High School DxD (2012) s01e11 Episode Script

The Acclaimed Battle Continues!

Damn! Riser's queen?
I'm sorry
I wanted
To serve the President more
It's all right.
Asia will heal these wounds in no time.
Koneko! Koneko!
The Acclaimed Battle Continues!
One of Lady Rias's rooks retired.
Damn it! How dare you kill Koneko!
Get the hell down here! Face me!
Take it easy, Issei.
When someone can no longer fight,
they are transferred
to an appropriate location,
where they are treated.
Koneko is not dead.
Keep your wits about you.
Give up, boy.
No matter how hard you struggle,
there is no way you can win.
Oh, my
A Akeno!
Issei, leave her to me,
and hurry on ahead.
You don't need to worry about me.
I will fight with my whole body
and soul to avenge Koneko.
All right, Akeno!
I've always wanted to fight you,
Priestess of Thunder.
Oh, my, I consider it an honor,
Bomb Queen.
Three of Lord Riser's pawns, retired.
Three of them?
Oh, it's you!
Then those three just now
Thanks to Akeno's barrier,
it was pretty easy to take them.
Now, there remain
nine pieces for Lord Riser,
and five for Lady Rias.
They still can't afford
to get careless.
Kiba, I'm sorry, but Koneko has been
I heard. She never lets
much show through the surface,
but she was on fire today.
I'm sure she was disappointed.
Let's win this, no matter what!
Heh, of course!
Yuto, Issei, do you read me?
I'm going to launch a sneak attack
on their base, together with Asia.
Draw as many of the enemy away
as you can, and buy us some time.
Sneak attack?
I have no choice. I was planning
to allow Akeno to recover,
so she could blast each of them,
but now that the enemy has sent
their queen against us directly
But President,
the risk in having the king
leave the base is too great.
The enemy will probably think so, too.
That's what I'm hoping for.
Regardless of how immortal
Phoenix's body may be,
his heart is not.
If we can strike him hard enough
to take the fight out of him,
we will be able to beat Riser.
I am personally going to break his heart!
And with that decided,
let the boys
of the Occult Research Club
Go out on a spree!
Hey! We know you're hiding out there!
Come out and give us a good, clean fight!
I am a knight in the service
of Lord Riser, Karlamine.
I question your sanity, coming out
to confront me head-on like this.
However, I love fighting fools like you!
I am a knight in the service
of Lady Rias, Kiba Yuto!
I've been looking forward to
a fight against another knight!
Well said, Rias Gremory's knight!
Awesome! I don't think
I should get involved.
That's not necessarily true.
Karlamine's head is filled with
nothing but swords, swords, swords!
She turned a glum face toward
sacrificing those pieces, too.
Geez, could anyone be more unrefined?
And just as I thought I had
found a cute boy,
he turns out to be a sword freak, too.
This just isn't my lucky day.
They're committing all of their
remaining pieces, are they?
It looks like the President guessed right.
I have to say, though,
Lady Rias must have poor taste in men.
A cute face, but a sharp tongue, huh?
Boosted Gear!
Oh, I beg your pardon.
I will not be fighting.
I am Isabela, a rook
in the service of Lord Riser.
Let's go, Rias Gremory's pawn!
Hey! What's with her?
What do you mean, you're not fighting?
She is taking part in this, as a bishop,
but mostly, she's just a spectator!
What for?
She is I mean,
the lady is Ravel Phoenix.
She is one of the household devils,
but she is also Lord Riser's blood sister.
Strong feelings of affection
towards sister, right?
There are many who are jealous,
and wish they could be me.
But I'm not that kind of a man.
She's just a household devil
for appearances' sake.
Or so he says!
That chicken bastard!
He really is a sicko and an idiot!
Then again,
I can more than understand
him wanting a sister figure
in his harem.
You're better than I expected.
Well, I didn't just train with
Koneko and Kiba for the fun of it!
Even so, I have to stay
one step ahead of her
until I power up to a certain level!
That's my fifth time powering up.
That might be enough against
a pawn, but against a rook
Huh, you're a far shade better than
when Mira wiped the floor with you.
It looks like Rias Gremory
has trained you well.
That's right.
I am President Rias's servant,
and she trained me like crazy!
That's why I can't lose!
For the President's sake,
I will defeat you!
I've been expecting you
My beloved Rias!
My Holy Eraser!
Unfortunately for you,
that attack won't work against me.
In that case, how about this? Freeze!
You have two Sacred Gears?
No matter! We, the household
of the proud House of Phoenix,
control flame, wind, and life!
You're going to lose!
Just how many Sacred Gears do you have?
It's not that I simply possess
multiple Sacred Gears.
I made them.
The magic sword creator, Sword Birth.
In other words, I can create
Magic swords at will.
What the?
He has that kind of power?
Don't you turn away during a fight!
Damn, it should be any second now
There it is!
Un-Dragon-Wavy Dragon Shot!
And I thought I'd held back
quite a bit of power, too.
That That was close.
I have to put down
that Sacred Gear, right now!
You think you hit me like that?
Fly apart!
Dress Break!
What is this?
Save to mental gentleman's
folder under a new name!
Save complete! All right, here goes!
One of Lord Riser's rooks, retired.
I won!
But what an awful technique.
No, that technique should be
deemed a terror to all women.
This is the first time
I've seen it, myself.
What can I say?
I'm sorry my friend Issei is such a letch.
Hey! Don't apologize to her
so frankly, Kiba!
-You, there, foot soldier.
I wonder, do you know what that is?
It's too early to be going
after him directly!
He anticipated our move, did he?
You were aware that I was coming,
weren't you?
A virgin must not underestimate
one who is experienced, Rias.
I see you're as vulgar as ever.
Ruin Princess, Twilight Healing,
Priestess of Thunder,
Sword Birth, and Boosted Gear.
Such grand-sounding names,
all aligned together.
But we are Phoenixes
Immortal birds. Immortals!
Do you understand just how
hopeless the situation is for you?
These pawns are tougher than they look.
Boosted Gear!
-You're a despicable boy!
-You beast!
Doing your thinking below the waist!
It's unspeakable!
Bring it, Siris!
This is definitely not good!
I wish you would make this
a little more entertaining.
This is our "premarital intercourse,"
after all.
Who, me?
I'm all right. Forget me,
concern yourself with the battle at hand.
I believe in you, Issei!
Show them the power that
a servant of Rias Gremory possesses!
That's right.
I am the President's servant!
-He blocked Siris's sword!
-With just his arm!
There's nothing to think about!
I will take you all down,
for the sake of the President alone!
Red Dragon Emperor,
if you can hear me, then respond!
Lend me your power!
Dragon Booster!
Respond to my feelings even more!
Boosted Gear!
Dragon Booster, second liberation!
It It changed!
I I didn't expect the Priestess
of Thunder to be this strong.
But by now, your magic has been--
Not to worry.
After a little rest, I will recover.
Hmph, I'm not sure you have the time.
What's that?
You've fallen for this.
So that's it. This is my New power.
Unleash your Sacred Gear!
Hurry up!
Sword Birth!
Two of Lord Riser's pawns,
two of his knights,
and one of his bishops, retired.
He enhanced the knight's ability
through his Boosted Gear?
A new power, granted to him
by the Red Dragon Emperor.
Boosted Gear Gift!
Lady Rias's one queen, retired.
Akeno has been
Looks like you've lost
your vaunted right-hand lady.
I still have Yuto and Issei!
You wish you did.
How can Akeno be beaten?
Kiba! Kiba!
You again?
One of Lady Rias's knights, retired.
Resign, Rias!
Who, me?
Don't you get it yet?
Your bishop there,
and your dear pawn
will only get hurt if you don't.
You took long enough, Yubelluna.
Their queen was as strong as we'd heard.
Sure enough, I had to use
the power of these.
A win is a win. You're still the one
we can most depend on.
Well, then
What's in that bottle?
Tears of the Phoenix.
They're our family's hidden treasure
that can completely heal
any injury instantly.
How is that fair?
Oh, we're allowed to use them
twice per Game.
You yourselves have a bishop
that uses Twilight Healing, don't you?
These can only be produced by our family,
so they fetch a handsome price.
Tears and immortality
Since the Rating Games first began,
the House of Phoenix has had an advantage.
Wait, are you ignoring me?
Promotion. Give me the power of a queen!
Just sit tight.
I will make sure that you win, President!
President! Hyodo Issei reporting for duty!
I'll handle the pawn boy
and the girl bishop.
No, I'll take them all on together.
That will be more persuasive.
Don't be ridiculous.
You'll have to defeat me, first!
Resign, Rias! You're about to be mated!
I anticipated that you would
move like this. Checkmate.
You be quiet, Riser!
About to be mated?
Anticipated my moves?
Don't make me laugh!
I, the king, am still alive and well!
You leave me little choice.
Do it.
As ferociously as you fought,
you still came all the way up here
I promised, didn't I?
Thank you.
Asia, you are our lifeline.
Now, stand back.
Asia! Issei!
Are you okay?
How's Asia?
Unharmed. She probably just
got knocked out from the shock.
I'm sorry. I did not expect
the boy to take it physically.
It's okay. For now, you've
stopped any Twilight Healing.
Why, you
He took a direct hit from me!
It's the queen's defensive strength.
His promotion saved him.
President, the battle continues, right?
I'm an idiot, so I don't know about
anticipating moves, or mating,
but I can still fight!
As long as I can keep my fist clenched,
I will fight!
Well said, Issei.
Let's defeat Riser together!
Yes, President!
Sit tight, Asia. I swear we'll win,
and then, we'll go home together.
One time! Boost!
Two times! Boost!
Boosted Gear has a way of taxing
its host's physical strength
in a way that is incomparable
to any other Sacred Gear.
The fact that he was able to fight at all
after enhancing himself
as many times as he did,
is itself nearly miraculous.
His magical power was almost
completely used up,
when he took a direct hit from Yubelluna.
-His body is already past its limit.
Ha! It's over.
Rias! You only have so much
magical power left, yourself.
Why don't you admit your defeat,
and resign already?
Who, me?
I'm all right, President
No matter what it takes, I will win
I'm going to be the mightiest pawn
That's what I promised you, President
You gave me your training, after all
You don't know when to die!
I can still fight
I will keep my promise to you!
I will fight
I am your pawn, after all
I can still fight
I will win
Issei, get back! Get back!
Issei! Why won't you obey my order?
President, for your smile
I like you, regardless of all of that!
You are the most important thing to me.
Issei, you
I'm pissed off!
A lowly servant such as yourself
continues daring to defy me,
Riser Phoenix?
Riser, what are you doing?
Oh, just taking this boy's feelings
into account,
and burning him up!
Enough so that treating him
would be meaningless.
Deaths that happen within the Game
are recognized as accidents!
Why, you
-Why, you!
Please, stop, Riser!
You've beaten me. I resign.
Lady Rias's resignation is acknowledged.
Lord Riser Phoenix wins the Game.
It's an engagement party,
but this is a wedding dress, right?
I'm so weak
Why am I so weak?
My queen, Rias Gremory!
It's not over.
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