Highlander (1992) s01e08 Episode Script

Deadly Medicine

"Here we are, born to be kings" "We're the princes of the universe" "I am immortal" "I have inside me blood of kings" "I have no rival, no man can be my equal" "Take me to the future of your world" HIGHLANDER 1x08 "DEADLY MEDICINE" Buona notte.
Grazie Charlie.
- Go call an ambulance.
- Ok.
Don't touch him.
But I'm a reporter, not a reader! How do you think Barbara Walters got started? With Speech therapy? Look, Mr.
Talmadge, I belong out in the field.
Do you know how many girls women would give their right arms to sit behind the anchor desk? All the ones called "lefty"? Look, I don't want to be an anchor! An anchor's only good for holding things down! I'm an investigative reporter, I belong out on the street! Wrong.
You're a co-anchor filling the slot between weather and sports, and as long as I sign the checks, you'll be in makeup ready to roll for "News at eleven".
Thank you.
What do we got? Hit-and-run twenty minutes ago, pupils reactive, so they had to jump-star him, His respiration's ragged as hell.
He's also got extensive head injuries.
- I want X-rays on the stat.
- Right away.
Let's go.
Go to check with admitting right away.
The ten best-dressed actors in Hollywood? Who cares? They call that news? It's the lighter side.
Possible 545 in vicinity of Sixth and Hill, victim on route to City Center Emergency.
Suspect vehicle description: two-door domestic, dark blue, last seen going north on Lake.
You hear that? Things are happening out there.
Too bad the cops can't do anything about it.
But you see, that's a story.
The personal side of becoming a random victim in this city.
Can you run one of these? Yeah, in my sleep.
I didn't go through six years of film school for this.
Let's go.
What about the 'news at eleven"? Well, its four-and-a-half hours from now and this could be our lead feature: The little victim In The Big City! - Come on.
- I don't know.
Come on Jack, Where's your sense of adventure? Come on! Where's your ambition? Let's go! Ok.
Get the camera, Jack.
Come on hurry up! Where's the lord and master? Late.
So he's not perfect after all.
The vitals aren't stabilizing, doctor.
I need cardiac consult now, not in the morning.
- What's happening with X-Ray? - I'll go up there.
Barbara? Thanks.
Coming! Let me handle this.
We need chest x-rays, blood vases.
Pupils are fixed and dilated.
Hold him down.
Glenn, let's take him over to ICU Have doctor Stevens look after him.
It doesn't look good.
I'm afraid we're going to lose him.
- Massive hemorrhaging in the frontal lobe.
- What's left of it.
Terminal edema throughout the cortex I'm surprised he wasn't D.
What's his vitals now? - Where'd he go? - What? - Who ordered him moved? - Nobody told me.
The IV's still dripping.
Is he dead? Morgue.
Hi, this is Doctor Wilder in ER.
Did we just send over a cold one? No, Doctor Wilder.
It's been real dead down here.
Thank you.
This is Carol.
Yes Carol, this is Dr.
Wilder in E.
We sent up an I.
on a critical accident patient.
Have you notified next of kin yet? Well I was going to, but his brother just came by and His brother? Yeah, he's really nice, about six feet, good looking, ponytail Thank you.
Well, apparently our critical patient just checked out of the hospital.
That's impossible.
His brother came by to take him home The man was dying.
We have to find him.
¿Barbara? Barbara.
We've worked together a long time, you and I.
And I'd like to think that we have more than a professional relationship.
- I was hoping so.
- Me too.
Oh, and Barbara, don't mention this to the rest of the staff.
I'll I'll follow it up myself.
Are you certain? Yes, Carol, this is doctor Wilder once again.
About that patient we had down here you did photocopy his ID, didn't you? That's standard procedure, Doctor Wilder.
I see.
Would it be possible if I could come up there and look at it? I'll be here.
Thank you.
That will be 12.
50, brother.
Yes, we did admit a hit-and-run victim earlier this evening.
Are you related to Mr.
MacLeod? Who? Why? What was that? This accident victim's name is MacLeod? - I can't divulge any - Duncan MacLeod? You know this guy? Let's go.
Are you related? Yes, yes! I'm his sister! Why doesn't he call? He probably got hung up someplace without a phone.
Maybe he ran into somebody.
Like another immortal.
He can take care of himself.
The exigencies of urban life, never realizing how vulnerable each of us is, has brought us into The emergency room of City Hospital, where a man who only hours ago was healthy and living his life.
- A man who now lies injured - Excuse me, but I'll have to ask you to leave.
We're doing a story on the city's victims of violence.
Please, this is a hospital.
We're checking on your Patient, Duncan MacLeod.
- The Admitting office handles - Is he in surgery? Look, if you'll turn that off Ok, ok.
Forget the camera.
But can we see Mr.
MacLeod? Mr.
MacLeod's injuries were minor.
He's been discharged.
There's nothing more I can tell you.
But the police call was for vehicular homicide.
The police were wrong.
That's good.
Well there goes the story, huh? I'm really sorry, I'm sorry to bother you.
Let's go Jack.
Sorry about the morphine, Mr.
but over the years, I've realized that my 'in house' patients require substantial sedation to avoid disturbing my neighbors.
but none of them have ever held your promise.
Modern medicine, Mr.
MacLeod, it does such a poor job of healing the body.
We simply must improve the healing process.
But how? Now a man comes into my E.
, with severe brain trauma, multiple internal injuries, bone fractures, and he simply gets up, and walks out.
I must know more about this man.
There, there Mr.
MacLeod, Any discomfort you're about to feel will pale in the medical history we're about to make together.
Our first approach will be a cell pathology exam for which I will need a tissue sample.
MacLeod? This maybe the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
Duncan? Hi.
You remember me? Randi McFarland.
What can I do for you? I just came by to see how Mr.
MacLeod was doing.
You see, I'm doing a story on the city's accident victims.
Accident? What accident? He didn't tell you? About last night? No.
He never even came home.
What happened? There was this accident.
A hit-and-run and he was taken to City Hospital.
Doctor Wilder? Yes.
You were looking for me? Yes.
Well, actually, we're looking for someone you saw last night.
Duncan MacLeod.
MacLeod? Yes, I saw Mr.
MacLeod last evening.
Was he hurt? Well, actually, we're not really sure You see, when a patient checks himself out of the hospital, we have no choice but to discharge him.
Has anyone else come looking for him? No.
If you please excuse me If he was here something pretty nasty must've gone down.
He's not exactly the accident prone type.
But if he left where is he? Honestly there's nothing else for me to tell you.
Well, then can I see his file? Oh, as I recall the man wasn't here long enough to create any sort of a file.
How about his X-rays? No.
No, he was out of here long before we could order up any x-rays.
Do you ordinarily sign the discharge papers? - No, so - Doctor Wilder, - we've got a bad dog bite in here.
- Thank you.
Look, I really would like to help you, but I don't what else to say.
But the paramedics said he was seriously injured Paramedics aren't equipped to give any sort of diagnosis.
- Doctor Wilder! - Yes.
And Mr.
MacLeod walked out of here on his own volition.
Now, seriously injured people they don't do that, do they? I told you, lady, nothing strange in the way of a homicide has been reported.
And he maybe just took a business trip and forgot to tell you.
Give me a break, are you nuts? Listen, Sergeant Herrald, first your people told me I had to wait forty eight hours before I could file a missing person's report.
That's the law.
Then they said I should come back - I wish I had something to tell you.
- So do we.
A man doesn't disappear without a trace! Look, Miss Noel, we get a couple of these things a week in here.
I mean, we spend more time trying tracking these guys down than you can imagine.
And you know what? When we find them, they usually don't want to be found.
What're you saying? Look, you're a beautiful woman, and a guy would have to be crazy but men are men.
These things happen.
Let's go.
I don't get this.
What's so damned newsworthy about this MacLeod guy? He He's brought into the hospital after being run down.
He gets up and he walks out under his own power, and then he promptly disappears.
I mean, sounds like a story in there somewhere.
So we want his complete medical history then.
Who knows? Maybe he's got something to hide.
Party? Yeah, we're all meeting down at Clancy's for dinner.
I thought it might be a chance for everyone to have a good time.
You know, Miss Moore, someday, a sprain like this will heal in minutes, right from what there're in your own body.
Telephone call for Doctor Wilder.
- Doctor Wilder, telephone.
- I can handle this.
You go ahead.
Yes? This is Doctor Wilder.
It's Randi McFarland, Doctor.
Oh, hi.
I'm rather busy right now.
Can I call you back? You too busy to hear about your patient, Duncan MacLeod? I ah can I put you on hold? Barbara, I may have I have to take this in the other room.
Ah, go ahead, Miss McFarland.
We've doing some research, Doctor and there are no medical records anywhere on Duncan MacLeod.
No vaccinations no hospitalizations There's not even dental work.
Well, maybe he's just really healthy.
It's odd, though, that after he left your hospital he just disappeared, isn't it? Yes.
Yes, it is.
But, thank you for calling and I'll make sure I call you know if I hear anything.
I just tell this guy about a medical miracle and he acts like I'm talking about dental floss.
Let's check into this Doctor Wilder and his E.
and see what turns up.
Everything all right? Yeah, everything's fine, just fine.
So do you think you can make it tonight? Oh, right, the party, look Barbara, I'm I'm not very good at parties but I I'll be there.
Good night, Mr.
- Hello? - Paul? I thought you were coming.
The party's over.
Oh, Barbara.
I'm sorry - something came up.
- Something always comes up.
It's just it's not been a very good time.
It's about that patient, Duncan MacLeod, isn't it? Barbara, I thought we said we were not gonna mention him again.
He wasn't the first, Paul.
I've always done what you've asked me, you owe me the truth.
As much as I care for you, if you can't tell me I'll have to take it to the hospital board of inquiry.
No! No, you can't do that.
Then explain it to me.
All right, I'll come over to the restaurant.
The restaurant's closed.
Everyone's gone home.
All right.
Well I I'd still love to see you.
I'd like that.
Where are you? I'm out in the pier next to the parking lot.
I'll be right there.
Paul I'm glad you came.
- Hi Barbara.
- Hi.
Are you all right? Yeah, it was a great party.
And I took a lot of pictures.
You must promise me that you'll forget about MacLeod and never mention his name again.
What are you afraid of, Paul? What have you done? Nothing.
I've done nothing.
Then why all the secrets and all the lies? I don't know what're you talking about? I heard what you told that reporter about us not taking any X-rays.
I don't recall.
I checked radiology.
The X-rays aren't there anymore.
The same thing happened to Mrs.
Wilson and Mr.
De Salvo.
Please, Paul, what is going on? We get to tell someone about that MacLeod fellow, about what happened to him in there.
I mean, he left E.
in critical condition.
Barbara, I'm sorry, but - you won't be telling anybody anything.
- Why? - Because you'll be dead.
- No.
Paul, please! Oh, no, please.
Paul! The body was face down here, doctor.
And with me here is Sergeant Bill Herrald.
Sergeant, what exactly occurred here last tonight? We have an apparent female homicide victim, age 25 to 30.
- Any idea who might have done this? - Not at this time, although we do have several witnesses that saw a car leaving the scene.
We'll keep you informed, all right? A grisly scene down oh the pier last night, with more details as they become available.
Reporting live from Silver Strand Beach, this is Randi McFarland.
Now back to you, Brian.
And, we're out.
Sergeant! Sergeant! What kind a car was seen? - Look, I'm not at liberty to say that.
- It's off the record.
I promise I'll stay out of your hair.
All right, off the record, it's a black T-Bird.
Yeah? Doctor Wilder, do you have any comment on the murder of Barbara Madison? I only heard of it this morning.
I'm shocked and saddened.
Now, If you'll excuse me Are you aware that the prime suspect in her murder is the patient we discussed? Yes, Duncan MacLeod, I've no idea why he would do such a thing.
Do you see any possibilities between his visit to this hospital and the events of last night? I leave such matters to the police I suggest you do the same.
The pier? You think he was there? Witnesses saw his car speeding away from the scene.
Then he's alive? Yeah.
But this murder down by the bridge, they think Duncan did it.
Bright boy.
This is insane.
Duncan didn't kill anyone.
Look, if he phones I want to know, you got it? MacLeod and Noel Antiques.
Will you accept a collect call from Duncan? Yes, yes I will.
Go ahead party.
Duncan!? is that you? Yeah, yes, it's me.
Are you all right? Where've you been? I'm not really sure.
Where are you now? Ah the harbor near Silver Strand.
Ok, there is a new cafe there.
I'll be right there, and stay hidden.
Why? You're wanted for murder.
- What? - You're wanted for murder.
Aloe? Duncan? I've got to go get him.
Richie, help me.
I'll take care of it.
All right.
This is it.
Let's go, let's go.
You're alive! Yeah.
but don't judge a book by its cover.
Where are you been all this time? All what time? Look at today's date! - Oh, my God! - Where are you been? I don't know.
"NURSE FOUND SLAIN" Look at this.
The police think I killed this woman.
They have witnesses who swear your car was there.
She was a nurse at City Hospital.
That's the hospital you were at.
I was? Don't you remember? I've seen her before.
Massive head injury She was killed on the pier.
At the rear of Clancy's parking lot.
All they say the only thing stolen was her camera.
How did they know that? Because she had the camera strap attached to her wrist.
Why steal her camera and nor her purse? I wonder.
- Ta-daa! - You found it? Yeah.
A well-protected bay with a limited tidal action this time of year.
But Duncan, the film even if there's anything worth looking at it's been sitting in salt water.
Tessa, trust me.
We aren't going to One-Hour Photo.
Come on.
Why don't you just take this to One-Hour Photo? Because we don't have an hour to spare and I happened to be wanted for murder.
He's joking, right? I forgot he doesn't have a sense of humor.
So, what do you think? How far down was it? Eighteen feet.
Stuck in rocks.
Case is still intact which is good.
Immersion in salt water which is bad.
But I do like a challenge.
Lights! Not bad, considering the salt water.
It looks like a party.
Is that all? Well it's a full roll, twenty-four exposures.
She squeezed off an extra shot at the end of the roll.
You're right.
It's overexposed and out of focus.
You can't even tell what it is.
You might be able to enhance it with a computer simulation.
That'll take all night.
I'll give you a hand.
Besides, what else have you got to do? - Something's weird with MacLeod.
- How do you mean? This isn't the first time he's shown up right in the middle of one of my stories.
Coincidence? I stopped believing in that about the same time I stopped believing in the Tooth Fairy.
He's into something with the good Doctor.
I'm gonna learn what it is.
So, what's it doing? It's taking what can be seen in the picture and creating its most probable form.
Helluva thing.
It looks like a finger.
What's that? It's like a ring.
It's some sort of a symbol.
It's the Greek letter Omicron.
It sure doesn't tell you much.
You'd be surprised Sam You'd be surprised.
Can I help you, Miss McFarland? Doctor Wilder? I'd just like to ask a few questions.
Not now.
Where are the others who disappeared from your E.
? What's this about? It's about a half dozen people being discharged from your Emergency Room and then disappearing.
Young lady, Are you implying? That's there's something going on in your E.
and Duncan MacLeod is part of ít? You bet.
- You don't give up do you? - Never.
Well, it's a rather long story.
But I assure you there's a credible explanation for all of this.
I've got the time.
Seventy-two organizations in this country using the Greek letter omicron How many use Omicron as the first letter? Let's see.
I love these software upgradings.
Omicron Delta.
Honorary Medical Fraternity of trauma care specialists Emergency Room doctors.
Of which there are thirty-three members in this city.
But only one treated me.
People know I'm here.
I see.
But this isn't where they'll find you.
This would qualify as an infringement of the first amendment.
You're trying to muzzle the press.
I'm glad to see that you still have sense of humor, Miss McFarland.
Please, walk over to the gurney.
Please! Yes? May I help you? I hope so.
I was looking for Doctor Wilder.
Is he in? And you are? A Very old friend.
My plane has a layover for a couple of hours and I thought that I might catch him.
He should be here but he hasn't checked in.
He could be home.
Thank you.
I forgot! My address book is in my luggage.
He lives at? Thank you so much.
He's not there.
But I've got his address.
No, no, no, no.
It's just a little shot, Miss McFarland.
Really, no, you'll go to sleep.
You won't feel any pain at all.
Look, Doctor.
I wanna know more about these experiments of yours.
It can make a great story.
- Here, unconscious I can't help you.
- No, no, don't underestimate yourself you're of enormous help to me and to all mankind.
I can get you on Sixty Minutes, on CNN.
Now you're underestimating my intelligence.
Do you think I'm insane? Hmm.
No, It never crossed my mind.
This is it.
- No, stay here.
- But let me go with you.
Miss McFarland, You should be excited.
You're about to be part of something historically significant.
You see, by altering genes we may be able to prolong our lives for decades.
Even centuries.
No! I I report history I don't participate.
I Please! You're gonna kill me.
Of course not, My mission is to save lives.
But I do I need my research subjects.
And although you're not as interesting as Mr.
MacLeod, you You'll do fine.
Miss McFarland, some day you'll be proud of what you've done.
Very proud.
No peace for the wicked, doctor? Get out.
Or I'll kill her.
She's not like you.
She won't survive.
If you even so much as scratch her, I'll dissect you.
Duncan, what's up!? Leave him.
Come on! Go! See you - Wilder? - He won't hurt you.
- Where is he? - He's dead.
The lab is pretty burned up.
It's hard to tell what he was doing down there.
And I'm not sure I really want to know, but can you give us a statement? Statement? I think I just slept through the best story of my career.
And what about you, MacLeod? He was trying to help mankind.
For some men, it's a dangerous impulse.
Can we go? Yeah.
But I wanna a full statement from you later.
Let's go home.
Thanks for getting me out of there.
Wasn't us.
We found you out here.
MacLeod! I'm gonna get that story, one of these days! All because I was going to cook Italian.
You have a long memory.
I've to.
"Here we are" "We're the princes of the universe" "Here we belong" "Fighting for survival" "We've got to be the rulers of the world" "I am immortal" "I have inside me blood of kings" "I have no rival, no man can be my equal" "Take me to the future of the world"