High School DxD (2012) s01e07 Episode Script

I Get a Familiar!

We're all ready.
Okay, we're off to distribute flyers.
Let's go, Asia.
Hold on.
This will be your last week
distributing flyers.
I told you earlier, didn't I?
I'm having you do this
as one part of your training,
but flyer distribution is
usually the job of a familiar.
You mean, we've graduated
from flyer distribution?
We'll need to get you two
your own familiars, first.
This is my familiar. Issei,
you've met her before, haven't you?
Then, that girl back there was
This one is mine.
An imp?
Here's Shiro.
Mine is--
Yeah, never mind about yours.
That's kind of cold.
They're a fundamental part
of being a devil.
They're used to help
their masters relay information,
and even in matters of pursuit.
Um, so how do we obtain
one of these familiars?
Well, you see
Excuse us.
Wha Isn't she
Um, who might that be?
That's Shitori Sona,
the school's student body president.
Beside her is the vice-president,
Shinra Tsubaki.
For that matter, all the members
of the student council are here.
What brings you all here?
Both of us have just increased
our number of servants,
so I thought we should exchange
greetings again.
Servants? You mean
The lady's real name is Sona Sitri.
She's the heiress of the House of Sitri,
an upper-class devil family.
There are other devils at this school?
Rias, haven't you told him about us?
I wouldn't be too sure about someone
who isn't aware of his fellow devils.
Saji, we do not interfere
with each other's affairs.
It's only natural that
Hyodo wouldn't know of us.
You're the one from Class 2-C,
who recently became a student
council member as a clerk, um
Saji Genshiro, pawn.
My pawn, Hyodo Issei,
and my bishop, Asia Argento.
Oh, you're a pawn, too, huh?
And we're even in the same year!
I find my pride terribly wounded
to be viewed as equals
with someone like you,
a member of a trio of perverts.
What the hell did you say?
Oh, you wanna tangle?
I may have just become a devil,
but contrary to appearances,
I took up four foot-soldier pieces.
Saji, stop that.
Besides, he took up eight pieces.
Eight? But that's all of them!
Unbelievable! That dweeb?
Shut up!
Sorry about that, Hyodo and Argento.
If you wouldn't mind, please accept him
as your fellow new devil.
Ri Right.
It's a pleasure.
I am pleased to meet you.
The pleasure is mine! I'm all too
happy to greet a cute girl like you!
Saji, it's a pleasure for me, as well!
Also, if you ever put the moves on Asia,
I'll kill you for real, Saji!
Thinking of monopolizing
this blond beauty, are you?
Just what I'd expect
from a pervy fiend like you!
My sympathies.
And mine.
I just barely started, and already,
I've been allowed a familiar.
I hear you're still stuck on
flyer distribution, aren't you?
Don't make fun of me!
The President just got done
telling me I should have a familiar!
Huh? You, too?
Yes. I was thinking of going next week.
But he only takes people once every month.
Then what do you say we have
an equitable contest of strength?
Whoever wins gains the right
to make their request of him.
You don't mean a Rating Game, do you?
Of course not. We would
never get permission for that.
You're right.
Moreover, you must be extra
careful with your person now.
That has nothing to do with it.
Let's settle this the high school way,
with sports!
Let 'em have it, President! Akeno!
President! Win for us!
Akeno, we're playing to win.
Right, President.
Here goes, Sona.
Yes, very well, Rias.
Sure, I want the president to win,
but I could stay here forever
And just watch them, huh?
Hey, you guys!
The top-class beauties on campus,
competing in brilliant white under-skirts!
Of course word is going to spread
around campus at the speed of light!
What's more, they're all
professional-grade tennis players!
No, if you include the visual factor,
they're truly godlike!
All of a sudden,
the gallery is a lot bigger, huh?
Go, President!
Oh! Akeno!
They can't use magic like this.
Take this! Sitri-style spin serve!
Wishful thinking!
Take this! Gremory-style counter!
That's my president for you!
They're using magic anyway.
This could become a bit too heated.
A curveball!
Looks like they're passing it off
as English on the ball.
As long as it's peaceful,
so much the better.
This is why you're my rival.
But I'm still going to win this!
I have 108 magical ball moves!
I accept your challenge, Rias.
Such is my love for you!
As it turns out,
neither side ended up
winning the match, so
Team competition?
The President and Akeno are conferring
with the student council about
that right now.
We decided to settle this with dodgeball.
The game will be tomorrow night,
in the gym.
Let's all do our best for Issei and Asia.
Thank you so much.
Asia, are you awake?
Please, come in.
Er, no, I mean, it's late, so
Listen, Asia, do you have
a needle and thread?
They've got two extra people,
so we've asked them to be referees.
I haven't played dodgeball
since grade school.
The object here is to win,
so going with simpler rules is best.
Even Asia learned the game right away.
Ah, I can't take anymore!
Just hang on a little more, okay?
Watching those two,
it almost seems like
You're so adorable!
they're working up a strange fantasy.
Oh, my, how gorgeous.
-I stayed up all night making them.
-You didn't sleep?
After as hard as you tried
for us, President and Akeno,
and Koneko and Kiba today, too,
I thought, "I should at least
do something for everyone."
Um, were headbands a lame idea to go with?
Mmm-mmm, you did well.
These really are fantastic, Issei.
Oh, no, I wouldn't go that far.
They turned out unexpectedly well.
Let's put these on,
and all play together as one team!
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Not a problem.
Reminiscing Howl!
Impressive, taking Tsubaki's ball head-on.
Just who do you take me for?
Oh, my, you can't let
your guard down like that.
Sorry, I couldn't help it.
Reminiscing Howl!
Dodgeball is a terrifying sport, isn't it?
I don't know what kind of game
this is supposed to be anymore.
President, you should take out
Hyodo first!
Sitri-style Backspin Shot!
-Whoa, how is the
-Issei, dodge it!
It's It's over. All of it.
I'll use my Twilight Healing to treat you,
so please show me the spot
where you're hurt.
No, I couldn't
But unless I can see the affected area,
my treatment won't
Whoa! The area
My area is off-limits!
Please, forgive me, but
I guess you give me no choice.
Okay, I'll work through your clothes.
Are you all right?
I don't know what to say.
That was my thought, too.
Asia, you continue looking after Issei.
Guys, let's scramble to avenge Issei.
Yes, we cannot allow Issei's death
To have been in vain.
Of course not.
-Um, I haven't actually died.
-Heal! Heal, would you?
Bring it!
You're the only one left now.
Brace yourself, Sona.
Ha, the game is just starting.
Time over!
-We won! We won!
-We did it!
Well, then, as agreed,
we'll get first pick of the familiars.
Of course. I hate to be beaten,
but that was kind of fun.
However, if this had been a Rating Game,
and not just fooling around,
I would not have lost.
And I won't let myself be beaten
by my childhood friend, either.
Although, that won't be
an issue for a long time to come.
You're right. Okay then, good game.
Rating Game?
We managed to defeat the student council,
and bring the good favor of victory
to the Occult Research Club.
And it was all thanks to you guys.
Even though I got benched.
It's thanks to these that
everyone's spirits were raised,
so Issei, you're to be commended.
He's right, Issei.
Oh, Kiba, for a pretty boy,
once in a while,
once in a long while,
you say some nice things.
Now then, we can't just loaf around here.
We have to go and get your familiars.
Um, we're going right now?
We have to go on the night of
the full moon, or we can't see him.
The Familiar Master.
Where are we?
A forest inhabited by familiars.
This is where we all came
to receive our familiars, too.
It sure looks like a place
where anything might pop out.
You You're right.
Get some!
Who's there?
I'm the Familiar Master, Zatouji!
Mmm, the moon is nice and full tonight.
Perfect for getting familiars.
Stick with me, and on this day,
any familiar you want
is yours for the getting!
He is a professional
when it comes to familiars.
So then, what kind of familiar
do you desire?
A strong one? A fast one?
Perhaps a poisonous one?
Yes, indeed! Do you have
any cute familiars? Like a girl?
Tsk-tsk, this is why amateurs
are so hopeless.
You should get a familiar
that will be of most use to you.
In other words, understand
what your own abilities are,
and choose one that will
supplement your attributes.
Um, I would like a cute familiar, too.
Oh, all right!
Thank you very much!
Hey, you!
This lake has water sprites
known as Undines living within it.
Oh, water sprites! Judging by
the name, they're probably
Oh, as the future king of harems,
I want her at my side!
I'll put my head in her lap, under
the pretext of having my ears cleaned,
then slowly reach out my hand
toward her ever-mysterious boobs
Oh, the lake!
Oh, an Undine is showing itself.
-That is an Undine.
No, no, no, by all appearances,
that's a gladiator here
to play in the lake!
You're in luck, boy.
That kind is extremely rare.
A water sprite who's
a hard-hitter is not bad at all.
Bad enough! Far from soothing,
that's a killer, isn't it?
But, she is a girl.
That's the last thing I wanted to know.
But she did have the clearest eyes.
I'm sure she must be a girl pure of heart.
Please, don't refer
to that thing as a girl.
Hold up.
A A dragon?
Wow, it's so cute.
A sprite dragon. The offspring of
a dragon that uses blue lightning.
That's a pretty high class, huh?
This is the first time I've ever seen one.
If you're going to get it, do it now.
You can't get them once they mature.
Issei, you have the power
of the Red Dragon Emperor,
so you should be fairly compatible.
That makes sense. All right!
Sprite dragon, I choose you!
Oh, my goodness!
Slime, huh?
Oh, dear
Oh, dear!
How indecent!
Whoa, hey!
My My clothes!
It's slimy. Gross.
Damn it!
What a fantastic development!
Please do not look.
I don't know what to tell you.
How can I stand idly by during this?
I can't even use my magic like this.
Oh, my, what are we going to do?
Wait, before I do, saving to memory.
Saving to memory
This is a slime that feeds
on cloth as its principal diet.
It doesn't do any other damage
besides dissolving women's clothes.
A clothes-dissolving slime, you say?
President, I'm making
this slime my familiar!
Oh, my, not there!
This is indeed the marvel
I've been looking for!
Listen, Issei, a familiar is
something important for a devil!
Think hard about this!
I have thought about it!
I'm making it my familiar!
Oh, my, sorry about this.
Stand aside, Issei. The only thing
to do with this creature is burn it.
No! There's not a doubt in my mind
that this slime was born into this world
in order to meet up with me!
This is truly fate!
I'm not a stranger anymore!
To think that Issei is hugging me.
Oh, Slime-Taro, my partner!
He's already given it a name.
I've never seen a devil want
one of the forest's troublemakers
so badly.
Man, the world is a big place.
He's usually a good boy.
However, his temperament makes him
too sincere to his desires.
President, please stop looking
at me like you're sorry for me!
By using this,
I can spread my wings like a man!
What the
The sprite dragon's lightning?
Slime-Taro! Why, you
What's this?
Those guys don't attack anyone
unless they take them to be a foe.
Meaning that it thinks
that the boy and his slime
were attacking the pretty blond girl.
So what you're saying is
How cute!
That settles it!
The pretty girl gets her familiar!
In the name of Asia Argento,
I command thee
to accept this pact to be my familiar.
Okay, it's finished. Nicely done, Asia.
You're tickling me, Rassei.
Yes. He ra-diates lightning,
and I also combined it
with your name, Issei.
Well, okay. Nice to meet you, Rassei.
Oh, I forgot to mention this,
but he-dragons
hate the males of all other creatures.
What a naughty boy Rassei is.
Why did you have to die,
my dear friend, Slime-Taro?
I so wanted your power in my hands!
The nasty must die.
They say sprite dragons only
open their hearts to the pure-hearted.
Ordinarily, they do not give
themselves over to devils,
but perhaps Asia's having been
a nun had some influence on him.
Hey, Rassei! What do you
think you're doing to Asia?
Now, Rassei, you mustn't misbehave.
Okay then, good night, Rassei.
For Asia, who is my junior,
to be somehow more devilish than me
makes me feel snubbed.
Damn it, before you know it,
I'm gonna get me a familiar
that will astound you all!
I can't wait. Well, good night, all.
Good night!
Issei still has a ways to go.
He's just getting started.
He is.
What a rosy moment in time!
Issei, you enjoy seeing
others naked, right?
The fiancé of the next head
of the House of Gremory
Take my virginity from me.
Quickly, please.
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