High School Return of a Gangster (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

(Yoon Chan Young)
(Bong Jae Hyun)
(Special Appearance, Lee Seo Jin)
(Lee Kyoung Young, Seo Tae Hwa, Hwang Bo Ra)
(Lee Hee Jin, Won Tae Min, Ko Dong Wook, Joo Yoon Chan)
(High School Return of a Gangster)
Hey, Yi Heon. Did you grow a pair all of a sudden?
Just beg for mercy like before,
saying you don't want to get beaten.
That's more like you.
I won't get beat down like this.
I'm Kim Deuk Pal, the number two man in the Chilsung Gang!
- Hey. - What was that?
Let's go.
Darn it.
You Are you back?
Don't do anything with my body.
You're a dead man.
Once your spirit leaves my body, I'm going to die soon after.
So just forget about me and leave.
You little
I saved your life. And that's what you tell me?
Well, too bad. I don't know how to leave your body either.
I have to stay in your body until I can leave.
Don't worry.
I'll do my best
to keep your grades up.
Besides, I'm a good fighter.
We should teach Hong Jae Min a lesson for bullying you.
I got beaten up because I'm not used to your body yet.
As for your grades
Gosh, I'll make sure you get into college.
I'll make friends
and protect your mother too.
Even if you try, my life won't change.
It's all pointless.
You just watch.
The version of Song Yi Heon Kim Deuk Pal shapes up
will be really cool.
You can come back when I'm done and live your life
Gosh. Darn it.
Was that a dream?
(Choi Se Kyung)
Let's go to the nurse's office.
I don't need to go to the infirmary for this.
It's called the nurse's office, not infirmary.
you're bleeding.
Darn it.
If you go back to the classroom looking like that,
the other kids will avoid you.
Let's go to the infirmary.
The school nurse isn't here.
She must have stepped out.
Let me fix you up.
- What about the class? - We have homeroom now.
After getting our seats assigned and electing the class president,
our teacher told us to study.
Hey. You didn't even stand a chance.
Why did you fight back at Hong Jae Min?
Who knew I had such a slow body?
Hey, be gentle with that.
You said you didn't want to get treated earlier.
Darn it. This is embarrassing. You know?
I got beaten up by young kids and ended up in the infirmary.
Besides, this kind of wound
wouldn't even count as a wound in the military.
Even if your skin gets ripped to the point that your bone shows,
they just tell you to put some red ointment on it.
You'll know once you get there.
But you haven't served in the military yet.
How did you know I was exempted from the military service?
Only a few people know that I'm the only son
in the three generations of my family.
Only son in the three generations of your family?
I was joking.
That's a big smile.
- What? - I mean
Why did you pretend you didn't know me at the bookstore?
Whereas I just failed to recognize you.
You cut your bangs off.
You changed a lot.
I had never seen you smile that big
when you and I spent a lot of time together.
You and I are
best friends. You know?
Choi Se Kyung.
I want to be friends with Se Kyung.
It won't ever be possible, though.
The guy I met at the bookstore is the Se Kyung in his diary?
He became best friends
with the classmate, Choi Se Kyung, since he wrote in his diary?
That inconsiderate jerk, Song Yi Heon.
He should write down important events like this.
I lost my memory.
- What? - I was in a huge accident.
I hurt my head.
How could you
not remember me?
You slept in my room and studied together all the time.
We went on trips together too.
You even said my parents felt like your own parents.
Then does it mean we're not friends or anything?
Hey, I can't seem to remember anything.
But it's nice to meet you, my friend.
I hope we can keep our friendship going.
We were never friends.
blackmailed me.
I only said we were friends to see your reaction.
Remember that rainy day?
You came to my house and said you would expose
my true nature to people
if I didn't do what you told me to do.
Is he talking about the day Song Yi Heon fell off the bridge?
Then does it mean he met with Choi Se Kyung that day?
I don't know what Song Yi Heon thinks my true nature is.
But I know his true nature better than most people
because he had been watching me for over two years like a stalker.
I only looked at Se Kyung because I wanted to be friends,
but Hong Jae Min started calling me a stalker.
I became known as a stalker.
Now, the whole school is avoiding me
and pointing fingers.
I wasn't
stalking you.
You knew about that.
Don't try to weasel your way out of this
by lying to me that you lost your memory.
Your height, frame,
and face look just like Song Yi Heon's.
So you might be able to fool the other kids.
But the way you speak,
your gait, smile, and eyes
Everything has changed
as if you're a different person.
That gaze.
He can see right through people.
But he won't reveal anything about himself.
That persistent gaze.
He won't back down easily.
This guy, Choi Se Kyung, is a dangerous guy.
You are not Song Yi Heon, are you?
(High School Return of a Gangster)
(Episode 2)
Who do you think I am if I'm not Yi Heon?
His twin or relative?
Or someone who looks just like him like a doppelganger.
"Doppelganger," my foot.
Even an apple would laugh at that.
People change after a major life event.
No matter how major the event is, people don't change.
People can change.
You'll understand it when you reach my age.
I thought we were of the same age.
My parents were late in registering my birth.
For goodness' sake.
Haven't you considered that everything is just your assumption,
from the personality to the eyes, way of talking, walking, and smile?
This is enough.
We're seniors.
We should study instead of wasting our time.
We have to go to college
to function as human beings.
Did Yi Heon get tutored on speech during vacation or what?
He was so smooth-tongued.
Hey, did you see
how Yi Heon kicked your knee to break free from your grab?
Did he kick me?
No. I slipped back then.
Right. Such a thing can't happen, can it?
That's not important.
Hey, once he wakes up,
he'll know what to do and who he is.
He'll come to his senses.
For goodness' sake.
What's with him?
Your seat is that empty one on the 2nd row of the 2nd section.
Jae Min has already left the school.
His backpack is gone.
I didn't ask you.
(Korean, Literature in One Volume, Reading in One Volume)
(Education, Arts, Donation, Volunteer)
(Goal: Get Grade 3 for Korean, English, and Math!)
I used up my pen again.
I need to go to a stationery store after school.
Me too.
I only have 2 days left on my 100-day planner.
- Do you want to come with us? - Sure.
Do you get these systematic, ground-breaking things
from a supply store?
Well, if you meant the stationery store,
we did get them from there.
Can I join you for a visit to the supply store?
What's wrong with you?
- What? - Why?
It's so cold.
- This weather is insane. - Let's walk arm in arm.
Why is it so windy?
- What is that? - What?
Do you want us to hop in?
- What? - Really?
- Shall we get in? - Suddenly?
- Oh, dear! - Is this true?
It's amazing.
- Hello. - Hello.
- Nice. - Amazing.
- You guys. - Is this what I think it is?
You should dine first.
What is your favourite restaurant?
- What? - What?
- I'm starving. - I'm hungry.
- What should we get? - I can't choose.
Is it okay if I choose what to eat?
- Sure. - Yes.
- I hope he chooses the good ones. - I know.
From this to this, we'll get them all.
Hey, why are you ordering only the toppings except tteokbokki
at the tteokbokki store?
- Sorry. We'll order in a minute. - We're sorry.
Well, I wanted to buy you
expensive and tasty ones.
Okay. Let's get deep-fried seaweed rolls.
- Okay. - And beef brisket.
Are you good with spicy food?
I'm really good with spicy food.
- Nice. - I can't eat spicy food these days.
Why not?
- Because I haven't been having it. - I see.
Yi Heon, why aren't you eating?
I'm full. Help yourselves.
Does he not like how it tastes?
Maybe he doesn't like tteokbokki.
- He should've chosen another place. - It's so good.
Hey, where are you going?
To the restroom.
(I crave Red Tteokbokki today.)
Next time, we have to order the deep-fried squids.
- Sure. - Did you try them?
I did. They are really good.
Why didn't you take me with you?
(Hansong High School)
(Life is what you make of it.)
- Nice. - Amazing.
- There are so many. - How many are these?
You needed to get a lot of stuff, indeed.
He sure did.
What? There are so many pens.
Isn't it ink-redible?
Come on.
Do you know which pen the Avengers use?
- Which pen? - Which one?
"Black Pen-ther."
Gosh. What's wrong with you, Yi Heon?
- It's hilarious. - It's crazy.
You've already filled out your planner.
Why didn't you write down your dream college and major?
Well, I haven't decided on them yet.
I heard our teacher would scold us if we didn't set up our goals
for being aimless.
- Is that so? - Yes.
I have to decide on them quickly, then.
Why didn't you write down the AS Time?
"The AS Time?"
Right. I should write that down.
What does the AS Time mean?
Hey, student government president.
That was my junior year.
Stop calling me that because I'm no longer one.
You were elected as our class president anyway.
They are basically the same thing.
Come on.
So what does the AS Time mean?
You don't intend to stop, do you?
- It's the A - It's the Actual Studying Time.
There's no way he doesn't know what it means.
- Why are you being so serious? - Right.
He should know what it is.
But why do I keep feeling that he wouldn't know?
Hey, how would he not know? Of course, he knows what it is.
So, what were you talking about with Yi Heon?
We were looking at what he bought from the stationery store yesterday.
We hung out with him yesterday.
I see. I didn't know Yi Heon was capable of hanging out with people.
He bought us dinner too.
When we said we'd grab a cab home
Girls shouldn't ride a cab late at night.
No, we're really okay.
Hop in. Your parents must be worried.
I thought Yi Heon was a gloomy person, but I was wrong.
He somehow feels mature and cool.
- I agree. - Right?
This one is really pretty.
- This one's super soft. - It comes in different colours too.
This one is much softer than the others.
Perfect score.
- Amazing! - Gosh,
Song Yi Heon.
I didn't even recognize you on the first day of school
because you were so different.
Did you get some special training during the break?
It looks so nice to see your hair short and tidy.
good students come under the guidance of good teachers.
This is all thanks to your respectable teaching.
My respectable
You're even using difficult words?
- This is all thanks to me? - Of course, sir.
Gosh, you
Alright, then.
Sit back down.
- Thank you, sir. - Sure.
Next up. Hyung Min.
(Teachers' Room)
Let go! Gosh.
That hurts.
Why are you here?
To get some papers done.
I'm sending you off either abroad or to a boarding school,
so that's that.
Are you trying to tell me that
you're in charge of my life?
You know so well.
While we're at it, let me ask something.
Why would a student like you spend so much?
Why? Is that what the chairman said?
How cheap of him.
- What? - Don't you think so?
He's enjoying himself with a secret young mistress,
and now he's kicking up a fuss over pocket change?
You used to act like you were sorry,
and now you won't even do that?
Have you decided to act out?
You won't be able to handle it
if I really act out.
How dare you act so ungrateful when I raised you?
"Raise?" You raised him?
I heard the chairman's wife is nearing death.
You must be scared that my mother might take
her place as his legal wife.
Go ahead, if you're keen on playing power games.
Now that I'm at it, I'm going to play "chairman's son."
Should I take a paternity test
and call the press?
I decide where I want to be.
Not you.
If I see you one more time at school,
this is how you will end up.
Keep that in mind.
I can't let him be.
This is your speciality.
I'll get the boys ready.
(Evening Self-Study)
Why are you sitting next to me?
The teacher told us to sit together,
since there aren't many of us.
Do you have a problem?
- "The teacher?" - Yes.
Why is the explanation so hard?
You just have to use the absolute value.
I didn't ask for your help.
Don't you hear me?
If alpha and beta represent the X-coordinates
where points A and B intersect the X-axis, respectively,
the distance between these points on the line can be determined
by subtracting the smaller value from the larger one.
Alpha plus B is six.
Alpha-beta is K minus three.
So that is why the real number K is 10 and not 8.
Got it?
By the way
What's your real name?
That fox.
So that's why he came to the evening self-study.
Song Yi Heon.
- You won't fall for it? - That's not it.
I am Song Yi Heon, so there's nothing to fall for.
No, wrong.
The real Yi Heon would never look at me like that.
Song Yi Heon.
You have to go to career counselling.
Ask me whenever you have a hard question.
Good luck with your counselling.
I'll be waiting.
Should I bury him?
No one cares about how different Song Yi Heon is acting.
But why is Se Kyung so persistent?
You blackmailed me.
You came to my house and said you would expose
my true nature to people
if I didn't do what you told me to do.
I can't even ask him what happened.
Are you listening?
Yes, I'm listening. Please go on.
Your grades in the second year
weren't bad.
If you keep this up,
you'll get into a college in Seoul without a problem.
Why didn't you put in your target college and major?
What do kids these days want to major in?
You can't just follow other kids.
You need to have your own goal.
That will motivate you to study
and give you a sense of accomplishment.
I'll think about it.
Nothing else seems to be a problem,
but why did both your first and second year teachers say that
you exhibit gloominess and struggle with peer interactions?
It must be because
I'm quite shy.
(Exhibits gloominess and struggles with peer interactions)
I don't think that would have made them go this far.
You may leave. Good luck on the upcoming mock exams.
And take some more time to think about your target college and major.
Your future depends on it.
Yes, ma'am.
(Target college? Target major? Choose within this year.)
No matter how hard I look,
I can't find anything related to his dreams.
Even if he had a dream,
would my grades even come close?
Even if you try, my life won't change.
It's all pointless.
I keep getting hit instead of getting revenge,
and all the boys are avoiding me.
And there are Lee Mi Kyung and Choi Se Kyung.
Why isn't anything working out?
(How many natural numbers can satisfy the following inequality?)
"How many"
"natural numbers"
Ask me whenever you have a hard question.
I'll be waiting.
(How many natural numbers can satisfy the following inequality?)
(Song Yi Heon: Solve this for me.)
"Solve this for me."
(How many natural numbers can satisfy the following inequality?)
(Song Yi Heon)
(Converting it to a multimedia message)
(Song Yi Heon: Well done. Goodnight.)
Well done. Goodnight.
If he's trying to pretend to be Song Yi Heon,
at least do a better job.
Could you help me?
I know you can help me.
- No. - Then
I will expose your true nature to other people.
What are you getting at?
This is all fake.
That day
(Hot Bath)
This hits the spot.
Gosh, this is nice.
Oh, my.
Hey, why did you gain so much weight?
Why don't we get some gukbap with soju later?
Sounds good.
Hey, kids.
(Hot Bath)
Good grief.
Hey, go easy on him.
Listen. If you think we're kids,
what does that make you? Shouldn't you be
in your mommy's womb, dividing into cells?
Gosh. Look at this rascal.
I should cut off your finger, stick it in your anus,
and teach you where your intestines are located.
- Hey, what's going on? - Stay out of this!
What is it?
"Dosoo Gang?" Is that a new gang?
How do you know that?
How dare you drop the honorifics with me?
I'm the number two man in the Chilsung Gang.
Kim Deuk Pal.
When I was in the scene,
it was just our gang, Sangduk Gang, and Rotary Gang.
We were the only players in this turf.
Now, there's Dosoo Gang?
Things must be tough for you guys. You know?
We haven't been able to collect half of our dues these days.
We've been gathering as much dues as we can.
Darn it. When were you in the scene?
How dare you talk about
This is how you must behave in difficult times.
You must have a strong foundation to find a way forward.
(A strong foundation leads to a way forward.)
If you plan to have a long career in this field,
you must follow public etiquette. Understood?
What was that? Are you okay?
- Have a good day, sir. - Have a good day, sir.
Did that seriously happen?
Do you want to be gangsters? Is that it?
Hey, come here. You little
So you want to be gangsters?
- Hello, sir. - Hello, sir.
Hey. They want to be gangsters.
- Hello. - Hello.
They are kids from the neighbourhood. They're good kids.
Take them with you
- and give them some stuff to do. - Yes, sir.
By the way,
after Deuk Pal passed away,
is there anyone who would claim
to be the number two man in the Chilsung Gang?
- Did Deuk Pal have a son? - You're right.
If he's Deuk Pal's son, it sort of makes sense.
Hey, there are steps you must go through to have a kid.
Deuk Pal never got married.
Hello, sir.
- Hello, sir. - Hello, sir.
Sir. A young kid just now came here
and dropped Deuk Pal's name to act all bossy.
Should I go and get him?
You idiots. You were fooled by a kid?
I know that the Chilsung Gang is disbanded now,
but the Chilsung Gang is still our root.
If Deuk Pal were alive, he would've been our boss.
Anything related to him
is to remain as it is.
Yes, sir.
- Goodnight, sir. - Goodnight, sir.
- Bye, sir. - Take care of them.
- Keep an eye on them. - Yes, sir.
Gosh. How old are you?
I'm 19 years old!
- I'm 19. - Really?
Gosh. I dig the colour of your hair.
Yi Heon. Your friend is here.
How did you know where I lived?
I checked the student record.
It's in the teachers' office.
A studious student like me can just go and take a look.
No one would consider it suspicious.
Why are you here?
To tutor you.
I can study on my own. You can leave now.
The mock test is around the corner. How will you do that?
Will you get all of the questions wrong?
My gosh. Ma'am.
- Goodness. - Gosh.
- That again. - Oh, no.
Go upstairs. The first room you see is my room.
Wait in there for me.
What are you doing?
Seeing how you came all the way here to search my room,
you must be thinking I locked Song Yi Heon up somewhere.
Where's Song Yi Heon?
Have you heard of the myth about a rat that became human?
The real human and the fake human fought each other in the myth.
The truth is,
I'm the rat who ate up Song Yi Heon's nails.
Hey, what's with you?
Why are you obsessing over the past me?
The past you?
Yes. I have something to say to the past you.
Not the present you.
You can just tell me.
Are you having fun at school?
Is that why you stole someone else's life?
If you're going to get in my way, go home.
I need to study even if I have to do it alone.
Prove it to me if you really are Song Yi Heon.
What did you do with Song Yi Heon?
Did you kill him?
Why are you obsessing over Song Yi Heon?
That day
Something happened on that day I couldn't remember, right?
What did you do to him?
It's just
You're stealing what ought to be his,
and you're fooling our classmates.
It's as if you're showing the world
how no one will look for him even when he disappears.
I just can't bear to see that.
You should have looked for him earlier, then.
Before he jumped off the pedestrian overpass.
"Jumped off?"
He jumped off on that day
after seeing you.
What happened to him, then?
Let go of me!
Come on, ma'am.
- Let go of me! - Gosh.
Why do you stop me from having a drink outside?
Ma'am, please calm down.
You have to calm down.
- Let me go! - Please.
You ordered her to get rid of the drinks, didn't you?
Are you belittling me just like your father?
How can she do this every day?
There are many good things other than alcohol.
This anxiety is driving me crazy.
I want to get drunk and forget about everything.
Why aren't you letting me do so?
Why are you hindering my life?
If I didn't have you,
I wouldn't be living like this.
Without you,
I would have succeeded as an actor.
Without you,
I could have lived happily.
It's not too late.
You can go back.
You can
be happy again.
Let's go after I get changed.
I'll drop you off.
Hey, Se Kyung.
Let's get some fresh air.
To get rid of stress, high school students usually
go to karaoke or cinema, play VR games
or enjoy escape rooms.
Not you, though.
- Well - Let's listen to music first,
then talk again later.
Why are you trying so hard?
I'm talking about Jae Min as well as Yi Heon's mother.
You can just leave them alone and ignore them.
If you don't do anything,
bad guys become more powerful, and the world becomes a worse place.
That's the way of the world.
Still, it won't make the world a better place.
I should at least try something, shouldn't I?
When you get old and become a father,
don't you want to leave a good world to your kids?
I don't know.
You'll understand when you reach my age.
No matter how persistently you try,
many things go against your will.
you can't give up first.
So, how exactly old are you?
I'm older than you, for sure.
How did you find this place?
- Do you come here often? - Once in a while when I'm upset.
I didn't know it was this late.
I'm at my friend's place.
I'll hurry home before the curfew. I'm sorry.
It was my father.
He would mind if I told him I came to listen to music.
To your parents, you're still a child
even though you're physically all grown up.
Let's hurry.
Let's finish what we were talking about.
What happened
to Yi Heon?
Is he dead?
Did you put the hair you took in a safe place?
You can check
whether I'm a rat that ate a fingernail or a human.
I'll give you all the documents you need.
You really should quit it now.
Including Jae Min, family issues, and studying,
I already have a lot on my list to take care of.
Don't add yourself to the list.
Which friend?
Does that friend live downtown
forty minutes away from school?
I downloaded a tracking app on your phone
a long time ago, in case you lie like this.
What were you doing that made you lie?
I just went to a listening room to listen to music.
That's really it.
Which friend?
Song Yi Heon.
He's in my class.
Is he a good kid?
He studies hard.
You're a prosecutor's son.
You're my son.
Yes, I know.
Don't you ever lie again.
Yes, sir.
This happened because you were bad.
(Hansong High School)
Hey, don't cause a scene this early.
Give me your numbers
so we can plan ahead before meeting.
Yi Heon,
you're getting out of hand these days,
so I brought some videos to help you remember
who you are.
It's fun. Do you want to watch?
I heard he was stalking.
Did you hear that?
Gosh, come on.
- Look at him. - Gosh, Yi Heon.
Where are you going, Yi Heon?
Look over here.
- Where are you going? - Come on.
Hey, look at him.
That's so funny.
Come on, Yi Heon.
What do you think?
Look at his face.
Isn't it great?
- One who keeps company - You wacko!
With the wolf
will learn to howl.
One takes the characteristics of whom they associate with.
(One who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl.)
I'm scared the other kids might pick up from you.
Why, you
Hey. That wasn't enough, was it?
Let's see who gets it this time.
I mean Look at him.
It's almost time for class.
Go ahead and hit me first.
I can't let people think I hit little kids first.
You're bluffing again?
Are you okay?
What happened?
I told you
not to leave your fingerprints on me.
I didn't hit you, by the way. It was my reflexes.
What are you doing?
Ruin him!
Don't interfere.
Now that's more like Song Yi Heon.
You got a nice fist, kid.
What happened?
Gosh, you dumb thing.
I told you.
I hurt my head after falling from a pedestrian overpass.
People change after a major life event.
What in the
- You talk too much. - Why, you
Let's finish this, you and me.
That's the only way I'll ever face Yi Heon.
What kind of nonsense is that?
Are you
a gangster?
How did you know?
I'm Kim Deuk Pal, the number two man in the Chilsung Gang.
Jae Min.
I'll let you smell the dirt
if you get in my sight again. Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
Could you get the papers for the DNA test ready?
There's always a reason
when someone gives you the answer without you asking for it.
Go ahead and study.
I don't expect to get into Seoul University.
That's cool.
Keep your word.
That you'll do whatever I want.
He's allergic to pineapple.
His throat swells up with even
the smallest piece of pineapple, so he almost died.
Are you able to eat this?
Why? Did you want to eat this as well?
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