High School DxD (2012) s01e14 Episode Script

OVA: I'm Searching for Breasts!

You want to observe others working?
Asia and I want to see if we are
doing our jobs as demons properly.
True. It could be beneficial
to the two of you since you're new.
Do we have permission, then?
But only if
you don't interfere with their work.
Don't trouble the client either.
-Hyodo Issei!
-Good evening!
-It's been awhile.
-How come you're here, too?
-Excuse me, I'm here to observe today.
Oh, I won't interfere.
If you can just let me
sit in a corner and watch.
I don't mind, but
Who's that girl? Do I get a girl
in nun cosplay as a special bonus?
No, I'm also here to observe.
Oh, so you're also new to the business.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Asia Argento.
-What is your request?
-Oh, yeah, we'll play this!
Oh, "Hyper Road Warrior 4"!
Oh, you know this game?
It's an insanely tough fighting game
with challenging controls,
it's impossible for beginners!
Hardcore gamers love it so much
that they even hold tournaments!
Impressive, as always.
You see, I've been digging
the arcade edition, too.
Everyone at my local arcade knows me as
Mori, the player
who transcends tier listings!
All right, let's battle, Koneko-chan!
Impossible! She totally crushed
every one of my characters!
Your reflexes are lacking.
Koneko-chan! I didn't know
you were so good at gaming!
-An hour of gaming a day.
-That's old.
So, you came, Kiba-kun.
-I'm glad.
-Long time no see, Mika-san.
-Is your business doing well?
-Yes, doing great.
Two new demons
are here with me today to observe.
Do you mind their presence?
Not a problem.
Make yourself at home, guys.
Kiba-kun, could you do the usual?
"The usual"?
Kiba, don't tell me you've been providing
those kinds of services!
Sure, do we have the ingredients?
Right over there.
I'll be taking a nap now.
-I'm counting on you to do the rest.
-Yes, please.
She seems really tired.
Mika-san's always like that
when she's had a busy day at work.
So I come here and cook her supper.
All right, it's done!
Mika-san, please wake up.
Udon is ready.
This isn't what I expected.
Guess I got mad over nothing when I heard
you're summoned by beauties all the time.
I imagined something sexual.
Oh, just saying legit requests like this
are the right job for Kiba!
It's delicious.
-Thanks as always, Kiba-kun.
-My pleasure.
Akeno-kun, thanks for coming today.
Oh, President.
How may I serve you today?
It seems I must ask for a favor again.
The usual, then?
As you wish.
What kind of favor would be the president
of a large company request?
Could it be
assassinating a high-level executive
of a rival company?
That'd indeed be a job for a demon!
That sounds scary,
but I'd like to watch and learn!
Come on.
Oh, my God!
Right there!
Oh, my.
You must be very exhausted, Mr. President.
I'll give you a great time tonight.
Her finger work is absolutely divine!
This is it!
Her massage really hits the spot!
It hurts! But it feels good!
But it still hurts!
Whenever he's overloaded
with workplace stress,
he asks me for a foot massage
to defuse all of it.
But why are you dressed like that?
I'll knead you all you want.
You're such a helpless president!
What would your employees think
if they saw you like this?
More! Stretch me more!
-Oh, you're so adorable.
-They seem to be having fun.
It's the perfect job
for a sadist like Akeno-san.
Playing games together, making supper
and performing a massage?
I get summoned a lot for stuff
like playing cards, too.
It just goes to show how peaceful
demons' lives and jobs are nowadays.
-Are they really?
-But you're in luck.
I've been commissioned
to do some substantial work tonight.
It'll be a great opportunity for you.
We get to observe your work?
If they asked her directly,
it must be a pretty big deal!
But is it really all right?
Sure. Come along.
-Where are we?
-A museum?
Oh, Gremory-san.
Good day, Professor.
I am here to fulfill your request.
Oh, it's much appreciated!
This is Professor Nishimura.
He researches ancient civilizations
from around the world.
-What's that?
-Looks like an ancient sarcophagus.
It's a valuable historical artifact
we excavated from some ancient ruins.
It's giving me the shivers.
Indeed, the coffin is emitting
a certain aura.
Not a good one, at that.
I knew it!
The truth is, people who have
been involved with this
have come down with unknown diseases,
got into mysterious accidents,
or met misfortune in some shape,
way or form.
Oh, my, that's a disaster.
-It might be the curse of the coffin.
-That's scary!
Really? It's cursed?
Take a look at those hieroglyphs.
I see two circles.
Reminds me of a pair of boobs!
Wait, what am I thinking?
I shouldn't seek erotica in hieroglyphs!
Let me tell you what it says.
"Only a beautiful demon woman
with large breasts shall awaken me!"
It needs the breasts
of a beautiful demon woman?
To summarize,
he wants to be awoken by
a beautiful female demon with big boobs!
That's way too short!
Well, I understand that he prefers
a beautiful demon with big boobs, though.
-Makes sense to you?
-It's Issei-senpai we're talking about.
By the way,
the researchers who've been cursed
were all dirty middle-aged men.
Meaning middle-aged men
can't touch the coffin.
-That makes sense, too.
-In any case, let me examine it.
-What's happening?
-Just as I thought!
The coffin opens when a female demon
gets close enough!
What's going on?
A mummy?
Be careful, Issei.
What's wrong?
Who roused me from my slumber?
What the hell is going on?
My body won't move!
-He must have taken over your body.
I'm the one who woke you up.
Good day, mummy man.
My name is Unas!
As a noble priest,
I perform ceremonial magic!
I must thank you for waking me!
I see you cast your consciousness into
my cute underling's body and took over.
You've got some guts.
Leave his body immediately!
I am afraid
I cannot abide by your request!
I'd withdraw
if my soul could rest in peace
upon returning to this cursed body,
but, alas, it cannot!
Just give back my body, you mummy!
It's kind of pathetic
that a sorcerer would get cursed.
It happened when I attempted to summon
a high-ranking demon
to advance my sorcery!
A high-ranking demon?
-Who was it?
-You'll be surprised when you hear this.
It was a female relative
of Grand Duke Agares!
Grand dukes are second in authority,
right below kings.
But before I could even negotiate,
that demon sealed my body
along with most of my powers!
Thus, I had no choice
but to enter a long slumber!
-You got cursed instead?
-I wonder how that happened.
As long as I am under the curse,
I won't return this body.
I have nothing to do with this!
Well, fine.
I can't afford to let you take the body
of my precious underling.
Sorcerer Unas, I'll lift your curse!
I take it that you're
quite a powerful demon yourself.
Then I shall rely on you,
red-haired lady.
So, what specifically do I have to do?
There are three curses placed on me.
The power of a beautiful demon
is necessary to lift it.
Take this!
Put on this costume
and dance before me!
What the hell is that?
Very well. I just need to
put that on and dance, yes?
-This is irresistible!
I'm getting suspicious.
That's the crest of Grand Duke Agares,
all right.
Looks like one of Agares' curses
has been lifted!
There's still two to go.
Lifting the next curse
requires the kiss of a female demon.
You small lady over there!
You've been watching me intently
for a while.
I was trying to figure out
whether it was your stare
or the possessed Issei-senpai's stare
that was so lustful.
That's why I was observing closely.
I don't think so! I felt it!
You looked at me
with romantic interest!
Therefore, I'd like you
to lift the next curse!
Come! Give me a kiss
as intense as that stare!
Wait, at this rate
I'll end up kissing Koneko-chan!
Actually, before that,
Koneko-chan will punch me!
But there's still a chance,
however faint!
She may listen to his wish
and kiss me!
-Stay away from me.
-I knew it.
It was an accident, but Asia kissed me
on the cheek! I'm lucky!
Anyway, looks like
we cleared the second one.
One more! Just one more
and I can fully revive!
"Revive"? This guy
The last curse
will be the most difficult to lift.
-The most difficult?
-Indeed. To be exact,
I must motorboat a girl
with huge breasts!
"Motorboat"? You sure know your slang
for an ancient mummy!
No, no, wait!
Don't get in my way!
Your release is just a step away!
You're messing with us!
You said you wanted to rest in peace,
but you're actually trying to revive!
-What are you talking about?
-I can hear everything!
Everything you're thinking!
And you're unbelievably perverted!
I bet you were a useless sorcerer!
The boobs are waiting for me!
I'll indulge in those boobs
and fully revive!
Because the boobs,
the boobs are there!
What incredibly powerful lust!
Enough to rival mine!
Oh, my, how troublesome.
I mean, no!
Don't let him touch your boobs, Akeno-san!
Boy, imagine the sheer bliss
you'll experience
from rubbing your face in those boobs!
Just imagine! It'll be true ecstasy
that'll take you to heaven!
I need to stop getting tempted!
I'll win her boobs on my own someday!
Imagine that delightful moment!
Oh, my, Issei-kun's so bold.
I'm in heaven!
That wicked aura grew stronger.
I'm the great sorcerer, Unas!
I have now revived!
Well done, demons!
That Agares woman
After a millennium,
the curse has been lifted.
I'll see to my vengeance!
You bastard!
He used us to revive himself!
I expected that to be the case.
Could I ask you one thing?
-What is it?
-Why did you get a curse?
The demon I summoned
was stunningly beautiful,
so I told her my wish to marry
I mean, to have her as my slave!
That's pretty ridiculous.
When you're dealing
with a grand duke's relative,
you need an appropriate wish and reward.
No wonder she burst into a rage.
Shut up, demon!
I shall bring you down first!
Koneko-chan! Issei-kun!
Boosted Gear!
Professor, this mummy man is dangerous.
Can we eliminate him?
That'd be a waste,
but it looks like there's no option.
But I'd appreciate it if you could
at least leave the coffin intact.
Sure. We'll leave the coffin alone
and destroy only him.
Your arrogant attitude reminds me of the
annoying female demon from back then!
Take this!
Oh, my.
Not this again.
Why do our enemies
always love to entangle the girls?
Though I'd love it, too.
Let's go, Kiba!
Don't move!
If you move,
the girls will be squeezed to death!
This is no ordinary bandage.
I poured energy into it for many years.
It won't come off so easily!
This is a bit problematic.
But you chose the wrong demons
to mess with! Issei!
-Yes, ma'am!
-Use that!
Oh, right! Got it, President!
Let's go, Boosted Gear!
What are you trying to do?
Koneko-chan, forgive me!
Dress, break!
Oh! What a sight!
I'm saving all your nudes
to my neutral HDD! I'm so thankful--
No looking.
Are you all right, Issei-san?
What a truly wonderful technique!
You impressed me, demon boy!
Lawless one who attempts
to do vulgar things to demon ladies,
your crime warrants nothing
but death.
In the name of Duke Gremory,
I'll blast you away!
-Oh, my.
I know you've just awakened
from a long slumber,
but we'll have to punish you
for misbehaving!
Damn you!
So, in the end, I guess it's fine
to live and work as we have been?
Demons live for a long time,
so you can take your time
to think about it.
That's right!
Yeah, Asia?
Lord, please watch over me
so that I'll become a fine demon!
We received a request
to investigate a coffin
recovered from
some ancient Chinese ruins this time.
Could it be another perverted sorcerer?
Could you ask another high-class demon
to take care of it?
The last one
was so not worth the trouble.
I'm not taking any more fishy requests.
That'll be for the best.
Really? You're getting
another demon to do it?
You are as perverted as always.
I know, I'm sorry.
Oh, my.
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