High School DxD (2012) s01e12 Episode Script

I'm Here to Keep My Promise!

Who's there?
The power you now wield
is not your intrinsic power.
I've heard that voice before
No matter how much time you spend,
you'll never get strong like that.
That's right.
You were in my dream before, too.
You are an extraordinary being,
with a dragon dwelling within you.
Do not present yourself so indecorously.
The white one will laugh at you.
Who is the white one?
In time, he will appear before you.
Yes, someday, you are destined to fight.
You must become stronger for that day.
I will share my strength with you anytime.
And I will grant you power
that is worthy of your sacrifice.
You just need to show them
what a dragon is.
Dragon? You're
The Welsh Dragon,
the Red Dragon Emperor, Ddraig.
I am what is in your left hand.
Huh? Why am I
It looks like you are awake.
Miss Grayfia! The battle
What happened to the president?
The Game ended with Lord Riser the victor.
We lost?
Lady Rias declared her resignation.
The president surrendered?
You're kidding.
How could she admit defeat?
The president, of all people
It is because Lord Riser
was about to kill you.
I don't remember what happened too well.
You kept getting up, again and again,
to face Lord Riser.
Issei, you've done well.
That's enough. You've done well.
Good work, Issei.
So that's what that was
It's my fault.
I was grandstanding so much
to the president
and then fell in an undignified heap
before her.
The others Where are the others?
Miss Asia is here,
at Lady Rias' instructions,
to tend to you, Mr. Issei,
but the others are attending to Lady Rias
in the underworld.
At the engagement party for Lord Riser
and Lady Rias.
I want to be with someone
who loves me for being Rias.
I'd like to at least
have that small dream.
I'm sorry, President
Strive to be the mightiest pawn.
You should be able to achieve it.
You are my dear servant, after all.
Get stronger, now, Issei.
I did not get strong enough.
I'm so weak. Why am I so weak?
You do not appear convinced.
Lady Rias abided by the decision
of her house.
Also, settling things in battle
is what she desired.
I know. I do understand that.
But even so, I
I don't want to see the president having
to accept something she didn't want
involuntarily following something
decided on by their fathers
with that bastard!
You really are a fascinating fellow.
In my many years,
I have seen a lot of devils,
but never one who so readily
shows what he is thinking on his face,
or rushes onward to do whatever he likes.
Sir Zechs also said that
you were fascinating.
A magic circle?
You can travel to the engagement party
hall with this magic circle.
Are you saying that I should be
attending to the president, too?
"If you want to win my sister back,
then come in swinging."
That was a message entrusted to me
by Sir Zechs.
I believe that will aid you
when you are rescuing my lady.
There's no need to think about this.
Asia, what's the matter?
Thank goodness! I am so grateful!
I have been treating you
for two days now, while you have slept.
I was wondering if you would ever
wake up again.
I'm sorry I made you
worry over me again, Asia.
No, as long as you are better,
Issei, that's all that matters.
Listen to me, Asia
I'm going to go to the president now.
Not to celebrate, are you?
No. I'm going to get her back.
I'll come with you.
Asia, you can't. You stay here.
No! I can fight alongside you, Issei.
I can use my magic power!
I can't stand just being protected!
It's all right. I'm just going to casually
go clobber Riser, and defeat him--
It is not all right either!
Are you going to go get bloodied,
thrashed to pieces, beaten to a pulp
and go through all that pain again?
I don't want to see you like that again.
I won't die. Not a chance. I mean,
when I helped you, Asia,
I was still alive, right?
In that case, promise me something.
Please, make sure you come back
with the president.
Of course! Also, there is one thing
I'd like you to help me with.
This is something that
I can ask of only you, Asia. Please.
All right. If you say so, Issei.
Hey, you hear me, right?
I need to have a word with you.
Come on out, Red Dragon Emperor Ddraig!
What is it, kid?
What do you have to say to me?
I want to make a deal with you.
It's an engagement party,
but this is a wedding dress, right?
That's correct.
Lord Riser, you mustn't.
This is off-limits to men.
Don't be so strict. I am the star today.
The star is the bride, isn't it?
Pardon me. Pardon me.
I am not your bride yet.
What is with this dress?
It's the way I like it.
We can call even more
of the underworld's attention to the fact
that the House of Gremory
and the House of Phoenix are being joined.
And by wearing that dress,
it reinforces your resignation, right?
Take it easy.
I will have a dress ready
for the actual wedding
that makes that one pale by comparison.
The most gorgeous clothing
in the whole underworld,
adorning your whole body
in the traditional
Phoenix family flaming feathers.
The way you describe it, it sounds tacky.
As you'd expect of an upstart family.
President, I'm not going to lose
President! I will make sure that you win!
You haven't even learned
how to use your magic correctly,
and you have
virtually no combat experience,
and yet you run around with all your might
for my sake. How dumb.
And now you've ended up like this
No, I'm the dumb one.
I came this close to losing you.
My dear, precious Yes, very precious
Lady Rias, it is time.
My brother won himself a bride
in the Rating Game.
I knew that he was going to win,
but he meant to make a big scene of it.
Listen to her go on.
She must have forgotten
that we are relaying this.
President Sona
The outcome notwithstanding,
the fight was well-matched
No, better-than-well-matched,
and that was clear to all who saw it.
Thank you very much.
However, your concern is not necessary.
This probably is not over.
We don't consider it to be.
It's not over.
Renowned noblemen of the underworld,
on behalf of the House of Phoenix,
allow me to thank you for coming.
The reason I have asked you here today
is that I, Riser Phoenix,
would like you to share
this historic moment with me,
as I am engaged to Rias Gremory,
the next
head of the distinguished
House of Gremory.
Now then, allow me to present
my queen,
Rias Gremory!
Hey, where do you think you are?
I am Hyodo Issei, of the Kuo Academy
Occult Research Club!
The president's Rias Gremory's
virginity belongs to me!
What? Why, you
What is that boy thinking?
Seize him!
Well then, we should get going, too.
Issei, let us handle this.
Too slow.
Kiba! Koneko!
My, my. You finally came, huh?
-Go on, Issei.
What's going on?
Lady Rias, what is this?
This is the entertainment I prepared.
Who's that?
Which would mean
Sir Zechs Lucifer!
That man is the Devil?
Sir Zechs, what do you mean,
Riser, I watched the Rating Game
with great interest.
However, against my sister,
who had no Game experience,
and less than half of your forces,
I was left somewhat underwhelmed.
You are discontent with the battle?
No, no. If I could just interject,
the Rating Game itself
has lost some of its significance.
Especially this time,
circumstances being what they are.
The old family is losing face, is it not?
This is my dear sister's engagement party.
I wanted to add a little wild spice to it.
You there, boy
I'd like to see the power of
the dragon within you with my own eyes.
I had Grayfia make a few arrangements.
I see. So you're saying
Dragon versus Phoenix.
What do you say we have
those possessed of legendary powers
liven up the party a little bit?
That's the Devil for you.
What an intriguing idea.
Would you be good enough to show me,
and the upper-class nobles here,
the power that you possess?
Issei, don't do it.
Allow me, Riser,
to show you my final flames
before I settle down.
Now then, Dragon-user, what compensation
would you like if you win?
Sir Zechs?
Compensation, for a lower-class devil?
Upper-class or lower-class,
he is still a devil.
Since I have asked this of him,
I must pay him commensurate compensation.
What do you desire? A title?
Perhaps a woman of great beauty?
Ask me for anything you would like.
I would like the president
I mean, Lady Rias Gremory,
returned, please.
All right, why don't you get started?
President! I'll have this
settled in ten seconds!
Take my brother in ten seconds?
Are you out of your mind?
Then I'll shut that smart mouth of yours
in five seconds,
such that you'll never open it again!
President! Request permission
to use promotion!
Issei, just what do you plan on doing?
Promotion! Queen!
It's no use!
I don't have the kind of talent for swords
that Kiba has!
I don't have
Akeno's gift for magic, either.
I'm not ridiculously strong, like Koneko,
nor do I have
a fantastic ability to heal, like Asia.
Even so, I am going to be
the mightiest pawn!
For you, President,
I would even defeat God!
Shine forth! Over Boost!
Welsh Dragon Over Booster!
This is the Dragon Emperor's power,
Balance Breaker Boosted Gear, Scale Mail!
Balance Breaker? You mean the taboo?
The forbidden
infernal, foreign form.
Make a deal with me.
Sounds interesting.
Are you ready for this, kid?
Shut up. Are you in, or are you out?
Like I said, I will grant you
power worthy of your sacrifice.
But remember the ten-count.
Anything past that,
and your body won't hold out.
As long as I have that long, it's enough.
I'm gonna send him flying!
Over here!
What kind of speed and power is this?
You really piss me off, you little brat!
Right now, you're just a monster!
You little brat!
Take this, the hellfire of our clan,
hailed as the bird of fire,
Fenghuang, the immortal bird Phoenix,
and let it burn you up!
There's no way your piddling flames
have any way of burning me!
If I didn't have this armor
This is the power this guy has?
Scared? Scared, I ask you?
If you didn't have that Boosted Gear,
you'd be common scum!
Is that your best
What have you done?
A crucifix!
A crucifix?
Our bishop used to be a Sister, you see.
I just borrowed this thing,
which she keeps hidden away.
It looks like not even you
can withstand its holy power,
-heightened by my Sacred Gear.
Impossible! A crucifix causes
intense pain to a devil's body!
I don't care if you are wearing
Dragon armor, just holding that is
You don't mean
You offered the dragon
that dwells in your gauntlet your own arm?
A dragon's arm is unaffected
by a devil's weaknesses, after all!
This arm is no longer my arm.
And so, you see
I can grasp even this crucifix.
Are you insane? If you do that,
it will never be the same again!
-So what if it isn't?
He even pledged his own arm.
There's no way Issei can lose.
He is sure to win,
and bring the president back to us.
If all it takes is one arm
for the president to come back,
then it's a small price!
Count up!
Unfortunately, time is up, kid.
You gotta be messing with me!
I was so close, too!
What do I have to pay you
this time? An eye? A leg?
I'll give you anything!
With your current fundamental abilities,
this is all you can do.
It's because I'm weak, then?
Damn it, why do I wuss out
at critical times?
Upon release, I transferred
a small amount of power to the gem.
But it's only temporary.
Unfortunately, it probably won't be enough
to counter Phoenix's
regenerative abilities.
Still Even so, I
refuse to give up!
Now, isn't it about time
I put you to sleep?
Once you wake up,
the ceremony will be over.
I'm not done
To put out a fire you need water
Holy water?
But will holy water work
against a devil of Riser's level?
Boosted Gear Gift!
Oh, no!
Riser's flames
The enhanced holy water
is dramatically consuming
his mental and physical strength.
Even a Phoenix, which is reborn
from the ashes,
cannot recover mentally,
at least, for a few moments.
Mentally. The mind is not so immortal.
Asia said that devils
are vulnerable to crosses and holy water.
By enhancing both,
and using them together,
it should do quite a bit of damage
to a devil, huh?
Kiba told me to widen my field of view
when watching an opponent.
Akeno told me to stream the magic power
of the aura that surrounds my body
into a focal point.
To focus my attention,
and feel the surge of magic power.
Koneko told me to aim my blow
at the body's central axis,
and strike with precision,
right to the heart!
Wait, don't you understand?
This engagement is something
important and necessary
for the future of all devils!
An ignorant brat like you has no business
getting in the middle of it!
I don't understand the complicated stuff,
but when I lost to you
and was knocked out,
there was one thing
that I vaguely remember.
The president was crying!
And that's reason enough
for me to pound you!
It will take more than this
for me to
If you've got a problem with it,
come see me.
I'll take you on anytime!
Issei, you you
The fight is over.
Thanks, Koneko.
Good work.
You did it, Issei.
-Here goes.
Issei Thank you, Issei. My Issei.
What's that?
A griffon.
Oh, my. Under the circumstances,
what if Issei were to
see the president off?
Yes. Can I ask that of you?
If that's your order, President
We'll be waiting for you
back at the club room.
I had that griffon ready as a
worst-case scenario means of escape.
If it had come to that,
there would have been trouble afterward.
My father and Sir Phoenix
have had a change of heart.
Unfortunately, this engagement
has been broken off.
Unfortunately, you say?
The look on your face says otherwise.
I never dreamed that the Welsh Dragon,
the red dragon
would come over to our side.
The encounter with the Vanishing Dragon,
the white dragon,
may not be all that far off.
Silly boy.
Going through all this
over someone like me
It was a bargain. After all, I was able to
get you back like this, President.
The engagement may have been
broken off this time,
but talks of engagement may come up again.
Next time will be my right arm,
and after that, an eye, maybe.
Time and time again,
I will come to rescue you.
After all, I am Rias Gremory's pawn.
Transform! Kaben Rider Pinky!
Morning Standup!
That's my first kiss.
In Japan, that's something
girls treasure, right?
Yes, that is true
Wait, your first kiss?
Are you sure you want it with me?
You've done something for me
that was at least worth that much,
so that's your reward.
This reward makes it all worth it.
I have decided to
live at your house, as well.
I want to deepen my exchanges
with my servants.
-Heal! Heal!
-Oh, dear.
I wanted to protect her.
Not by pacts, or restrictions,
or the like.
She has to maintain her regal dignity
while tossing about her red hair.
That is the one I long for.
She is the one.
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