High School Return of a Gangster (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

(Yoon Chan Young)
(Bong Jae Hyun)
(Special Appearance, Lee Seo Jin)
(Lee Kyoung Young, Seo Tae Hwa, Hwang Bo Ra)
(Lee Hee Jin, Won Tae Min, Ko Dong Wook, Joo Yoon Chan)
(High School Return of a Gangster)
(Life is what you make of it.)
(College Scholastic Ability Test, Math Section)
What's that?
(Reset, Pause)
(Reset, Pause)
- Hold on. - Time is up.
If you fail to mark the OMR card, it will count as incorrect anyway.
You couldn't solve a third of the questions.
Number 1 or number 2?
- Number 2 - Wrong. It's number 4.
Sir, do you have a headache?
When it's "too" painful, instead of taking one packet of pills,
take "two" packets.
When it's "too" painful, take "two" packets.
Two packets.
I know that we just started to prepare for the test.
But look at your score on the CSAT.
Mr. Kim, I know that you're trying your best.
But your understanding of math
is equivalent to that of a ninth grader.
- You're quite slow. - By the way,
how come I'm not getting any better at math?
That's why I emphasized that the basics were very important.
Sir, we got Kwang Soo!
All right. Take a look at this.
Let's stop here for today.
This is why you're not improving.
If you're too busy to finish a lesson,
you'd be better off quitting.
Mr. Kim. You need time to study for exams.
Goodness, I'll still get a transfer discount for my transit fare.
- Escort my teacher. - Yes, sir.
All right. I'll be escorting you, sir.
No. Taking the bus will be more convenient for me.
- No. A long time ago, - I can get the transfer too.
My boss told me that teachers were like the sky.
In other words, they should be respected.
I'll drive you home safely and What was it?
I'll give you a ride as soft as the clouds.
No, I'm good.
Mr. Kim!
Mr. Kim!
(A long, healthy life to you, Boss Deuk Pal.)
Do you know how many days I wasted looking for you?
Thanks to you, I couldn't take
any of the science online lectures after signing up.
Can't you just let me go?
Let's say that you never caught me. Just let me go. Yes?
This way.
Stay there.
Put that down.
You drew a knife on the chairman to take over our gang
to be in this mess.
Yet, you're pulling out a knife again?
On my teacher at that?
Hey, if you want your teacher to live,
you'd better step back. Got it?
Gosh. Seriously. We're not some neighbourhood punks.
He's not one of us. Let him go.
- Dong Soo. - Yes, sir.
You punk.
Neck. His neck is wide open.
- Get rid of him. - Yes, sir.
Hey, get rid of him.
(High School Return of a Gangster)
(Emergency Medical Center)
(Episode 1)
How's my teacher?
Oh, him? He's just shocked. That's all.
Nothing is medically wrong with him.
The test results will come out soon too.
Should I drive you home, sir?
Let's leave after the results.
That kind of jacket must be trending these days.
Are they trying to look like gimbap?
Once you go to college,
won't you be taking classes with young kids like them?
You'll eat in the school cafeteria with them too.
Maybe, I'm already in college.
I already go around, dressed like that.
I'm not sure if I can even get in.
I don't have time to memorize the vocabulary.
Sir. If you don't mind
You see, I know some vocabulary too.
Could I read them out?
Sure. Here you go.
- "Ignore." - "Ignore."
- "Ignore." - "Ignore."
- "Shiver." - "Shiver."
Sir. Isn't "arigato" a Japanese word?
This English word is pronounced the same way.
I know this one. Like I "feel" something.
- Okay. - "Feel."
Isn't that the name of a US President?
They have a new president now.
Bush is an old guy.
- Is that so? - Who's the president now?
- Dong Soo. - Yes, sir.
There's an idiom, "Machuljeo."
It means anything is possible
no matter how hard it may be as long as you give it a try.
So let's keep on trying hard. Okay?
Yes, sir. So this idiom, "Machuljeo," must mean
"Hey, man. Keep chewing on a bone." Or something like that.
Seriously, sir. How extensive is your study?
After mastering English,
you've mastered four-character idioms too.
That's enough. Stop it, you jerk.
I'm getting a call.
Yes. Okay.
Wait for him and drive him home.
Sir. Your teacher
is done with the medical checkup.
He's fine.
I told our guy to wait until your teacher finished getting
the IV drip and drive him home.
He'll quit like the others.
Sir, since we're at the ER, why don't you get treated too?
Don't be ridiculous.
Let's go. The chairman is waiting for us.
- Yes, sir. - Yes, sir.
(Emergency Medical Center)
Goodnight, sir.
I'm certain Kwang Soo
joined hands with either Sanggu Gang or Rotary Gang.
Please punish him severely.
Kwang Soo
isn't a big threat even if he tried.
Why did you knock him out?
He went after my teacher
I just couldn't let that slide.
How did you score on the CSAT?
This year doesn't look promising.
I've been training myself
to pass the CSAT next year.
I'm somewhere between Grade 7 and Grade 8.
You are?
Isn't that a big achievement?
Lee Se Dol is a 9-dan go player. You say you have Grade 8.
Well, but with the CSAT,
Grade One
is the highest rank.
Is that so?
Are you done, sir?
You guys should go home.
I'll go home after I make a round.
Are you going for a drive?
You do that when you have a lot on your mind.
- I'll drive. - No. I'll drive.
Goodnight, sir.
Give up.
So you took the GED and have been studying for the CSAT.
I know you've been doing your best to continue your education.
Deuk Pal.
You see,
if meat stays too long on the grill,
it gets burned and won't be edible.
As if competing against Sangduk Gang
and Rotary Gang wasn't enough,
even Kwang Soo whom I considered family
stabbed me in the back.
This is the world we live in.
We should
flip the meat too.
Take over the gang.
You should
run our gang, Chilsung Gang, now.
(Your subscription to our science lectures will end)
(in 13 days. Hurry up and listen to the lectures now.)
Hey! You punk!
Hey, you!
What's happening?
Am I dead?
Why am I in so much pain?
That's right.
I'm Kim Deuk Pal, the number two man in the Chilsung Gang.
There's no way I
How come I don't have any strength in my legs?
What happened to my leg muscles?
How could I lose my muscles? How long have I been out for?
Am I dreaming?
Wait. This punk
Right. It's that punk.
Yes. I wonder if that kid is doing okay.
What's wrong with my voice?
How can a dream be so vivid?
Get out of my way!
What is this? Why won't you open the door for us?
Because you guys keep coming here.
I told you I would call the police if you kept coming here.
- Jong Cheol. - Yes. Get out here now.
You're not coming out? Get out here!
You killed a man! Have the guts to face us!
- I see. Dong Soo. Jong Cheol. - We'll call the police.
Go ahead. Call the police.
You guys are taking care of me even in my dream?
You'd better come out now. Or else!
Hey, Dong Soo.
Get up, you jerk.
Hey, what are you doing? Have you gone mad?
Let go.
Stop goofing around and let go of me now!
Why can't I breathe?
I really might die at this rate.
This isn't a dream.
What? What happened?
You punk!
Our boss passed away, trying to help
this ungrateful, selfish jerk.
Pass away? Who died?
I'll personally show you
where my boss has gone now.
Let go of me. Hey.
- What? - Let go of me!
(The late Kim Deuk Pal)
Tell him you're sorry
and thank him
for saving you.
You jerk!
(The late Kim Deuk Pal)
Don't be absurd. I'm not dead.
How dare you have my funeral when I'm still alive?
I'm not dead. Look at me. I'm alive.
Get this jerk out of here.
Why, you
You must not recognize me in this way, but
How would I not recognize you?
You're only alive thanks to my boss,
and you're not even grateful.
Instead, you're insulting the dead.
A jerk like you deserves to die.
Follow me.
Jong Cheol.
Just go, okay?
Get out.
Get out, you!
Get a refund for my burial site.
I'll come back alive.
Don't you dare come back!
Our boss should be the one to come back!
You ungrateful thing!
A funeral means my body is dead.
My spirit escaped from my body,
so of course they'd think I was dead.
I need to put my spirit back into my body that's in the morgue.
- Then I'll wake up. - Yes.
We are about to do it.
Of course, I will take extra care of Mr. Kim.
Hey, kid.
You can't go in there.
Move before you get hurt.
Is Mr. Kim Deuk Pal your father?
It's cold, isn't it?
We will soon salt and casket him.
He will be turned to ash tomorrow morning.
Then you won't be able to hold his hand anymore.
You need to say your last goodbyes, so you don't regret it.
How can he come back to life?
I'm sure you know well.
How do you bring back the spirit
and make him come back to life?
You've seen too many movies.
Will holding his hand work?
hugging him like this?
He's already gone.
Holding his hand and hugging him is no use.
He can't come back.
Unless you turn back time
and go back in time.
Let's go back in time.
If I get the same shock as that night,
I'll be able to go back.
Let's go.
Give me
Give me the mirror.
Don't worry, kid. Your face is fine.
How many days was I out for?
The funeral
It's already over. Mr. Kim's funeral.
The big guys came looking for you before the cremation.
They wanted you to plead for forgiveness.
That was already three days ago.
Go on and rest.
(Kim Deuk Pal)
(Boss Deuk Pal, I won't forget you. Dong Soo)
Boss Deuk Pal,
I won't forget you.
Where could
(Song Yi Heon)
this kid's spirit be at?
Is it not coming back because of me?
(Song Yi Heon)
I should get out for him, though.
The kid is young
and needs to go to school.
I thought he was a middle schooler, but I guess he's in high school.
Gosh, how will he ever
lead a household looking like this?
Doesn't he even have a family? Why isn't anyone coming?
Aren't you even going to say hello?
Hello, ma'am.
Is this some protest?
I mean
Do you and your mom have something against me?
Why are you both
harassing me all the time?
Why would you be there
that late
at night?
Your mom put you up to it, right?
Did you think the chairman would come
running to you if he heard about this?
Is this because you want attention?
She doesn't seem like his mother.
The way she's mentioning the chairman,
maybe she's on his side?
I'm tired of covering up for your mom.
Now it's you?
What's your problem?
You're so
You're good for nothing.
What was that look?
How dare you look at me like that?
You brat.
I don't know why
I have to take care of you.
Gosh, that lady and her temper.
Why did she come instead of his parents?
And who's the chairman?
I guess the boy has a complicated life as well.
What? It unlocked.
Why did it lock again?
(Facial recognition starting)
Gosh, this must be that facial recognition thing.
This thing should be great
when studying.
(Why is Hong Jae Min doing this? Leave me alone. I hate school.)
"December 20."
"Why is Hong Jae Min doing this?"
"Leave me alone. I hate school."
"I'm tired of this. I want to quit."
"I want to die."
"I hope I die and disappear."
That kid
"Song Yi Heon's diary?"
(First, he told me to steal alcohol from home. Then it was jewellery.)
First, he told me to steal alcohol from home.
Then it was jewellery.
- Let me see. - Hey.
I told him that there was nothing else to steal,
and he said to steal cigarettes from the store.
Let's go.
If I told him I didn't want to,
then there was violence.
Those unworthy brats
(There is no way to be saved anymore.)
I thought my second year was ruined
because we were put in the same class.
- Gosh. - Seriously.
But I'm so happy that Se Kyung is also in our class.
Choi Se Kyung. I want to be friends with him.
It won't ever be possible, though.
I only looked at him because I wanted to be friends,
but Hong Jae Min started calling me a stalker.
I became known as a stalker.
Darn it. It's you.
Move it.
Now, the whole school is avoiding me
and pointing fingers.
Look, this is ten points.
- Okay. - Ten.
This is 8 points. This one is for 5.
- Good. - Okay.
Shoot continuously.
Don't be slow.
- I'm going for the ten. - Let's go.
- Gosh. - Move over.
What was that? That was no fun.
Do it properly.
- Okay. - Stand properly.
- I didn't get to go. - Move over.
Why is Hong Jae Min doing this?
Please leave me alone.
I hate school.
I'm tired of this.
I want to quit.
I want to die.
I hope I die and disappear.
Now I understand
why I am in your body.
Let me borrow your body so I can go to school.
But I'll destroy all of them
so that you can live your life
when you return.
That's my area of expertise.
Let's do this, Song Yi Heon.
Let's live your life.
I am now
Song Yi Heon.
Who is it?
It's me, Kim Deuk
I mean, Song Yi Heon.
Where's your bag?
Are you sure you can leave the hospital this quickly?
By the looks of her age,
she doesn't seem to be his mother.
A maid?
I'll be treated as an outpatient
Did you tell the secretary that you were let out?
- "Secretary?" - The chairman's secretary.
That crazy woman.
Why would you be there
that late
at night?
Is she talking about that lady?
I have to tell that lady my whereabouts?
Who does she think she is?
I'll take of myself.
If you get on the wrong side with her,
she might come after your mother again.
So she's Yi Heon's mother.
There's no sign of a man here,
so he must not have a father.
His mother, this woman,
and that secretary lady.
I'll get used to this easily.
Do you want lunch?
Why are you asking?
Of course, I want lunch.
How am I supposed to get my strength with this?
Don't you have a bigger bowl?
That accident must have gotten back your appetite.
Why is she sleeping in the living room?
Why do you think? She's drunk again.
That secretary has come over many times since your accident.
And she brought over carts of alcohol each time.
She must be trying to get her addicted.
The chairman's wife is at the hospital these days.
If she passes away,
you're the only son he has.
She's scared that your mother will take over the place
as the legal wife of the OK Construction chairman.
Song Yi Heon is the son of the OK Construction chairman?
OK Construction
is one of the top three in the country.
(OK Construction)
(OK Engineering and OK Construction Cleared for Construction)
They say when the cat is away, the mice will play.
The secretary is taking the reins since the chairman is absent.
Even the driver is watching
your mother these days.
I'm scared that she might
Gosh, I've been talking too much
when you've just returned from the hospital.
Where is my bag?
I've told the driver to bring it up
to your room.
- Thank you for the meal. - Sure.
I get that his appetite and behaviour can change,
but how can an accident
even change the way he speaks?
That's weird.
A big house.
A credit card without a limit.
A driver for the car.
If that's all to watch over them,
then there must be no one who can protect Yi Heon at home.
Shave my head.
No one shaves their head these days.
Shave it off.
If you shave it,
your school teachers won't like it, thinking you're being rebellious,
and your friends will get scared and avoid you.
I can shave it if you really want to.
Honourable teachers won't like it?
And the kids will avoid me? That can't happen.
I'll get a sports cut, then.
It's not a "sports cut."
Only older guys say it like that. It's a crew cut.
"Crew cut."
Yes, crew cut. Look forward.
Gosh, are these pants or stockings?
Please widen the pant legs.
I've never had a student who wanted wide-leg pants.
Wide-leg pants will stand out tremendously.
Then, I'll keep them like this
to look like a student.
That kind of jacket must be trending these days.
Are they trying to look like gimbap?
(Complete the Concept of Middle-School Math)
What am I supposed to buy when they all look the same?
Sorry about that.
Gosh. Why were you
Be careful next time, all right?
That workbook is no good.
It has abstruse explanations and challenging questions.
Of all middle-school-level math workbooks,
this is the best one to build basic knowledge.
I haven't fully built the basic skills yet.
Try solving the problems after completing this book.
It'll be easier to understand.
Hey, kid.
Are you free right now?
Math isn't the only subject I have to work on.
(Self-Teaching Book with Evaluating Questions)
You should complete this one, at least.
(A Full Collection of the Previous CSATs)
Thank you.
how do the kids these days study?
"The kids these days?"
They study hard, focusing on the school textbooks.
"Geungojiyoung," right?
Well, it means
"The roots need to be healthy for the trees to be leafy."
It means basic skills are crucial.
you must be popular among young ladies.
Why do you talk like that, though?
Do you live with the elders?
What about the way I speak?
You speak just like how an uncle would speak.
Hey, kids these days speak like this.
Kids these days don't call me "kid," or say words like "young lady."
It doesn't logically make sense for a kid
to call a kid, "Kid," does it?
Hey, look who's talking.
Why are you acting like this?
Sorry. I thought you were someone I knew.
Hey. How would I know you?
The age difference between you and me
could be huge.
Anyway, thank you.
Study hard and listen to your mother.
Go home early. Okay?
He had a similar frame,
so I thought he was Song Yi Heon.
(Father: Where are you?)
I should have gone into a body like his.
It's not easy to become a student.
That part is good. Take care of this first.
Come here.
Try standing up.
Try moving around. Is it all right?
Excuse me.
You can deliver all these to my house, right?
(Delivery Service, Free delivery for over 100-dollar purchases)
Mr. Yi Heon, aren't you getting out?
- Here? - I always dropped you off here
because you didn't want to get out in front of the school.
I see.
From now on, drop me off in front of the school.
By the way, the name on your name tag is
(Kim Deuk Pal)
Gosh. Why did I make such a mistake on the first day of school?
I'm more nervous than on my first day of elementary school back then.
Good morning, sir!
I like your greeting.
But where
Where's your name tag?
There has been a small mistake on my part.
My apologies.
You punk.
I'll let it pass only because it's the first day of school.
From tomorrow, I won't let you slide.
Go ahead.
- Thank you, sir. - Yes.
Gosh. I like how polite he is.
Hey, you punks.
Watch and learn from him.
Gosh. Look at your hair
and how pathetic your uniform looks.
What am I supposed to do with you?
Come to the teachers' office during lunchtime
to write a letter of apology.
- Hey, I'll tell you after school. - Okay.
- See you later. - Bye.
That doesn't make sense.
Where am I supposed to sit?
I've never been to high school to know.
- From Horse 3 to Horse 1. - From Horse 1 to Horse 3.
- From Horse 3 to Horse 5. - From Horse 5 to Horse 2.
- What? - What?
- You can't say that. - Hey.
Hey, classmates.
Do I sit wherever I want?
Our seats haven't been assigned yet.
I see. Okay.
- Who is he? - Who is he?
Gosh. Schools have gotten much nicer.
They even have an air conditioner
and an air purifier.
The kids
are the same.
Do you know him?
Is he a transfer student?
- He's hot, though. - I think he's hot.
I feel like I've seen him before.
Right? He looks familiar to me too.
Quiet, everybody.
Se Kyung?
I'm Jung Eun Chae, your homeroom teacher.
You've seen me around, right?
- Yes. - Yes.
Let's do our best together for a year.
I'll take attendance first.
- "Kim Dong Hee." - Here.
- "Kim Hye Ji." - Yes.
- "Park Dong Gyu." - Here!
"Song Yi Heon."
I'm here, ma'am.
Is he Song Yi Heon,
the stalker bullied by the whole school?
- He was Song Yi Heon. - "Song Yi Heon?"
Song Yi Heon that I know of?
- Song Yi Heon? - That loser?
Did he look like that?
He always kept his head down
and covered his face with his hair.
- The one with the bowl cut? - His hair is different.
- Did he cut it? It looks good. - Why?
Quiet, everyone.
- "Lee Sung Min." - Yes.
Okay. "Choi Se Kyung."
Lastly, "Hong Jae Min."
- Here. - Though it's the first day,
- keep in mind that you're seniors. - We got into the problematic class.
I'm going to tell Mom to put me into another class.
- I'm leaving. - Hey.
I was in the same class with Yi Heon, Jae Min, and Se Kyung
last year too, and it felt terrible.
Why are we in the same class with them again?
- Gosh. - Help Se Kyung,
who will be the interim class president.
- Okay? - Yes.
Song Yi Heon.
You jerk. Why did you ignore my texts during the vacation?
Did you miss me too?
(Hong Jae Min)
I really wanted to see you,
Jae Min.
Let go.
Gosh. Is there something wrong with my eyes?
Are you laughing right now?
Hey, Jae Min. This jerk is laughing.
Is there something wrong with your head?
Yes. I
hurt my head due to a fall.
And that helped me open my eyes.
I fell from a pedestrian overpass.
You pushed me, didn't you?
Why are you blaming me when you fell on your own?
After all that bullying, we can say that you pushed me.
You're the murderer.
You crazy bastard.
Let go.
Hey. Let's get it over with and get back to class.
Throw your punch first.
I can't throw it first on a bunch of kids.
You punk.
You punk!
What? I can't throw him over.
He'd be no match for me if I were in my actual body.
That's right, jerk.
You had me scared
when you said to throw the first punch too.
I thought he turned into someone else.
- Exactly. - Hey, Yi Heon.
Did you grow a pair all of a sudden?
Just beg for mercy like before,
saying you don't want to get beaten.
That's more like you.
I won't get beat down like this.
I'm Kim Deuk Pal, the number two man in the Chilsung Gang!
Gosh. I'm so slow.
- Gosh. - What are you doing?
I don't like this body at all.
You didn't even stand a chance. Let me fix you up.
Why did you pretend you didn't know me at the bookstore?
Because you have exactly the same face,
others might fall for it.
Including your frame, way of speaking, walk,
smile, and eyes.
Everything has changed
as if you're a different person.
- Hello, sir. - Hello, sir.
A moment ago, a kid took up the slack
while mentioning Chilsung Gang's Deuk Pal.
I'm here to do the paperwork.
I'm going to send you overseas or to a boarding school.
You are not Song Yi Heon, are you?
How did you know?
I'm Kim Deuk Pal, the underboss of the Chilsung Gang.
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