High School DxD (2012) s01e08 Episode Script

I Pick a Fight!

Damn it, this is impossible!
This has to be some kind of mistake!
Huh? What are you talking about?
What is this?
Issei, you're getting married?
This is some kind of conspiracy!
Issei, I want our first grandchild
to be a girl.
How fine you've become,
after being an impossible boy,
-who only had his lust to brag of.
-Hey, now!
No wandering eyes now, Issei.
Miss Rias, you look so pretty!
Ah, Lady Rias, why would you
choose that boy?
Me and the President, getting married?
to love, honor, and cherish,
for better or for worse
When did this turn of events take place?
Then again, if I can marry the President,
who I adore, I don't have any
problem with that. Mmm-mmm.
And also, if we're getting married,
that means making babies,
and making babies means a wedding night!
Come on in, Issei.
You may now kiss the bride.
You're pretty worked up there,
aren't you, you little brat?
That voice I've heard it before.
That's right. I am inside you.
Who are you?
It's me.
I've been speaking to you for a long time.
But maybe because you were
too weak, my voice never reached you.
What kind of nonsense is that?
I just wanted to say hello to my partner,
whom I'll be fighting
alongside from now on.
Partner? Who exactly are you?
You already know that. Don't you, partner?
You seem awfully sleepy.
Yeah, I had this strange dream,
and didn't sleep very well.
If it was a sex dream,
then by all means, tell us about it!
It wasn't.
I'm so sorry, Issei. If only I had
come to wake you a little earlier
It's okay, Asia.
It's my own fault for sleeping in.
Issei, you dog!
You're having Asia wake you up?
Hey, that's only natural.
After all, we are living
under the same roof, and all.
Issei is such a late sleeper.
Then does she serve you meals,
and stuff, too?
My mom praised Asia for being
so considerate.
Oh, my, I'm going to blush.
Why are all these beautiful girls
throwing themselves at just you?
I'm gonna go nuts at how
outrageous this is!
Hey, my good friend,
if I may say, I don't think it would hurt
to introduce me to at least one of them.
By which I mean, introduce me
to someone! Please! Oh, please!
I don't know what to tell you.
They're all devils.
If you introduce me,
I will reward you accordingly.
How do you mean?
Suffice to say, you'll have
a gentleman's VIP seat.
Hold on a second!
There's this one really great someone--
-You mean it?
-You mean it?
`Who wondered if we could get
together today,
and was also having
other friends come over.
So what kind of girl is she?
Well, definitely a virgin,
no doubt about it.
-A virgin?
-A virgin?
At least give us a name!
Oh, no way!
What's this?
Look at the rack on that girl!
Clothes making you look
slimmer can only go so far.
How do you like the ultra-VIP
seating I discovered, Mr. Hyodo?
It's fantastic.
How stunning!
What a rosy moment in time!
Save to cranial memory!
HD-quality backup complete!
That little fist. It couldn't be
Matsuda! Motohama!
Hey, Koneko. Fancy seeing you here.
You're the pits.
Are you all right, Issei?
He had it coming.
Good grief, how can you be so
Oh, some friends invited me along,
and I couldn't help it.
Issei, if you want to see nudity
so badly, then I could
Whoa! No, Asia, it's not like that!
Yeah, Issei, just ask me,
and I'll show you anytime.
You've already seen me, many times. Right?
Well, that's true, but
-Ow! Ow! Asia!
-Geez, Issei!
Issei, I do not like to see
your face so flirty.
I'm telling you, it's not like that.
Let me explain, Asia.
It's odd, isn't it?
The questionnaires from
where Issei was summoned to
say good things about him.
Like "it was fun," or "I had a good time."
This despite the fact that except
when you accompanied him,
he's failed to get a pact signed.
This is a first.
He may be a failure as a devil,
but he pleased all of his clients.
I wonder how to interpret that.
Good question.
Still, in his own unique way, Issei is--
-That's not what I meant.
As was the case
with the familiars earlier,
this is going to cause Issei to lose
confidence in himself, isn't it?
So I have to look after him
for a little longer.
Oh, my, how unusually assertive.
What are you trying to say?
Up to now, I thought that your style
was more laissez-faire,
but I'm not sure what to make
of your commitment to him.
Rias, you really--
It's not a bad thing to have
my best friend worry over me,
but this is my own problem.
Also, in the club room,
it's "President," right?
Yes, President.
Well then, I'll be off.
Yes, good night.
Koneko now despises me.
There really is nothing good
about me, huh?
But I can't always be down on myself!
I'm gonna be king of the harems!
Maybe I'll take a quick bath,
and get refreshed.
Hey, what am I screaming for?
Sorry. I'll leave.
I'm sorry. I've
Never seen
A man's, you know, before, so
I'm all aflutter.
No, it's my fault. My mind was elsewhere,
and I didn't realize you
were in here, Asia. I'm sorry.
But It's all right now.
All right? What is?
I heard that in Japan,
there's a rule about being
naked in the tub together.
Yes. By interacting over a bath,
it's said that you come to understand
each other more deeply.
Asia, you're not wrong,
but you are off just a little bit.
I would like to understand
you more deeply, Issei.
Besides, Issei, you enjoy
seeing others naked, right?
Keep it together!
Keep your wits together!
Being together naked is more
I should say, you're a girl,
so if a guy gets into the tub with you,
your first reaction will be
a defensive one.
Asia, I'm leaving some
bath towels here for you.
I'm not a sex fiend.
I'm not a perv. I have to protect Asia.
I may be living with Asia,
but I can't get any sexy thoughts.
Om Om
Devils can't go chanting sutras!
What good will it do to send
myself to nirvana?
A magic circle?
What's the matter?
Uh, just a second
Take me!
Take my virginity from me.
Quickly, please.
What the
What is this?
I've been chosen to be her first?
It's an honor!
But first, I have to prepare
myself mentally!
Or am I not good enough?
No, not at all!
I've thought it through,
and there's no other way.
Other way?
If it's an established fact,
then there shouldn't be any problem.
You're still short in some areas,
but you have potential.
Um, I don't know what you're--
Besides, a few minutes after asking,
we'll have ourselves a love affair.
What exactly is this?
Issei, is this your first time?
Neither of us may have much
experience at this,
but we'll manage to accomplish
this somehow.
It's all right. You just put yours
into mine, right here.
Understand? I'm nervous about it, myself.
Yes. I'm excited.
Last time, there was a time limit,
but this time, I'm not counting.
But I I'm not so sure about this.
Are you going to bring shame upon me?
I just
Looks like I'm a little too late.
With this lowborn?
The master and Sir Zechs will be saddened.
Sir Zechs?
My older brother.
Your older brother?
My virtue belongs to me.
How is it wrong for me to give it
to whomever I will?
And another thing,
I won't allow you to call
my dear servant a lowborn.
Not even you, my brother's queen.
In any case, you are the next head
of the House of Gremory.
Please have some respect for yourself.
How are you?
My name is Grayfia, and I am in
the service of the Gremory family.
Pleased to make your acquaintance.
She sure is pretty.
I'm sorry, Issei.
I wasn't in my right mind.
Let's both just forget about this.
Oh Okay
Issei? You mean, he is
Yes. He's my pawn.
The one who bears the Boosted Gear,
and is possessed by
the Dragon Emperor, is this boy?
What gives?
I will hear what you have
to say at my headquarters.
Akeno may join us, right?
The Priestess of Thunder? I do not mind.
Those who are upper-class devils
always have their queens at their side.
Sorry to have put you out, Issei.
Not at all.
Please excuse me for the night.
What exactly was with
the President last night?
There was something not
quite right about her.
Damn you!
What? You two are awfully
hotheaded so early in the morning.
Up yours!
Miltan, my ass!
That was a cage fighter's arch rival,
by any stretch of the imagination!
What's more, why was he wearing
Gothic Lolita wear?
Some kind of ultimate weapon?
Hey, he was a cute boy who
longed to be a magical girl, right?
How can we have a hook-up
party with a dude?
Not to mention, he was holding
the soiree from hell with other dudes,
whose butch looks continued
from guy to guy,
and they were all wearing dresses!
We were terrified! We thought
we were gonna die, you bastard!
They went on and on
about this magic world.
What is the magic world
of C'est-la-vie-nia, anyway?
What's troubling the President?
Probably something involving
the House of Gremory.
Do you suppose Akeno might know?
She is the President's right-hand lady,
so she might.
What's the matter?
I can't believe this is
the first time I've noticed
since I've been here.
'Sup guys?
Ah, Miss Grayfia?
Everyone's here, huh?
My Lady, may I begin speaking?
As it happens
Hmph, I haven't been to
the human realm in a long time.
I've come to see you, my beloved Rias.
Who's this guy?
This gentleman is Lord Riser Phoenix.
He is a pureblooded upper-class devil,
the third son of the House of Phoenix.
House of Phoenix?
And the fiancé of the next head
of the House of Gremory
The next head of the House of Gremory?
You don't mean
In other words,
he is Lady Rias' betrothed.
Ah, the tea prepared by
my Rias' queen is most delicious.
Very much obliged, sir.
That despicable scumbag!
He's the President's husband-to-be?
Enough of that, please.
Riser, I've told you this before,
but I am not going to marry you.
But Rias, I think
that your family's circumstances
are desperate enough not to allow you
to be so inconsiderate.
I do not intend to bring my house to ruin.
I will have a husband to carry our name.
But I will marry whomever I wish.
It is a matter for all devils
to keep pureblood devils,
whose numbers all but vanished
in the last war, from dying out.
Both your father and Sir Zechs
decided on this arrangement
with the future in mind.
My father, my brother, and my
whole clan are in too great a rush.
I won't say it again, Riser.
I will not marry you!
I too, Rias, bear the reputation
of the House of Phoenix.
I can't have you besmirching
our good name.
Even if I have to incinerate
all of your servants,
I will take you back
to the underworld with me.
Please bring an end to this.
My Lady, Lord Riser, since
I am here by order of Sir Zechs,
I will not hold back one iota.
When told such a thing by the one
known as the Ultimate Queen,
even I become fearful.
My master anticipated that
something like this would happen.
As such, he has assigned me a last resort,
should things break down.
Last resort? What do you mean, Grayfia?
If My Lady is that insistent on
following through with her wishes,
she is to settle this with
Lord Riser via a Rating Game.
Rating Game? Where have I heard that?
That's right, the student council
president mentioned it.
It's a chess-like game
that noble devils engage in
where they have their servants
compete in battle.
That is why those of us
called Evil Pieces
are given powers modeled
after chess pieces.
So that's why.
I have played through the game
time and again,
and have secured many wins.
Far from experienced,
on the other hand,
you have not even qualified
for an official game.
Only mature devils have ever been
able to take part in a Rating Game.
Then, we're at an incredible disadvantage.
That isn't our only disadvantage.
Rias, just to be sure, I have to ask,
are these all of your servants?
So what if they are?
I have 15 pieces,
which is to say, a full set.
Fifteen of them, and all pretty
women and girls?
What a fiend!
What a man!
Hey, Rias, your servant
is looking at me and weeping.
His dream is to have a harem.
I see. Yubelluna
Yes, Lord Riser
You'll never be able to do this
as long as you live,
lower-class devil.
Shut up! The way things are going,
after I marry the President,
I'll get cozy with other ladies, too,
you seed-sowing chicken bastard!
Are you aware of your place
when you speak to me so?
Who cares?
My only place
is as the President's servant!
Stop it, Issei!
Nothing more, nothing less!
We don't need any game!
I'll defeat you all, right here! Boost!
This tiny little girl? She looks tough
Shake it off!
I'm sorry
Ha! Imagine, your bearer
of the brutal Boosted Gear,
being such a worthless man as this!
All right. We will decide this
with a Rating Game.
As you wish.
I swear, I will wipe you out!
I look forward to it, my beloved Rias.
I will see you at the game.
Lesson Four!
You are a devil, after all.
You're a devil, you see.
A devil
A devil deals great damage.
I could become invincible!
in perversion.
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