High School DxD (2012) s01e10 Episode Script

The Showdown Begins!

One hour left before the Game starts, huh?
It doesn't matter that our
opponent is Phoenix.
Let's give them a taste of how strong
the household of Rias Gremory really is.
I've been training like my life
depended on it.
The hell I'm gonna be beaten!
Issei, may I come in?
Come on in.
your outfit
I wondered if I should wear
my Sister clothes.
The president told me to come
in whatever I thought was best.
You know, Asia, that
outfit really does fit you best.
Is it okay if I stay with you?
Yeah, sure.
A fearsome battle is about to start,
Still, as long as you're
here, Issei, I'll be all right.
Is it okay if I stay here at
your side from now on, too?
Yeah. We'll always be together.
It's time! Are you ready? Time to get up!
Let's go, Asia.
Our boss sure is composed, huh?
Excuse the intrusion.
Good evening, Sona.
Come on in.
The student council president
and vice-president? Why?
The Rating Game is being relayed
to the members of both houses.
They're assisting with the relay.
I volunteered to do this myself.
It is your first Game, after all, Rias.
I'll fight hard, so as not
to embarrass you, my rival.
Is everybody ready, then?
Yes. Whenever you like.
Once the time to start has arrived,
we will be relocated to the
field of battle by this magic circle.
Field of battle?
An alternate space,
created just for the Game.
It will be an expendable space,
so we'll be free to do whatever
we want, no matter how unrestrained.
Unrestrained, you say?
I will be in the student council room,
our broadcast booth.
Good hunting out there, Rias.
Thank you. But keep
the play-by-play fair, okay?
Of course.
Although personally,
I just don't think that gentleman
is a very good match for you.
Incidentally, this battle will be watched
by the Great Devil Lucifer himself.
Oh, my older brother, too?
Did she just say older brother?
Or did I mishear?
No, the president's older brother
is the Great Devil.
No way!
The Devil? President,
your older brother is the Devil?
The Scarlet-haired Devil,
Crimson Satan, Sir Zechs Lucifer
is our president's older brother.
Sir Zechs succeeded
the previous Great Devil Lucifer,
who we lost in the great war.
So that's how the president became
the heiress to the House of Gremory.
So that explains it.
I am the heiress of the House of Gremory.
The name Gremory forever hangs over me.
It is just about time.
Let's go.
Nothing has changed, has it?
Transport failure?
Is this my fault, again?
I am Grafiya, servant of the
House of Gremory,
and I have been assigned to be the referee
for the House of Gremory
and the House of Phoenix.
For this battlefield,
I took the suggestions
of Lady Rias and Lord Riser,
and prepared a replica of
Kuo Academy, the educational facility
that Lady Rias attends in the human realm.
Take a look outside.
The sky
This is an alternate space.
The school has been recreated
as-is in here.
Just how incredible
are devil powers, anyhow?
The places to which both
sides have been relocated
will serve as their home bases.
Lady Rias, your home base is
the Occult Research Club room,
in the old schoolhouse.
Lord Riser's home base will be
the principal's office,
in the new schoolhouse.
As such, promotion will
become possible for pawns
once they make their way
into each others' schoolhouses.
Which means that once
I get inside the new schoolhouse,
I can be promoted to a
power rivaling the ultimate queen.
Oh, my, it will not be that easy.
On the other hand, if they
get inside the old schoolhouse,
they will be promoted,
so we have to keep our base
tightly guarded.
Yes, you're certainly right.
What's this?
We'll use these to talk to
each other on the battlefield.
So it's like a communicator.
All right then, Game Start!
This is a task too easy
for those such as yourselves,
but don't hold back.
Crush them thoroughly.
Unless we can shatter the
pride of that red-haired lady,
there will be no meaning to this farce.
The enemy base is the new schoolhouse
Cutting across the school grounds
would be the quickest way, but
It's plainly visible from the
new schoolhouse.
Yes. The risk is too great.
Then, what if we used the
track and field grounds in the rear
to get into the new schoolhouse?
The enemy is probably expecting
that, as well. They'll probably
station several knights
or rooks, who have mobility,
near the athletic club house
building here.
A standard play, but also an ironclad one.
shouldn't we first occupy the gymnasium,
adjacent to the new schoolhouse?
It's fairly close to our base,
and most importantly,
it will serve as a diversion to
the other side.
The gymnasium is what would
be called the center in chess.
Being the first to take it would be
strategically advantageous.
Then it's settled. It's indoors,
so rather than a mobile knight,
the rook can take advantage of
her more destructive characteristics.
Fighting is pretty hard, huh?
All we need to do is trust the
president, and obey her instructions.
Yes, you're right.
First, we have to secure a defensive line.
Yuto, Koneko, go set some
traps in the woods.
Come along, Shiro.
Well, off we go.
Akeno, once the traps are finished,
would you cast illusion
magic around the woods,
including the sky, for me?
Very well.
President, what about us?
My healing support personnel,
Asia, will stand by here with me.
If you fall, then we're really sunk,
after all.
And Issei
Lie down right here.
You mean, the fabled
head-in-lap position?
As long as you don't mind!
What a sensation! So soft and mellow,
and yet so firmly cradling
We're right in the middle
of this crucial game, too!
This is beyond a knockout!
What are you crying for?
President, for you to let me lie
in your lap like this is so moving,
I can't hold back the tears.
I'm so glad to be alive.
Such an overdramatic boy. I'll let
you lie in my lap again sometime.
You mean it?
So would you at least wipe your nose?
Issei, I'm going to unlock a
little bit of a spell I cast on you.
All right, next one, over there.
Okay, off you go.
There's power building up inside me
I told you about how,
for your rebirth as a pawn,
it used up all eight pieces, remember?
But right after you were reborn,
your body was unable to
withstand that much power.
That's why I spread it out over
several stages, and sealed them up.
I just released a little bit of it.
Then, this power that is starting
to well up inside my body is
Power that you already possessed.
To that end, it was
necessary to train your body
to be able to endure your
Boosted Gear, along with this power.
There's still a good portion
that you're not up to yet, though.
So that's what all that
rigorous training was about?
And in my head,
I called the president a fiend!
I'm such a dope! I'm such a dope!
The president had such a terrific idea!
Oh Lord, please forgive me
for feeling jealous.
Listen to me, Issei.
Your opponents may be girls,
but be sure to defeat them.
Don't hold back against them.
They won't hold back against you.
Understood. I'll make sure
to bring you victory, President!
Yes, I'm looking forward to it,
my dear Issei.
President, do you read me?
Yes, I read you.
We are ready.
Okay, here is the plan
Lady Rias has gone into action.
With as many pieces as she's missing,
it won't be possible for her
to completely protect her base.
Which means she will have to
force her way with hit-and-run attacks.
Listen up.
When you get to the gymnasium,
you won't be able to avoid a battle.
-Be sure to do as I told you.
Yuto, are you ready?
No problem.
Akeno, whenever the
time is right, if you please.
Yes, President.
Commence the operation, my dear servants!
Your opponent is Riser Phoenix,
an especially gifted warrior,
even among the immortal House of Phoenix.
Now, let's go blow him away!
Issei, and everyone else, good luck.
Even the inside
has been perfectly recreated.
The enemy
We know you're over there,
servants of Gremory!
I guess sneaking around doesn't
do any good.
The rook and the surprisingly
spry pawn--
the one who was floored by Mira.
That girl!
I'm Mira, and I'm a pawn.
I'm Shueran, a rook.
I'm Ile, a pawn.
I'm Nel, also a pawn.
That rook has a pretty high level.
How high?
Perhaps queen-level,
based just on her battle power.
Are you serious?
Well, we did know we were
the underdogs from the start.
No choice but to do this!
I'll take the rook.
Issei, you take the pawns, if you would.
At worst, just keep running
away from them.
You don't have to worry about me.
There is a chance I can beat them.
All right, here goes!
So, they came attacking the
center after all.
How is the detached force coming?
The three pawns, Shulyer, Marion,
and Byurent,
are currently infiltrating.
The fog seems particularly thick, huh?
A trap? And not a very serious one.
Why, this is mere child's play.
A cute little trick from a first-timer.
Wow, not bad--
Just who are you, exactly?
I'm Lady Rias' servant.
Take you apart! Take you apart!
It's no use running away.
Please, just hold still and let us
cut you up.
You can't go saying something
like that in such a cheery voice!
Besides, I don't wanna be cut up!
I managed to dodge her this time!
Take you apart! Take you apart!
Hey! Wait! Watch it!
Still, I can do this!
Geez, this is aggravating!
How come we can't hit him?
I've been training the
daylights out of myself!
If I got beaten right away,
I wouldn't be able to face
the president and my friends!
Let's go, Boosted Gear!
I'll start with you!
That's one!
That's two!
Here's three!
My cudgel
Still, the conditions
are all lined up now!
If we lose to this boy
Lord Riser will be angry with us!
We won't take this anymore!
We'll take you apart for sure now!
Take this!
My special move!
Dress Break!
There, did you see that?
In my head, I've obsessed about
girls' clothes being blown away
for countless, yes, countless hours,
and now, I used all of the magical
talent I have to strip girls naked!
This is my signature move, "Dress Break."
How crude.
The moment he came into contact
with the girls,
he must have projected his
own image of them magically.
It is original, but
You creep!
-You beast!
I did it!
Issei, what is this?
Sorry, Asia. One more time.
Right. Okay, I'll go change.
You did it!
No! Clothes alone are not good enough.
Sorry to keep doing this to you, but
It's all right. I have
gotten lots of old clothes.
Issei, please keep trying!
It's all thanks to you, Asia!
I've lost all respect for you.
The enemy rook! Way to go!
Koneko, Issei, what's your status?
President, Koneko and I are
both all right.
In fact, we're doing great.
That's good. Akeno is all ready.
Please proceed according to plan.
They're running away!
This fight isn't over yet!
You're going to abandon
this critical foothold?
Three of Lord Riser's pawns, and
one of his rooks, are incapacitated.
Akeno's nickname is the
Priestess of Thunder.
Those who know her name and
power are said to know it quite well.
Priestess of Thunder, huh?
If she were to punish me
like that, I'd be dead for sure.
To wipe out an important foothold,
and use it as part of an attack
is boldness you would
not expect of a first-timer.
Nice play by Rias.
However, won't Lord Riser have
no choice but to go all-out now?
The terror is just starting.
The enemy still has greater numbers.
We'll need some time before
Akeno can launch her second attack.
Once her magical power is
replenished, we'll move forward, too.
Until then, everyone act according
to the next phase of the plan
Next is
We meet up with Yuto near the
track grounds,
and eliminate any enemies there.
I have to wonder, though,
is Kiba all right?
I wonder if they seriously think
that these traps are a defense.
That's the enemy base, right?
What's going on?
What a shame.
You can't get out of here now.
You're inside a barrier that our
queen erected.
Damn! We were paying
too much attention to the traps!
When you're short on manpower,
you have to use your wits.
I hate to say this,
because you're kind of my type,
but do you think you can beat us,
Would you like to try me?
Well, knowing him, he's
probably getting along fine,
with a calm look on his face.
Koneko, we should get going, too.
Please, don't touch me.
It's all right. There's no way I'd use it
against an ally.
It's still a repulsive technique.
Looks like she hates me outright now
Hold up, Koneko!
Koneko? What happened to
Koneko? Answer me, Issei!
Rias, don't underestimate
Riser Phoenix.
Ruin Princess, Twilight Healing,
Priestess of Thunder,
Sword Birth, and Boosted Gear.
Such grand-sounding
names, all aligned together.
But we are Phoenixes. Immortals!
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