High School DxD (2012) s01e13 Episode Script

OVA: I'm Harvesting Breasts!

Hey, you! Wait!
Damn it, so agile!
Oh, my!
-My, my.
Why is it targeting
only my breasts?
Because you have big ones that stand out?
All right, he's cornered!
Good evening,
stray devil.
We've been ordered to exterminate you!
After abandoning your master,
you ran wild to fulfill your own selfish
desires with no regard for decency.
Your crime warrants nothing but death.
In the name of Duke Gremory,
I'll blast you away.
It's futile.
-Roger, President!
Oh, my, you're already done?
Akeno! Koneko!
-We're done, too.
-Good work.
It was weak.
So, that was this guy's familiar.
The bug kept coming at my breasts
for some reason.
Your breasts?
It was a bug, like Issei-senpai.
Well, I'm sorry I'm like a bug to you.
-Are you all right, Asia?
The two of them protected me.
Now, stray devil, it's checkmate.
Or are you determined
to continue fighting?
No, I choose to surrender.
I'm aware I stand little chance against
the daughter of the famous Gremory family.
I see you have a fine pair of boobs.
Hey, don't be so rude to the President!
He's a devil like Issei-senpai.
Well, I'm sorry he's like me.
Akeno, restrain him
and use a magic circle
to send him to the devil world.
I really would've enjoyed it far more
had you resisted.
Go and submit yourself
to the verdict of the devil world.
Of course.
I've done everything I needed to.
I had no chance to shine last night.
Compared to Kiba and Akeno-san,
I still have a ways to go.
"I've done everything I needed to," huh?
What the hell is this?
A research laboratory, it seems.
According to the report, he was performing
a certain experiment here every night.
Important documents
will be sent to the devil world.
The rest should be destroyed.
What on earth was that stray devil up to?
He was really fixated on breasts.
Did you say "breasts"?
-Hey, Issei!
-What do you want?
Damn you!
You've accompanied Rias on the way to
and from school so much recently!
Not just that! I heard you were
walking with her arm in arm!
That is simply outrageous!
Hey, calm down, Matsuda, Motohama.
I can't tell them that both Asia
and the President are living at my house!
Welcome back, Issei!
And that's not all!
We do things like that
or even that!
I can't tell them about those things!
Well, she's like
a big sis to me, after all.
You're acting like a huge snob!
You've delighted in Rias-senpai's
voluptuous breasts, haven't you?
I never mentioned the President's boobs.
Boobs? I knew it!
You're the one who brought it up!
Speaking of boobs, Issei, did you know?
A lot of girls have been skipping school
or leaving early recently.
Is there some odd disease going around?
No, they were only diagnosed with anemia.
Now, here's the puzzling part.
The girls affected
have one thing in common.
They all have huge boobs.
Huge boobs?
This is based on my data
of every girl in the school.
There's no mistake.
At this rate, all big-breasted girls
are going to disappear from school!
A disease that only affects girls
with big boobs, huh?
Here, open up!
It's good!
Is it?
This mouth-watering, savory taste!
The seasoning is just right, too!
Is it? I'm glad to hear that.
Oh, my, you two look so lovey-dovey
even though it's just lunchtime.
Since I'm staying at his house,
making lunch is the least I can do.
I prepared lunch, too.
You also made some for me?
But since the President already
I'll have your homemade lunch, too,
of course!
Oh, this is
It's good!
That's great!
Wait a minute.
This tastes like Mom's cooking.
Did you learn from her?
I did.
I see. You learned from Mom.
I'm glad! Practicing was worth it.
Not bad, Asia.
I don't want to lose to you.
I feel like I will, though.
I joined the race later than you,
but I'm not here to lose either!
-Oh, President, isn't this
So, that stray devil was an alchemist
who was working with goblins?
Yes, and we've discovered a related issue.
An issue?
It seems he's made a chimera
from a carnivorous plant
and a dragon from the devil world,
and released it in this town.
What's a chimera?
It's a monster
made up of different creatures.
The carnivorous plant aspect
shouldn't be a big problem,
but the dragon aspect
will be a pain to deal with.
Unlike devils and angles,
dragons represent and embody power.
I remember Grayfia-san
saying something like that.
That's it for now.
I'll contact you again
if there are any updates.
All right. Thank you.
President, we've returned.
We're back.
Good work.
I can tell from your faces
that you've found something.
Yeah, we tracked it down.
It's most likely after the girls
of this school.
Then the rumor that many girls
suddenly got sick is
That's right.
The problem is that we picked up
traces of magic in those girls.
It bothered me, so I had Yuto
and Koneko search in secret.
Is it a plant goblin?
No, this is
A dragon?
This must be the one Grayfia-san
was talking about.
This saves me some trouble.
Let's hide. Someone's coming.
They're girls from my class,
Katase and Murayama.
It's moving.
It's sucking out their life energy.
Hold on, Issei.
But, President!
Judging from past cases,
it won't kill them.
Indeed. So, let's wait and see for a bit.
They're unsteady,
but they seem to be okay.
It seems to have put a spell
on the targeted girls
and made them come here every night.
And it sucks out their life energy
for nourishment?
Is that really possible?
In any case,
since we've found it,
its luck has run out.
Don't let your guard down.
Commence attack!
Okay, President!
I'll kick its ass.
A threat to the peace of the school
needs to be destroyed!
All right, here goes!
Boosted Gear!
This creature's pretty smart.
There's no end to these!
It's recovering faster
than we can damage it.
Its full potential has been brought out.
The air and soil of the human world
along with the students' life energy
must provide the conditions for it.
Will everyone be all right?
What is this?
This again?
Oh, my, these tentacles are perverted!
Even Akeno-san and Koneko-chan?
I can't attack recklessly!
Crap! What should I do?
Oh, my, this is a problem.
I don't like this slimy stuff.
Slippery stuff is eating away my clothes!
This slippery,
slimy fluid,
it seems to melt clothes!
-Can't you use your powers to fight back?
-I can't.
I can't get my destruction spell to start!
I can't generate lightning either.
Koneko, can't you break free
with your powers either?
It's just too slippery.
Oh, my!
Is that gooey fluid
making it impossible to use magic?
At this rate,
everyone will become naked!
This is quite
No, this is a really big deal!
Issei, don't just watch. You fight, too!
Why did it only let Asia and Koneko go?
It's focusing its attack on my breasts.
It's extracting my life energy from them.
What an indecent movement. No!
This is such a wonderful
I mean, lewd
I mean, fearsome attack!
It attaches itself to women's boobs
and sucks out their life energy!
But why breasts?
Don't ask the obvious!
I, too, would love to suck the life energy
out of President and Akeno's breasts!
Don't sympathize with the monster!
I'm not sympathizing!
I'm burning with jealousy right now!
You damned chimera!
That's no good either!
Now I remember.
The girls, who were reported sick,
all had plump chests.
I see now!
So, this monster only preys on
big-breasted girls!
Don't stand there in awe. Do something--
You're a high-class devil lady.
Don't let out obscene screams like that.
Just report any updates!
Okay. That chimera draws life energy
out of big-breasted women.
I know that!
I'm being subjected to that as we speak!
And it has another special ability.
Special ability?
Women who eat the fruit
produced by this chimera,
no matter how small their breasts are,
will develop voluminous breasts instantly.
That stray devil said
If all women in the world get big boobs,
not only can they all live in comfort,
but men's true dreams
can also take flight!
Small breasts are a cardinal sin!
I'll make a big-breasted world!
Boobs and peace!
End of quote.
Oh, my!
"Boobs and peace!"
What a
What a magnificent dream!
I can't believe
he had such wonderful ambition!
It takes the ultimate creature to save
women who agonize over their breast size!
That's why the devil
was staring at the President's boobs.
Even his bug familiar
went for Akeno-san's boobs!
His incredible attachment to boobs
gave him the courage!
He made his dreams come true
even if it meant defying his master!
I admire him!
Small breasts are a sin.
Small breasts are cruel.
I'll crush it all.
Koneko-chan is enraged!
Yeah, I know my breasts aren't as great
as the President's or Akeno-san's.
I'll save you both!
Wait, handsome guy!
What is it?
Let this creature go!
I think this is a great chimera
that will fulfill the dream of all men!
What are you saying?
I can't believe your perverted urges
kicked in at a time like this!
Oh, my, this is problematic.
With this, flat-chested girls
won't have to suffer anymore!
And in line with what
the stray devil said,
those big boobs will give men
the strength to step forward.
Hey! I'm trying to defend you here!
Out of my way, please!
That chimera is my enemy.
She's scary, but I won't give in!
Look, Koneko-chan!
That's it! If you eat that,
you'll get big boobs in an instant!
Hey, Kiba, what are you doing?
Issei, you're giving me so much trouble.
President, this is for the hope
and future of every woman on the planet!
-Just listen.
-Yes, ma'am!
If we defeat that chimera,
you're free to do anything with Akeno's
and my breasts for the entire night!
I'm free to do anything with them.
Was that
Was that really what I just heard?
What should I do?
Big boobs for every woman in the world.
Just the thought of it is fascinating!
But I need to be sensible!
Even if all the women in the world
gain big boobs,
I'll probably only get to look at them.
And only momentary glances, at that!
But But
I'm in! I can't resist boobs
right in front of me!
The right choice
is not boobs out of my reach,
but those within it!
I'm going to destroy you!
Prepare yourself, you damned chimera!
Issei, lend me your power.
I got it!
-Not yet!
-I still need more!
-One more count!
All right, this is it!
President! I'll send you this power!
Its power may indeed be able
to resolve some women's agony.
However, other girls
shouldn't have to pay the price.
It's over.
Okay, let's head back.
Hold on!
President! Akeno-san!
As promised, your wonderful breasts
are mine for the night!
President or Akeno-san?
I'll see whose breasts are softer.
Since you were fooling around,
I'm postponing it!
That's ridiculous!
I can't believe you would side
with a monster like that.
-You're terrible.
Reflect upon your actions for tonight.
Let's head back, everybody.
Asia, save me!
President said you really need
to think about what you did.
Forget him. Let's go back, Asia-senpai.
Sorry, Issei-kun! See you!
You bastard! You're gonna leave me behind
with that charming smile?
I'll be saving my breasts for later,
Don't leave me behind, everyone!
I apologize, President!
I won't do it again!
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