High Seas (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

They were ordered to hoist the boats when they saw something floating.
I don't want anyone on deck, except the crew.
All right.
It was floating half a mile from the ship.
Luisa was wearing this.
I'm sure.
Now we're sure she's the one who fell.
Or who was pushed.
There's no doubt.
You all saw the state the cabin was in.
You haven't found her body yet? It could take days for the body to resurface.
Sea currents usually drag them miles away.
A search would be pointless.
She should've never come on board.
It was incredibly irresponsible of you.
I was the one who wanted to help her.
Fernando is right.
That woman was scared, she asked for our help.
So, why didn't you go to the police? She didn't want to.
Can you trust someone who doesn't want the police involved? - I don't know.
- You don't know? Not everyone trusts the police these days.
You of all people should not discuss this.
With all due respect, I don't think this is fair.
Let's not waste any more time.
If there has been a murder, we must find the assassin immediately.
[Varela sighs.]
We'll find him before getting to port.
Before we reach port? I don't want you to go to bed before you find whoever is responsible.
Do you understand? [clears throat.]
[door opens.]
Varela, I need absolute discretion when it comes to first-class passengers.
Understood? Don't worry, Mr.
I think we should focus our attention on the lower deck.
Manuel Salgado.
Cabin 422.
Why are you going to Brazil? To make a living.
Is that a crime? [crowd gasps.]
What about you? Dimas Gómez, sir.
You travel as Mr.
De la Cuesta's servant.
Are you also asking for papers in first class? Silence.
Pay attention for a second.
Do you recognize this dress? It belonged to a young lady who was in this area.
She was traveling as a stowaway.
Did anyone speak to her? Did anyone see her speaking to anybody? CHAPTER 2: "THE RINGS" No one's seen her.
From now on, free access to the ship is restricted! [crowd clamoring.]
Let me through! [Varela.]
Open up! I had someone change the lock and clean up the mess.
Thank you.
[Fernando sighs.]
- Fernando.
- Not now, Carolina.
It's late.
We should get some rest.
Of course.
Good night.
Fernando, you're not wearing the badge.
Don't tell me you lost it.
No, my love.
Of course I didn't lose it.
I know how important it is to you.
That's why I put it in the safe.
[Fernando sighs.]
Why don't you change your clothes and go to bed? [Eva.]
Yes, in a moment.
Carolina, why did you leave the dining room before Luisa fell? I had to change my shoes.
But then I ran into Verónica, and she told me what happened to Francisca.
So, I came downstairs.
What about Fernando? Where did he go? I saw him leave.
He went to collect a cable from Rio.
Why do you ask? No reason.
I just wished someone else had seen something.
Go to bed, Eva.
[door opens.]
Can I help you? Yes, I wanted to know if you got a cable from Rio last night.
Around 12.
Of course.
What's your name? [Eva.]
It wasn't addressed to me.
Then I can't tell you, miss.
That information is confidential.
I just want to know if you received it.
I don't need to know what it said.
I'm sorry.
I'm not authorized to share that information, so Right.
Thank you anyway.
[Nicolás groans.]
Are you okay? Is anything wrong? [Eva.]
I just wanted some sleeping pills.
Francisca keeps them in her cabin.
Third-class cabins are on the other end.
I have a bad sense of direction.
You can find signposts on every floor.
I'm so silly.
You've arrived in a good place, anyway.
- I can come with you.
- No.
It's not necessary.
But thank you.
Don't thank me, miss.
You're calling me "miss" again.
Don't worry, Eva.
We'll find the murderer.
[foghorn blasting.]
- [Fernando.]
People are worried.
- [doctor.]
Holding third-class passengers below deck doesn't help.
The truth is that no one has the slightest idea what happened.
People will speculate, of course.
We've told the passengers that what happened last night was an accident.
That girl's death will be a mere accident, then.
It's in the company's best interests.
It's clear that whoever killed that girl was after her.
Causing alarm is pointless.
There's a murderer on board.
She was telling the truth.
Someone threatened to kill her and did it.
We'll find him, trust me.
The detective has been working all night.
We'll know soon.
Don't take her seriously, she just wants to help.
If she wants to help, she should mind her own business.
[Fernando sighs.]
I'm sorry, my love.
I'm not myself.
- You don't have to apologize.
- Yes, I do.
I feel I'm not taking care of you properly since we got on board.
[Carolina sighs.]
I've known you had a lot of responsibilities since I first met you.
So, I can't complain, Fernando.
I have a lot at stake on this journey, Carolina.
But everything will be okay.
I trust you.
And I love you.
I love you, too.
We'll be so happy when we get to Brazil.
I have to go take care of some things.
Of course.
[singing in Spanish.]
[song ends.]
Thank you.
If you'll excuse me.
[band playing jazz music.]
Congratulations on the show.
Actually, it was my idea for you to perform.
People needed to relax.
Thank you.
Aníbal de Souza.
Your singing is very peculiar.
You'll get far, I can assure you.
It's a complicated world.
I know.
I am involved in several kinds of businesses.
That's why I have many contacts.
From Rio to New York.
In fact, one of my associates owns a concert hall in Rio.
He's looking for a singer.
Would you be interested in that? I really appreciate it.
It's a good opportunity.
I can assure you.
Far better than performing on this ship.
Think about it.
[singing in Spanish.]
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to startle you.
I startled you last night.
We're even.
I hope you got some sleep.
Even without those pills.
Yes, I was really tired.
It was just a matter of time.
Last night there were no cables.
You went to telecommunications, asking about a telegram.
I thought your job was helping the captain, not spying on the passengers.
I wouldn't have asked if you weren't such a bad liar.
What's wrong? Come.
Last night, Fernando left the dining room before Luisa fell.
Do you think it was him? He said he was expecting a cable from Rio.
I accused him of something before, and I was wrong.
What happened? Someone told me he had gambling problems, and it was a lie.
Don't you think it's excessive to suspect someone just because of a telegram? Is there something else? [foghorn blasting.]
I found it last night.
In the exact spot Luisa fell from.
It belongs to Fernando.
My sister gave it to him.
He was right there, looking for something.
[whispering indistinctly.]
What's going on? Come with me.
Something's happened.
They were forced open.
Is there anything missing? Honestly, no.
But I don't know.
There are so many things.
They're all personal belongings.
- I don't know what they wanted here.
- I don't either.
All I know is that they won't take the few things my mother left me.
Did anyone in the hotel or the harbor have access to this? We had our suitcases with us.
But anyone could've had access to the trunks.
Why? Maybe someone put something inside and they wanted to get it back.
[Carolina sighs.]
It's easy to access the hold from the third-class deck.
There are valuables things in here.
Big temptation for someone used to stealing.
Last night someone searched the ladies' cabin.
Now their trunks.
Maybe last night was a coincidence, but not this.
It's a mistake to think it's just a thief.
Thank you for your hypothesis, but I'm the detective in charge.
Don't take offense, Varela.
He's right.
Someone's searching my nieces' belongings, looking for something.
And, yes, we are lacking security.
Security, Varela.
Does the word mean anything to you? I want the crew's cabins searched, too.
Third class and crew.
Maybe we should search first class, too.
Don't you even think about it.
Darling, why don't you let me deal with the investigation? It's my job.
I can assure you, I know how to do this.
With all due respect, as this ship's first officer You've already expressed your opinion.
If there's a problem, I'll tell the captain myself.
Fix your tie, please.
Stop playing detective.
Varela is taking care of it.
So, you agree it couldn't have been anyone in the upper deck? [dorr opens and closes.]
It's not that.
Not that.
This is an important voyage for everyone.
It's our chance to get things back to normal, after so many years at war.
But I don't know.
I don't think it'd be absurd to postpone that normalcy because of a tragedy.
Let me explain.
Few things have caused me joy [door opens and closes.]
since Carmen passed away.
I was really close to ending my own life, you know that.
But when the possibility of being captain of a ship like this came up, I found new joy.
Do you understand? I don't want this voyage to go wrong.
It's the worst thing that could happen.
Understood, captain.
I’ll do everything possible to make this journey a success.
What I wanted to hear.
Last night there was no cable from Rio.
Excuse me? Fernando's lying.
[Carolina scoffs.]
You think Fernando's involved? - I didn't say that.
- Then what? Luisa stole the cabin's key.
Someone saw her and pushed her.
So, what? Did you consider that he didn't tell you anything because they can't tell just anyone? [Fernando sighs.]
[knocking on door.]
Come in.
Fernando, I have to talk to you.
What is it? Where was it? I found it last night in the same spot where Luisa fell from.
- Can you explain this? - Just a moment.
[Fernando sighs.]
I was robbed.
- [Carolina.]
What? - I told you, I put it here.
They didn't just take the badge, but the rings, too.
What rings? The wedding rings? Yes, the wedding rings.
How could this happen?! I'll talk to that useless Varela.
[phone dialing.]
What did the cable say? What are you asking me, Carolina? What did? No, no, no.
What are you really asking? There was no cable from Rio! No, we didn't receive it last night.
I got it this morning.
[Fernando exhales.]
Here it is! - Want to read it? - It's not necessary.
It's not? What about you? Do you want to read it? Since you're so curious.
Eh? Read it! Stop it, Fernando.
You've accused me before, I didn't hold it against you.
I thought it was just that time.
Do you suspect me of anything else? - [Carolina.]
- [Fernando.]
No? [Carolina.]
Let's go, Eva.
Why are you doing this? Tell me.
- What do you have against him? - Nothing.
It's not the first time you've done this.
And you were wrong that time, too.
I've already apologized for that.
But you're doing it again.
He's a good man, Eva.
He was there for us when Dad died.
To support us with everything.
I know.
And I appreciate it.
You don't seem to.
He's a responsible man.
He works hard, and he loves me.
What's? What's the problem? Is it the wedding? Of course not, Carol.
If you're afraid that could push us apart Carol.
I just want what's best for you.
Then you should leave the fantasies to your books.
[indistinct chatter.]
Forget about her.
Why? What she's looking for is upstairs.
Look, Manuel, mind your own business.
Why are you going to Brazil? You don't have money or a job.
Don't worry about me.
I know how to make a living.
Sure you will.
Attention, please.
De la Cuesta's service man? It's me! Get me out of here, man.
This lady and I are Mr.
De la Cuesta's servants.
That's right.
Come with me.
That asshole.
Well, thanks for getting me out of there.
I'm sure your mother's wondering where you are.
She is.
She'll tell me off when she finds me, as usual.
She always does, no matter what I do.
At least you're together, miss.
You're lucky for that.
I'm know what I'm talking about.
I never met my mother.
I was raised in an orphanage.
I don't know my mother or father.
I'm not telling you this so you pity me.
I just wanted to share it with you.
All things considered, I'm a lucky guy.
I'm healthy, I have a job and a dream.
A dream? Yes, a dream.
A business idea that could make me rich.
What's this business about? I'll tell you if you promise you won't tell anyone.
In Brazil, there's more sugarcane than anywhere else in the world.
I thought that I could build a factory that transforms ethanol into fuel.
What's wrong with oil? Nothing.
But ethanol is cheaper.
All I need is an investor.
I'll ask my boss.
You think he'll say yes? Why not? It's a good business idea.
Miss, don't you want to thrive? To have a different life? Aren't you tired of being a servant? I am, Dimas.
But wanting it doesn't mean I can do it.
Look at the horizon, miss.
What do you see? [Verónica.]
I see America, miss.
The land of opportunity.
Dimas! Oh.
[Sebastián chuckles.]
Dimas, Dimas, Dimas.
Stop talking so much.
It's time to open our minds.
You want to read, and you need your glasses.
- Give me a second.
I'll go straightaway.
- Hm.
Yes, say goodbye.
Miss, I have to run to the cabin.
My master wants to read, and he needs his glasses.
I'll stay here.
Of course.
I wasn't suggesting you should come with me.
Would you like to have dinner with me? Maybe.
That means yes.
At 8 at the bar.
Is that okay? [Sebastián.]
Dimas! See you at 8.
If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
How's your mother? Better.
Much better.
Thank you.
I'm so glad.
I was going to the library.
Would you like to join me? They'll let you in if I'm there.
I'd love to.
Is that so? But I've just finished my book.
You don't say.
I'm sure you'll find another one.
Any recommendations? Of course.
Um Madame Bovary.
Have you read it? No.
I think you'll like it.
It's about a nonconformist woman who fights against the rules and prejudices of her time.
It's a contemporary topic, and she reminds me of you.
[Sebastián chuckles.]
An opportunity like this comes once in a lifetime.
What's the problem? There's no problem.
But I've made a fool of myself.
Want me to talk to him? - I'll tell him I'm your manager.
- [laughs.]
All the big artists have a manager.
Okay? I'll talk to him and tell him you're interested.
Everything will be all right.
You'll be a great artist.
And I I will be a very proud husband.
You're my boyfriend, not my husband.
- Your boyfriend? - Mm-hm.
For now, right? Or now that you're going to be famous, you won't marry me? - Ow! - [Manuel.]
Did the stroll do you good? Don't be mad, Manuel.
The poor girl needed some fresh air.
You didn't do it because you're interested in her.
Don't worry, I get it.
I'd do the same.
But I'm telling you, she's doesn't like you.
- Maybe not, but you know what happened? - What? Well, I, Dimas, will have dinner with her tonight.
- Are you serious? - I am.
So, you're hot-blooded, after all.
- Did you ever doubt that? Did you? - [laughs.]
[pounding on door.]
Expecting someone? No.
Get lost, please.
Why? I have to talk to your friend for a moment.
Go take a walk.
I don't want to see you around.
Recognize anything? [Fernando.]
These earrings belong to my fiancée.
They found all this in his cabin.
Where did you find this? You have something to say, right? Why did you break into the ladies' cabin? Because I know it's the best cabin on this ship.
I've been wanting to do it for weeks.
I thought I could use what I stole to start a new life in Brazil.
Did you open the trunk in the hold, too? Yes.
No one was looking, so I took the opportunity.
- [Varela.]
Did you take anything? - Not from the trunks.
And I couldn't search the cabin because that girl walked in.
I caught her from behind, I covered her mouth so she wouldn't scream.
I didn't want to.
I'm not a killer.
No one is.
Until they kill someone.
She fought me.
She was really strong.
She hit me in the stomach.
I asked her to calm down.
I told her I wasn't going to hurt her.
But she began to scream.
What did you do afterwards? [Manuel.]
I made sure no one was on deck, and And - You threw her.
- [Manuel sighs.]
Was she dead? [Manuel.]
Excuse me? Was she already dead? Yes.
Yes, she was already dead.
Are you absolutely sure? [captain.]
I'm sorry, captain.
Honestly, I don't see why that would be relevant.
The thing is that we found the one responsible.
The detective was right.
An ordinary thief.
[door opens.]
Did you hear? They've arrested a man.
He confessed to killing Luisa.
Yes, of course I've heard.
I'm sorry.
You should be apologizing to Fernando.
You were so unfair to him.
- I know.
I intend to apologize.
- [laughs.]
Well The sooner, the better.
[clicks tongue.]
[Carolina sighs.]
He's my future husband, Eva.
And you're my sister.
You're the two people I love the most.
What are you doing? - Who do you love more? - [laughs.]
Fernando! What do you mean, Fernando? Stop it, Eva! [whistles.]
He really confessed? Yes, he did.
What is it? Are you having doubts? Did you hear her screaming? Yes, of course I did.
So did you.
That man confessed to killing her in the cabin.
Then it would have been impossible for her to scream.
[knocking on door.]
Can I come in? Of course.
[door closes.]
Let me help you.
I owe you an apology, Fernando.
I shouldn't have doubted you.
I'm really sorry.
Give these to your sister.
We didn't notice they were missing.
It's normal.
You've been nervous.
We still have two weeks left, and I would like to enjoy them.
We have a wedding coming.
Everything must be perfect.
For starters, we need rings.
I have prepared a few surprises for Carolina, but I'll need your help.
Are you willing to help me? Excuse me? Will you help me with the wedding? Yes.
The wedding, of course.
You can count on me for whatever you need.
I have to go now.
I have to get ready, too.
What? I'm happy we've cleared things up.
Me, too.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
"Laundry service.
" [sighs.]
- [knocking.]
- [Dimas.]
Excuse me, sir.
Sir? [Sebastián laughs.]
Dimas, what would I do without you? Remind me to raise your salary.
Raise my salary, sir.
You're so funny.
Do you want me to open the bottle? Yes.
We shouldn't allow it to get warm, it'll spoil.
Can I tell you about something I've been wanting to do? Mm-hm.
Go ahead.
It's a business idea.
It's hard to explain, but basically, it's about a way to turn sugar into ethanol and use it as fuel.
Since I need a little investment to start the whole process, I thought you might be interested.
Yes, it's really interesting, Dimas.
You're full of surprises.
Let's do something.
Tell me about it tomorrow.
We'll discuss it.
- I can understand.
You're busy.
- Yes.
Should I open it, or wait for the lady? No, don't wait.
Life is wasted in waiting.
The lady is on deck.
[cork popping.]
The bottle was so cold, it froze you right there? Sorry.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
[Sebastián chuckles.]
To us.
To us both.
- Cheers.
- Go now.
Of course.
If there's anything you need, you know where to find me.
Thank you, Dimas.
[man 1.]
They're opening the doors! [indistinc chatter.]
Let me throuh, please.
Would you please let me through? Thank you.
Sir, is the access open again? It seems so.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
- [man 2.]
Dimas, did you hear? - No.
About what? Manuel has been arrested.
They're saying he killed her.
Thank you, José.
[knocking on door.]
Can I come in? You didn't come to visit me, did you? Yes.
Well, no.
Yes or no? [door opens, then closes.]
Fernando's lying.
He didn't receive any cables from Rio.
[Nicolás sighs.]
I see you can't let things be either.
I can't.
Especially in a case like this.
Can you? No.
These are the young man's things.
- What do you expect to find? - I don't know.
What if he's telling the truth? He was stealing and he killed Luisa.
If that's what you think, what are you doing here with his stuff? It's a Bible.
It's pretty worn-out.
What do you mean? He reads it.
We have to talk to him.
We? I will.
No, I'm coming, too.
I want to hear what he has to say.
Hey! Do you want to get me in trouble? We'll both get in trouble.
- We don't have much time.
- [Eva gasps.]
Did he see us? I don't think so.
What is it? Nothing.
Were you staring at me? No, no.
Well, I was.
You have a button open.
It made me a little nervous.
I'll be very honest with you, Clara.
Your voice is one in a million.
But that's not all it takes.
I've met many artists that could sing like angels, and yet, they didn't make it because they lacked something.
What is it? Something that you have.
You turn into someone else on-stage.
People are mesmerized by you, like they've seen something for the first time.
And that's priceless.
Thank you.
- I don't know - Shh.
I think you do know.
I can tell you enjoy being on-stage.
You're flying up there.
I don't feel like the same person once the music starts.
See? Only a few feel that and you're one of them.
Now we just have to decide on the next step of your career.
What would you think about performing in the best concert hall in Rio? [chuckles.]
Really? I always play to win, Clara.
Thank you so much for everything.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to rehearse.
You didn't give me an answer.
Yes, of course.
I'd like that very much.
That's what I wanted to hear.
We should do something to your hair.
Much better.
Don't you think? I don't want to keep them waiting.
You're a beautiful woman, Clara.
Let me go, please.
I thought you wanted to make your dreams come true.
I do, but not like this.
I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but [muffled cries.]
Please! Let me go! Let me go! No, no! What do you want? To talk to you.
I've already said everything I had to.
I don't have anything to add.
Where are you from? Cantaloa, sir.
What does your family do? My father works in the fields.
My mother works in a hotel.
I saw you have a Bible.
My mother gave it to me.
I enjoy reading it.
Sweet Virgin Mary.
What would his parents think of what he's done? [Nicolás.]
Why Brazil? To make a living.
There's no work in my village, so the young people have all left.
You wanted to make a living out of stealing? Hm? That woman screamed before she fell.
We both heard it.
- She wasn't already dead, like you said.
- You didn't kill that woman, Manuel.
You weren't even in that cabin.
I killed her.
I've told you already.
Are you stupid? Don't you see that when we get to port, they'll condemn you to death? I don't know what they've promised, but no one can get you out of this.
Your parents don't deserve this.
You can't let them think their son is a murderer.
My parents don't have to know about this.
They will.
And everyone will know what you did.
But there's still time.
You just have to tell the truth.
- Did you kill that woman? - No.
No, I didn't kill her.
Who asked you to take the blame? I can't tell you.
If I did, they would kill me.
I was robbed.
Someone opened the safe.
They didn't just take the badge, but the rings, too.