Highlander (1992) s01e09 Episode Script

The Sea Witch

"Here we are, born to be kings" "We're the princes of the universe" "I am immortal" "I have inside me blood of kings" "I have no rival, no man can be my equal" "Take me to the future of your world" HIGHLANDER 1x09 "THE SEA WITCH" Helliman's, Helliman's, Helliman's Damn! I know it's around here somewhere.
Helliman's Antiques.
Maybe it's twelve eight-five.
Bingo! Helliman's Antiques.
Is this a jewelry store now? I don't carry no cash.
Relax, man, I'm not here to hassle you.
You want something? Not unless you got some primo Inca statues in the back.
What happened to Helliman's Antiques? Too many break-ins.
Moved to Moorland Avenue last year.
Last year? Damn! You're away a few months, the whole neighborhood moves out on you.
Maybe not the whole neighborhood.
Hey, hey, Moorland's the other way.
What's the matter with you, Nikki? This one's gonna put us over the top.
Melinda's alone, I can't Melinda's used to it, she'll wait.
And you'll do what I tell you! Like hell I will! Just keep your hands to yourself, pal! Richie, what are you doing here? Just checking out the old neighborhood.
Look, pal, I hate to break up this little reunion, but we gotta go.
Maybe she doesn't wanna go.
Oh beautiful.
Now, the marines are here.
Now are you gonna move, or I might gonna be making you eat your teeth? Just forget it, Richie.
Just leave, ok? You're sure? Some other time, pal.
You're late.
Minor delay, we're here now.
You got the stuff? The best powder on the coast.
Ah-ah: First we see the money.
I'll take that.
Looks like all fifty grand is here.
Here you go, your ticket to play land.
You don't wanna be pulling that staff, kid.
Sure I do.
Hand it to the lady.
That too.
Do it! Pick it up! I said pick it up! Hey, knock it off! Denis! You were supposed to leave! You were supposed to be okay! - Helliman's Antiques.
May I help you? - Helliman? - Yes.
- Leonard, hi, ít's Duncan MacLeod here.
How are you? Sorry to trouble you.
I was just wondering what time Richie left with the Inca piece.
Well, he never showed up.
The piece's still here.
- Oh, I see.
- Is there a problem? No, no, no, it's a we'll do it.
Thanks, Leonard.
Goodbye Well? When did he leave? He never turned up.
You have endangered my operation for fifty thousand dollars.
We just thought that You don't think! You do as told! A punk tries to steal from us.
That I expect.
The punk is now dead? That too, I expect.
What I don't expect is some girl getting away with fifty thousand dollars and my merchandise.
It is a principle.
She wasn't alone, Mister Voshin.
She had a partner.
This partnership is now ended? He must've known the area real good.
They lost us.
The dead one.
You know where he lives? Yeah.
What are you waiting for? Ok.
No one's seen him.
You think he's in trouble? Well, I'll take a look around.
Helliman's is near Richie's old neighborhood.
I'll find him.
But it might take a while.
I'll be here.
All right.
Nikki, this is not a good idea.
This is a very, very bad idea.
I told you, I gotta stop here! If they know who your boyfriend is, this is the first place they'll come! I know that! It'll only take a minute.
Nikki! I'm telling you, you can always buy more clothes, but you cannot buy a new head.
The Inca Head.
After these guys kill me, Mac's gonna kill me all over again.
What's so damn important? Melinda.
If you want to walk, walk.
Come on, we have to get out of here.
I thought your mother took care of her.
She's been dead for eight months.
Nobody tells me anything.
- Go, go! - Oh, man! - What's the matter.
- You've been gone a long time.
- Is there another way out of here? - Yes, quickly.
Hurry up! Hurry up! Go, come on! I'm going to cut them off! Let's go! Take her.
Go, go.
All right, time out.
Seriously, let's just sit here and think about this for a second.
I mean, nobody's killed anybody yet, right? Wrong.
Ok, so there's Dennis, but that's ancient history, no big deal, we don't even count him.
It'll be like a clean slate, see? So you can let us go, and then everybody's happy.
Come on! What do you say? We got one rule.
You mess with us, you die.
And you broke that rule.
Mac! Want to try someone your own size? Come on.
Come on! Come on.
Let's go.
- Are you ok? - Fine, no problem.
I had it under control.
I would've taken them both eventually.
Richie! Shut up! Damn! Man, that dude in the T-Bird took you down cold.
T- Bird? Did you catch the license number? Ain't nothin' I don't catch.
If I tell you, what's in it for me? Your life.
How's that? How long was your mom sick for? About three years.
Three years? How'd I miss that one? Easy, you're looking out for anyone but Richie Ryan.
I just saved your life and you're all over my case.
Look, I'm sorry the Dennis's gone, but how'd you wind up in the guy in the first place? I mean, he's such a loser, he's like a road kill with attitude.
Well, there was nobody else.
I was broke, I was on the street with a three-year-old, It wasn't like - I had a lot of options, Richie.
- Well, you could've What? Who's gonna give me a job? I mean, you never had to you know.
Turn tricks? No.
No thanks to friends like you, though.
Give a break, I had to make a choice.
It was either get up, or go down.
Duncan gave me the chance, and I grabbed it.
Yeah, well, you were lucky you had someone to grab on to.
Am I interrupting? It's your place.
Where's my kid? She's in Richie's room.
She's still asleep.
You can stay there for now, that is, if Richie doesn't mind the couch? No.
Couch is great, I love the couch.
Look lady, don't put yourself out.
All right? I don't need the kid gloves.
My name is Tessa.
And I'm sure you don't.
But I thought Melinda might I can look after her just fine.
What is your problem? It's ok.
Can I get you something to drink or eat? I'm not hungry.
Listen, Duncan wants to talk to you.
Unless of course it's too much trouble.
No trouble at all.
These are good people, lighten up.
They're your people, not mine.
Damn right, but you're in their house, so shape up, Nikki.
Sit down.
You wanna tell me about it? What's to say? Dennis set up a deal with some seriously ugly gays.
I know.
We met.
Well? The deal was about to go down, some went wrong.
Richie came, Dennis got shot, we ran.
It's that all? What do you mean? Well, why follow you all that way? Why bother? How should I know? Most pushers are pretty scrubby, aren't they? Only for two things, Nikki.
Drugs or money.
Which do you have? Mac, she'd have told me.
Right? Nikki! I don't believe you.
I'm sorry.
It was my chance to make it out, Richie! I grabbed it, okay? Nobody makes it out with this garbage.
So what do we gonna do now? We wanna call the cops? No, please.
I know what'll happen.
They'll tell me I'm an unfit mother, they'll take my little girl.
What if we just give it back? You know, no harm done, sayonara, see you later.
So they can put this back on the streets? So they can sell it to another Richie Ryan? Or another Melinda? Those guys are still after us.
They don't know where you are.
You can stay her until this blows over, As for this poison I just hope there aren't any alligators in the sewers.
Hi Melinda.
Everything's ok, now.
Did you get something to eat? From Tessa.
She's nice.
Well, she's rich.
Now you go back to sleep, ok? Look, this new guy came outta nowhere, he caught us off guard.
Looks like he did a lot more than that.
This guy was real good.
Hands, feet he moves like I never seen before.
Like he'd been doing it for a hundred years.
Describe him to me.
Tall, dark hair, pony tail.
He was wearing a long coat.
The kid called him something.
Not MacLeod? Yeah, it might have been MacLeod.
Are you sure? What have you, run into him somewhere before? It's hard to know.
I've had a very long career, run into many people.
But there is one thing you should watch up for.
When not if you find him, find out if he has a sword.
Is that a cow? A dinosaur.
Oh, I should've known.
Do you like dolls, Melinda? Maybe.
Maybe? You're not sure? I can't remember.
Close your eyes and wait here.
Can I open them yet? Now.
Open them.
Is she yours? Once, when I was a little girl like you.
Now she's yours.
She had toys, you know.
I wasn't that much of a screw-up.
I never said that.
Listen, I know how rough it's been for you You know? what do you know? You with your money and your expensive clothes.
That stuff meant a new life for Melinda and me.
Drugs don't bring life.
Don't judge me.
I'm not.
Sure you are.
I see the way you look at her.
Listen, I don't want her.
I just want you to get a grip on your life.
Give her a chance, let her have a real childhood.
She deserves that much.
Mamie? What do you want now? - I wanna go out.
- Well, you can't.
Maybe Tessa can take you.
I'll take good care of her.
I'm sorry, baby.
I'm sorry.
I love you, babe, I love you.
Now, don't give us that, nobody flashes fifty thousand dollars worth of dope! I'm telling you the truth.
You got the money.
Can't you just let me go? And people tell me I have no sense of humor.
This is not funny.
Now, where is the money? I don't know.
But you will.
Ok, all right, I hid it in the loft.
But I can get it for you.
You deliver us the money and we leave you in peace.
Of course, Marco will go with you.
If you're lying you'll die, and I will take your daughter.
Do you have a problem with that? Nobody's here.
This way.
You have one minute.
It may take a little longer.
- You expected me to carry this myself? - You volunteered.
I don't know why the Inca set to make that stuff outta stone? No slam the door.
No wonder they became extinct.
Not extinct.
Their empire fell apart because they couldn't feed themselves.
On a modern level, I don't think we're far behind.
Yeah, well, on a personal level, I feel for them.
I haven't eaten all day So gonna have to wait a little while longer.
You're stalling.
It's here, I know it is.
Just a little more time.
Time is up.
You know what that means! That's not a good idea.
Let's see who wins this time.
I'm getting tired of this.
Let go of the knife.
Let's see what else we got here.
You're all right? Look at this.
Now, what are we going to do with you? Do what you gotta do.
Freakin' weirdos, he said you might have a sword.
Sword? Who said that? Who said that? Who? Not a chance.
Look, if I tell you, he'll kill me.
If he doesn't, I will.
Now what's his name? talk to him yourself.
- He's getting away, Mac! - Let him.
Marco? Sorry, Marco is not here.
He had to run.
Ah, ít's the mystery man.
You've been causing me a lot of trouble lately.
Dumping my drugs, stealing my money.
Well, life is tough everywhere.
Not as tough as they're going to be.
I know where you live, and unless you want me to hunt your friends and gut them like rabbits, you'll come to see me.
Where? A ship, at the old wharf.
You won't have a problem finding it.
It's called the Sea Witch II.
They are almost all here.
We should have been en our way by now.
It is not easy for people to leave their homes, their books, all they know.
But better the sea than Siberia.
Stalin is madman.
He kills those he fears and he fears everyone.
I am wondering, what is the name of this ship? it ¡s called Morska Vjes'tica.
But it's not Russian word.
A Yugoslav word.
It means Sea Witch.
Niva, meet Alexei Voshin your Captain.
He's going to get us out of Russian waters safely.
Aha, then it is your ship? Always at your service and the service of the Clan MacLeod.
Ah, then you're old friends? Let's just say we've known each other for long time.
And the Captain is in my debt.
And I repay my debts.
He almost took my head.
But I did not.
And that's why you're helping me, as is it not Alexei? My ship is where you asked it to be, is it not? It is police.
Do not worry.
We have papers for all.
He's not police it's a Red Army Major, KGB! As Rasputin said before they murdered him: "what's life without a little excitement, did it?" As you can see, Major, those are legitimate travel papers.
So it would seem.
You are right, Comrade Voshin.
They are excellent forgeries.
The deal comrade Stalin offered was just too good.
- Put him with the others! - No! Do what you want with these sheep, but this one is for me.
You betrayed all these people because of me? They are nothing, but you I'm going to teach you something, MacLeod.
I'm going to teach you how to lose your head.
Not this time, Voshin! Don't bother! If he hasn't come up by now, he's never going to.
Don't count on it.
Alexei Voshin.
So it is you, Highlander.
Well, when may I expect you? Is this a summons, Alexei? Merely a courtesy.
I assume you didn't want me coming to you.
I can guarantee you complete privacy.
And I can guarantee that if you harm anyone I care about, I'll send you to hell the hard way.
You'll be there long before me, MacLeod, yeah? I wish there was some other way.
There never is.
How is Melinda? She's beautiful, and innocent, and has no idea her mother was planning to leave her.
For a while there, just for a few hours I felt like she was mine.
I liked how it felt.
But she's not.
I have my own life and it's more than enough.
Are you certain? You could Never.
I think we have something for you.
And I'm sorry.
For everything.
A lot of people are looking for this.
It's all there.
The whole fifty thousand.
Guess I've a lot to make up for home.
No You have a lot to live for.
You're really going to go to those creeps? Sometimes life doesn't give you the choice.
I think you know how that plays.
Is he gonna be okay? I don't know.
That's it.
Everybody is ashore.
Except for me, I mean You sure you don't want me to stay? I'm sure.
It's just that Alexei, I've seen what this guy can do.
You've also seen what I can do.
I'm I'm out of here.
I feel you, MacLeod.
We'll have to stop meeting this way, Voshin.
It's been a little more than hall a century.
what will people say? Who cares? They're sheep, Macleod, here to provide us with whatever we want.
We tolerate them.
You haven't changed.
Did you expect me to? No, that's why I'm here.
I Welcome it.
Not this time, Alexei.
This is the last time.
Strong word, for a man spent his time saving sheep from the slaughter.
I never fed off human blood and misery to gain power.
And pleasure.
Don't forget pleasure.
Stalin was a fool, but he had a talent for brutality.
And I love that in a man.
Sounds like you miss it.
What took you so long, MacLeod? She died in my arms.
I even named this ship The Sea Witch II, for how do you Scots put it? For Auld Lang's Syne.
You should have taken my head when you had the chance.
I'll take it now.
In the name of all the people you betrayed.
I feel you, MacLeod.
What are you waiting for? I'm waiting for you, Alexei.
It ends here.
Coming with me.
So long Alexei.
Say hello to Comrade Stalin for me.
Well, I guess you're gonna be glad to see the last of us specially me.
I'm going to be thinking about both of you for a long time.
Oh, I'll send these clothes back to you as soon as we get settled in Downville.
Why don't you keep them? They look great on you.
And you'll need them for that new job you're going to find.
And on the money, ít's not mine.
The police nailed Marco, Reese and the rest of Voshin's playmates last night so don't worry about it.
They won't come looking for ¡t.
Bad money put to good use.
Besides, it's not just for you.
It's for her, too.
What can I say? No one's ever been this good to me.
There is light at the end of the tunnel, it's up to you to get to it.
I'm sure as hell gonna try.
And I got the best reason in the world.
I guess Downville can seem pretty boring compared to hangin' out in the hood, huh? Take my word for it.
You won't miss it for a second.
Well, maybe a split second.
I guess we have to say it, huh? Bye.
Aren't we forgetting someone? I'm going to miss you, Melinda.
Very, very much.
I'll always remember you.
Promise? You see, I'm going to save you right here.
Where's Duncan? He has his own way of saying goodbye.
That must have cost you a bit.
You have no idea.
"Here we are" "We're the princes of the universe" "Here we belong" "Fighting for survival" "We've got to be the rulers of your world" "I am immortal" "I have inside me blood of kings" "I have no rival, no man can be my equal" "Take me to the future of your world"