High Society (2010) s01e05 Episode Script

The War Is On

Oh, that's really pretty.
I was there, like, swallowing the tears.
If people don't like the way that I am, that's just how it is.
I'm not going to change.
16 new messages.
Yet another social scandal is out there about me and it's going to be on Page Six.
Tinsley was really rude.
She snubbed me several times.
I will do anything to tear her apart.
Between breaking up with Casimir and my mom not being there for me when I need her the most, I feel like my life is spiraling out of control.
Dabney is also struggling with difficult people.
She's had it living with Jules and her angry outbursts.
Tonight, we need to forget about our problems for a while and just have a fun girl's night out.
- Hi.
- Come in, take a look around.
Anything you need.
We have wine.
I took her to La Perla and they closed the store down for us to do a little shopping.
Dabney! This is so you.
Okay, I'm going to try that one on.
It's like a little dress.
Thank you again.
- Bye.
- Thank you so much.
Dabney and I went back to the Empire hotel just to have a really fun girly night.
Girls gone wild! Stay home, order room service, drink champagne, pig out.
Oh my God, chicken fingers.
Ah! And just have fun.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Thank you, Dabs.
- I love you.
- Thank you.
Love you.
It means so much to me that she's my sister and she's been so there for me and during this process with my mom and everything that's happening, and just really keeping me as strong as I possibly can be during this time.
I think I always did, I think, for Mom, everything that I was supposed to do, so there was never conflict.
And all of a sudden-- But at the end of the day, who really cares if you're just going to do what she wants you to do and try to be this perfect daughter.
Say what you feel, do what you want to do, demand respect, and then at the end-- you won't have her treating you this way.
Stop trying to please her and start trying to please yourself.
- Seriously.
- Yeah.
Go back to the girl I grew up with.
"I can do anything.
y I can be anything.
" You know, like, seriously, Tins, get it together.
Step it up.
I need to have a serious talk with Mom.
Page Six have written about my little fiasco, at my friend Clea's apartment building the other night.
When I got it, I was really nervous.
Everybody reads Page Six.
And very few people get nice mentions.
It says, "Tuesday, Calderon was seen breaking sconces in the hallway of a friend's apartment building.
" I told Page Six, "It's not like rock stars don't vandalize hotel rooms and such all the time.
" To me, the Page Six thing was a total victory.
Jules tried to spin it to the press like it was some awful thing, and it was hilarious.
Not only this article, but on NBC's Fashion website, was this huge article titled, "Um, no, Tinsley Mortimer.
" And it basically called her, like, a wedding cake.
Did you hear about the dress that Tinsley wore to the Opera? Well, I was supposed to style her that night, and I got all these really cool downtown labels and none of it was going to happen.
And so she wore this Marchesa dress and I read this article about it, and they called her more cake than fashion.
So, I was right.
Maybe if she'd gone with my idea, she would have looked hot and they would have written an article about how hot she looked.
Sorry, Tins.
Can someone come up here from housekeeping? There's, like, vomit on the floor.
Well, it's really gross.
And, like, wipe the countertops off.
I've asked you this, like, four times, .
I don't understand why you can't do it.
So, there's vomit on the floor and then, like, you can see the dirt.
I don't know if you can see it, but I can see it.
And, like, I don't think you should expect me to clean it up.
I need an appointment to get my hair and nails done.
I'm willing to get it done as soon as possible.
Like, right now.
I real need to do something, because I have a party to go to tonight.
I'm going to find someone else who's better at doing everything.
The war is on.
She's no longer my friend.
- Okay.
- I'm pissed.
Miss Kirby, I'm going to have to ask that you leave.
Could you turn you camera off? Seriously, just stop.
I felt like a million bucks after reading the Page Six thing.
So I decided that I would go out and celebrate my victory against Jules Kirby.
I know 100% that Jules Kirby leaked that story.
But it totally blew up in her face, and backfired, so, I had to thank her in a special way.
Hi, I'd like to order some black flowers.
They're for a girl named Jules.
And I'd like the card to read "Thanks, bitch.
" Yeah, bitch.
Um, "I'm hotter than ever.
" So I sent her a bouquet of black roses because black goes with everything.
Hey, Tommy.
How are you? - Good, how are you? - Good.
I decided to call Tommy.
And I've invited him to come and celebrate my victory against Jules Kirby.
I'm really into him.
I think he's, like, super-hot.
And he's cute and I really want to pursue this.
I honestly had no idea if I would see you again.
Oh, there's been so much drama in my life.
It just, like, blew up.
You seem pretty drama free, though.
I like that.
Yeah, I'm not- I'm not into drama.
I'm at the point of my life where, why? Exactly.
So, are you dating anyone right now? No, I'm not.
Neither am I.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Is this a joke? No.
- All right, thank you.
- You're welcome.
These are some really ugly flowers, too.
I've invited Tommy to come to this benefit with me at the Four Seasons.
I saw Devorah.
She was there with her, like, crazy Crocodile Dundee gross walkabout hair.
Hi! And her new dress with her which are like-- Would hit you in the face before you even get to say hi.
What are you wearing? This is beautiful.
This is Maggie Norris.
I think I'm Facebook friends with her.
Everybody may know Paul's name, but nobody takes him seriously.
People, literally, when he would walk into parties, after he stole that handbag, Paul was here and everyone would go over there.
It's like a cockroach, or something.
Nice to meet you.
As editor-in-chief of Social Life magazine, an important part of my job is knowing people from all the rags to the blogs and that's an unfortunate thing for someone who's on my bad side.
Tinsley and I at one point were very close.
And then last night I saw her at the Opera-- Uh-huh.
- And she turned her back towards me like, a million times.
She's no longer my friend.
- Okay.
- I am pissed.
I'm on a mission.
Everyone needs to be informed that Tinsley is no longer who she once pretended to be.
She used to be a Park Avenue princess.
Now she lives in Chelsea.
You know, she's dating this prince.
Where the heck is his crown? I'm going to give Tinsley a wake-up call and, you know what? I am ready to take Tinsley down.
We are no longer speaking and the war is on.
Should I get that? Jules was crossing the line in the hotel too many times.
? It's your job.
I'm going to find someone else who's better at doing everything.
I had heard that if she so much as glanced the wrong way at someone, she was going to be kicked out.
Why are you such a bitch? It's your job.
She's on her last straw.
- Hi.
- Hi, how are you? Are you Miss Kirby? I'm not.
That's her.
Hi, Miss Kirby.
My name is Mark Houston.
I'm the hotel manager her at Empire.
Through the course of your stay, there have been certain instances-- I'm not going to do this on camera, so he has to turn the camera off.
Turn your cameras off, please.
Are you ? Could you turn you camera off? Seriously.
Seriously, turn you camera off.
Seriously, just stop.
I'm going to have to ask that you leave.
Do not do this.
You're crazy! Miss Kirby.
ep] are you doing? Miss Kirby? Apparently, someone got into a fight outside of the hotel, and they believe that it was Jules.
I'm going to have to ask that you leave.
Kick us out? Fine, we're leaving.
She's claiming that she did not do it.
I don't know.
I wasn't there.
But that is the reason why she was asked to leave the hotel.
That's not-- So, can we figure out a time frame? No, I'm going to do it right now.
She was escorted out of the hotel and asked to never come back again.
Do not do this! Why are you doing this? You're causing a scene! - You're crazy! - Miss Kirby.
She's not trustworthy.
I mean, she's sort of a loose cannon.
I really don't want that negativity in my life.
I don't want to deal with any of this petty drama that has to do with problems with her personality.
And it's not my problem.
It's not my fault.
I think I need to separate myself from her.
Yay! Cheers, everyone.
The things that I like about Tommy are the fact that he's so hot.
I can't remember the last time I've gotten butterflies in my stomach.
- Oh, shut up.
- No.
- For real.
- Stop it.
It's not just because he's good looking.
It's more personality.
I'm getting a little bit more of his personality, now, and that's what I like about him.
Cheers, now you have your drinks.
Things got a little wild.
All these people were, like, buying us shots and coming to sit with us.
Woo! I was, like, dancing on the table.
But then, all of a sudden-- I'm done.
I'm done.
Tommy, I guess he was just really upset because there were a lot of people, people that were like, you know? Who came over and wanted to be with us, and it's kind of, dude, you're at a club, and you're with me.
You're not going to get much one on one time.
I just wanted to come out with you-- I know.
- And I wanted to be with you.
I wanna be with you, too.
I like you so much.
And, like, for me to admit that-- - --it's really hard.
- So, yeah.
So let's just go with that.
It's hard for me, too.
Where is this coming from? Everything that's happened tonight.
We've had a great time all night, and-- - And now you're upset.
- Everything's happening.
He, like, got really upset.
Was like, we need to talk.
I just want him to know that I am serious about us, and that I really want to, you know, see this thing work out.
- Stop, stop.
- No, I do.
Stop, stop.
Don't do this.
Don't do this.
Can I ask, like, honestly, are you using me for, like-- No, for what? I'm not going to be your arm candy because I'm a model.
You want to be seen with a guy on the red carpet who's a model.
Don't go home.
I should go home.
All right.
I guess it's too much for him.
Like, this is the problem I always run into with guys.
I'm too much for them.
And this guy thinks that I'm using him? Like, you're a model that's in obscurity.
I'm Paul Johnson Calderon.
And, like, you think I'm using you? What am I using you for? Where is there to climb when you're already at the top? I was trying to save you, Tinsley.
You just gotta go with it, Mom.
You've got to choose your daughter.
Oh my God.
My little girl bared my heart.
Tonight is the Christopher Reeve ball, and it's a huge event in the city.
But my mom invited me to Newport, Rhode Island, and I'm headed out there instead.
Because it's time we finally had a talk.
My mom is the best mom.
I mean, we were the best of friends.
But recently, Mom has just been acting, like, crazy.
Hi, honey.
- Mom! - Welcome to Newport.
I just really hope this is the first step to us getting back to the way that we were.
Listen, we're in a hurry.
Paul and Charlie are waiting for us.
So we need to go right away.
- Okay.
- You ready? My mom wanted me to see some of her friends that are involved in the preservation society.
- Here they are.
- There they are.
We met at Marble house to discuss me being on a Committee for the big preservation society benefit that's in the summer.
We're so excited you've agreed to do this.
Yeah, thank you very much.
I'd love to do it.
As proud as I am of her, and as happy as I am that she had been asked to do this, I so, so worry that Tinsley's latest forays into dating will preclude her from these honors.
Let's go down the gallery.
Let's go down this way.
We went into the back hall, and there's a portrait of Alva Vanderbilt.
You know the whole story, Tinsley, don't you, Alva's divorce was a major event in New York society? Tinsley's going through something like that herself.
Mom, I think that's-- Any chance she can to try and like jab me or something about it, she will.
She wasn't really ever able to return to what she'd been before the divorce.
Oh, she wasn't? Most of her portraits were shredded after her divorce.
If Alva could speak to Tinsley, I think that she would say, Tinsley, think of your future! It's not worth it! You will ruin your life.
Tonight, I'm going to the Christopher Reeve foundation Gala.
And I made arrangements to shut down Jeffrey Rackover's show room.
I'm not talking about little $500, 000 diamonds.
I'm talking about millions of dollars worth of diamonds.
Oh, my God! They're worth well over a million dollars.
They're 13-karat round drops.
I love having a million dollars just dangling.
So this necklace is all oval-cut diamonds.
Has 110 karats of ovals.
This is about 1.
3 million.
Oh, my God! Are you kidding? I'd say the two pieces together, you're about $2 million.
Why have a house in the Hamptons when you can wear it? My kind of girl.
I don't know who your date is going to be, but I do have to tell you, because you've got at least over 3 million dollars worth of jewelry, we need to send a security guard with you.
Of course.
I mean, that's a Cinderella dream come true.
I skipped the Christopher Reeve ball to have a talk with my mom because I felt that this could not go on one more day.
I came up here and I thought that this would be a really good time to finally talk to you about something that's really painful, and really hurtful for me.
We've always been the best of friends.
We've always been so close.
And this is the hardest time in my life.
I've never felt more vulnerable and insecure, and fragile.
I know that Topper is not a good husband for me.
And my own mother, the mother that has always been, like, my biggest support system and my cheerleader and everything has decided to take sides against me.
Tinsley, I-- Mom, just listen.
You know, I've always been the good girl, and all of a sudden in my life the time I need you the most, you took another side.
Why couldn't you just get behind me? I was trying to save you, Tinsley.
Mommy-- All of a sudden, you're off with this German man, and your husband is hurting.
I was hurting, too.
Wait a minute.
Excuse me.
You've got to understand that I was in the middle.
I had Topper calling me-- Mommy, you're in the middle because you allow yourself to be in the middle.
I'm your daughter.
I wanted to protect you.
I understand, but I know that Topper is not a good husband for me.
How many times do I have to tell you that I know that? I mean, he couldn't even do it for two weeks! He couldn't be a good guy to me, Mom.
If I tell you I'm miserable and that I know this is right, then you've just got to go with it, Mom.
You've go to choose your daughter.
Oh my God, my little girl bared my heart, because I've always been there for Tinsley.
Tinsley, you and Dabney are the most important things to me in the world.
I mean, there's nothing I wouldn't do for you.
And I was trying to save you.
And I saw myself as saving you.
Mommy, you know, I just-- I just want to feel like you're proud of me again.
And I just want you to be happy.
Honey, no mother in the history of the world has ever been prouder.
And I love you with all my heart.
And I always have from the first moment I looked at your little face.
I'm glad Tinsley and I had this talk.
We've missed each other terribly.
I just want my mommy back.
I've missed you so much, honey.
I've missed you.
I missed you so much, too.
I realized that I had taken a stand that was too strong against her.
She has her own mind.
I raised her to have her own mind.
And I hope now we can just go on and have the same relationship we've always had together.
I'm concerned about her and her reputation.
I went to the Christopher Reeve Foundation event.
Devorah, this way.
I was on a mission and I wanted everyone to know that Tinsley has snubbed me at the Opera.
Tinsley has been the reigning princess of society long enough.
Carolina Herrera could talk to me, - but she couldn't.
- Please.
e just isn't who she used to be.
In society, there are very specific rules.
She has broken all of them.
, there's a bodyguard following me around because I have $3 million worth of diamonds on.
Two people came up to me that were big fans.
It was really cute.
And they told me the story had broken, and actually Googled it and read it to me.
"Devorah wages war against Tinsley "in New York Magazine.
"She's no longer my friend.
I am pissed.
"I have never been treated that way.
The war is on.
" I love it.
- I'm gonna celebrate.
- Let's celebrate! My master plan is definitely working and the truth about Tinsley, it's spreading like wildfire.
Cheers to that.
I love it, honey.
On High Society.
I'm really sorry about the last time we hung out.
I really want to make up with him.
I really want to see this work.
Who the does she think she is? She is a literally delusional piece of white trash.
I'm going to, like, lost my mind.
No one invited you.
She reminds me of something sticky on the bottom of my shoe that I just want to scrape off.