Highlander: The Raven s01e18 Episode Script

Thick as Thieves

Two more, please.
Hold your bets.
Three black.
Sorry, no winners.
- Yes! - The lady is a winner! Oh! Must be my lucky day.
If this keeps up, I'm never going back to Poughkeepsie.
Place your bets, please.
Sorry, folks.
No winners.
Why not take a chance on me later? Capped teeth, bad dye job, and I suspect a teensy bit of surgery in Denmark.
If you know what I mean.
No invitation, no entrance.
You know the drill.
Problems outside? Nothing I can't handle.
Why aren't you working? I'm ready to sit down.
My feet are killing me.
Tell that to M.
DuPont when his casino gets robbed.
Don't worry about it.
We have extra men outside, metal detectors at the door and security cameras everywhere.
But I tell you what-- I do love my work.
You can't keep that.
You think I'm here for the lukewarm Cristal? Six major casinos robbed in the last six months.
And two and a half million dollars on this table? That's why we're here.
Party pooper! Winner! Yes! Black 13.
We have a winner.
Yes! Oh! I'll take another circuit of the room, if you like.
- What a trouper.
- If I come back with $50,000, it's your fault.
Is something burning? What time in motion? We've got two minutes! Get the jewelry.
Don't forget the rings and large bills only! Forty-five seconds! My God! Pleasant dreams, Amanda.
She is immortal.
A thousand years old and she cannot die.
A creature of legend like the raven, a thief who stole the sun and the moon.
They sent a warrior to bring her back.
He found her.
Together, they brought back light to the world.
I was a cop.
To me she was just a thief, another day on the job.
But she wasn't-- She changed my life, changed everything.
And both of us knew from that moment on, nothing would ever be the same.
I think so, yes.
So, you are the manager? What? Nice going.
Me? Us.
We made a lousy first impression on DuPont.
Oh, that.
Remote-activated knockout gas through the heating vents.
We can't be expected to think of everything.
Yeah, we can.
That's why he hired us.
Dangerous occupation for such a lovely lady.
May I have the pleasure? Nicolae Breslaw, Interpol, and a hopeless romantic.
Uh-- Amanda Montrose, and you are Nick Wolfe.
Both working undercover.
For all the good it did.
Don't berate yourself.
I've been following this gang across three continents.
They are professionals, just like us.
And sooner or later, they will make a mistake, just like us.
And now, I hope you will favor me with your most accurate eyewitness account.
Oh! No more questions! Just one.
No! I'm tired and I'm hungry and sick of talking.
Anything else? Yeah, I'm quitting.
I'm off this gig.
Just like that? Right.
Getting gassed is not my idea of a great evening.
Besides, Breslaw makes me very nervous.
The sign of a guilty conscience.
Oh, not this time, Wolfie.
All my stuff was swiped like everybody else's.
Really? Well, at least you still have your diamonds.
Did I tell you that I have a really bad headache? You know, your necklace? The one you reported as stolen? It's splitting my head in two.
The one you stuffed in your purse when you thought no one else was looking.
This old thing? Interesting how everybody else was robbed.
- What makes you so special? - Well, if you're just figuring that out now, darling-- Amanda, why weren't you robbed? Because a jeweled goblet fell out of my monk's robes after I presented the fake hair of St.
Margaret to Queen Mary.
Are you happy now? The charges are heresy and treason, but you can still save yourself.
Do you renounce your heresy and beg for God's mercy and forgiveness, and accept the one true faith, in the name of Mary, Queen of England, France and Ireland, defender of the faith? Never! Then may God have mercy on your soul.
Bloody Mary, right enough.
Pity anyone who still accepts the Church of England.
She's killed over 200 Protestants already, they say.
She takes their heads and then their fortunes.
We're here to take some of it back.
Hm! Bring the bone and follow me.
Oh! Brother, pray do restrain yourself.
Hm! I hope you know what we're doing.
Shh! Trust me.
Who disturbs us? Most Royal Highness, monks bringing sacred relics from the Holy Land.
Welcome, Brothers.
- Your Highness.
- Does he not speak? Brother Bartholomew has taken the vow of silence, Your Highness, out of deference for all your loyal subjects whose prayers were silenced in the past.
Ah, yes.
Very well.
What have you brought? Behold.
A relic from St.
Lutgardis, patron saint of childbirth.
It is said all who possess the bone become blessed with the gifts of healing, prophesy and fertility.
We will hold it.
Our Father, Who art in Heaven-- And England will have her heir.
One more thing, my most blessed queen-- a lock of hair said to be from the very head of St.
Margaret herself.
Brother Bartholomew, the hair.
Where is the hair? A thousand pardons.
It is still with the horses.
Run! Fetch it quickly! We grow weary.
Go fetch Brother Bartholomew.
Not-- Not necessary.
No one enters Her Majesty's treasure room.
My son.
Ooh! Amen.
Ah! Almost forgot.
The hair.
I believe I hear his approach without.
- Hurry up! We're waiting! - Our patience is at an end.
As I was saying, here comes my brother now.
The sacred hair of our blessed St.
Praise St.
Praise the Lord.
Long live the queen and her heirs.
And now, Your Most Pious Majesty, with your permission, we take our leave.
Well? As much as I could carry.
Halt! You've done us a great service.
You must be rewarded for your long journey.
Your Grace is too kind.
Our reward must come in the next world.
Come on! Hurry! Who blasphemies? A woman? - Alert the guards! - Thieves! - Stop them! - Stop them! Follow me! Ooh! Hurry! - I'm trying! - Come on! - Just go! Go! - No! Why does gold have to weigh so much? And why am I the only one burdened? - Ugh! - There they are! Seize them! The horsemen! Yah! Hurry! Hurry! - Ooh! - Aah! Well done, Brother! Oh, and the same to you.
Oh, Dexter, you put your life at risk coming back for me.
And leave all that treasure behind? Don't pout, my dear.
Oh, it has been a joy.
Must we really part? They will scour the countryside looking for two thieves, not a gentleman alone or a lady.
It will be safer this way.
Very well.
But I shall miss you.
And I, you.
That'll hold us for a while.
Until we meet again, keep the faith, Brother.
So you see, it all makes perfect sense.
Maybe in your world.
But that doesn't mean you can just quit.
Really? Well, watch this.
This is me quitting.
We were hired to do a job, and that means both of us.
But it's not like anyone got hurt.
You know, he's just a thief.
"Just a thief.
" That's exactly what we're trying to catch here is a thief.
But I didn't know who he was at the time.
This isn't about him.
This is about you.
If you wanna be one of the good guys, you can't quit when the going gets tough.
Oh, yeah? Well, it seems to have worked for the past 1,200 years.
Maybe it's time to grow up.
Hm? Just because this thief is a friend of yours doesn't mean we can let him go.
Really? When was the last time you turned me in? Hello? - We're not interested.
- No.
" You're not interesting.
But that's beside the point.
I have a message for Dexter.
Uh! The last time a guy tried to slam a door in my face, he had to find someone to chew his food for him.
- You catch my drift, Mameluk? - Relax, Jurgen.
She's a friend.
A very old friend.
It's good to see you too.
No, no, no.
I can't stay.
Not even for old times' sake? Darling, that's why I'm here in the first place.
I need you to cash in and blow town by tomorrow morning.
Or else what? - You know, I knocked.
I guess you didn't hear me.
- Ah.
Or Else? Why don't you and I go for a little walk? How dare you? Oh, come, come, Amanda.
I think you can do better than that.
I swear, I did not know.
Get out of here, Dex! I could use a little help here, Amanda! Are you finished? Yeah.
I'm finished.
I still can't believe you followed me.
They got away with millions in diamonds and jewels.
It's gotta be here somewhere.
- I'm talking to you.
- What was I supposed to do? - You knew this was personal for me.
- "Personal.
" I don't care about personal.
We had a job to do.
This was part of it.
What have we here? Okay.
- Okay, what? - Come do your thing.
- And what thing is that? - Your "open the safe" thing.
Now, wait a minute.
That would make me a thief, and you'd have to arrest me.
Come on.
You're on your own on this one.
Immortal or not, Prince Charming's going-- down.
Dex, I'm not in the mood.
- You set me up! - Nick followed me.
- Oh, it's "Nick," is it? - He's my friend.
I thought we were friends.
We are friends.
I came here to warn you.
Dex, you don't wanna kill me.
You sure of that? Yeah.
I wanna buy you a cappuccino.
- With chocolate on top? - I'll take that as a "Yes.
" Meet me in the morning at my club.
Did you know I had a club? Where have you been for the last 400 years? Lieutenant, what have you got? Okay.
Go inside.
At this time, we are following him on foot.
Shoot it, count it, bag it.
I stand in awe, Mr.
Well, most of it should still be there.
They haven't had time to fence it yet.
I've trailed them for six months, and you-- you accomplished all this in six hours.
Just lucky.
Ah, beware of luck, my friend.
She can be a fickle mistress.
"A fickle mistress.
" I'll remember that.
And where is your lovely friend today? Not here, sharing in your glory? She, uh-- She had to take another job.
Ahh, pity.
I've got a question for you.
Not a body in sight, and yet here you are.
I'm just wondering why.
You ran a check on me, and you found out that my specialty, my m? tier, is homicide.
Quite a distinguished career you've had.
Ah, macabre, isn't it? Some people are known for great artistry or brilliant music, others can grow beautiful flowers, and I, on the other hand, seem to have a gift for death.
And for not answering questions.
Why am I here? I'm lucky too.
Don't follow.
My brother Sasha looks much like me-- a little shorter, maybe, not so many lines around the eyes.
We were talking about you.
Compulsive gambler, Sasha.
But always bad luck.
Always in debt.
His marriage, ah.
That's another sad story.
One day, I got him a job, a good job with a big company.
He had a new life, and I was-- I was proud of my little brother.
I'm sorry.
I still don't get the connection.
We don't, do we, until it's too late.
Sasha wanted his wife back, wanted to impress her.
He went into a casino, gambled with the company's money, and guess what happened, Mr.
Wolfe? He lost.
Fate is not so kind.
He won! Over 2 million marks.
He won! For the first time in his life, Sasha was a winner.
And then he committed his biggest sin.
He began to hope again.
I'm sorry.
I-I still don't get the punch line here.
As he went to collect his money, the casino was robbed.
Ahh, you see, my friend.
Now you begin to see.
The same gang of thieves.
Once again, Sasha was penniless.
The next day, his company discovered the missing funds.
Police were sent to his house, but they found him already dead.
My little brother had put a bullet through his brain.
I'm sorry.
So, my new friend, you see, one man's luck is another man's death.
You know, Breslaw, when I was a rookie cop, it taught me something: Don't get too close to things.
It can be dangerous.
Dangerous? Yes, dangerous.
That's an entirely accurate adjective.
I still don't see why you were working that casino in the first place.
I told you, Dex.
It's a long story.
And this "Dirty Harry" friend of yours is part of that story.
I don't care who he is, Amanda.
The bottom line is that you owe me.
What do I owe you, exactly? You lost me $3 million! Ohh! And don't try the pout on me.
I remember it all too well.
Old friends are the worst.
It's because of you I'm still stranded in Paris, with no money and three of my closest associates that want paying.
What do you want, exactly? Something only you can provide, my dear.
It's still clear.
The guards are on patrol.
Go! Go, go, go! There she is.
Do that thing you do.
I can't believe we're gonna snatch something in broad daylight.
It can't be helped.
It's a private estate auction.
It starts in a couple of hours.
Two hours? You didn't tell me that! Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Haven't got much of a chance.
Don't worry about it.
You break us in.
My guys chloroform the guards at the main house.
We grab the stash.
We're out of there in three minutes.
Everybody gets rich; nobody gets hurt.
And you blow town, right? Soon as I get my travel fund back, I'm gone.
You're happy, Wolfe's happy, birds are singing.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm not trying to rush you or anything.
Almost there.
Broader nose.
Longer too.
Anything else? Yeah.
The eyebrows need to be thicker.
That's it.
Just like that.
Are you sure? Yeah, that's him.
We'll run a match on Interpol, F.
, the whole gamut.
It reminds me of a riddle my father used to tell me.
How do you find a needle in a haystack? You burn the hay.
Whatever is left is the needle.
So our needle has been named-- Jeremy Dexter.
He's wanted in a dozen high-stake robberies.
Never hurt anybody, and he's never been caught.
Like the man who killed my brother.
- Hey, you, there! - Don't be stupid.
Drop the gun.
Aah! Come on, come on! Let's get out! Now! Go, go, go, go! - Stop! - Come on! Come on! Okay back there? Amanda! Where'd she-- Do you mind telling me what the hell happened back there? Sorry, boss.
He's gone.
Damn it! Hasta la vista.
It's a stupid waste! I said "no guns"! Would you just talk to me? A guard wandered off his scheduled rounds and tried to be a hero.
This poor bastard had a gun.
Bang, bang.
Two men down.
All right.
Now you have to leave Paris, Dex.
No can do, darling, because I'm still broke, and now I'm hot too.
I can get around airports and roadblocks, but it's gonna be very expensive.
I have some mad money stashed-- you know, some diamonds, a little bit of cash.
Give me till morning, and you'll have your emergency-escape fund.
Thank you, Amanda.
I don't have much choice, do I? Well, don't worry.
I'll get lost.
It'll be fine.
There's no way they can tie you to this.
The wrong place at the wrong time.
Our guys don't use guns.
Not their style.
Something must have gone wrong.
Only one thing that puzzles me.
They bypassed the alarm system.
But look more closely.
See the way the sensor plate has been rerouted, like a loop? The alarm thinks it's watching the house.
It's actually looking at itself.
Cute trick.
Requiring a great deal of electronic sophistication.
Almost delicate.
Doesn't fit their profile.
No, unless, of course, they have someone new on their team.
Tire print.
I'll take it with me.
Oh, farewell, my pretties.
Amanda! Aman-- You deaf? Only selectively.
Not so fast.
I'm in a hurry.
Too bad.
This is important.
So bronze it.
Come on, Dex.
Remember me? Yeah.
You look like a friend I used to have, but he used to be very respectful of a lady's privacy.
There's nothing private about murder.
Tell me you weren't at that estate yesterday.
Don't you need to watch TV? Don't guys watch sports? Watch something sporty on TV.
His name is Jeremy Dexter.
He's not only a thief, now he's a murderer.
And he's not working alone.
All right, Officer.
Do your duty.
Arrest me.
What is your problem? I'm trying to help you.
No, you're not, because you're still here.
Ahh, my lovely lady.
Don't look at me.
I'm a little pressed for time here.
Oh, yes.
- The curse of our times, is it not? - What're you doin' here? My tired brain is confused-- a small matter I hope Miss Montrose can help clear up for me.
All right.
Well, just make it quick.
We have just completed taking inventory of everything recovered from Dexter's safe.
I gather you heard about your friend's marvelous powers of detection.
- Something like that, yes.
- Get to the point.
The point-- The point is that everything was recovered-- all the stolen money and jewelry.
Is that it? Everything, that is, except the diamond necklace you claimed as stolen.
Well, easy come, easy go.
- Cold hands.
- Warm heart.
Where were you yesterday in the afternoon around 2:00 p.
? Uh, probably having lunch or smoking a cigar or-- - Breaking and entering? - Someone's been telling you stories.
In fact, they have.
Witnesses saw a car matching your description leaving the scene of the homicide in the afternoon.
-There are so many Mercedes in this town.
-Did you know that a car tire leaves a specific mark like a fingerprint.
- No two are alike.
- If you've got new information, I'd like to hear about it.
I have a plaster cast in the trunk of my car.
If your most charming companion here can assure me that it will not match the tires of her car-- - Damn.
- I beg your pardon? - That's him! - Dexter! Stop! Now! Oh, damn it.
They found the car, but no body.
All that blood on the windshield-- Looks like he managed to crawl out, swim away.
Wherever Mr.
Dexter is he's enjoying a hearty laugh at our expense.
You mind telling me what the hell you were doing back there? I was attempting to stop a suspect from escaping.
I shouted a verbal warning.
When that went unheeded, I fired repeatedly at the car in attempt to stop it.
You fired six rounds right at the driver.
You weren't trying to stop the car.
You were trying to kill Dexter.
I was 10 years old, siting in my kitchen, pulling on my heavy woolen socks.
They smell of lye and scratch my toes.
My mother stands at the stove, cooking potatoes for lunch.
A knock on the door.
My father has been killed.
Two weeks later, my mother died.
Not from illness or old age, you know? But from the same thing that killed my brother-- hopelessness.
Look, you've been a cop a lot longer than I ever was.
But let's not pretend you don't know the difference between justice and revenge.
I'm too old to quibble about semantics.
As I near the end of my relatively undistinguished career, I find my justice elsewhere.
Where's that? To rob a man, to leave him without money.
That is larceny.
But to leave a man without hope-- that, my heart tells me, is murder.
Killing Dexter won't bring back Sasha, and it sure as hell won't redeem you as a brother.
Perhaps not.
But at my age, even a new pain is better than an old regret.
I'm gonna tell you something I never told anybody else before.
There was a guy, a lifer.
He got himself paroled.
He's on the street for two days.
He rapes a teenage girl, slits her throat, leaves her for dead.
How tragic.
But I caught him.
I chased him into an alley.
He pulls his gun.
I shoot him.
His gun goes flyin'.
I'm on him like this.
I'm pressing my gun right against his skull, you know? I'm thinking, "I just want to pull the trigger.
Rid the world of one more piece of scum.
" And just then, backup arrives.
I always wonder what it would've been like if they'd been a few seconds later.
You see? We have more in common than you think.
That may be true.
But I'm not gonna find Dexter just so you can kill him.
I know your friend is involved.
It's true, I want Dexter.
But if I have to take the lovely Miss Montrose instead, well-- I'll leave it up to you.
I suppose you're gonna tell me that you didn't set me up? Dex, I swear I didn't know.
Then you're a jinx! Who the hell was shooting at me this time? His name is Breslaw.
He's with Interpol.
Interpol! Marvelous! Look, I brought your emergency-escape fund.
Keep it! I should've brought a towel.
I'm sorry.
You gotta leave town.
I am not going to run.
So if you know where Dexter is-- I do.
Then tell me! What good is it gonna do? Breslaw will arrest Dexter.
Dexter will go to jail.
Then he'll break out of jail.
Then, boom! We're right back where we started.
Okay, so I get it.
There's no mortal justice for Immortals.
If you're in the "Forever Club," you get a free pass in life.
Just go nuts.
No consequences.
Look, I-I've got a better idea.
Why don't I just kill Dexter? That'll solve all the problems.
Okay, fine.
So we have a stalemate.
Not necessarily.
I only see one car.
Are you sure Mr.
Dexter is in there? Amanda set up a meeting.
I'm sure.
You obviously trust her.
I wonder why that is so.
That makes two of us.
Let's go.
- Here.
This oughta take care of it.
- Hands in the air! Now! I suppose you're gonna pretend you didn't set me up this time either.
Dex, I didn't-- Save it! Come on, then.
Read me my rights.
Let's get this over with.
You want me to turn my head? What? Maybe you wanted an audience.
He's right there.
Go ahead.
Wolfe, please! Mr.
Wolfe, quiet! What the hell is going on? Look, can't we talk this over? There is nothing you can say.
Yet, strangely, now there is nothing I can say.
This moment I have rehearsed in my mind for months.
The poignant speech I would make.
The pain I would inflict on you.
The hopelessness I would see in your eyes.
And now all there is-- all I feel is gone.
Here, let me help you.
Wolfe, no more.
Dex, no! Look, there's enough in here for your own island.
Or maybe just a quiet little village in the Caribbean.
Well-- For the next few months, at least.
Make that the next few years.
Breslaw thinks you're dead.
I'd like to keep it that way.
You could come with me, you know.
We always did make a great team.
Thank you, but I can't.
Maybe you'll ask me again in another hundred years? Dexter didn't fire at you until after he ran.
He could've escaped.
And he'd be alive today.
That's true.
- But then, I'd be dead.
- So, why do you think he did that? Luck.
Pure luck.
In the words of a new friend of mine, one man's luck is another man's-- Touch? ! Pleasure doing business with you.
And please, pass along my kindest regards to Miss Montrose.
Knowing her was a most unusual experience.
I'll say.
I wanted to thank you for everything.
I broke the law.
Don't thank me for that.
Buy you a drink? Closed-Captioned By