High Seas (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Ship's log.
Ten days sailing.
Ten days and three people have already been murdered on this damned ship.
All we can do is keep going.
But if I don't make it to land alive, I want to leave a record of what happened so that the appropriate action can be taken.
It all began on departure day.
People boarded the ship believing it'd be the best voyage of their lives.
They were so wrong.
Are you nervous? - A little.
And you? [woman 1.]
A little as well.
I guess that's what happens with one-way trips.
Look! There it is! - Be careful! - [screams.]
No, no.
Don't move, please.
- [woman 2.]
I'm fine.
- Are you sure? - [woman 2.]
Yes, I can manage on my own.
- Let me through.
Please, help me.
They're going to kill me.
What? If they find me, they're going to kill me.
I'll get the police.
Not the police! I just need to get on board, no matter what.
That's impossible, tickets sold out weeks ago.
- Carol! - [woman 3.]
Ladies, get in the car.
- Who will defend women if we don't? - Eva! There are guards everywhere.
We can't do it.
- [sobbing.]
Please, I'm begging you.
- Don't cry, please.
He'll kill me.
There's a way we can help.
[dog barking.]
I don't understand you.
- [woman 3.]
You're crazy.
- [Eva.]
Shut up, Francisca, please.
She and her obsession with helping people! - Why did you let her do this? - I didn't.
Francisca is right, Eva.
One of these days you'll get us in serious trouble.
That day is today.
The Albatross [man.]
Good morning.
What is your destination? - Rio de Janeiro.
- Mm-hm.
- Want to declare anything? - Excuse me? - [dog barking.]
- Nothing.
- [man.]
Have a good trip.
- [Eva.]
Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
Detective Varela.
I'm in charge of security on board.
[barking continues.]
Why isn't this trunk in the hold with the rest of the heavy baggage? I don't know if you're aware, but a wedding will take place on the ship.
Fernando Fábregas, he owns the shipping company.
Of course I'm aware.
My sister is his fiancée.
- Yes.
- My apologies, miss.
- Congratulations for the wedding.
- Thanks a lot.
Have a safe journey.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
If I may say so, miss, this is the craziest thing you've ever done.
I don't know how I'll do it.
- Everything's going to be all right.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
This is wonderful! [musicians playing classical music.]
Welcome aboard.
Welcome aboard the Bárbara de Braganza, ladies.
It's our pleasure.
- Have a safe journey.
- Would you like a glass of champagne? Yes, I need it.
My nieces! [Carolina.]
Uncle Pedro.
We're so glad you could make it.
How could I miss one of my favorite niece's wedding? I have two favorites.
- How are you, Uncle? - [Pedro.]
And you? - We're good.
- Mm-hm.
We're still not used to being without him.
I want raspberry cake, Francisca.
This trip must be a celebration to honor your father's memory.
That's it, Uncle.
- We have to look ahead.
- [Pedro.]
Of course.
He would've wanted.
- Do you already have your key? - Yes.
I'll go get settled.
And we can meet later, if you agree, to see the ship set sail.
Of course, Uncle.
We'll meet you there.
Go ahead, then.
Go ahead.
- We'll end up getting arrested.
- What did I tell you? - You don't want to hear me.
- So, why am I still hearing you? [exhales.]
Excuse me.
Do you know if Mr.
Fábregas can see us soon? [man.]
Don't worry, Miss Villanueva.
I've sent word that you're here.
There's a man over there, staring at us.
Here you go.
Cabin 130.
One of the best cabins on this ship.
The bellboy will help you.
Don't worry, Agustín.
I'll see to it.
Nicolás Vázquez, First Officer of the Bárbara de Braganza.
You're the Villanueva ladies.
You're correct.
My name is Carolina.
- This is my sister Eva.
- Nice to meet you.
It's a pleasure to have you on board.
- Excited about the voyage? - [Eva.]
We are.
I haven't slept for days.
And I think I won't for even more days.
Let's go.
Fernando asked me to personally take care of your accommodation.
[man 1.]
[man 2.]
They just boarded the ship.
It's a miracle it can float.
God has little to do with it.
It's a miracle of engineering.
342 yards in length.
Have you seen the Eiffel Tower? Well, picture it lying on the sea.
She has a maximum speed of 32 knots, thanks to the 200,000 horse power provided by our four turboelectric turbines.
- That's amazing.
- 1650 passengers.
The cabins in first class have hot water, of course.
The linen and towels are Egyptian cotton.
The best in the world.
The cabin and bathroom will be cleaned every morning.
- And here - Officer! Excuse me.
I have to use the restroom.
Of course, go ahead.
Excuse me.
- Make yourselves comfortable, and welcome.
- Thanks.
- [knocking on door.]
- Excuse me.
I just wanted to remind you that the captain offers a gala dinner at 9.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- [panting.]
Are you okay? Yes.
Thank you, thank you.
I don't know how to thank you for what you've done for me.
You saved my life.
- Thank you.
- You don't have to thank us.
But my fiancé owns this ship.
I have to let him know you're here.
No, no, no.
They'll make me get off the ship, miss.
Please wait until the ship has set sail.
I'm asking you, please, don't let them take me back to port.
The longer you wait to report this, the worse it will get.
- Francisca, please.
- [Carolina.]
Eva! Francisca is right.
At least, some common sense.
I shouldn't have let you take her on board.
You don't even want to know what happened? What's your name? My name is Luisa Castro Bermúdez.
Can you show us your papers? No, I haven't taken anything along, miss.
- I ran off with nothing but these clothes.
- Don't worry.
This isn't an interrogation.
Yes, it is.
Who are you running from? If you don't trust us, we have no reason to trust you.
I'm running away from my fiancé.
They're forcing me to marry him, but I don't love him.
How come? This isn't the past century.
You can refuse.
I have.
That's why he wants to kill me.
He told me that if I don't marry him, I won't marry anyone.
I know that if he finds me, he'll kill me.
Why don't you call the police? He's a powerful man.
I want I want to go far away, to live in peace.
I'm begging you, please.
Don't say anything until we're on the high seas.
After that, I won't bother you.
- Dad would help this girl.
I'm sure of it.
- Don't do this, Eva.
Don't bring up Dad to persuade me.
I'm sorry, but things have to be done properly.
Carol, please.
- Don't tell Fernando.
- [door closes.]
[phone ringing.]
- Yes, go ahead.
- [knocking on door.]
Be right there.
- [knocking continues.]
- Yes.
I'll be right there! Yes, thank you.
You're here.
- [Carolina.]
Is this a bad time? - No, not at all.
I really wanted to see you.
How are you? Do you like your cabin? Come in, please.
We just wanted to say hi, we don't want to bother you.
- I know you must be very busy.
- You never bother me.
Is there a problem? No.
Are you nervous about the trip? About the wedding? - [phone ringing.]
- No.
- I wanted to tell you - [Fernando.]
[man on phone.]
At midnight, on the upper deck.
By the lifeboat number six.
At midnight.
[phone clicks.]
They've confirmed all guests are on board.
They'll have everything they need.
These are their cabins.
In case you want to go say hello.
We'll have time to be together at dinner.
- Thanks for doing this.
- Anything for you, my love.
What did you want to say? It's nothing.
I'll go to the hold to make sure everything's in order.
- Do you need anything? - No, nothing.
Everything's fine.
- Are you sure nothing's wrong? - No, nothing's wrong.
What could be wrong? Go, don't worry.
See you later.
- [Eva.]
- I hope I won't regret this.
[Carolina sighs.]
Well? We'll wait until we're on the high seas to tell what happened.
- This way, they won't send you back.
- [Luisa.]
Thank you, miss.
You should thank my sister.
It's hard to oppose her.
Thank you.
Really, you've saved my life.
It's obvious this girl can't stay here a minute longer.
She'll come to our cabin.
That way, you won't risk getting caught with a stowaway.
Thank you, Francisca.
Take a copy of the key.
You'll have to come here often to bring stuff.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Mr.
I've been informed you've stored my fiancée's and her sister's boxes.
Yes, sir.
Here they are.
Perfect, thank you.
Have someone take their trunks to the cabins.
Yes, sir.
[Nicolás chuckles.]
Off to Brazil.
Off to Brazil.
- Captain.
- Captain.
What does the weather report say? [Nicolás.]
Clear skies for the first three days.
With gusts of wind from the northeast.
Force four.
- Minimum temperature of 70 degrees - [squawking.]
An albatross! It's unusual to see them here.
- [man.]
It's a bad omen.
- Shh! No superstitions on my ship.
Have someone take it away and fix that crack.
We have to set sail.
Yes, captain.
- Are you all right, captain? - Yes, yes.
I'm fine.
[foghorn blasting.]
Now, now we are really leaving.
I thought this moment would never come.
It will be a great journey.
We must enjoy it.
- I hope you're right, Uncle.
- I am, my niece, I am.
They say that after a storm comes a calm.
Well, upon Francisca's cakes, - I can assure you the storm's over.
- [Carolina chuckles.]
[foghorn blasting.]
Who would've thought? When I first met you, you were a ragged boy walking around those shitty streets.
Look at yourself now.
This ragged boy cannot thank you enough, captain.
Let's set sail.
Slow ahead! [ringing.]
Slow ahead! [crowd singing.]
Tonight, no light will shed The lamp by the ocean Tonight, no light will shed 'Cause it's out of gas 'Cause it's out of gas 'Cause it's out of gas Tonight, no light will shed - The lamp by the ocean - [accordion playing.]
They say you're leaving To La Gomera They say you're leaving But you won't take me with you But you won't take me with you But you won't take me with you They say you're leaving To La Gomera They say you're leaving To La Gomera They say you're leaving But you won't take me with you Let's go.
Virgin of La Candelaria The prettiest of them all The prettiest of them all She lays her veil - We're off to a good start.
- Shut up, Verónica.
No, Mother.
I won't shut up.
I've been biting my tongue for an hour.
If bringing this stowaway was their idea, they should deal with her.
I only see two beds.
Can you tell me where we'll sleep? That's easy.
You and her sleep here, I'll sleep there.
I can sleep anywhere.
I don't want to cause any trouble.
A bit late for that, don't you think? I understand, but you can't imagine what it means to start from scratch.
Yes, but not all of us will start from scratch.
Some of us will have the same life here, in Brazil, and in China.
We'll be serving our masters.
It's an honorable job as any other.
If you consider this to be honorable, do it yourself.
What have I told you? That's enough! Help me unpack.
[door closes.]
[door opens, then closes.]
- [gasps.]
- [woman.]
Carolina! Natalia! You startled me! How come you're not with my brother? He's in the hold, making sure the ship won't sink.
[both chuckle.]
Get used to it.
Fernando's always like this.
Work comes first.
You still have time to run away and avoid the mistake of marrying him.
I would never do that.
If Fernando is busy, you should join us.
We'll have a martini at the bar before dinner.
I appreciate it.
But I still have to get ready for dinner.
As you wish.
You know where to find us.
Can I take your picture? - A picture? - Yes.
- Here? - That's perfect.
Is there something wrong, Eva? I'm sorry for everything, Uncle.
Listen, your sister can do whatever she wants with her life.
True, after your father passed away, I would've liked her to lead the company with me.
You could've done it on your own.
It didn't make any sense, without your father and sister.
I'm really glad I sold the company.
- And I understand your sister's decision.
- The truth is that I don't.
You'll tell me the truth when you fall in love.
If I ever do, I won't give up on myself.
It's my turn to take your picture.
Bigger smile.
Smile, that's it.
Smile! That's it.
Your sister didn't give up on anything.
She simply changed her business.
It's not shoes, but evidently it's a good business.
This may be the best for everyone.
Who knows? Mm? Carolina is a smart girl.
She's not like you, but Now I'll go get ready for the captain's dinner.
Go ahead.
Dimas, please.
Can't you see a lady's coming? I'm sorry.
- [Verónica.]
- Excuse me.
Do I know you? I honestly doubt it.
No, you're right.
I would remember.
I'm Sebastián de la Cuesta.
With whom do I have the honor of speaking? - Verónica.
Verónica de García.
- Verónica.
Do you like your name? It's a beautiful name.
It means "victorious woman" in Greek.
"Victorious woman.
" Is that you? - I'm not - First time on a ship? Let's go up on deck.
It's beautiful how the land moves further ahead.
It's a spectacle.
You must see it.
Actually, it's us that move.
Land doesn't go anywhere.
Land goes wherever you want it to.
You're right.
This is what I get for trying to impress a smart lady.
- [Verónica.]
Have a good evening.
- [Sebastián.]
I hope to see you again.
I hate it when she goes, but I love watching her leave.
I hope you won't start writing now.
Don't overthink it.
I'm sure you'll finish your novel when we get to Rio.
I hope so.
I haven't been able to write a word since Dad passed away.
[knocking on door.]
- Can you get the door, please? - Yes.
Good evening, Eva.
I don't think you should come to dinner.
- [Eva.]
Why? - The other ladies will envy you and they won't travel on my boats again.
You're exaggerating.
How are you, Verónica? I thought your mother would be here.
She had things to take care of.
All right.
You need one more thing.
It's the engineer's badge.
It belonged to our father.
I know he would like you to have it.
It would be an honor.
Thank you both.
Shall we? [Carolina.]
- I think your mother needs your help.
- Yes, I'll tidy this up and go to her.
Angels are falling from heaven! Are you sure this is my table, Alfonso? Don't be offended, ladies.
I just want to double-check my luck.
Whoever says the captain has the best table is mistaken.
I thought this day would never come.
I'm happy to see you here, after all we've been through.
It's been a hard time, but people are starting to live again after the war.
This ship is proof of that.
You can't imagine the state it was in.
- Pure scrap.
- [man.]
It's a pleasure.
Please, excuse me.
At midnight.
Don't forget.
The pleasure is mine.
Thank you.
[Fernando sighs.]
My dear nieces.
Walk beside me.
Walk beside me so you can show off your uncle.
Mm? - [Pedro humming.]
- [Carolina chuckles.]
- [Carolina.]
Doctor! - [man chuckles.]
- I'm glad to see you.
- I'm not sure your sister agrees.
As long as you're not holding a needle, I won't run away.
I still remember her under the bed, crying.
[Carolina chuckles.]
I'm glad you agreed to come.
I'm so relieved that you're taking care of all the passengers.
I hope I won't be necessary.
It would mean everyone's in perfect health.
I'm sorry.
I got the wrong cabin.
No wonder I couldn't open the door.
Verónica should be here already.
Where the hell is that girl? [Fernando.]
Before we eat, I'd like to make a toast to the man that's been my greatest example for years.
He would've been the best father-in-law, but his passing away a few months ago took that from me.
Carlos Villanueva, my fiancée's father.
A man committed to preserving, in such a hard time for our civilization, values such as loyalty, love of one's family, honor, and freedom.
And now that we're about to start a new life in Brazil, his absence feels greater.
Here's to you, Carlos.
So, that from wherever you are, you may guide our steps and so we can live our lives in justice and in peace.
To Carlos! [all.]
To Carlos! [band playing jazz music.]
No one understands My suffering I sing, because I can't cry no more Carolina.
[Carolina grunts.]
Getting married is a hasty decision.
I've prepared a boat, so we can run away.
I have some days to think about it before we get to the equator.
- You still have some nights, too.
- [Carolina laughs.]
- You should use this trip to settle down.
- What do you think I'm doing? In fact, if you don't hurry up, I might settle down before you do.
I'm sorry, I was talking about Eva.
I imagine you're free tonight.
If it wasn't for your reputation, I would accept.
- But I'm not that naive.
- It's a shame.
If you come near her, I'll shove you on that boat you have and send you adrift.
- [Carolina.]
Want to dance? - [Sebastián.]
Of course.
The times I've cried For losing your love I look for you everywhere I go But I can't find you Why would I want to kiss anyone else? If your lips won't kiss me anymore And you Who knows where you are? Who knows what adventures you'll have? You're so far away from me From me We're the most boring people on this boat.
You'd like to be down there, right? I'd like to be with Clara.
If you open the window, you might hear her sing.
Listen, I shouldn't have mentioned the bad omen.
The captain didn't take it well.
He seemed concerned.
Don't worry.
He won't hold it against you.
It's his first voyage after a long time.
It's normal that he's worried.
He's just sad.
He misses his wife.
But we can't do anything about that.
I hope this voyage helps him get over that.
[accordion playing.]
How was your first night on board? It was good.
May I ask you what you're doing here? It's late and you're alone.
- I was trying to find the North Star.
- You won't find it there.
You have to look this way.
Over there.
It's one of those.
To be honest, I've never seen so many stars.
You haven't? I can assure you they'll be there tomorrow, and the day after that.
Why don't you go get a glass of champagne? I'm sure that would be a first, too.
- No.
- No? I mean, yes.
It would be my first time.
But I'd rather stay.
Of course, me too.
Who would want to be down there with all the boring and stiff people? - And you're not like that? - No.
I'm the exception.
I'll show you, if you come.
Watch out, don't burn your hand on the pipe.
I'd love to, but my mother's not feeling good.
She's in the cabin.
Don't tell me you left your mother alone.
Go, go.
I won't take it as a no.
We'll have that glass of champagne some other time.
Of course.
[band playing jazz music.]
- I have to tell you something.
- My watch has stopped.
- What? - My watch.
What time is it? I don't know.
- I guess it's midnight.
Why? - No reason.
I'm expecting a cable from Rio, it's important.
Can't it wait? It'll just be a minute.
- I'll see you later, okay? - Fine.
I'll go up to my cabin to change my shoes.
I'll wait for you there.
Captain, we've just received the latest weather report.
No changes.
I'll go up to the bridge.
- Not necessary.
I just wanted to tell you.
- It's an order.
Take my place.
Have a drink, enjoy the party.
Captain, are you all right? I am.
It's just that since Carmen died, I don't enjoy these things so much.
You can understand that better than anyone else.
Don't worry.
Siboney I love you I'm dying for your love Siboney - Are you waiting for someone? - Why do you ask? Because you're all alone, just watching.
Like you didn't know anyone.
Honestly, I can't handle these situations.
- That's why I try not to get in the way.
- Then you shouldn't go dance.
If it's with you, I'll do it.
That I love you And that you are A treasure for me Siboney I think of you To your hand's lullaby Don't you think you've had enough? Clearly I haven't.
I can still hear you.
Why don't you go to bed before you embarrass yourself again? Listen to my voice That's what you want, isn't it? Siboney If you don't come What? Think I don't see you looking at her? Siboney You're in my dreams I long for you I wait for you anxiously at my caney Siboney If you don't come I'll die of love Are you okay? - I feel a little sick.
- Really? How come? Let's go outside to get some fresh air.
The first two days are the worst.
Until our bodies get used to the sway.
I curse [audience applauding.]
You have to live to see it.
Mm? A year ago, if anyone had told us that we'd be here, so carefree, on our way to Brazil Carefree? I'm not carefree.
Why don't you try? Just try.
You'll feel better, you'll see.
[Pedro chuckles.]
The worst is over.
- And time will take care of everything.
- It will take a lot of time.
And I won't breathe easily until we get to Brazil.
I'm going to dance.
What are you doing here? Feeling better, miss? We've already danced together, you can stop calling me miss.
Of course, as you wish.
[Eva sighs.]
I'm taken aback by all this darkness.
You'll end up falling in love with it.
How long have you been sailing? Almost ten years.
Honestly, I didn't want to be a sailor.
When I was 15, I stole watches at the port.
Watches or whatever I could.
- Are you serious? [chuckles.]
- Yes.
I'm not proud of it, but I'm not ashamed either.
We were six at home, and we had no money.
- Once, I stole this from the captain.
- This ship's captain? Yes.
And he let me choose.
He'd either take me to the police station or enroll me in the naval academy.
So, I saw the opportunity and took it.
What about you? Your sister's getting married, and she's moving to Brazil.
But what's there for you? A man.
- I knew you couldn't be single.
- [chuckles.]
It's not what you're thinking.
The man I want to meet is a book publisher.
I'm a writer, and he's interested in something I wrote.
This conversation keeps getting more interesting.
What's your novel about? Second chances.
You're in the right place.
Everyone here is trying to find one.
Have you written anything else? Yes, well It's a book of short stories.
I wrote it a long time ago, and I don't want to remember.
A woman fell into the water! [rings.]
Command bridge.
Man overboard.
Port side.
Man overboard.
Port side, sir.
See to the engines! Note down our position! Sixty degrees to port! [man.]
Sixty degrees to port, sir! Now turn completely to starboard and go back to position.
I want everyone at their stations, even if you have to drag them out of bed.
- Yes, sir.
- [captain.]
Stop all engines.
Carefully! Slowly! [man.]
Easy, easy.
Who saw her falling? Come with me.
Are you absolutely sure of what you saw? Yes, I'm sure.
- The lights cast a shadow at night.
- No, captain.
I'm sure.
It was a woman.
I heard her scream right before she fell.
I also heard it, but I couldn't see anything, I had my back turned.
- I just heard.
Do you know who was it? - We don't know anything yet.
- I'm at your disposition, if I can help.
- Get people back to the dining room.
- The crew needs some peace to work.
- Of course.
Listen, please! Let's head back to the dining room.
We need your cooperation.
Let's proceed inside in an orderly way.
Thank you.
Make tea and coffee for everyone.
Have you seen my sister? She said she'd go upstairs to change her shoes.
She's not back yet? No.
I must find her.
I'm looking for my sister.
She went to the cabin.
Have you seen her? [Sebastián.]
She was headed to the third-class area.
- What's wrong? - A woman fell into the water! Oh, my God! You're here! You're trembling! What's happening? The ship has stopped.
A woman fell into the water, and I thought it was you.
I'm fine.
But something happened.
What is it? Luisa hit me and ran off.
Be careful.
She took your cabin's key, miss.
The woman fell from somewhere around our cabin.
It can't be.
Carol, we need to tell what happened.
- Let me explain.
- No, Carolina.
You acted recklessly.
Come in.
Everything's a mess.
What was she looking for? Make sure your valuables aren't missing.
All this is inconceivable.
Her fiancé said he'll kill her if she didn't agree to marry him.
Kill her? I can't understand why you didn't say anything.
If she was in danger, you should've told someone, don't you think? We were waiting for the ship to be further away from land.
She came here to steal.
Everything she said about that man was a lie.
No, she wasn't lying.
I'm sure.
You don't know her.
How can you be so sure? There was a fight here.
She was with someone.
Don't you see? Luisa didn't fall, someone pushed her.
- [Carolina.]
- [Varela.]
With all due respect, we don't even know who the woman is that fell.
Varela is right.
We can't make up absurd theories.
- Absurd? - Yes, as absurd as helping a stowaway.
Of course, that's all she is.
A stowaway.
Who cares what could've happened to her? She's no one, right? [Fernando.]
Tidy up this place.
You've done enough for today.
Any news, sir? Sir? Are you all right? It wasn't an accident.
What do you mean, sir? That woman didn't fall into the sea.
How many times do I have to ask you to fix this damned glass? [Francisca.]
I don't think anything's missing.
- [Carolina.]
Me neither.
- It means she didn't come here to steal.
It's obvious that everything she said about her fiancé was a lie.
I have no idea what she wanted.
Well, there is something I haven't told you.
A man tried to come in while you were at dinner.
- What? What did he look like? - I don't know.
- There wasn't enough time to look.
- And that's normal, too? We'll just sit here and pretend nothing happened? What do you want us to do? I know Luisa fell into the water, and someone pushed her.
No one seems to care, but I do.
I'll find out what happened.
[door opens.]
She fell from this place.
[Eva sighs.]
I'm sorry.
It's all my fault.
You shouldn't have brought her on board.
But you already know that.
She was inside the trunk, right? That girl.
How did you know? It's what I would've done.
Try to get some sleep.
Subtitle translation by Lucía Moreno