High School DxD (2012) s01e09 Episode Script

I've Begun My Training!

Come on, Issei.
Hurry it up.
It's so refreshing.
Um, I can take some of that baggage.
That's okay. Issei has to
be able to manage that much.
Excuse me.
Damn it! Kiba is so relaxed!
Pardon me.
I've had it.
Is everyone clear?
It will be held in ten days.
Ten days?
In light of Lord Riser and
Lady Rias' experience and strengths,
I wonder if there ought not be
an appropriate handicap given.
I hate to say it,
but I can't help but admit it.
I will gladly accept
that time as a training period.
With this training camp,
I will make you
Much, much stronger.
Wow, fantastic!
Okay, head inside and
let's start training right away.
Training right away?
President, you really are a fiend.
A devil.
Hey, Kiba
Before, when we were
fighting at the church,
you said something about
hating fallen angels and priests.
What was all that?
I have a personal dislike for
fallen angels and priests.
You could even say I hate them.
Issei, you and Asia were
both saved by the President,
and we're in a similar situation.
And so, we have to win this,
for the President's sake. Okay?
Yeah, of course! Absolutely!
Lesson One.
That being said
Not like that.
Don't just watch the sword's movement,
watch your opponent
and your surroundings, too.
That's a knight for you.
Come on, keep your guard up.
Lesson Two, take the magic
power of the aura
that surrounds your body,
and stream it to a focal point.
Focus your attention,
and feel the surge of magic power.
I did it!
Oh, my
You might really have
a talent for magic, Asia.
Ah, well, Asia is getting better,
but be that as it may
Whoa, awesome!
Once you're familiar with it,
you will become able to control fire,
water, lightning, and so on,
out of nothing at all.
Asia, please practice this next.
Issei, you keep practicing
concentrating your magic power.
Ri Right.
Visualization is the source of magic.
The most important thing
is to make whatever comes
to mind materialize.
Whatever comes to mind
That's right.
That's it, that's it. Focus
What am I thinking about?
What's the matter, Issei?
Nothing! Nothing at all!
I'll do my best!
Lesson Three
I'm not done yet!
Aim your blows at the body's central axis,
and strike with precision,
right to the heart.
Damn, I'm no match at all
for Kiba or Koneko!
I'm worse than Asia at magic, too.
There's nothing I'm good at!
That's because we each have
our special properties.
Special properties? What do
you think my special property is?
And one other thing.
You're a hard worker.
Yeah! I will work hard, Koneko!
Lesson Four!
-Now, use our magic power
-To cook?
As best you can, of course.
Well, good luck.
Okay, water, please boil.
Even with Akeno's lesson,
it was all I could do to produce
one the size of a grain of rice.
But I have to admit,
just thinking about Akeno's cleavage
Wow, the potatoes are no sweat, either.
You're amazing, Issei.
I was just off my game earlier,
but this is what I'm capable of.
I'm so impressed!
What is this? It feels like
I've been through this before
Oh, yeah! That one time,
when my Sacred Gear first deployed!
Oh, yeah! Could it
Possibly be
That I'm unrivaled
when it comes to this?
What do we do with all this?
Visualization is the source of magic.
The most important thing is to make
whatever comes to mind materialize.
That's because we each have
our special properties.
You seem to be leering at me.
No, not at all!
What did you think,
after training all day?
Yes, well, I am the weakest one.
Yes. That much is certain.
However, Asia's healing and your
Boosted Gear are important assets.
The other side will be conscious
of that, as well,
so I want you to gain at least
enough power to get away,
so that you don't slow down
the others on our side.
That's right. I'm the one who got
Asia caught up in this fight.
I have to at least get enough power
to keep her protected.
Okay, now that supper is over,
let's head for the baths.
The baths!
Oh, Issei, you want to watch us bathe?
Then would you like to join us?
I don't mind.
How about you, Akeno?
I would like to wash the gentleman's back.
Asia, you're okay being
with your dear Issei, right?
No, thanks.
Well, that's that.
Too bad.
If you peek, I'll resent it.
The hot springs sure are nice, huh?
I do hope that this helps melt away
some of the fatigue of training.
It will melt away, no doubt about it.
They are extravagant
Issei, what is the purpose of doing that?
You be quiet! This is part of my training!
Is Issei trying to learn X-ray vision,
or something?
What do you think my special property is?
That's it! That's my power!
That is my power!
So that's how it went, after all.
That sounds like Rias.
I do not think that she has
any chance of winning.
No, she doesn't.
And knowing that, you still
I did nothing more than
give her the right to choose.
This was Rias' own decision,
as the next head
of the House of Gremory.
Asia. Asia.
Sorry to bother you so late at night.
Asia, you're the only one
I can ask this of.
I can do it! I know I can do it!
Asia, I need to borrow your clothes.
Issei, as determined as you look,
what exactly are you
Yes, since long ago, over a time
that could be called an eternity,
we devils, fallen angels, and the God
at the head of the angels,
have had a great, three-sided war.
Ultimately, there has been
neither victory nor defeat,
and the battles have ended
with all of our efforts wiped out.
Since devils have very low birth rates,
the cost of having life spans
that are nearly eternal,
our continued existence
as a species is at risk
due to the impact
of the last great battle.
Following the fighting,
almost all of the great family lines,
consisting of pureblood,
upper-class devils,
which make up what are known
as the 72 pillars, were extinguished.
Mine, the House of Gremory
Sona's, the House of Sitri
And Riser's, the House of Phoenix,
are the only surviving remnants
of the 72 pillars.
This is the reason why devils are
turning to humans,
and increasing their households with them.
The Rating Game came about during this.
Through the game, the devils
who are the masters of the households
are able to provide them
with combat experience,
as well as show off their own abilities.
Now, one's record in
Rating Games has come to have
a huge influence
on one's nobility and status.
What do you say we take a break here?
You must all be tired.
I'll make some tea.
-Oh, well, I'll help.
Sorry about last night.
Oh, it's okay.
That was incredible of you, Issei.
The way you--
Shh! This is still a secret
between the two of us.
The two of us?
It's still not done,
and I'm a long way off
from using it in actual battle.
Oh, all right. I will work with you
until your new move is ready.
New move?
It's a secret.
Oh, yeah, Asia
I'd like to hear your story, too,
as a former nun.
Oh, okay.
Let's see
There are two indispensable things
that exorcists must have.
This is one of them. Holy water.
As devils, please make
absolutely sure not to touch this.
What happens if we touch it?
Something awful would happen.
Awful how? Vague declarations
make it even more dreadful.
Asia, that goes for you, too.
You are a devil, after all.
That's right I don't know
if it will be useful or not,
but I will tell you how to make it later.
Now, the other thing is
The Bible. I've read it
ever since I was little.
But I'm stuck now,
because if I read even one verse,
I get a terrible headache.
-You are a devil, after all.
-You're a devil, you see.
A devil
A devil is dealt great damage.
Yes, but, this one verse here
is a very good one
Ow, my head!
Oh Lord, please forgive me
for not being able to read the Bible.
Ow, it's just no use!
I'm having a really hard time
deciding if she's serious,
or just pulling our legs here.
One more try.
But I don't even have the same
level of talent that Asia does.
Oh, President, it's so late. What's up?
This is perfect.
Would you like to chat for a bit?
Is that a plan of attack?
Yes. But going by this manual,
honestly, it doesn't offer
a lot of comfort.
That's not true. President,
you're up this late working hard
But we're up against Phoenix here.
You know what that is, right?
The legendary beast,
known as the immortal bird.
A devil, who also bears
the name "Phoenix,"
and is a marquis,
counted among the 72 pillars.
His ability is the same
as the legendary beast
Immortality? Is that even possible?
Yeah. He's virtually indestructible.
He regenerates immediately
following attacks.
Riser's win record is 8-2. However,
those two losses were out of respect
to a family he is close to.
He lost to them on purpose.
Ever since the Rating Game
has been played,
the House of Phoenix seems
to have risen up dramatically.
That's to be expected, though.
If you're immortal,
there's no way you can lose.
I'm sorry about that.
About what?
It's because I shot off my mouth
at Riser back there
that you're stuck having to fight him now.
Oh, no. In fact, thanks to you,
I'm happy to say
things came right to the point.
From the outset, my father
and the others anticipated me losing,
which is why they set up this Game.
In chess, it's known as
a trap move, a swindle.
Um, President, why are you
turning down this marriage proposal?
I am the heiress of the House of Gremory.
No matter what happens,
I'll never be my own Rias,
but always Rias Gremory.
The name Gremory forever hangs over me.
It is something that I take pride in.
But I would at least like
someone who wants to marry me,
but not for being the heiress
to the House of Gremory.
I want to be with someone
who loves me for being Rias.
They may be conflicting wishes,
but even so,
I'd like to at least
have that small dream.
I like you, regardless of all of that!
Honestly, I don't get any of this
"House of Gremory"
or devil society business,
but right now, you,
standing here before my eyes,
are the most important thing to me.
Have I said something wrong?
It's nothing.
Anyhow, if we're going to fight,
we fight to win.
I heard once before from Kiba
that you're gifted enough
to be known as the Ruin Princess
The empress of annihilation.
And if your first fight is
against someone like that guy
My powers were not granted from above,
but a crystallization
of what the House of Gremory
has been cultivating for generations.
It is mine and the House of Gremory's.
That is why I cannot lose.
If I fight, I win. I have to win.
You really are amazing, President.
And by comparison, I'm
After everything I've been through
here, I'm painfully aware of it.
How I'm the least useful to you.
Even with my awesome Sacred Gear,
it doesn't mean anything.
And yet, I always charge alone
headlong into things on impulse,
and end up causing more headaches
for you. I'm just I'm just
Completely hopeless!
You want a little self-confidence,
huh, Issei?
All right.
I'll give you some self-confidence.
So for now, get some rest.
Both body and mind, if even a little bit.
I will stay at your side until
you fall asleep.
Take it easy, Issei. I promise,
I will give you faith in yourself.
Use your Boosted Gear, Issei.
Huh? But President, you said not
to use it during this training camp.
Not without my permission.
I wonder if Yuto would mind
being your partner.
Yes, President.
I won't hold back against you.
Boosted Gear!
One more time!
One more time!
Keep it going!
Once more!
Boost! Boost! Boost!
That's 12 times he's powered up now.
Stop! Issei, do you get it?
Before now, you couldn't have
endured this much stepping-up.
The results of your training
are clearly revealed in you.
Hey, yeah!
Here goes! Boosted Gear!
What's that?
By using that call,
Issei is able to fight momentarily
with all of his enhanced power in place.
Issei, fire off a mass of magical power!
Is this all I can manage?
Fire it!
Why, you
Oh, my goodness.
The mountain
It's All gone
This This is my Power?
It looks like he's used up all
of his strength.
Yuto, how was he?
Yes, well, he honestly surprised me.
That blast was truly a
high-grade-devil-class blast.
you are the linchpin of the Game.
Your attack power will critically
affect the way the game is moving.
Believe in us, and most of all,
believe in yourself.
Believe in you And myself
I like you, regardless of all of that!
You are the most important thing to me.
Ah! We're right in the middle
of this crucial game, too!
This is beyond a knockout!
What are you crying for?
Sorry, Asia!
It's time! Are you ready?
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