High Seas (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES As if you were onstage You fake your cheap pain Your drama isn't necessary I've seen this act before Lying is a role that suits you well After all it seems It's just the way you are Sorry if I don't believe you I think it's all an act - Come on, say it.
- What? What you've been thinking for two days.
I was part of the company, Eva.
Dad should've trusted me.
I don't understand why he didn't tell me about the trucks.
I guess he wanted to protect you.
I don't need anyone to protect me.
They pushed his car off a cliff, Carol.
If you had known, you would have been the copilot.
Dad! Carolina, I think I owe you an apology.
I know you think I should have told you when I found out about your uncle.
If you had died, we'd never have known the truth.
I didn't want to put you in danger.
Neither of you.
I understand why you did it, but We aren't children anymore.
This isn't easy for a father.
You have to understand that.
You're here, Dad.
That's what really matters.
Just in time to be best man at the most marvelous wedding in the world.
I wish your mother was here.
Is everything ready? In less than ten hours, we'll cross the equator and the ceremony will begin.
Why didn't you tell me Carlos was on the ship? I didn't want to force you to lie.
I saw you so excited with Eva.
I've never seen you like this.
I didn't want you to face any difficulty.
Sir, excuse me.
Pedro Villanueva wants to speak with you.
Excuse me, captain.
Here I am.
I can't keep hiding the truth any longer.
What truth do you mean? I tried to kill my brother and you can judge me for that.
But I did it because he had become a monster.
I had to stop him, however I could, from sending more innocents to their death.
What are you talking about? You and Dr.
Rojas signed the documents.
Those documents are fake.
He forged them to frame us.
He's the only one responsible for transporting all those poor souls to the concentration camps.
Why didn't you say so before? You had many chances.
I thought he was dead and the nightmare had been buried with him, but now that he's back Now that he's back, he must pay for what he did.
Rojas can confirm what I have just said.
The same Dr.
Rojas who tried to kill your niece? What do you think? It's much better than the machine operators' cabins.
Fernando, thank you for everything you've done for Carolina.
I assure you, she's done a lot more for me.
Without her support, we wouldn't be on this ship.
We make a good team.
You two keep one of the keys.
I'm sure I'll lose them.
If you're still as forgetful, I'm sure you will.
- I'll order you some suits.
- Thank you.
What a mess.
I lost everything.
Well, they're just objects, Dad.
Some of which are very valuable, like your book of stories.
What book? Nothing.
One I wrote a long time ago.
It's a good thing it got lost.
Don't say that.
I knew you were going to be a writer.
Allow me, Dad.
I'll go.
Carlos, I have just spoken to your brother.
My brother? What did he want? We should speak in private.
I have nothing to hide.
Certainly not in front of them.
- They're not children.
- What's wrong, Nicolás? Your uncle has accused your father of being responsible for what happened with the company trucks.
- That's absurd.
You didn't believe him? - No, but I thought you should know.
I want to talk with my brother, and with Rojas.
Dad, today is my wedding day.
I want you to be all right so we all can enjoy this moment.
That's why I want to move on and start over.
- Let me organize it.
- Please, captain.
When I left Havana Goodness gracious No one saw me Give me a second.
What do you want? Not much.
I only need you to answer a question.
The night Mr.
Aníbal died, you left the stage in the middle of your performance.
I'm wondering why.
I wasn't feeling well, so I went to my cabin to rest.
My stomach is quite delicate.
Good morning.
Is something wrong? No, nothing at all.
We were having a friendly conversation.
The detective wanted to know where I was the night Aníbal died.
I already told you, detective, that she wasn't feeling well.
I suppose the captain is aware of this information.
I'm the one conducting this investigation.
Informing the captain is my duty.
Go bother someone else.
I'm sorry about your stomach problems.
Good morning.
- He knows.
- He doesn't know anything, my love.
Don't worry.
Francisca, what are you doing here? Mr.
Pedro, I brought you your food.
They let me come in.
Because all the servers are busy with the wedding.
You can leave.
 I assure you there isn't a file inside the bread.
They don't believe what you told the captain.
Don't worry.
I expected it.
And Does my brother know I accused him? Yes.
He asked to see you.
I also expected that.
This moment had to come.
- What does he want now? - What he has always wanted.
The gold.
He knows I have it.
Let me tell them the truth.
I can't bear to see you in here while he walks free.
No, Francisca.
You've done more than enough for me and my nieces.
Starting with your pies.
But nobody can find that gold.
Nobody will find it, I assure you.
Come with us.
Captain's orders.
Wait here.
Thank you for the visit.
Time moves slowly here.
It wasn't enough for you to set fire to my nieces' cabin.
You wanted to kill Carolina too.
I only wanted the microfilm.
It would've saved us both.
You're mad.
They should lock you up once and for all.
That's what is going to happen to us.
Pray we don't get executed.
Meanwhile, your brother acts as if nothing had happened.
Anyway, why are you here? Wait.
I'll be fine.
Give us some privacy, please.
I saw your car falling off the cliff.
And I saw it explode and burn.
I was in a bed for months, unable to move.
Taking painkillers.
If you were alive, why didn't you recover the microfilm earlier? You were the one that hid it.
After the accident, I lost my memory.
I still have lapses.
Do you know how I survived? Waiting for this moment.
How does it feel, killing your own brother? It was your life or the lives of hundreds of people.
You were sending them to the concentration camps.
Our signatures are on those documents.
You forged them! Do you have evidence? No.
Look at me, Pedro.
Look at me! Who do you think they're going to believe? And all thanks to you, for protecting my daughters.
You've behaved like a real father.
Thank you for that.
That's why I came to make a deal with you.
I can get you out of here.
How? This ship is a jail.
When we arrive, a lot of people will board.
Amid all the commotion, and by bribing the right person, we can lower a lifeboat during the night.
And to do that, I suppose you want something in exchange? Of course.
My gold.
I know you have it on this ship.
There's no time to lose.
Can we make a deal or are you going to keep accusing me? The captain didn't believe a word you said.
The truth always comes out eventually.
Be careful.
Don't tighten the string too much.
It may break.
I don't know.
I really wanted to get married in white, but Don't be so pessimistic, miss.
Francisca! You fixed it.
But it got burnt! There's a lot of free time on a ship.
And I've been pestering the other ladies.
A little silk for the waist, tulle for the sleeves and the veil.
You'll crease it.
I don't know how to thank you.
I know how.
Promise me today will be the happiest day of your life.
It will be.
I'm marrying a great man, and my father will be at the wedding.
Dad must've talked with our uncle by now.
I'll go to see how he is.
What would we do without you, Francisca? It's as good as new.
Tie them tight.
I don't want them to fall in the middle of the ceremony.
Do you want something? Perhaps I didn't express my condolences as I should have.
Your husband's death was terrible.
I accept them anyway.
Thank you.
I know how excited your husband was about this ship.
I have never seen such luxury.
Don't worry.
Although my husband is no longer with us, our clients will receive the same service.
I hope you keep taking care of the details.
They're always important.
Everything should be perfect.
The other day, I broke a vase, and a few hours later, it had already been replaced.
You're very efficient.
I'll thank the maintenance department on your behalf.
Anything else? As you can see, I'm quite busy.
I won't bother you any longer.
I am glad you're better.
How can you be so sure? How else could he know about the vase? That bastard was here.
There's no need for that language.
You're right.
I apologize.
Clara, dear.
It's obvious Varela knows we replaced the vase we broke over my husband's head.
And when he saw this bloodstain he might have started thinking he died right here.
But it was an accident! - We were only defending ourselves.
- Of course.
And dragging him through the halls and throwing him down the stairs was also an accident, right? Throwing him down the stairs was your idea.
It would've been better to tell the truth from the start.
Excuse me? What's that supposed to mean? Look.
Natalia is right.
We made too many mistakes.
No one will believe it was an accident.
He doesn't have enough evidence.
I don't think he would dare to accuse me of anything.
Varela isn't doing all this for nothing.
He will talk with the captain and we will have to answer.
Sebastián, you're here? Did you get lost? Very funny.
I was waiting for you.
For me? Yes.
Verónica and I are going to go together to the wedding.
I wanted to ask for your blessing.
Verónica? My Verónica? Of course.
Your daughter is a fine woman and she's won me over.
And I assure you I have the best of intentions.
But How can she be so silly? Voilà.
I knew you wouldn't like Sebastián.
That's why I told Dimas to lie for me.
It's not a big deal.
I'm an adult.
I'm more of an adult than you! That Sebastián only wants you to have some short-lived fun.
No, Mother.
He really likes me.
Would he invite me to the wedding otherwise? No! Can't you see that I'm worried about you? I don't want you to get hurt.
Who is it? Verónica.
Open the door, please.
I have to tell you something.
What is it, Veronica? You look like you've seen a ghost.
- Dimas.
- Yes? Make sure the suit's collar is well ironed.
I'll tell the laundry department.
Is someone accompanying you to the wedding? Yes, I'm going with Verónica.
I just talked with her mother.
I'm happy for you.
You will also have a party in third class, I imagine? Yes, there will be something.
Fernando wants everyone to celebrate.
Fernando is very generous.
Yes, he's very generous.
Not more than you, sir.
Not many people would do what you did for me.
Excuse me.
- Wait, Dimas.
- Yes, sir? I've been thinking about your business idea.
And Is something wrong? No, nothing at all.
It's just that Here's the contract.
It's ready for you to sign.
Read it thoroughly, and then sign it whenever you can.
I will, sir.
I will sign it whenever I can.
Take care of my suit first.
Of course.
It won't have a single wrinkle.
Don't worry.
Excuse me.
Ladies, what are you doing here? I think you have to explain something.
Why do you have this gold? Your uncle.
He asked me to keep it hidden.
You knew what was inside, didn't you? Not you, Francisca.
There must be an explanation.
I never wanted to do you any harm, I swear.
That's why you were behaving so oddly with him.
You haven't been able to look at him since he arrived.
You knew everything from the moment you boarded this ship.
And you haven't said a word.
I was only trying to protect you.
I didn't know how.
You were like a mother to us.
You were like a mother to me! I never want to see you again.
And definitely not on my wedding day! Did you see the suitcase? No, I only saw one ingot.
Sofía told me.
Francisca had it.
Uncle Pedro gave it to her so she would hide it.
Francisca? I can't believe it.
It's the money they paid to use our trucks.
We should throw it into the sea.
This is blood gold.
We can't keep it.
That's why you can't throw it away.
You have a responsibility to put it to good use.
Sofía is right.
A lot of people died, but some of them survived.
We can help them with this money.
How? Building houses or feeding thousands of people.
Dad is right.
We'll give it to the captain, so he can put it in the safe.
This is a family matter.
We're responsible for it.
It would be logical for us to take care of it.
Eva, we should listen to Dad.
There's something about those ingots I don't know.
I don't know how to explain it.
- Just thinking about where they came from.
- I get it.
When you talked with my uncle, did you think he was being truthful? I don't know, Eva.
Right now the only person with a motive to kill Manuel is My father.
Listen, Eva.
It's just a rushed conclusion.
I love that you're officiating my sister's wedding.
See you later.
Dad? Dad? THIEVES OF SAND EVA VILLANUEVA TO DAD Eva, what are you doing here? Why aren't you at the wedding? We found the suitcase with the gold.
Francisca had it.
You gave it to her.
Why? I thought nobody would find it, but I see I was wrong.
I found the book I gave my father in the suitcase.
Whose gold is it? If you know the truth You already know the truth, dear.
Now you need to have the courage to accept it.
There are secrets deeper than the ocean.
It was him, wasn't it? It was my father who used those trucks to take people to concentration camps.
And you found out about it.
My brother lied to me.
He made us sign those documents.
I trusted him.
How could I imagine what he was really doing? Why didn't you say anything? Why did you let us think you were guilty? He was dead.
There was no need for you to know what your father was really like.
But my father isn't dead, and I won't let you pay for something you didn't do.
What are you going to do? I need to ask you for a favor.
I need to open another safe.
Sir, it's me.
You look so pretty, Verónica.
Thank you.
Is Mr.
Sebastián here? No, he's on deck.
I was finishing up.
Your dream is finally coming true.
Thanks to you.
I have to thank you, too.
If you hadn't helped me with my mother, I couldn't have spent the nights here.
Your mother found out about the lie.
Yes, but it seems like she's accepting that I am with him.
That's good.
In the end, everything turned out well for us.
Yes, I guess.
We're even.
We're even.
- You look beautiful, dear.
- Thanks, Dad.
We've just crossed the equator.
It's time.
- I still can't believe it.
- I can't either.
You can't imagine how important it is for me to be with you on this day.
I think I can imagine.
Oh, Dad.
I'll have to touch up my makeup.
I'll find your sister.
We'll wait for you in the promenade.
See you shortly.
Eva, why aren't you dressed yet? Dad just left.
I know.
I was waiting for him to leave.
Waiting, why? - What are you doing with that suitcase? - There's something you should know.
It was him.
Don't worry, Fernando.
There aren't any lifeboats missing.
I don't know what she's doing.
Carolina is always on time.
It seems she's making us wait.
Can someone go look for them? Father! I want the truth right now! What's going on? What truth? Here, in front of everyone! No more lies! This.
The truth about this! I don't know what you mean.
You don't know? Now do you know what I'm talking about? We deserve the truth.
Carolina, I know what you're going through.
But you can't doubt your father.
He loves you Shut up! The book! The book I gave you was inside the suitcase.
Just tell us why.
Why did you send so many innocents to their deaths? She's right.
I love you two more than anything.
- I did it all for you.
- Don't you dare use us as an excuse.
The company wasn't doing well.
The shoe supplies weren't arriving because of the war in Europe.
We were on the brink of bankruptcy.
They asked me to use some trucks, but I didn't kill anyone.
How can you say that? How can you say that? Don't you have a soul? If I hadn't done it, someone else would have.
You were going to keep the gold.
That story about helping people was a lie.
What were you going to do with it? We spent two years thinking you were dead.
Two years! And for the first time, I wish you were! Captain.
My brother must be released.
I'm the one who should be taken into custody.
Come in.
Excuse me.
Someone wants to see you.
I'm sorry.
Miss, forgive me.
I didn't want to harm you.
Don't ask me for forgiveness.
You're the one who has to forgive me.
If you'll excuse me.
Marry us.
- Here? Now? - Yes, here and now.
And the guests? Everyone who has to be here is here.
No one is missing.
I, Fernando Fábregas, take you, Carolina Villanueva, to be my wife.
I promise to be faithful to you, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, every day of my life.
- Now, you.
- Yes.
I, Carolina Villanueva, take you, Fernando Fábregas, to be my husband.
I promise to be faithful to you, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, every day of my life.
I, Nicolás Vázquez, captain of the Bárbara of Braganza, by the power vested in me under Spanish law, now pronounce you husband and wife.
You can kiss.
Captain, they're waiting for you on the bridge.
We've received a distress signal from a ship.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, too.
It's been a hard few days.
Do me a favor.
No, two.
Be happy.
And look ahead, always ahead.
What's happening? It's a small boat.
They have a leak in their hull.
It's 50 miles away.
- Is there another ship in the area? - No.
We're the closest ones.
This is their position.
- Ten degrees to southeast.
- Ten degrees to southeast.
- Full speed.
- Full speed, sir.
This is your fault.
You should be dead.
Come on.
Keep walking.
The truth always comes out eventually.
Hey! Sir!