
and not use any devil powers.
Then you don't need us, do you?
Well, what if you tried to open
your heart to him directly?
I couldn't! There's no way
I could do that right off!
What about a letter?
A letter?
Sure. I think a love letter
would be good, as well.
A love letter?
It can be nice to express
your feelings in writing.
All right! I'll give it a try!
It is without particular errand
that I purport to write thee,
hence, peace be unto thee.
That's no more than
an April fool's letter.
Yes! But who cares?
What's important are the feelings,
not the form.
Do you think those feelings
will get through clearly?
Yes, not the form.
Not the form.
I'm done.
A letter on an arrow? Are you kidding?
Mom, what's that?
Come on, now, don't look.
Ugh. What is this?
It looks like he's here.
An arrow!
Susan, he's got an arrow stuck in him!
Yes. I tried to think of other things,
but I couldn't come up with
any other way to deliver the letter.
But But he's
I read the letter you sent.
It was a nice arrow-borne letter.
To think that I, of all people,
would be caught off guard
and get shot.
It really was a fine arrow-borne letter.
You mean it?
I was so head over heels, all I could
think of was shooting you, Horii.
I think I'm gonna go out of my head.
If you'll have me,
I'd like you to be my girlfriend.
Horii I'm so happy!
What a nice helmet you have.
No, Horii, your armor is
much more hard and strong.
They are the epitome of
the well-matched couple.
I I suppose so, in one sense.
So, Issei
What do you think about being
joined with someone you love?
What do I think?
It sounds delightful, doesn't it?
Delightful. Yes, indeed
Then again
Going around with someone,
when you don't even like them,
is something you should never do.
You never do that.
Huh? What am I talking about? Sorry!
Thanks for answering.
But never mind that, Issei,
didn't you need to talk to me?
Oh, right!
That's right! All right,
no one else is around.
Now is the time for me
to have that promise fulfilled!
About About what you promised me!
What I promised you?
Did I make you a promise?
About your b-b-boobs
I know.
There's no reason for you to make
such a serious face, is there?
Sure, from now until I finish
counting to five,
my breasts belong to you.
You've got to give me a little warning!
This is bad! I haven't mentally
prepared myself for this!
Calm down! Calm down, Issei!
Right or left?
At this point, I'll just fondle
both of them at once!
Ah, Issei, you're already here?
-Sorry I'm late.
Five. Okay, time's up.
That's too bad, huh, Issei?
Oh, my, what's come over you, Issei?
Aw, man
Issei, you really are such a funny boy.
Did you want to touch
my breasts that badly?
Then, just for a moment, I'll do this
Um, everyone's looking at us.
Do your best next time, too,
my dear little Issei.
Rias, does this mean you're
Excuse us.
Wha Isn't she
If you include the visual factor,
they're truly godlike!
How indecent!
Whoa, hey!
What a fantastic development!
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